Bill de Blasio Appoints Sharpton’s Tax Fraud Lawyer as NYC Chief Lawyer


Al Sharpton is celebrating Bill de Blasio’s appointment of Zachary W. Carter as the chief lawyer of the City of New York.

The announcement by Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio regarding the appointment of former Judge Zachary W. Carter as Corporation Counsel for the City of New York is an unprecedented and huge step for progress. Zachary Carter personifies the forward movement of fairness and equality in the criminal justice system. I have known Zachary Carter for many years and worked with him as he prosecuted the Abner Louima case and he has done legal work for National Action Network and me.

The New York Times is celebrating what Zachary W. Carter’s appointment means for rich rapists everywhere.

“We start with our values,” Mr. de Blasio said. “We start with the positions we took and made public throughout the last year. We will drop the appeal on the stop-and-frisk case, because we think the judge was right about the reforms that we need to make. We will settle the Central Park Five case because a huge injustice was done.”

In the case known as the Central Park Five, five black and Hispanic teenagers were convicted in the 1989 attack of a Central Park jogger. Their convictions were later thrown out. A $250 million suit against the prosecutors and the police has been pending for a decade.

Rape and $250 million. Bill de Blasio is a generous redistributor of bodies and money.

Zachary W. Carter moderated a panel on “Closing Guantanamo: Terrorism and Civil Liberties in the age of Obama” for Sharpton’s National Action Network and more significantly he represented Sharpton in his tax fraud case.

Facing an escalating federal probe into his charity’s finances, the Rev. Al Sharpton now has his own muscle: former Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Zachary Carter. Sharpton said Thursday he hired Carter – a respected ex-prosecutor – to represent him and his National Action Network because he thinks the probe has become politicized.

Prosecutors and the IRS have been investigating whether Sharpton misstated the amount of money he raised during his 2004 run for President in order to qualify for matching federal funds. They are also looking into possible tax fraud involving the reverend and NAN.

On Wednesday, Sharpton wrote a letter to Rep. John Conyers (D-Michigan), who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, requesting a review of the Brooklyn U.S. attorney’s actions for possible “abuse of power,” a Sharpton spokeswoman said.

Sharpton and NAN owe several million dollars in back taxes, but Sharpton attributed the problem to a fire at his Harlem headquarters that destroyed many records. Much of the amount owed consists of penalties he’s vigorously disputing.

Now the attorney Sharpton brought in to cover up his tax fraud, is Bill de Blasio’s choice to hand out $250 million to the Central Park rapists.

  • Soro

    There is very little data in this case. At 1st blush the 5 do not look guilty.

    They have DNA, but I would like to know about the chain of custody. How did the victim not know if she was attacked by one or five? I assume she was hit from behind and then everything is fuzzy afterwards (?).
    Although DNA tech may not have been used in 1989. Check any blood mixed in with the semen might possibly have shown how many different blood type were present. If there were more than the victims and one other person that might give an indication.
    Don’t get punch drunk.

  • Soro

    “While many teenage suspects were identified (or identified themselves) as participants in the Central Park assaults that night ”

    So while they may or may not have assaulted Trisha Meili, they were assaulting people. So these 5 were definitely “smoke”, they were not responsible for this particular “fire” (rape). But they had lost count of how many people they had assaulted and figured the police had the goods on them.
    It is very odd how the two wiki articles do not cross link. The Central Park 5 article is very sanitized and all you get is references to PBS and a movie.
    In the Jogger Case article you get reference to these teen assaulting people that night and probably others. these teens may not of assaulted this woman, but they surely had guilty consciences when they were hauled in.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It’s not really clear that they weren’t responsible for the rape. There was just a man who was clearly responsible for it.

      • Soro

        They could have held her down or joined in the beating but not the raping.

        They certainly had guilty consciences. If they had just gone to see a concert and had never beaten anyone in Central Park I can’t se them all confessing.

        I would like to see them take lie detector tests. Between the 5 of them I think there is one distraught enough that he could give a false positive.

        They certainly would not want to air out all the times they assaulted someone. They could be innocent of the jogger case but people would not want to pay them anything if it was found they were involved in dozens of beat downs of other people. That is one my beefs.

        Another beef is when a city has 3,254 rapes in a year at some point you are going to lose quality control. This is on top of the murders, assaults & other crime. These kids certainly added to the police case load before this jogger assault ever took place. People who want to hold police to a high standard could under the circumstances never meet that standard themselves.
        My last beef is that they were freed in 2002. So they were in jail around 13 years. They are not worth 3 million dollars a year. Some people might be, but not when they were part of the problem.
        I think they are like liars, who have told so many lies, that it is hard to tell a new one with out contradicting an old one. They are/were criminals that beat down so many people when police questioned them they figured they had something because they had done so much ( a lot of it they could not remember clearly).

  • HenDanK

    I’m so glad I no longer live in or near NYC. I expect many to leave as living there
    will no longer be sustainable. And this is called progress!

    • y3524m

      can you say Detroit? i saw a movie yesterday entitled The Warriors made back in ’79. it was exactly what nyc was all about prior to Giuliani and soon to be again. just like the Detroit of today

  • Ron Lewenberg

    The good news about the commie retreads is their incompetence. The bad news is the Curley Effect.

  • David X

    ‘Rich rapists’ ? The prosecution’s case rested almost entirely on the confessions as no DNA evidence tied them to the crime. Why did they confess? Police trickery perhaps. Clearly the teens were thugs, who were up to no good, but that doesn’t make then the civil dead.

    (BTW, The woman was jogging alone , unarmed at 9 pm in central park – clearly she was insane/suicidal…I wonder if she hitch hiked often as well?)

    • Daniel Greenfield

      No one carries guns in New York and people jog regularly in Manhattan at night.

      Confessions are confessions.

      • dave X

        Yes no guns, especially by ‘well to do’ young ladies , but what about mace?…useless in a blitz attack as would a gun ( even if it was allowed…and of course criminals carry guns I guess). So OK.

        You see nothing wrong in jogging in New York in a place which after the attack it took 4 hours for her to discovered? Why jog alone… to reclaim the night!!!!?

        I am not blaming the victim but hell common sense criticism should a least prevail about the choices she made. Especially if at the time the prevailing attitude is ….and still is… for young women not to jog alone.

        Hell this was pre- Giuliani New York…and this is what you are complaining de Blasio wants to return New York to.

        Yes , confessions are confessions ……I still cant get past that. Even if I was doing bad else where I would never cop to something even worse.

        I agree with the spirit of what you are saying…that the person who will settle such cases is utterly the wrong person for the job…he is compromised.

    • y3524m

      do you not see the irony here? you are debating a point made in the article not the article itself, namely the fox watching the hen house, which was the article’s point. until idiots like you see the bigger picture, the left will continue to impress you with the finer points in life, namely, the fox watching your chickens.

    • Tina Trent

      David X — DNA was not used is most jurisdictions at that time, nor was it part of the prosecution’s evidence. The five were guilty, and their confessions matched the crime. Nothing that Matais Reyes said contradicted their confessions, despite the abject lies promulgated by the Innocence Project, PBS, MSM, etc. Reyes was on the verge of being exposed via databasing as the sole secretor and seeking protection from Kharey Wise, with whom he was incarcerated (Wise on yet more new charges). Thus Reyes made up an unlikely story about being the sole offender.

      Note that Reyes was a serial torturer of women, and the confession coincided with the release of the Jogger’s autobiography — adding a horrific last chapter to the vicious abuse she suffered. Her degradation was gleefully cheered over in academic circles by ignoramuses who didn’t even know that she was not a witness — her memory was wiped out by a coma.

      Regarding your comment about the jogger deserving it — I’ve got a cohort of rape victims prepared to discuss this subject with you in person, you pathetic little man. I suggest you don’t make the mistake for which you impugn the jogger.

  • Daniel Greenfield

    Mace is illegal, I believe. Tear gas is legal.

    Central Park is fairly narrow and there are cars on the roads where the joggers go. And usually there are groups of people jogging.

    People can and do get raped on Manhattan streets too.

  • higgy01

    With the latest stupidity electing deBlasio I refuse to admit I was born in NYC. Everything that was done by the last three Mayors to build NYC up will be lost in less than two years, maybe even one.

  • matthew brandley

    watch how fast nyc becomes the next black tr tash gheto run down black hole just like detroit and camden within the next 4 years. Mark my words. Wall st and the businesses will not put up with this, no way no how. Black trash ruins everything they touch