Bill de Blasio Crackdown on Jaywalking Leads to Beating of 84-Year-Old Man


It’s De Blasio Time

Bill de Blasio just rushed into City Hall and the totalitarian antics of his administration have already claimed their first victim. An 84-year-old man.

Cops bloodied an 84-year-old man and put him in the hospital Sunday when he jaywalked at an Upper West Side intersection and didn’t appear to understand their orders to stop, witnesses said.

Kang Wong was strolling north on Broadway and crossing 96th Street at around 5 p.m., when an officer told him to halt because he had walked against the light.

Police were targeting jaywalkers in the area following the third pedestrian fatality this month around West 96th Street.

Neither the hospital nor the cops would allow him to see his dad until after 10 p.m., explaining that since he’d not been admitted, he was not a patient, but a “prisoner.’’

Early Monday, cops fingerprinted Wong and charged him with jaywalking, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration and disorderly conduct.

New York City does not ticket or arrest jaywalkers under normal circumstances. Giuliani’s administration briefly tried it and gave up. Even Bloomberg, who criminalized salt and soda, left jaywalking alone.

New York is a pedestrian city and jaywalking is for places like Los Angeles that are automobile cities.


Bill de Blasio came in with a Swedish plan called Vision Zero which involves a large scale crackdown on all sorts of traffic violations in order to achieve zero fatalities.

“The goal,” Bill de Blasio stated in his campaign literature, “reduce serious injuries and fatalities on our streets to zero… with strong enforcement.”

Traffic fatalities in New York City are never going to hit zero, but Bill de Blasio’s crackdown on jaywalking has already put one man in the hospital. While Bill de Blasio campaigned against police brutality, Wong’s case didn’t seem to bother the arrogant politician one little bit.

As for Mr. Wong, Mr. de Blasio said, “I’m waiting for all the facts, and I haven’t gotten all the facts on the case, so I’m not going to comment on something until I have a better sense of it.”

“There is no larger policy in terms of jaywalking, and ticketing and jaywalking. That’s not part of our plan. But it is something a local precinct commander can act on, if they perceive there to be a real danger,” he told reporters this afternoon, after speaking at Rev. Al Sharpton’s annual National Action Network Martin Luther King Day event

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An 84-year-old man crossing the street apparently represents a real danger. Meanwhile Bill de Blasio’s pal Al Sharpton who has led racial attacks on Jews and Asians is his best friend.

The cops on the barricades understand the futility of ticketing pedestrians for jaywalking. “This is just taking hard-earned money from people who can’t afford it,” an officer told the Times during Giuliani’s jaywalking crackdown of 1998. Another adds, “I just don’t think that walking across the street is a crime, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable getting down on people for doing it.”

Bill de Blasio however feels very comfortable about it. Inside every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out.

de blasio time

  • Elizabeth capecod

    In their effort to protect him from getting hit by a car, they beat the stuffing out of him?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      They had to destroy the village to save the village

      • TheOrdinaryMan

        What does Bill Bratton, the NYPD chief, have to say about this?
        Ray Kelly wouldn’t have liked it one bit.

        • DB1954

          He just got there, but I imagine that this Bratton return to NYC won’t work out well for him or NYC.

      • A Z

        It is a disturbing image and it is not going to play well in China.

        • DB1954

          It’s not going to play well in NY or anywhere else! This cop should have the bejeezus kicked out of him just to find out what it’s like. What a worthless POS. I would have FIRED this goon on the spot.

          • A Z

            Judging from the injury I assume it is from a face plant o they could put cuffs on him.

            The force needed to enforce the law is so out of proportion (And LIBTARDS love to use the argument of proportionality) with what harm jaywalking may do.

            There is no linked video. There may be none. I was looking to link this to a Chinese blog back in China.

    • laura r

      daddy knows whats best. welcome to the fatherland.

      • Elizabeth capecod

        de blasio believes in tough love for the little people.

        • laura r

          this may be the doing of the police. you cant blame the mayor for it. since its on film, it could be a strong case. the victim may not be in NY legally, but that is not the issue. he still has rights. well watch this for updates. well see of the mayor intervenes. it he doesnt…….the fatherland here we come.

          • Omar

            Warren Wilhelm, Jr. is not going to intervene. He is a hypocrite. He complained about his predecessor, Bloomberg (who Wilhelm is more politically similar to than different) abusing civil liberties like using stop-and-frisk, yet, look what Wilhelm’s NYPD is doing. A poor elderly man was attacked by police officers, and Wilhelm stays silent. The left isn’t making much noise, either. The mayor is a Communist totalitarian and a hypocrite. That is undeniable.

          • laura r

            so is this because the man is asian, that it doesnt count? run this by me: asians, jews, whites = ignore or abuse. blks, muslims = protect. hispanics= undecided. so theres a pecking order? kind of like the knockout game? we need to know our place on the food chain.

          • Omar

            It also depends on what race the police officers are. In that scene, most of the cops are Hispanic, so there is no backlash from the left and from “civil liberties ” groups like the ACLU. It also depends on who is mayor. Since Wilhelm is a radical left-winger, the left and the MSM doesn’t care about civil liberties violations. If Lhota were mayor, however, the left and the MSM would be making noise about police brutality. The double standard lives on.

          • laura r

            there has always been culture clashes between asian & hispanic. read that it was really impossible to have them work in the same factory. they needed special classes for the hispanics to under how to relate to asians. hispanics are a very physical culture. they touch, they express themselves in the opposite way of asians. even if its not in a hostile way, it is an intrusion. asians have boundaries, very strict. both cultures are @ odds w/each other. this is a racial hate crime, also a crime against the elderly. can the family sue?

        • laura r

          i have a feeling that it was racial. somehow its the asian thing. being old & non english speaking added to the hate. am imagining?

          • DB1954

            He’s 84 and asian. I’m looking at the cops in the pic. Looks like they’re all minorities–the favored kind– and big enough to put a serious whuppin’ on this much smaller man. Conversely, why would a much smaller man try to resist arrest? This was police misunderstanding, overreaction, and brutality. It makes me furious when cops do this kind of thing. TOTALLY unnecessary.


            Welcome to the New, NYC.

            I see a LAWSUIT.

          • Elizabeth capecod

            If the man had been a muslim, de blasio would be in cya overdrive.

    • thatsitivehadenough

      This is just a tactic to train New Yorkers to be afraid of even little infractions of the law. This is how it starts. Along the same lines as Bloomberg trying to ban large soda drinks. If they get away with this, they’ll add in something else, then another law. Then it just grows and grows and people will no longer notice because they have become used to it. And the cops also become used to doing it.

      Fight like your life depends on it NY. Because it does. Wake up.

    • Rick2340

      That’s the logic of the mayor. Typical communist thinking.

    • A Z

      They threw him to the ground to cuff him. I assume that is all they did. However that is enough to kill a senior citizen.

      I have seen more than one cop take their time in cuffing someone. There are pros and cons either way and it depends on the situation. In this case I’m sure the cop could have taken more time and got the cuffs on without taking him to the ground.

      Now I am tempted to go to a LEO forum and see what they think.

      Did the cop do more than face plant him?

      • Daniel Greenfield

        At 84 that would be enough. Standard reaction for a lot of cops is to respond to any physical contact or resistance or just non-compliance as an assault regardless of the source.

        • A Z

          I did say “However that is enough to kill a senior citizen.”.

          I have also seen cops talk people into the hand cuffs instead of asking once or twice and then going immediately to physical force. I doubt that it is just because it is being filmed by the show COPS.

          Cops are like everyone else. Even with screening you are going to have a bell curve and that curve is going to have tails. Screening and good leadership will shift that curve in the right direction.

          No one was being harmed so I don’t see a pressing time constrain to get this dangerous villain off the streets. No, this was bad policing.

        • A Z

          It is not the point of the article but I wonder if Mr Wang speaks English or is cognizant of the law.

          It would certainly frustrate a policeman if a person spoke no English and when a policeman asked them to stop purposefully went around them and ignored them.

      • Federale

        Some advice to senior citizens, don’t jaywalk and don’t fight the police when they stop you for jaywalking.

        • A Z

          I’ve jay walked. I am certainly less likely to do so today having been a driver and a pedestrian.

          I held up traffic too, I was not my intention but drivers were extra careful and 3 or 4 car lengths way from us and the drivers waved in a friendly manner. A friend and I (we were about 12) looked for gaps in the traffic and ran to the center turn lane. It was on Wiltshire Boulevard. I suppose the police were suppose to come out and face plant us too.

          I doubt the old man fought with the police.

          I don’t expect the police to drop everyone on the ground when they resist arrest or don’t comply with putting their hands behind there back inside of 30 seconds or even 2 minutes. I don’t expect cops to be stupid, but this guy was not a threat.

      • raybbr

        Why would they ever need to cuff him? Write him a ticket or a warning and let him go.

        • A Z

          That is a good point.

          Is is hard to say what happened without a full report of the incident or a video.

          It is possible that he got flustered or scared and thought to himself “This is not happening and try to walk past or around the cop and tried to keep going”. But that is speculation.

          The public needs a full accounting.

    • A Z

      There is a video of the event. The New York post article shows a man with a video camera filming it. The question is when did he start filming.

  • panola60

    Mao – 50 million killed
    Stalin – 6 million killed
    Pol Pot – 1.7 million killed
    Kim Il Sung – 1.6 million killed
    de Blasio – is expected to surpass his mentors

    • Dr Larry

      Right! Elect a communist, expect communism.

      • Frances Chute Quinn

        it is beyond me how this guy got elected! what is the matter with ny voters that they continually vote for people like this. can they read?

    • Omar

      Actually, both Stalin and Mao killed more than that. Mao was responsible for 65 to 70 million deaths in peace time. Stalin was responsible for at least 10-12 million deaths in peace time. Both of them are among the worst dictators of the 20th century.

  • De Doc

    But, hey! Its great to know that NYC’s finest are busy protecting its citizens from jaywalkers, rather than wasting their time tracking down armed felons.

    • laura r

      what if he was a muslim? wearing a robe? just asking.

      • Veracious_one

        he would not have been touched…the police would have probably handed him some candy..

      • De Doc

        I could care less about the dress or ethnicity of said person. That the NYPD felt the need for such heavy handed tactics seems a bit extreme. Unless this guy was the Kung Fu master Pai Mei, how much fight is there in an 84 y/o Chinese dude anyway?

        • DB1954

          SEEMS a bit extreme? Nooooo.

  • Jason P

    What an inversion! He came to the aid of criminals; now he criminalizes the innocent.

    Now I see why he changed his tone from his talk about eliminating stop-and-frisk (during the primary) to reducing it (after elected) to “it’s about right now” (after assuming office). He wants to reserve it for “protecting people from themselves” as he turns a blind eye to “protecting people from the criminals” … most who no doubt voted for him.

    • A Z

      Fatalities from gang violence can go up due to his policies.

      A complicity press will ignore them.

      de Blasio will instead grab a bullhorn and speak at great length about how he brought traffic deaths down and ask to get re-elected.

      This is misdirection, pure and simple..

    • laura r

      so ovious from the beginning. a replay of obama.

  • Federale

    What is important is that Wong immigrated here but refused to learn English.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Not uncommon and wrong, but not the issue here. These kinds of things happen to people who can speak English too.

      • laura r

        1989 los angelos west hollywood: crossing street. leaving boutique, maybe on robertson blvd. police stop me ask “what are you doing”? i said “buying a dress” they said “you crossed against the light, (or “you were near the middle of the street”) you have to come w/us” they took me in a partrol car to the station, finerprinted me. took my personal info. then i left. several weeks later a ticket of $35. came to the house. i mailed in a check. what was up w/that?????? why not just issue the ticket? (im sure they had a quota). what was that drama about?

        • tickletik

          Because in the eyes of the State you are an animal.

      • Federale

        Sure, people who break the law then defy the police officer who stops them. Not very bright to ignore then fight with the police. Almost a Darwin Award winner.

        • laura r

          hello! senility & dementia cause some of this. both my parents were off the walls. my mother might have hit the police w/her purse. dont you know anything about the elderly? chances are is that he shouldnt have been out alone. i would lock my father in the house, as i didnt trust him on the street. their behavior is up & down. even if he did know some english, when people are stressed they clam up. i know some spanish, but my mind goes blank when anxious. im not nearly as old as him. jay walking is not a big law breaker.

    • laura r

      an elderly man cannot really learn a language. perhaps he had the protection of his family. or maybe was part of the community of indentured servents (brought by chinese restuarant owners). give a ticket & leave him alone. or just tell him not to cross that way. imagine if he were black??? obama speaks we have a national conversation.

      • Federale

        Then people who cannot learn a language should not be let in the country. Most likely he is also on welfare.

        • laura r

          wrong. entire families come in, including the grandparents. they are not going to leave their old family members behind. we dont know if this man is on welfare. hes chinese, that is a decent culture. they have been in the US for over 150 yrs. they dont make problems. there were many old jews who barely spoke basic english who came in 1900. your comparing apples & oranges.

        • Chavi Beck

          Most likely he is being supported by his children/ grandchildren. But that probably didn’t occur to you.

    • DB1954

      He’s 84. He’s OLD. Old people are often demented, deaf, or just confused. Most cops know that nowadays, at least, if they’re not psycho or mean, ignorant goons.

      • Federale

        That is your excuse, not necessarily the truth. It may also be that he is an arogant illegal immigrant who thinks that the law does not apply to him. Given Chinese behavior on the streets of China, they have no respect for traffic laws.

        • laura r

          84. any 84yr old would be scrared confused or hard of hearing. what is wrong w/you? go after the muslim mexican blk teen gangs.

  • Gee

    I want to know how that is even legal to ticket somebody for walking? Somehow I do not feel that it would be legal to do so under the United States Constitution as it is actually written

    • laura r

      it is/was in los angelos. read my comment.

      • Gee

        Read it – doesn’t make it legal – just as the Jim-Crow apartheid laws were not legal

        • laura r

          i didnt know @ the time. i didnt live in LA i was visiting. the family sent me the ticket, & i paid by mail. they were white policemen, i am white. the whole thing was weird.

          • Post-Juggalo

            LAPD are just straight out thugs, always have been, like Chicago, New Orleans, and Houston. NYPD though used to have standards. Looks like those standards are a thing of the past under the Red Mayor

          • laura r

            the police were always nice in NY. very nice in boston. yes i did read terrible things about LA. the lesson for blacks is that even whites & asians get abuse. the narrative of black discrimination may be a thing of the past. police are equal opportunity offenders. then again it depends upon the race of the cop.

        • DB1954

          Jaywalking laws are perfectly constitutional and legal. The problems come when police don’t exercise DISCRETION in enforcing the law or they lose their temper and end up acting like goons. Cops are not robots. They’re not expected to think and behave like Robo-cop. But come to think of it, Robo-cop behaved like a gentleman. These freaks, not so much.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It’s a long story, but basically the automobile lobby shoved these provisions in.

    • DB1954

      Police were always empowered to exercise a minimal degree of discretion. The problem with bad cops is that they never quite understand that. They also tend to forget about the idea of proportionality. You beat an OLD man bloody to stop him from jaywalking? That’s just BAD police work.

  • Veracious_one

    we’re going to save you even if we have to beat you …see it’s unsafe to walk the streets of New York especially if the police are present…

  • Habbgun

    Wilhelm is in office 20 minutes and its the cops that start playing the knockout game. Stop and Frisk bad….Stop and Pummel Asians Progressive.

    • Omar

      You mean 20 days.

      • DB1954

        No, 20 minutes.

  • Tony Christensen

    In Fullerton CA a homeless man named Kelly
    Thomas was beaten to death by big government cops. The cops were indicted but recently acquitted. Just a disgusting verdict. Why beat people for no reason? These cops are government employees and they are drunk on power. This man Kang Wong is surely someone’s grandfather. Would these cops come up to their own grandfather and whack him with a flashlight? The rule of law is being undermined in America because the coercive power of govenrment is too violent.

    • Sean

      Kang looks like my in-laws. It just not the local ethnic community
      de Blasio will have to worry about.

      He will get bad press all over including China.

      It is hard to go on a successful trade mission when you beat up people that look like and are related to people from the country with whom you are trying to increase trade.

      We could stand to increase trade with china in terms of exports from us to them.

      • DB1954

        De Blasio deserves everything he gets.


    So DeBlasio will beat up some old Asian guy for jaywalking, but he won’t bother putting the mosques under surveillance, even though the next terrorist attack may well be carried out by someone there. This pretty much shows us the priorities of the Left.

    I wonder who took those photographs? They very likely won’t play too well with a jury should the old man choose to fight the case.

    • laura r

      i hope he has some younger relatives who will fight for him. i notice one of the police is black. interesting. sounds like the knockout game to me. colin where are you?

  • Kevin Lin

    Mr de blasio I am very disappointed of you , and I am not voting for you next election. I believe you and your police commissioner is being a bit hatred to asian.
    I want commissioner Kelly back

  • MJUdall

    Recall when Giuliani tried to reign in the squeegie men on the streets and highways. The left freaked out. They called Rudy a fascist. But with this they are silent.

    • DB1954

      The squeegie men were real criminals too.

  • Valek420

    All those cops are just bullies with badges. Yet another reason not to live in that forsaken state.

    • DB1954

      It was more likely just ONE cop.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Are there any states where it’s really all that different?

  • Brian G

    I agree that Mr. De Blasio is acting like an idiot. Let’s keep schools open during a state of emergency, what a great idea. Breaking news, they’re open. Shocker.

  • Brian G

    No libraries, no private schools are open, yet our teachers in Brooklyn can travel to the Bronx in sub zero temperatures. I hate politicians. Think his son with the afro is taking the MTA to work?

  • DB1954

    This goon cop must be who New Yorkers are.

  • desertgoldwing

    Cops bloodied an 84-year-old man and put him in the hospital Sunday when he jaywalked at an Upper West Side intersection “Bill de Blasio sez…”reduce serious injuries and fatalities on our streets to zero… with strong enforcement.” Mission accomplished Bill!!! (you jacka**)

  • v

    And yet people vote for this garbage.

  • NightBlazer

    I think we would rather have Bloomberg back

  • DogmaelJones1

    Get a load of the shape those cops are in. They ought to be ticketed for obesity.

  • Demetrius Minneapolis

    This could be any of our grandfathers and language barriers are not the only problem when “resisting arrest” becomes part of the charges.
    . Before my grandfather passed away, you would have to practically yell into his ears for him to hear you. Many a time while out in public people would converse with him and he would go on his way oblivious to their attempts of communication.

  • ajninxx

    This is so fucked up. Not because he’s asian but a simple fact that he’s a fucking old man. Smfh