Bill de Blasio’s Lesbian Wife to Get City Office Headed Up by Al Sharpton’s Spokeswoman


Now that New York City politics is swiftly turning into Chicago politics complete with a ridiculous circle of personalities revolving around William Wilhelm Jr. aka Bill de Blasio and his lesbian wife, it’s time for the real silliness to begin.

Mayor de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, wants her own office inside City Hall — and to play a hands-on, policy-setting role in her husband’s administration, sources told The Post.

Officials have been scouting space for New York City’s new first lady, who described herself as a “sounding board and partner” to her husband during his campaign and transition to mayor, a source said.

And the administration has been working on a portfolio of issues for McCray to tackle, ­another source said.

McCray would also like a staff — and her top pick to head it up is Rachel Noerdlinger, a longtime spokeswoman and confidant for the Rev. Al Sharpton.

I’m sure that William Wilhelm Jr’s lesbian wife, who already went above and beyond the call of duty by giving him a couple of kids who were fathered by someone, will do her best with her office and Al Sharpton’s incompetent trashy spokeswoman to head it up.

Sure, Sharpton was responsible for a bunch of bodies in New York City and is in all sorts of tax trouble, not to mention dodging the payout for his nasty Tawana Brawley scam, but his spokeswoman is exactly the person to give Bill de Blasio’s lesbian wife the image she needs.

That would be Rachel Noerdlinger who began working for OJ lawyer Jonnie Cochran’s firm and already has quite a record.

One of the Rev. Al Sharpton’s most trusted aides was busted for assault after a “pushing and shoving” match at her boyfriend’s Bronx apartment with a woman half her age, sources said.

Rachel Noerdlinger, 39 — the activist’s media strategist and architect of his 2004 presidential campaign — was slapped with the misdemeanor rap after “a cheesy cat´fight” with Myasia Layne, 20, of Harlem, the sources said.

It’s not Noerdlinger’s first run-in with the law. She has a 2007 sealed arrest record, according to police sources. A source familiar with that incident said she allegedly attacked an ex-boyfriend in April 2007. She was arrested but not charged, the source said.

And quite a presidential campaign it was. And let’s not forget this

I’d first heard about the trip only five days before, when Rachel Noerdlinger, Sharpton’s spokeswoman, sent me a two-sentence e-mail: “Rev. is planning to head to Liberia this Sat. and if you want to go, call Minister Akbar Muhammad for travel details.” She added that if I wanted my visa expedited, I should call a number in Brooklyn and “ask for Brian.”

I called Brian first. He was friendly enough and seemed to know a lot about embassies. But when he declined to reveal his last name, I decided against sending him my passport. Next I called Akbar Muhammad. Muhammad is the international representative of the Nation of Islam and a longtime assistant to Louis Farrakhan. He was recruited into the Nation in 1960 by Malcolm X himself. A few years ago, when it looked as if Farrakhan might die of prostate cancer, Muhammad was considered a likely successor. In the Nation of Islam, Akbar Muhammad is a big deal. In his spare time, he runs a travel agency in St. Louis.

Muhammad agreed to purchase my plane tickets and set up hotel and travel arrangements, all for a 2.5 percent processing fee. Rachel Noerdlinger seemed surprised when I told her about it. “You gave your credit card to Akbar Muhammad?” she said. “The entire Nation of Islam is going to be buying clothes on you. Louis Farrakhan’s going to get a new house on your MasterCard.” Actually, she assured me, “they’d get their ass in trouble if they did that.”

Better not give your credit card to Bill de Blasio’s lesbian wife either. I have no idea what she would buy on it, but you don’t want the bill.

  • freepetta

    Freaking corrupt crooks.

  • Katie Smith

    Oh, the new Gov of NY is married to a lesbian? Tell me more!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      mayor of new york

      • Katie Smith

        Thanks. For some reason I just blank of Lefties’ job titles.

    • DB1954

      Apparently one could call her a former lesbian, but since her sexual preference is actually nebulous by her own account, you could say lesbian or former lesbian and be correct in either case.

    • thatsitivehadenough

      Communist activists routinely have marriages based on moving the agenda forward rather than love or family. They use marriage as just another front. A disguise they need to move forward and upward in the society.

  • A Z

    Chirlane McCray was part of the group that issued the the Combahee River Collective Statement.

    One of the points was”
    “The collective theorized that the “liberation of all oppressed peoples necessitates the destruction of the political and economic systems of Capitalism and Imperialism as well as Patriarchy.”

    I don’t think they understand economics or capitalism. Many people suffer from Dunning–Kruger effect. I think anyone who does not understand capitalism suffers from the effect more than most–Kruger_effect

  • Dyer’s Eve

    I laughed when I read the last two sentences. What a riot. What a world! Actually, I have a pretty good idea what Bill de Blasio’s lesbian wife would buy. The mind boggles. And… as always, the worst sharks always wear the best suits.


      Lawyer and politicians.

  • DogmaelJones1

    The new New York City mayor and his administration are, predictably, beginning to resemble a clogged toilet with all sorts of crap floating on top that can’t easily be flushed away, not even with a full bottle of Drano. New York, you asked for it.

  • worldwatchman

    New York city government is Chucked up if you get my meaning. It has gone from extremely terrible to complete insanity

  • Omar

    They are both horrible.

  • Omar

    Once again, Warren Wilhelm, Jr. never fails to disappoint and annoy us. The Marxist mayor of New York City is going to take the nanny state to a whole new level of pain. Our best hope is to engage in non-cooperation with the Wilhelm administration until the next mayoral election, when we will have an opportunity to vote him out of office and replace him with a Giuliani-type politician who would dismantle the destructive nanny state and place New York in the right direction again.