Bill de Blasio’s Police Commish to Teach NYPD About 5 Pillars of Islam

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Bill Bratton has destroyed his reputation in a short amount of time by becoming a mouthpiece for Bill de Blasio. Taking the job was a poor idea since crime rates had dropped so low that they were bound to rebound, especially under a pro-criminal mayor like De Blasio. All that Bratton had done is set himself up to take the blame and join the ranks of failed NYPD commissioners like Lee Brown who did what a liberal mayor wanted instead of fighting crime.

So now it’s time to pander to Islam.

Police Commission William Bratton promised Wednesday at a pre-Ramadan conference at NYPD headquarters in Manhattan to protect the rights of the city’s Muslims.

“You have my pledge as commissioner we will not to jeopardize that trust that all our efforts are geared toward increasing,” Bratton said to dozens of Muslim leaders at 1 Police Plaza. “You also have my pledge that we will continue to ensure policing is lawful, constitutional, effective and respectful.”

Terrorism here we come.

Bratton touted that the department now boasts 1,000 NYPD employees — cops and citizens — who identify themselves as Muslim. A video showcasing the Muslim employees was presented to the crowd of about 150 police officers and community members.

That’s around 2 percent. I wonder how many Muslims took the jobs of cops murdered by Muslims on September 11.

But at least the next terrorist attack will have the inside track.

Bratton, who scrapped a plan to create a detailed map of the Los Angeles Muslim community when he was that city’s top cop, assured the audience that police were interested in working with the leaders.

Bratton also discussed security during the month-long Ramadan holiday that begins June 28, saying that the department would add more foot patrols and cars to certain areas around mosques.

That’s like adding more security to an insane asylum on Halloween. There is a serious problem of Muslims trying to bomb synagogues. There isn’t a serious problem of non-Muslims trying to bomb mosques.

He explained that the NYPD would be distributing a detailed guide to help officers understand Ramadan and the pillars of Islam.

Here’s a fun fact about Ramadan. Every year Muslims mark the occasion by bombing churches and killing Christians.

  • Pepe Turcon

    Obama’s war on the USA…

    • GustAdlph

      Watch for Obama’s war on the USA to intensify now that the mid-term elections are over.

    • renda blue

      The RAT Moose Limb USURPER

  • Americanish

    Seriously, who gives a flying ____!

    So Islam has 5 pillars

    Shahadah: declaring there is no god except God, & Muhammad is God’s Messenger
    Salat: ritual prayer five times a day
    Zakat: giving 2.5% of one’s savings to the poor and needy
    Sawm: fasting and self-control during the blessed month of Ramadan
    Hajj: pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime, if he/she is able to

    Christians and Jews go on pilgrimage. Christians and Jews give charity. What is the big deal about Sawm? The 7 deadly sins are so passé to the intellectual elite, but they swoon when they hear it said it a foreign language. The same goes for salat. In Christianity there are matins, vespers, and more. There are Orthodox and Anglican versions of these.

    Point is that there is a Christian analog for these 5 pillars. There are Christian analogs that people have turned their noses up at or said “you can’t make me”, but they are swoon at the thought of Islam.

    What is worse you can know all this stuff and you still have to sit through a boring class of stuff you already know. Sheep dipp-ng.

  • Pete

    The 5 pillars of Islam are not special. The same concepts are to be found in Christianity and Judaism without all the killing.

  • MargieMcTrouble

    Policemen have no need for the specific tenets of any religion, this is just to start softening them up into thinking that it is an acceptable ideology.

  • Veracious_one

    prevent misery don’t hire Muslims…


    5 Pillars of Radical Islam.

    1) Jihad
    2) Taqiyya to advance Jihad
    3) Hatred of anyone who opposes our correct version of Islam
    4) Women should be totally covered up at all times
    5) Smear anyone who opposes #1 as Islamophobic

    • American Patriot

      Here are the five pillars to how to establish a Communist NYC:

      1. Lie to people about wanting to lower crime and play Trojan Horse with them by appointing a former police commissioner who served under a good mayor and then have that police commissioner be a mouthpiece for a radical left-wing municipal agenda (thus destroying the police commissioner’s previous reputation as a strong crime-fighter) in order to mislead the people about wanting to keep the city safe. In little time, NYC would go back to the crime-ridden days of the 1970s and 1980s.

      2. Institute a ban on popular rides and attractions like horse carriages from streets and parks.

      3. Continue the obsessive nanny-state policies like soda-ban, extreme environmentalist policies like “global warming” paranoia, large government and many other policies.

      4. Refuse to participate in a certain parade because of a certain policy that allegedly bans certain groups pertaining to certain social characteristics from participating in the said parade. Also, have a radical left-wing city council speaker have control of another parade and dedicate that parade to a convicted terrorist whose goal was to force a certain part of the United States to secede from the rest of the country in order to establish a Communist totalitarian dictatorship on that entity the radical left wanted to have seceded and oppress the people of that entity.

      5. Have a mayor who has a record of supporting certain dictatorships, like a certain dictatorship that ruled a certain Central American country in the 1980s and in which that dictatorship had committed many atrocities against the people of that country (that dictatorship also targeted Jews and the indigenous Miskito people of that country) in the name of Communist totalitarianism. In addition, the mayor also panders to radical left-wing groups, as well as panders to the interests of groups claiming to represent an unreformed religion.

  • phillyfanatic

    NYC as well as the state is now so nutty that AUH20 was correct decades ago. Cut it off and let it sail out to sea. No one would be missed. And oh, Islamists are pure evil. Period.

  • wileyvet

    There is one little item that I’m sure won’t be mentioned. That is what is considered to be the sixth pillar of Islam. Jihad, Holy War against the unbelievers until they are converted, dead or surrender and pay the Jizya and feel themselves subdued, and to continue to fight until the world belongs to Islam.

  • Mix

    And the fools still think Obama isn’t a Muslim. And the liberals constantly stay they are for being free, yet they impose Islam on the people.

  • Mix

    Yes, we knew that Bratton would do this pandering once he took the job, but the Quran has been on display during Ramadan in HQ before Bratton. That was Pandering Ray’s idea.
    What stupid people in this country for signing their own order of execution.

  • Jeffrey G. Johnson

    “You also have my pledge that we will continue to ensure policing is lawful, constitutional, effective and respectful.”

    Gee. That sure sounds awful, unless you’re a liberal. Then it sounds like the police doing their job the way they are supposed to do it.

    “I wonder how many Muslims took the jobs of cops murdered by Muslims”

    I wonder how many Christians have taken the jobs of cops murdered by Christians during the entire history of the New York Police Department? Probably a whole lot. Virtually every officer killed on the job was probably killed by a Christian and replaced by a Christian. Unless they were killed by a Jew or replaced by a Jew, which statistically would happen far less often.

    Let me spell out the fundamental error the author makes: If a Christian kills a New Yorker, you don’t blame all Christians.

    The same goes for Muslims: if Muslims attack the United States on 9/11, you don’t blame all Muslims.

    This is really elementary logic. Evidently Daniel Greenfield is not capable of elementary logic.

    • Michael Gersh

      I guess you never read his stuff before. But that’s OK – trolls never do.

      • Jeffrey G. Johnson

        LOL. Your post is the definition of a Troll post. You don’t engage in the substance of what I wrote at all, but simply throw off an ad hominem. Until you intelligently engage the substance of what I wrote, you simply appear to be either lazy or ignorant. Please prove me wrong.

        • shropster

          Muslims around the world kill and enslave Christians, and destroy their churches. Prove you wrong? Current events prove you wrong most every day.

  • TheTruthBurns

    The 5 Pillars of Islam: HATE, MURDER, RAPE, PEDOPHILIA, INSANITY. Ally Snackbar!

  • GustAdlph

    Bratton should see the sign carried by the Muslim protester:” Behead anyone who says Islam is violent.”

  • karmw1

    I am well and truly disgusted with what we are doing to ourselves. Has no one a brain in their head to see were all of this political correctness will lead to? The death of this country.

  • barbarakelly

    De Blasio you are the scum of the earth. STOP PUSHING RADICAL ISLAM ON TO OUR COPS. And I’ll have you know islam is not a religion it is a agenda to put people down that is not of their faith. More then likely your cops are Catholic, So to you SHOW YOUR DAMN RESPECT TO THEIR RELIGION AND THEN GO STICK IT. Sounds like NY needs to have a recall on you De Facto NOn Grada. use as a mayor of NY. Sounds like you need to move to turkey or Syria. A need to have a recount up there folk and remove him from office. !!!

  • usmcmailman

    Bratton should be deported !