Black and Latino Caucus Invites Whites, Denies them Voting Rights


I don’t want to use the A-word, but isn’t this kind of racist?

If you want to have a minority group, that’s your business. Though no one would be allowed to set up a white caucus. But once you invite white members, then giving them only partial membership based on race takes this into seriously racist territory.

Wisconsin now has 12 legislative districts where a majority of constituents are racial or ethnic minorities, and yet just six are represented by minority legislators.

That partly explains why this year, for the first time, the Legislature’s Black and Latino Caucus is inviting white lawmakers who represent minority-majority districts to participate in meetings, though it’s stopping short of granting them full membership with the ability to vote on actions the group might take.

Would it grant them full membership if they could find a minority ancestor? What blood quantum level do they need to have to win full voting rights?

If they’re 1/8 Latino, will they be able to vote?

There’s also discussion among the traditionally Democratic group about whether Rep. Jessie Rodriguez, R-Franklin, whose district is 85 percent white, should be invited.

Is he one of those “White Hispanics”?

And what are the criteria here? They’re inviting white representatives of minority districts but not giving them full voting rights and debating over inviting minority representatives for white districts.

We’re not exactly anywhere near post-racial territory here.

At its next meeting the caucus also will continue to discuss membership issues, including whether to invite Rodriguez, the third Latino member and the first Republican Latina to serve in the Legislature.

So being a Republican might remove her minority status to the liberal way of thinking.

The district represented by Rep. Fred Kessler, D-Milwaukee, was majority white when he was elected in 2005. But it is now two-thirds minority, and Kessler, who is white, said he is pleased the caucus is opening its doors to white lawmakers. He said he plans to be an active participant.

Finally, white people can have non-voting membership in a minority caucus. The progress here is amazing. Any day now they’ll even let white people vote.

I can’t wait for that majority-minority America. It’s going to be awesome.

Sen. Lena Taylor, D-Milwaukee, a former caucus chairwoman, did not take part in the October meeting and was surprised that the caucus planned to allow white legislators to participate.

“People who are black, Republicans or Democrats, come to the black caucus of state legislators,” Taylor said. “It’s not based on their district, it’s based on their race.”

Oh come on Lena, it’s not like anyone is letting those crackers vote.

In the 1990s, the Congressional Black Caucus was criticized for booting Rep. Gary Franks, a black Republican from Connecticut, after labeling him a mole for the GOP. In 2007, the caucus was criticized again for affirming it would include only black members after Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen, the state’s first Jewish representative who represented a majority black district, tried to become a member.

No Jews, Dogs or Republicans allowed.

Steve Cohen did claim he was an honorary black man because he thought he had an illegitimate daughter and drives an old car.

Rep. Steve Cohen explained a tweet in which he said a black man called him black by saying, “My constituents don’t look at me as a white person.”

On Monday, Cohen, 64, explained the tweet, saying: “I drive an 86 Caddy, a lot of African-Americans drive old cars, Cadillac’s. It dies, twice in two weeks. [the late blues guitarist] Albert King [sang he] didn’t have bad luck, had no luck at all. I’m having no luck, he [the tow driver] drives me, we ditch the car, I come out and tell him the story. I said I’ve had a tough week. Daughter, great, find out it’s not daughter, blitz. Say something nice to reporter, get attacked. It’s been hell. He goes, man, you’re black! I took it as a compliment.”

“I hear it in Memphis all the time. My constituents don’t look at me as a white person, they say, ‘You’re one of us,'” Cohen said. “It’s a wonderful thing; District 9 is a microcosm of how America can work. Blacks can and do embrace me as their congressperson. That’s what America needs to do in all cases. White people in some areas have not accepted Barack Obama yet. That’s part of the race dialogue we need to have.”

I’m confused. Do white people need to accept Obama as a white person the way that black people accept Steve Cohen as a black person? But despite not having an illegitimate daughter and driving an old car, the Caucus said no thanks to Steve Cohen.

Like Wisconsin, other states’ black caucuses include Latino and other minority membership. The National Black Caucus of State Legislators, which lists the Wisconsin Black and Latino Caucus as an affiliate, describes its membership as “over 600 African American state legislators.” The organization’s offices were closed last week, so it couldn’t be determined how many other state caucuses allow participation by white legislators.

One day, perhaps we’ll live in a country that will allow full participation. But for the moment, let them be satisfied with being allowed to just attend meetings. Everyone knows white people are inferior anyway.

Barnes acknowledged if Wisconsin’s Black and Latino Caucus gave white legislators from minority-majority districts the ability to vote on caucus matters, it could diminish the voice of minority members.

And we wouldn’t want to disenfranchise anyone. Except white people.

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    John Boehner could vote as a minority Orange American. -)

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The Oompa-loompa caucus

  • laura r

    cohen sterotypes blacks. middle, upper middle, upperclass, educated, blacks would be offended. they dont drive old cars for the most part, or wouldnt choose too. the illegitimate child refererence would be considered an insult. cohen is an insult to me as a jewish person. he is exactly the sterotype i would like to get rid of. as i say on white nationalist forums: “we (or they) are not all like that…” unfortuntatly what makes sterotypes offensive is they are almost always true. its an uphill battle for me. cohen is a character from a sitcom. yes we know, “some of his best friends……..”

    • Marsha

      Yes and you recently defended Mr. Taylor of Amren who now allows “Hitler was right” comments on his website. Definitely going neo.

      • laura r

        he should have deleted that, havnt seen those comments. have heard him speak & debate, he is not anti jewish. there are aweful comments on this forum as well. (there are links to articals from white supremist sites to articals here). moderators are not always alerted. if i has seen the hitler comments on taylors site, i may have just frogotton him.

      • anarchyst

        Jared Taylor appears to be jewish . . . I have been banned from Amren for exposing sensitive, but true situations regarding ashkenazic behavior.

        • laura r

          anarchyst: anyone & everyone appears to be jewish in your eyes. i have read stormsway, stormfront, jew watch (see the jewdar section). you all seem enthralled w/jews. there seems to be one under every bed. anyone who is intelliegent or has some success is considered jewish. or somehow theres a 1/64th suspicion, which warrents attention. (get a life). should i take this as a compliment? the fact that amren banned you is a good sign, i feel better about them.

          • anarchyst

            I have no problem with MOST jews. However, those who control the levers of power for their own nefarious purposes while consigning whites to perpetual servitude and eventual genocide are definitely “fair game”. Read the jewish Talmud to see what jews think of us “goy” . . . Best regards,

          • laura r

            99% of the jews dont know talmund you dont have a problem w/ “MOST JEWS” as you say. so why even mention it? MOST jews dont like the power people you speak of. come out from flyover. (its a jewish fringe cult group who studies talmund). matter of fact i never heard of it untill i looked @ anti semite websites. i asked every jewish friend, came up w/zero.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    This is what they call anti-racism. They’re collectivists and they’ll never stop the race wars until they feel they’ve achieved balance from a social justice perspective.

    Which means they will never stop until we stop them.

    • Drakken

      Welcome to the Balkanization of America, this only ends one way.

  • Clare Spark

    Such is middle class radicalism, but don’t blame blacks and browns. Look at the liberal white foundations that enabled multiculturalism and its not so covert racialism. See “White elite enabling of black power.”

  • Americanish

    “he had an iIIegitimate daughter”

    Steve Cohen thinks he might have an iIIegitimate daughter?

    He’s trying to have it both ways.

    If he really has a daughter & the mother does not complain, he’ll let the taxpayers pick up the slack and pay for his daughter or maybe a real man. So he get off the hook financially and get cred for being virile and sowing wild seed.

    A DNA test is very simple.

  • Hass

    This Cohen bloke sounds like your typical political opportunist.

  • Veracious_one

    The Divided States of America is prevented from being truly great by the minorities it gave freedom to…..

  • veeper

    Everyone in America and a large number outside America knows minority groups are more racist than whites…..

    it’s just that it would be racist to admit it…..

    • Trevor Pilsbury

      Linda Chavez reported on a study several years ago that found exactly that. Those with the least racist attitudes were whites. Those having the most were African Americans. It is what it is.

  • anarchyst

    “Multiculturalism and diversity for thee, but not for me” is the mantra of most minority groups. This anti-white notion is spread principally by one “group”– the “tribe” or the “chosen”…

    • Aurelius

      Anytime I see a comment like this I know immediately that I am dealing with a dumbass. Someone incapable of dividing fact from fiction, and truth from lies. He is completely blind to the incalculable damage done by gentile white Leftists and focuses only on the damage done by white Jewish Leftists.

      The fool doesn’t get it.

      • anarchyst

        Your name-calling exposes you as the small-minded, none-thinking individual that you appear to be. Refute my assertion–if you can. Problem is, you can’t. It looks like I hit a nerve. GOOD! I hope you ‘grow up” someday and see for yourself what is happening all around you.

        • Aurelius

          The problem is that I have refuted the, “It’s the Jews!!” meme over and over again with documented facts. For just one example, I meticulously proved that the immigration reform act of 1965 (always pointed to by the neos as a Jewish conspiracy!) was overwhelmingly supported by and in the hands of gentile whites in the Senate and the House (98% gentile whites) as well as the Lefty of all Lefties, white gentile freak president LBJ. Over and over again I tangle with you guys and the topic is simply changed and forgotten. Ever heard this before:

          We are now one of the largest Spanish-speaking nations in the world. We’re a major source of Latin music, journalism and culture. … Just go to Miami, or San Antonio, Los Angeles, Chicago or West New York, New Jersey … and close your eyes and listen. You could just as easily be in Santo Domingo or Santiago, or San Miguel de Allende. … For years our nation has debated this change some have praised it and others have resented it. By nominating me, my party has made a choice to welcome the new America.

          – George W Bush’s campaign speech in Miami, Florida, 2000.

          This white gentile Leftist was elected twice as U.S. president! Only the Congress held him back from rapidly destroying the U.S. through a tidal wave of Hispanic immigrants from Mexico and South America.

          White. Gentile. Leftist. You’re not concerned with the white gentiles with enormous, nation-altering power. No, it’s the Jews. That’s the ticket.

          I don’t bother trying to convince the neos anymore. They’re blind.

          • anarchyst

            …not a “leftist”… actually to the right of John Birch…best regards,

          • Aurelius

            I’ll make one last comment on this issue. No one is denying that there are Leftist Jews in positions of influence that are damaging the nation. But when you exclusively focus on them then your credibility becomes questionable.

            Two points to keep in mind:
            1. Jews are not monolithic in their political or religious beliefs.
            2. Try using a small amount of empathy as a tool for understanding the actions of Leftist Jews. Try imagining that your people just some seventy years ago were targeted for mass murder. Your people and relatives rounded up to be murdered. How on earth would this affect YOUR world-view? Given this as a backdrop, it’s fairly easy to see why many would be drawn toward the Left.

            Finally, most Jews are not religious at all. They don’t follow the Talmud, rabbi-derived commentary, or any other religious teaching.

          • anarchyst

            It may interest the readers of this tome to know that there was Zionist collaboration with the Nazi regime before and during WW2. A way had to be found to marginalize the successful Jews who dominated German society so that emigration to a new “homeland” could be “encouraged”. The average Jewish German had it good in Germany and had no desire to emigrate to then what was a largely barren land in the middle east (Palestine). This “marginalization” started when Judea declared “war” on Germany in 1933 (yes, 1933). It is no secret that advocacy for communism was a largely Jewish aim and was responsible for much of the political and social unrest experienced in Germany between the two world wars.
            The Jewish “holocaust ™” did not become a “money maker” until the 1960s when it was seen that it could be used to deflect criticism from those concerned with questionable Israeli practices as well as a way to extract “reparations”.
            As to Jewish “holocaust ™” deaths, most deaths were attributed to typhus, which was exacerbated by allied bombing campaigns which destroyed the infrastructure in German-occupied territories.
            As to the “six million” figure, the OFFICIAL International red Cross figures for ALL non-combatant deaths in the European “theater of operations” was approximately 731,000 NOT six million. In fact, the “six million” figure appears in many Jewish writings from the 1800s on . . . The term “holocaust ™” did not appear until the 1960s. The Jewish “holocaust ™” is “the gift that keeps on giving”. In fact, children and grandchildren of Jewish “holocaust ™” survivors are having their ATM (oops, I mean camp numbers) tattooed on themselves. This will assure that there will be Jewish “holocaust ™” survivors for time immemorial. Kinda sick, huh??

            The Holocaust industry is a business designed around reparations. These Nazi hunting expeditions are all show. The shoah business promoters have jumped on it since it is good headline news. One thing I learned over 15 years of talking to so called holocaust professors and experts at holocaust museums is they know very, very little of the actual facts. When chemistry, physics or gravity get in the way of their BS, they invent new material. For those who have not studied the holocaust, it is truly the easiest scam to debunk. And THAT is why these clowns REFUSE to debate it. All the forensic evidence points away from a gassing program.

          • laura r

            thankyou for explaining this. some jewish people dont get the big difference between their migrations, & islamic/ hispanic migrations. apples & pears. they think concepts, not real life. they are ignorant of these cultures as these jewish people live in areas where they dont have contact. they still think it’s 1900 when everyone was european (except chinese). they dont get the difference between a rabbi & a iman. that mindset is changing.

          • laura r

            it wouldnt be a party unless we focused on jews. thankyou again giving me, & frontpage mag so much power. all the above evidence dosnt sink in. does it? why do you comment for a jew publication? are you saying front page is leftist?

      • anarchyst

        I grew up during the first “civil-rights” era and have a decidedly different “take” on this whole “civil-rights movement” era. In fact, I saw for myself, what went on during those turbulent times.
        Despite the lies and fabrications by the so-called “mainstream media” the Selma and Montgomery “civil-rights marches” were not peaceful “gatherings” that were met with dogs and fire hoses, but were violent black confrontations that actually set back the “cause” of “civil-rights”. .
        The so-called “civil-rights” demonstrations were waves of lawlessness that disrupted the lives of peaceful citizens. There were many black citizens in these areas that were against these “outsiders” coming there to cause trouble. These “civil-rights” marchers committed crimes, rapes, robberies and other crimes, and trashed the areas they were protesting in. I WAS THERE . . . Of course, the cameras were turned off during the episodes of violence. . .then just as now, the news media could not “let a crisis go to waste” . . .
        It was mostly ACLU and ADL (New York carpetbagging jews) types that riled things up. . .and then later on “melted into the woodwork” only to become “civil-rights” attorneys, race hustlers and poverty pimps.
        One incident comes to mind–the tragic death of Mrs. Viola Liuzzo–Mrs. Liuzzo was a Detroit housewife who traveled to the “deep south” (without her husband) to run around with “freedom riders” at night–this was a recipe that was asking for trouble. What business did she have running around with blacks at night in the South while she had a family in Detroit?? Why did she put herself “in harms way”??
        I WAS THERE during the “civil-rights” disturbances and witnessed the misbehavior of these “civil-rights” groups (that never got reported). . .
        Of course, the “victors” write the history. To the victors–how does it feel now that those you pushed and supported are now turning on you??


          ANALchyst, You left out how JFK, RFK, LBJ were Jews.

          Remember Jesus was a Jew – as were his mother Mary and father Joseph.

          Your SOCIALST furher SHlTler the prophet of Satan called muhammed were NOT Jews.

          Happy Eternal Nakba!

          • anarchyst

            Jesus was of the Essenes . . .

          • Rattlerjake

            Jews are NOT a race of people it is a religious ethnicity. JFK, LBJ, and RFK were Catholics, BIG DIFFERENCE. Just having some jew blood in you does not make you a Jew. There is also a big difference between Zionist and a Jew.

      • anarchyst

        “Racism” is a made-up word that was introduced by the inventors of communism . . . in order to destabilize non-communist cultures and make them ripe for takeover.
        True “racism” is desirable as it promotes the advancement of the culture and forges a “common bond” between the members of the race and does not denote superiority or inferiority, only commonality of culture and purpose.
        Every race is expected to promote and advance its own culture; hence, the “congressional black caucus” for blacks and la raza for Hispanics.
        It is only whites that are expected to shed all vestiges of racial cohesiveness.
        Guess which race maintains the most racial and cultural cohesiveness yet decries racial cohesiveness by whites??
        You guessed it . . . jews

        • Daniel Greenfield

          “Guess which race maintains the most racial and cultural cohesiveness yet decries racial cohesiveness by whites??
          You guessed it . . . jews”

          That explains the high Jewish intermarriage rates.

          • laura r

            in the last 50yrs many secular jews have married gentiles. the hasid (in NY area) is growing. soon they will be the marjority of the jews. i dont like that, but thats another topic.

          • Daniel Greenfield


            Jewish intermarriage rates are well above white protestant or catholic intermarriage rates and in line with Asian-American intermarriage rates

          • laura r

            as secular jewish culture dissapears, the hasid will be the norm. they are having 10 children as they always have. secular jews stopped @ 1, 2 or 3 like 60 plus yrs ago. as hasidic othodox sects grow, the mid-evil stereotypes will return, shetle life will return. it will be poland 300yrs ago revsited. a mystic cult. still most secular jews will marry highly intelligent gentiles, so the IQ will be high for the small part jewish group. btw, my jewish brother (left wing professor- chairman), married 2 gentiles. his 1st wife is german english (decent) in academia is dept head as well. 2nd wife (east european decent), part of a far left radical group. she has a grant to promote immigration, makes propaganda films (funded by you know who). most of their friends are gentile, very far left. my nieces who are 1/2 jewish belong to “students for obama”, it gets worse, i will refrain. there you go! anti american gentiles run rampart.



          One problem with you thesis.

          YOUR fellow SOCIALISTS declared War on the US on Dec, 11, 1941 – just four days after the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.

          Your fellow SOCIALIST S C U M were convinced to SURRENDER, UNCONDITIONALLY to the US, UK and SU.

          Happy Eternal Nakba you DUMB SACK of SOCIALIST SHlTler!

      • laura r

        1) what he doesnt get is that the communist party was taken over by gentiles. 2) he also doesnt get that its the radical jewish left wing groups who have made trouble, not ordinary people. i am not responsible for the NWO, the media, wall street etc. wish i had that power as a jewish person. 3) what he really dosnt get it that “frontpage mag” is run by jews, 80% of the writters are jewish. aurelius should confront hororwitz, shapiro, greenfield. why is he blogging here?

        • anarchyst

          You are correct. That “invention” called communism was, in later years , taken over by gentiles. It was then that the Russian “goyim” turned on its inventors and promoters.

          During WW2, When the German forces marched into the communist-occupied countries, they were met as “liberators”.
          It is no secret that the population of these countries were then free to go after their oppressors–their former jewish “commissars” (over 80% of communist officials were jews).
          The occupying German forces did not have to root out the “enemy”. The local residents knew who they were and “helped” the Germans “take care of business”–only to be “sold out” by the Americans and the British in the post-war “agreements that gave eastern Europe to the communist jews.
          As far as I am concerned, we were on the “wrong side” of WW2. If we had helped Germany roll into the Soviet Union, we would not have had a “cold War”. Of course, we would have also solved our “jewish problem”–NOT with a “holocaust ™”, but with deportations. . .

          Jews are the biggest mass murderers in history. The communist bolsheviks killed more then 60 million people,mostly Christians. You have Jews like Michael Savage who brings up the holocaust ™, Hitler, Germany and Israel on a daily basis on his show,but will never brings up the murdering jews of the 20th century.Lazar Kaganovich,a Jew had 20 million people killed in the Ukrain during the Russian revolution,not one word from the Jews in the media. Even the New York Times’ Walter Duranty extolled the virtues of the Soviet communist “paradise” while conveniently ignoring the Soviet-engineered artificial “famines” and the forced starvation of millions in the Ukraine.
          Genrikh Yagoda,another jew had many millions more killed,mostly Christians and not one word from the JEWS in the media and in the talk show world. Kaganovich had 20 times as many people killed then Hitler and the Jews dont call this a holocaust.
          The reason it’s never mentioned is the jews were the murderers and the people killed were 90% Christians. The Jews are behind the destruction of this country. The Talmud is the Jews holy of holy books and it’s very anti-Christian and regards us “goyim” as no better than livestock, created only to “serve the jews”..

          • Daniel Greenfield


            Like the time Adolf made a deal with his fellow Socialist in Moscow to liberate the Poles from having their own country.

            Very rude of them to shoot at their German liberators.

            Almost as rude as the way the Chinese and Koreans reacted to their Japanese liberators.


            I find it useful to provide supporting documentation.

            Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact AKA national SOCIALIST SHlTler and SOCIALIST Stalin Non-Aggression Pact


  • theBuckWheat

    Rodney King: “Can’t we all just get along?”

  • Daniel Greenfield

    He was photographed with a young woman whom he claimed was his daughter, then said paternity test showed she wasn’t.


      Let him pay child support anyway. It’s his duty as an “old white man”.

  • Kauf Buch

    “Leftist Racists” is redundant.

  • Trevor Pilsbury

    The plain truth is that all races save one are acutely aware of the realities of race. There is only one race that buys into the concept of, “race doesn’t exist.” No others are that foolish. We shouldn’t be the least bit surprised by this story. They have racially based interests that they tend to and have a very different perspective than we do. Hypocrisy? Yes. Do they care? No.

  • Gerald Michael

    This essay is a preview into the depths of what California will soon descend within the decade.

  • Daniel Greenfield

    Judea hasn’t existed since Roman times

    • anarchyst

      You are correct. However, that was the term that the “London Daily Times” used for their headline in describing the boycott of German goods by world Jewry. Best regards,

      • Daniel Greenfield

        And, more relevantly, it’s the term you used.

        • anarchyst

          …yes it is…



        WW2 would have ended sooner

        if your SOCIALIST furher had the balls to marry a female sooner.

        Happy Eternal Nakba!

        • anarchyst

          Your name-calling exposes you as a small-minded person. Seek the TRUTH. You will be a better person for it. Don’t believe everything you read or hear. In fact, look into my assertions. I welcome it. You will not like what you find. Best regards,


    The Black Congressional Caucus practices APARTHEID?

    I’m shocked. SHOCKED!



    Beaten Nazis Sign Historic Surrender 1945

    Happy Eternal Nakba!