Boehner Promises Illegal Alien Amnesty, Making ObamaCare More Affordable


Is this supposed to be a convoluted plan to depress conservative turnout in the midterm elections?

Even the most sympathetic reading of Boehner’s interview, that there’s a new strategy to undermine ObamaCare and that he’s only paying lip service on illegal alien amnesty, still raises the baffling question as to why Boehner would praise the Tea Party in the same interview that he’s pushing everything that the Tea Party stands again.

Whom is he trying to appeal to? That elusive block of Tea Party members who want amnesty and an ObamaCare fix?

On immigration: Boehner wants ‘to get it done’

Boehner defended his approach to the politically dicey issue of immigration. In January, he and other GOP leaders outlined a set of principles to reform the immigration system. But shortly afterward, Boehner said he didn’t think he could move an agreement this year, arguing that Republicans didn’t trust Obama enough to implement border security measures.

On Monday, he told The Enquirer immigration was a key area of agreement between him and Obama and they talked about it at the White House last week. “He wants to get it done. I want to get it done,” he said. “But he’s going to have to help us in this process.”

He declined to say what Obama could do to win the GOP’s trust on the issue.

“I told the president I’ll leave that to him,” he said.

Boehner fired back at some conservatives who have likened the GOP principles to amnesty. The GOP leadership’s outline called for granting legal status – but not citizenship – to many immigrants who are currently living in the U.S. illegally under certain conditions. Those include admitting their immigration violation, passing background checks, paying fines and back taxes.

“Some want to call it amnesty,” Boehner said. “I reject that premise … If you come in and plead guilty and pay a fine, that’s not amnesty.”

Plead guilty to what? Is this supposed to be the new talking point. Plead guilty and you get to stay in the country legally. That’s like being arrested for burglary, pleading guilty and getting to keep the stuff you stole.

Paying a fine is already a discredited Ryan/Rubionism.

The GOP outline still leads to citizenship. If it didn’t lead to citizenship, Obama wouldn’t have endorsed it.

GOP wants to make Obamacare more affordable

House Republicans will unveil an eight-to-10-point plan in two to three months that is aimed a fixing the Affordable Care Act, Boehner said.

Affordability is the top problem with the president’s health plan, he said.

Boehner pointed to a new report, issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, projecting that 65 percent of small business will see their premiums increase under the Affordable Care Act. The report said 35 percent will see their premiums go down.

Some small companies are going to have to decide whether to quit offering insurance, Boehner said, and some employees will lose their work-provided insurance because their current coverage doesn’t meet the standards of the health law.

“We need more competitive (insurance) policies out there. Let people buy insurance across state lines. It would create a much more competitive market place,” Boehner said.

I want to give this the benefit of the doubt, but this is how it usually begins. The Republicans fight an obstructive piece of the nanny state and then they begin trying to figure out how to make it work better.

Maybe this 8-10 point plan will undermine ObamaCare. Maybe it’s only meant as a new angle of attack from the “affordability” side. Or maybe the GOP has read the polls that favor fixing ObamaCare and decided to jettison repeal and try to massage it into what some of their leading think tanks and special interest donors think it should be.

None of this is a reason for Boehner to be Speaker again. If the GOP takes the Senate, Congress will actually be able to do things and the last thing it will need is Boehner’s vacillating and confused leadership.

  • A Z

    Time Magazine in the March 10th issue declares the Obamacare website is fixed. they showed how many people signed up as the definition of fixed. Question is does the back end interface with all the insurers and all the other systems. Also has the problem of Identity theft been fixed?

  • VHG1

    Say good night John, you’re OUT in 2014 along with your entire entourage of nodding bobble head dolls

  • fatebekind
  • A Z

    Boehner has got to go. If we win a majority in the Senate and the house, he has to be recalled if he wins re-election. There needs to be a recall election.He has to be sent to Florida.

    My G-d, Ann Coulter showed the lie of low skill immigration. She compared the situation in Australia with its’ higher wages and lower immigration with America’s minimum wage and high immigration. It is a no brainer.

  • TL2014

    Boehner out!!!

  • wileyvet

    Stick a fork in him, he’s done. The ACA needs total repeal, not fixing. It will be cheaper in the long run. Amnesty is the death knell for the Republican party, indeed a two party system in America. The GOP needs to listen to its constituents and its legal citizens who pay the bills, not The Chamber of Commerce and Hispanic law breaking groups. Support and defend the Constitution and the laws of The United States and quit pandering to Democrats and acquiescing to their ruinous policies. There is no more common ground between the two parties, so take a stand for your country, the right stand, for which you were presumably elected to fulfill Mr. Boehner.

  • truebearing

    Every time Boehner meets with Obama, he comes out in favor of one of Obama’s scams. We need to unceremoniously throw him out and find a Speaker whose IQ and testosterone levels aren’t measured in single digits.

    • WhiteHunter

      Can’t help wondering whether that might be because every time he meets with Obama, Obama probably pulls out a file full of photos, audio or video tapes and discs, credit card or iPhone statements, or whatever it is that they’re blackmailing Boner with, and says something like, “what a shame it would be if any of this turned up on the front page of the Times and Post, or in the hands of, say, Chris Matthews, don’t you agree, John? There, now, I knew you’d be reasonable about this….”

      Can’t help wondering if that’s how they got John Roberts to call a penalty/fee a “tax,” and therefore completely constitutional, too.

  • Boots

    For anyone interested check out and take a look at the candidate comparison. I’ve already donated to Gurr.

  • DB1954

    Boehner rejects that premise because he took the money.

  • onecornpone

    Boehner praising the Tea Party may be a backdoor concession to Cruz, who just said “we will repeal every single aspect of ACA”.

    …legal status but not citizenship ?

    Sounds like a Trojan Horse… Once they are legal, the outcry that withholding citizenship rights is inhumane will be deafening.

    … background checks imply that some will be deported. Listen to their latest talking points carefully. In their spiel their spokesmouth says should be deported – rather than will be deported. Sneaky b-turds…

    The idea that any will pay a fine, or that they will have records upon which to base the payment of back taxes is the biggest joke of all.

    Some will have had taxes withheld, for which they will be owed a refund, and many others will have made so little that they will be eligible for the AMT, whereby one is owed a “refund”, having paid nothing in.

    I LOL at the line about pleading guilty to burglary, getting to keep the stuff you stole…

    In fact, that line got me to thinking about that “fine” mentioned. Perhaps if that fine was equal to all monies earned while stealing a job from a legal American – and double compensation for any costs taxpayers incurred for illegal’s care… we might have a basis to begin negotiating…

    • Jerry Glenn

      Spectacular! A Trojan horse indeed. I would consider supporting legal status only if accompanied by a constitutional ammendment stating that no one who went that route will ever be eligible for citizenship.

  • Alisia S

    With friends like Boehner, who needs enemies? The man is nothing but a political opportunist. His close relationship with Jack Daniels doesn’t help either.

  • truebearing

    It seems like a highly plausible theory. Boehner’s behavior makes no sense whatsoever.

  • Matthew Ashworth

    We need to defeat Boehner in May 6 primary before he can pass amnesty and retire to florida with his millions. I am against amnesty and am for full repeal of Obamacare. / Matthew Ashworth – Congressional Candidate challenging Boehner in the May 6 primary.