Bolivian Leftists Announce “Decolonization Plan” to Make Clocks Run Backwards


Bolivia has a higher infant mortality rate than Iraq. It’s one of the poorest countries in Latin America with 59 percent of the population living in poverty.

But its lunatic leader Evo Morales, the next best thing to Hugo Chavez, finally has a solution. Make the clocks run backwards. That’s fitting for a backward leader of a backward country.

Bolivia’s leftist government is turning back the clock. Or, more precisely, turning it backward.

The government this week flipped the clock atop the Congress building so that while it’s accurate, the hands now turn to the left, a direction known elsewhere as counterclockwise.

The president of Congress, Marcelo Elio, on Wednesday called the reform “a clear expression of the de-colonization of the people” under President Evo Morales, who became the country’s first indigenous president.

Vice President Alvaro Garcia said the government is thinking about similarly modifying all clocks at public institutions.

Opposition lawmaker Norma Pierola said the government “wishes to change the universal laws of time.”

The left can triumph over math when it comes to economics. Why not time?

  • Bubba Clinton

    Pol Pot would love this plan!

  • American Patriot

    This is all part of Cuban imperialism. Basically the idea of Cuban Communist imperialism is to have client states with puppet leaders undermine their own political systems by implementing unpopular policies that under normal circumstances would make patients at mental institutions seem sane. Heck, they are probably more sane than Venezuela’s puppet regime of the insane leader (who is Colombian, not Venezuelan) Nicolas Maduro, who, besides being a puppet of the Castro brothers in Communist Cuba, regularly makes insane statements, like seeing Chavez in bird form and in ghost form from a stain on a Caracas subway tunnel wall. Morales in Bolivia is simply following the Castro play book. In reality, the new “clock policy” is not to mark “decolonization”, but actually to mark a new stage of colonialism, which is Cuban Communist imperialism, presented as “decolonization”. This just shows how Cuba’s empire has influence on Latin America in the modern world.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      very interesting

  • watcherofolde

    Evo has a cranial yeast infection from when he used to go around with a loaf of bread on his head.

  • RAM500

    Will this make everyone younger?

  • Drakken

    Time for the Spanish to recolonize these inbred idiots.

    • American Patriot

      They are already colonized–by Communist Cuba. The Castro brothers were the offspring of a colonial soldier who fought against Cuban independence and in favor of the Spanish Empire. Today, the Castro dictatorship in Cuba has established its modern-day empire in Latin America. And that empire has brought nothing but misery on the people in Latin America. In Venezuela, the Cuban Communist imperialists have even established a literal puppet-state and essential colony there. That’s why I refer to Venezuela as the Cuban Raj. The Venezuelan people are rising up against their Cuban Communist colonial masters and their puppet, Nicolas Maduro. It is well known that Cuban Communist imperialism is responsible for all of Latin America’s problems today. The link here shows a poster that sends a message for who is the bully in Latin America and the need to save the region:

  • mollysdad

    Does Evo Morales have Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s mojo?

  • carltjohnson

    To make a clock run backwards and still be accurate, one would have to reverse the numbers as well, likewise, the numbers of population would have to change in sum way also to simulate d-colonization. What ever the case, they have certainly d-civilized themselves.