Boston Marathon Bombers Linked Up w/Taxi Driving Jihadist


Khairullozhon Matanov isn’t officially being charged with much of anything, but it’s rather clear that the Tsarnaevs found a likeminded Jihadist. And where there was one, there were probably more.

This whole ‘lone wolf’ isn’t holding up so well.

Khairullozhon Matanov, a taxi driver who is in his early 20s and living in Quincy, Mass., is accused of lying to investigators about how well he knew Tamerlan Tsarnaev – the relationship involved shared extremist beliefs, US officials say – and misleading officials about the extent of his contact with the Tsarnaev brothers in the days after the bombings.

Mr. Matanov, who has been in the United States since 2010, is charged with one count of destroying, altering, and falsifying records and three counts of making false statements in a federal terrorism investigation, according to the indictment. He was arrested Friday morning and is scheduled to appear in court in the afternoon.

Federal prosecutors allege that Matanov “participated in a variety of activities with Tamerlan Tsarnaev, including discussing religious topics and hiking up a New Hampshire mountain in order to train like, and praise, the ‘mujahideen,’ ” according to the indictment.

On the evening of April 15, 2013, after two bombs had splintered through a crowd at the Boston Marathon that afternoon, Matanov allegedly spent more than 40 minutes on the phone with the older Tsarnaev brother and then invited both of them to dinner, buying their meals, prosecutors say. According to the indictment Matanov, who allegedly expressed support for the bombings after hearing about them, visited the older brother at his home in Cambridge, Mass., on April 17.

That’s pretty detailed already. The current accusation is that he only knew about the bombings after the fact. Then we have some of the Muslim friends who saw bomb materials. All that suggests is that they may have had accomplices after and before the fact.

And maybe more than that.

  • BS77

    It’s our INSANE immigration agenda…..we are bringing creatures here…like the creature in ALIEN…..organisms that are going to attack us, bomb us, kill us, shoot us……Had these vermin been barred from entering the US, the Boston bombings would not have happened. YOu would think that after 9/11 our immigration policies would have been remodeled…..


      The surviving tsaranev pig’s trial is in November.

  • SoCalMike

    The US State Department is the first friend and enabler of jihad.
    They encourage immigration from countries with jihadis while denying persecuted non-Muslims and oppressed Christians VISAs.
    Our State Dept is occupied territory under the control of jihadi sympathizers and those overtly hostile to US national interest, sympathetic to the Arabs and hostile to Israel and other traditional American allies.

  • Jimmy

    The warriors live amongst us.

    And how can you say it isn’t a war?
    What would be the difference?

    How could you fail to implement some sort
    of procedure to watch virtually everyone,
    if you choose to let the warriors live beside you?


    All for a leftist, false notion of diversity, a false notion of tolerance,
    and a false notion of discrimination.

    In the end how will we tell the leftists from the jihadists?

    What difference does it make?

    Many questions. They all lead to some sort of civil war.
    A ‘defensive’ civil war if you can imagine that!

    Leftists, and that means you democrat, enable all of this.

  • Smoking Hamster

    He had nothing to do with the actions of the bombers.

    He first heard about it on the news.