Breivik Tried to Undermine CounterJihad, Admits Nazi Goals

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This won’t prevent the umpteenth New York Times article counting how many times Breivik’s manifesto had Robert Spencer’s name in it, never mind that most of those instances came from a pasted document filled with quotes on terrorism from mainstream experts and elected officials, but it does fit in with his actual plan of action which involved mass murder and allying with Islamic terrorists to take over parts of Europe.

Despite Muslim complaints, Breivik’s attack had nothing to do with Islam.

Reading through the original parts of Breivik’s manifesto and then catching the rest of his performance, it’s obvious that his connection to reality is very loosely tethered. It would not surprise me a great deal if a year from now he announced that he was a Communist or converted to Islam.

Anders Behring Breivik has sent a letter to international media that “Expo Idag” has read. He describes the letter as a first step in a “peace negotiation” with his political opponents. In the letter Anders Behring Breivik has partially changed his rhetoric from that used in his so-called “manifesto”. He says that he in the manifesto was using “the counterjihad” rhetoric to protect “ethno-nationalists” and instead prompt a media campaign against the anti-nationalistic counterjihad movement. He calls this strategy “double psychology”.

The technical term is delusional. I’m not just using that as an insult.

Breivik always had delusions of potency and power. He retains them now even in jail. He imagines that there is a movement behind them and that he is capable of negotiating terms. He revises the past so that every development fits into his master plan.

Anders Behring Breivik claims that he strives for a “clean Nordic ideal”. He means that the “Nordic race” is about to be eradicated and he wants there to be a Nazi party in Norway just like the party “Svenskarnas Parti” (The Swedes’ Party). He mentioned several infamous right-wing extremists in Norway that he wants to lead the party, among them Varg Vikernes and Erik Blucher.

I suspect that Breivik’s fascist pals will turn out to have never heard of him or only know him from blog or forum comments.

Breivik also says that his love for Israel is solely based on its future role as a place to deport “disloyal Jews”.

That’s nice, considering that there are barely 1,000 Jews in Norway and they are self-deporting due to Islamic migration.

 Anders Behring Breivik also writes that he does not think that he will survive his time in prison, where he claims he is being tortured.

Samples of some of these tortures include…

 In November, the killer sent a 27-page letter to prison authorities with a list of complaints ranging from everyday annoyances, like cold coffee and a lack of butter, to more serious issues, such as censorship of his correspondence, body searches and being kept in isolation.

In the letter received by the Wall Street Journal, Breivik reportedly boasted that if he wanted to retaliate for his poor treatment, he knew how to build weapons out of items he was allowed in prison, such as his Sony PlayStation 2, long screws and plain sheets of paper.

If he has a PS2, then I assume he also has a television and apparently the equipment to write a whole lot.

The killer also claims to have written a book more than 1000 pages long, which he claims he is unable to send to a publisher, because he is being blocked by prison authorities.

In a letter received by the German newspaper Die Welt , Breivik expressed doubt that he would ever escape prison.  “I will not survive this sentence,” he wrote.

Maybe he can figure out a survival method using only a PS2, a television, a laptop and cold coffee.

  • snaphanen

    Why would he want to leave prison? Here is his 3 room flat from danish Ekstra Bladet yesterday: office, gym and bedroom

    • Fnord

      But in total isolation.

  • Drakken

    I would take anything coming out of Norway about Breivik with a truckload of salt, lots of misinformation.


      I’d like to see Breivik released from prison and made Prime Minister or Norway. Give him lots of ammo.

      • Fnord

        Fuck you. He killed over 70 kids. Do you like Al Quaeda?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      At Gates of Vienna, a reliable counterjihadist blog points out, there’s no reason for them to make up anything Breivik said, when he is capable of communicating directly through letters and when they have no interest in letting Counterjihadists off the hook

  • A Z

    One of the causes for Breivik’s problems is an ABSENTEE FATHER.

    It is not just a black thang.

    It is an equal opportunity destroyer.

    • A Z

      I’ll amend my comments. Breivik’s father was absent although he tried to get custody. However since Western society is so female centric his ex-wife was granted custody.

      According to the psychologists reports she was a real nut. Just read what wiki has in it. How far do we unwind this? What we the influences on Breiviks mother?

      • intetnavntak

        It has nothing to do with his childhood, it has everything to do with immigration policies; The most anti-democratic, culture and society breaking policy there is.
        May i add: The modern form of invasion.

        We will stop this madness AT ALL costs. Just like we have for thousand of years.

        • A Z

          It has much to do with his childhood. He is so screwed up that without lengthy conversation with him, I do not know if he objects to violent foreign cultural domination, he admires Islam and wants to assist it, or he fears Islam and wants to appease it.

          As noted by psychologists his mother and Breivik have been a mental cases for a long time. Someone who sane and was resisting foreign domination which government was ignoring might do so through legal means first and foremost so as to not discredit the cause. They would not do it by murdering kids.

          Going after a rapist or murderer would have made much more sense. Rapes are certainly going up in the Nordic world. there ought to be plenty of transgressors from which to choose. It would have made prosecution by the political party that encourages immigration government very problematic.

          As it is the Norwegian government is a joke. Breivik gets 21 years for ending the lives of some many people? Is one of his years worth twice as much as others? The progressives have forced upon us a weird sort of equality.

          • 20pizzapies

            You both need a psychiatrist .Anyone who thinks gunning down unarmed innocent children is based in ideology or political views and then further proving your insanity by attempting that as a possible excuse ! …….go seek professional help . I hope neither of you two have kids to infect with your thinking process .

          • A Z

            Are you going to say that every Muslim who purposefully targets and kiIIs school children does not do it based on ideology?

            The you are crazy!

            “Since the killing of three children and a rabbi in the courtyard of a school in Toulouse on March 19 by Mohamed Merah, the number of attacks against Jews has exponentiated.”


          • 20pizzapies

            No need to enlighten me how Muslims have slaughtered Jews nor how they now slaughter Christians and Jews and Hindus ,it’s been going on long before and long after we considered ourselves “civilized ” .Are you saying that only muslims have such a propensity for murder ? If you were born a muslim , would you find it religiously compelling to slaughter another human being ? Or would that notion have to be heard ,sold to and bought by you in order to behave in such a way ? Human beings are not born murderers , it is a taught idea that a mind with free will must decide upon and then act upon . Religion is the excuse . Albeit a commonly used excuse amongst many muslims .They are murderers ,whether Muslim or as The Japanes and German in WW2 who thought themselves superior beings , or loners like Brevik …all common murderers who would have found a way to hate and then kill , no matter the ideology . Every man is created equal and with free will . Men MURDER by choice not by accident .It is a personally willfull act . The words men speak precipitate it or at times can dissuade , but not the true murderer . Brevick has absolutely no explanation or excuse , he got angry and made the decision to satisfy his anger with MURDER. He should be executed and forgotten , not given a platform of any kind . We live in a world full with but not outnumbered by men with unbridled hatred If we are not willing, as some , to put them to death, then they should be locked away never to be heard from again .

          • intetnavntak

            Germany voted for Hitler democratically, the jews took german jobs/works/homes and so they killed them. You forget that the modern world we live in, is defined by exactly WW2. Everything before WW2 is today considered a lot more imperialistic.

          • 20pizzapies

            considered by whom ? those wonderful dime a dozen “philosophizers “running around all over the place ? the motive is as old as Cain and Abel , Jesus said it quite clearly and unequivecaly , “the man who hates is guilty of murder ” I’m sure He knew what He was talking about and there’s, certainly enough proof of it around us . hate is Murder is hate . Don’t misunderstand what I am saying , I wouldn’t dare minimize the Holocaust by one iota , Did you think the Germans were the first ? The only ? ask the Berbers , the Hindus ? The Armenians , The Albanians , The Ethiopians , WW2 is no watermark , the Cambodians ….religion is just another name of many for the same base motive .Unabated , hatred will always bring the same result .If you agree that men have free will then you must realize that murder [not killing ] is a choice .Whether it is the choice of one or one million .

          • intetnavntak

            What a nice little puzzle, i have not talked about religion. I do not believe in religion.

            You said it yourself, humans have always killed eachother. That wont damn well change untill our social structures have advanced so much that everything can be controlled by 1 person. Which most likely is a wish of the minority.

          • A Z

            Merah and other Muslims are lauded by wide swathes of Muslim society. It is not only Merah. Child killers are also lionized by Palestinians.

            The Luxor Massacre in Egypt a 5 year old was tortured, and butchered. The groups that did it are still going concerns.

            Yes, I blame Islam.

            But to the bone you originally picked with me, people do not have to be considered sick to slaughter others. Many people do so and are considered heroes by their respective communities. Unless you are going to consider the whole community sick psychiatrically and say we ought to do something about it, we will not agree.

            But then we will have a whole new can of worms as people label the Tea Party as sick and needing intervention and turn a blind eye when Louis Farahkhan

          • 20pizzapies

            You guys , pseudo patriot , eternal victims of them “evil others “who would disagree with your dogmatic purity . MY “original bone ” was to say that people like Brevik should not be given any sort of venue . YOU and another brought up the Muslims , please read what I SAID and then what YOU SAY I SAID , and WHO brought up what FIRST . there is a difference but a common practice by the denizens on this thread and most likely the blog . Of course , “Farakhan ” so by condemning Brevik , you auto-assssume I would turn “a blind-eye” to his antics .How did you conclude this ? some prescient knowledge ? or is just that old predictable mindset of bringing things down to a particular group of people you assssume are your political enemy? extrapolating any disagreement with dogma to be held as to the who and the why of said disagreement , while all the time allegedly understanding the meaning of the English yet twisting my words to meet your ends . Let me make easy for your narrow mind to understand , and that I do not have to sit here an apply that to every murderers and/or their verbal approvers for you ideological satisfaction . ANYONE who hates , is a MURDERER , anyone who incites others to murder , IS a MURDERER themselves . and YES any muslim who cheers the slaughter of , approves the slaughter in way of BOOK, FATWAH ,FRIDAY SERMON ,TV APPEARENCE , RADIO BROADCAST , is in fact themselves a MURDERER . IF in FACT FARAKHAN INCITE TO MURDER , and I believe he has in fact quite some time ago , not only that, but he in truth is responsible for the Murder of Malcolm X , the buying off of his daughter , he is by all definitions at least in my terms a MURDERER . So save your small minded asssumptions for someone else , and if that statement of mine does not happen to drag in all of your perceived enemies , as I BELIEVE is your actual purpose them that’s just to effing bad . And it’s also too bad that Daniel has chosen to drag up such a piece of human excrement as Brevick to make some sort of perverted political point by actually assisting him in providing not a venue for his image and his views brings into question immediately the actual purpose , then to sit and watch who actually gets gets targeted in the endrun by INFERENCE is really not surprising when dealing with people of your mindset .

          • intetnavntak

            Anyone who thinks democracy is to import 15 percent of the voters. Does not know what democracy is, i live in the worlds first parliamentary democracy so i’d like to think i know what it is.

  • Jason P

    The 30 page letter was received by many European news outlets and a Swedish “anti-racism” monitoring group. He says his Compendium was a cut-and-paste job which doesn’t represent his views. It was made to undercut the counter-jihadi which he holds in low esteem due to their inability to engage in violent attacks against the establishment. He has a new 1000 page book that he wants to publish. It is a Diary of his struggle … that would be Mein Kampf in German.

    By the way, Daniel Pipes noticed his motives immediately after the attack when he read Breivik’s Compendium:

  • 20pizzapies

    So Daniel , what is the point of your article ? You’re giving a homicidal maniac a platform . After such a heinous slaughter , it matters not what his deluded motivations were , are or will be . He’s a sick deranged human being , incarcerated unfortunately in a land with out a death penalty , and apparently willing to let the foul filth that leaves his mouth escape the confines of his prison .
    I’m aware that there are some morons who believe he’s been influenced by Spencer , but one of any intelligence must first stop to think , how anything anyone could say trigger such a mindless hateful act , You may wonder , I don’t because it happens everyday , in small things to large . School shootings which people on both sides attempt to pin on the words of the other .Some are egregious some are rather silly . Flipped by the AM station the other night and heard Mike Savage ranting about Obama causing [wanting- Mikes obvious implication ] horses to be slaughtered for meat , hey man I didn’t even like that , what the hell man ! Horses??!!!
    I wonder if any of the outraged horse lovers and perplexed casual listeners like myself actually bothered to fact-check the all knowing DR.SAVAGE . I did . It’s actually part of a budget before Congress that has so many convoluted twists and turns , that one immediately senses that he has entered the Twilight Zone , and has to do mainly with inspections , that would be remove/cut funding for inspections that bans horsemeat , therefore allowing horsemeat yadayada ad infinitum ad nauseum . In fact I challenge any reasonable mind in the audience to attempt to determine just who is who in this insane blame but REAL budget game ALL of our politicians are playing …and playing hard at that . And yes the fractures occur along the same old lines with the usual suspects Hammering down the wedges splitting everything into Tea Party Right and Destructive Left .
    Where’s it all gonna end Daniel .Journalism should be devoid of agenda . A truism that just isn’t true . Is it . Good providence Daniel

  • objectivefactsmatter

    So he’s a national socialist driven by a desire for revolution to bring on the Utopia of socialism with his race or culture leading the elite. Basically he’s a radical communist that rejects multiculturalism. Must be right wing, amiright?

    • 20pizzapies

      No , he’ simply a murderer , filled with hatred ,who found a way to murder many people before he was stopped .

      • intetnavntak

        There was a political motive. You are the communists, you show it in your lack of intelligence.

        Let me make it clear for you: The nordic countries is not founded on fluff, it’s nations that is upwards of 2000 years old. We are built very specifically to be selfsufficient, we dont want outsiders.

        People is trying to make us more like you, importing and supporting slavery… Pushing down wages.

        We want to be for ourselfs so that democracy works, so that they cant exponentially import more and more untill there is nothing left but civil war.

        You cant complain about this if you believe in democracy.

        • 20pizzapies

          More like me ? Gee you are a real sage , a font of great wisdom .Are you attempting to depict Brevick as some poor patriotic soul trying to maintain democracy ???You seem to have a “money based philosophy , I mentioned nothing of economics , I speak about a mass murderer , a man just as destructive as Hitler himself . You really need to get your head out of any politics that lead you to make such a statement . I think as human beings we can do better to protest any ideological or economical plots by means other than gunning down unarmed unsuspecting children . Your last sentence makes no sense at all .What a piece of work you are !

          • intetnavntak

            *I completely missread your comment, scrap the email version*

            What Breivik did was not very professional.

            Revolutions/creation of a new country are mostly violent, what he did was not a revolution.
            Yet a revolution/new country can bring peace and good things.

            What your base argumentation is, is to stop all violence right now. That is a nice wish i bet many would’ve wanted across those hundred of thousand years man have walked the earth.

          • 20pizzapies

            You certainly did misread , and your “re-read ” was your second advance into your convoluted reactionary confusion . I in no way “compared patriotism to Nazism , I simply said this man should not be given any venue ior platform of any kind to the outside world , nor should any connection between him and any sane man [ meaning the “what you would probably call a ‘leftist argument that anything Spencer may have said at any time influenced in any large or small way the action that this hate-filled MURDERER took .]
            I would condemn anyone who would suggest suggest that Spencer , his views , statements, oratories , books or any form of Spencer’s communiques had anything to do with this monsters heinous choice , nor is there any sane ideological excuse political ,social or economic acceptable to reasonable men for this hatefilled murderer . You can “bet ” on anything you wish .Brevick if not being put to death , should be shutaway incommunicato with the rest of the world for the remainder of his days .Anyone right ,left or center who wishes to give this murderer venue of any kind , including the Government that imprisons him ,I hold I the same low esteem . He has no right to say anything to this world , about anything , he has spoken all that is needed to know about him .
            How you extrapolate all your theories in what I said rather than to take my words the way they were given at face value -non-political /non -ideological …PERIOD. Yet you attempt to put words in my mouth by painting them with your own subjective political views and presumptious statements but sadly not a-typical of your type of thinking . I spotted another of your replies which is in the same erroneous vane- consider this post and answer to it also , for it is just as ridiculous and devoid of any serious thought as the one to which I’m responding to here .
            Unfortunately your own words have painted you into a corner with only one barely valid excuse , and that is a lack of reading comprehension skills . Every political blog has a political agenda which is all well and fair .BREVICK SHOULD NOT BE PART OR PARCEL OF ANY OF it except maybe to criminal psychologists who may be able to use that info to profile a murderer such as this one and stop them before they act . Yea Mr.WISEMAN WE ALL would like to see a world without this , but we ALL really know better , don’t we .
            That still does not give excuse for providing Brevick any venue ……….you getting that now , or are you still perplexed ? p.s. YOU are the one who first brought up Nazism not me .Looks like in addition to your “misreadings ” you’re also good at “miswriting ” huh bunky ?

          • intetnavntak

            “nor is there any sane ideological excuse political ,social or economic acceptable to reasonable men for this hatefilled murderer”
            I repeat, revolutions are often seen throughout history, often without condemnation of murder. Simply because it is the wish of the people. Not because some cult created a religion that allowed/disallowed murder.

    • intetnavntak

      Multiculturalism is communism, it’s the act of importing people which will then break up the culture. Only people who own major companies stand to gain anything on this.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        “Multiculturalism is communism…”

        It’s globalist. There are 2 powerful globalist ideologies today. Jihadis aren’t communists, but they do exploit communist propaganda and tactics.

        But yeah, multiculturalism is basically an attack on national sovereignty. Communists expect to “solve” all the problems they create by bringing in people that attack national sovereigns and traditions.

        A communist that rejects multiculturalism is a national socialist. I can’t think of any other options.

      • Big Daddy

        And the Jews.
        Multi-Kulti is a Jewish invention to destroy homogenous European societies.
        Its intellectual (fraudulent) basis was laid by the most important Jewish swindler in history, Franz Boas.
        This man is the true Dictator of the World, and 99.98% of all people never heard his name.
        Marx, Freud, Derrida, Betty Friedan, the Chicago Seven, the Hollywood Left, the Freedom Riders, the Hippies, the atomic spies and so on are on everybody’s menu as examples of Jewish subversives. How many people ever heard of the most important of them all, Franz Boas?
        Boas’ present day foot soldiers, the Jewish anti-racist, Multi-Kulti organizations and leaders are the direct cause of the flooding of the West with Third World immigrants.
        Here is Barbara Lerner Spectre:

  • intetnavntak

    “unfortunately in a land with out a death penalty” That is a view he probably shares. But it’s not a very holy view of you to have if you ask me.

    Anywho that was my last reply, i am not a frequent visitor.

    • 20pizzapies

      Gee they’re gonna miss you …….but thanks for this and the other totally irrelevant remarks ….atleast we kept friendly eh ? I can never see a man like Brevik involved in any small or large way , or even connected in some strange world view that could possibly connect him to even the word “revolution ” .
      But hey that’s just me eh ? Good luck partner .

  • tim

    It’s pretty disgusting they let this man publicise a nazi salute to the world after murdering 70 kids.