“Brigades of Lone Wolves” Emerges as New Islamic Terror Group in Egypt


First you have one lone wolf. And then another. And eventually you get a whole brigade of them. And each time they attack, the media insists it’s not a terrorist group.

It’s a lone wolf attack.

A new jihadist group calling itself the Brigades of Lone Wolves has announced its establishment and claimed responsibility for a number of attacks in Egypt in two recent statements. In its first statement, released on Dec. 27, the group denounced the Egyptian army for “killing Muslims and displacing them, detaining them, and violating their dignity and honor.”

“Defending the Muslims and protecting their honor is a duty, and it is not allowed for us to delay for that or slow down in executing it,” the statement said, according to a translation by the SITE Intelligence Group.

“Rush to the fields of the men, the fields of the heroes, before it is too late,” the group urged Muslim youth in Egypt.

In its second statement, released on Jan. 3, the Brigades of Lone Wolves claimed responsibility for five attacks and a kidnapping.

Do they all just individually do whatever they feel like during a terrorist attack?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Are terrorists trawling us with stuff like this? The Lone Wolf Brigade?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      They may be trolling liberals.

  • Flicker

    And the Nazi German Cross? They’re finally letting their masks drop and showing you who they are: the same nazi killers who killed Jews and Gypsies and crushed the Christian Church to do so, and tried to take over the world. The same nazis who engaged the Muslim Brotherhood for that purpose last century.
    It may be fake, but it’s accurate. (I thank Dan Rather for instilling that logical farce into the American thought process.)

    • Jeff LeGrand

      The Iron Cross had been around long before the Nazis. It originally was awarded for heroism and valor in the German army, and had nothing to do with genocidal psychopaths. It’s variant, the Maltese Cross, belongs solely in my mind to the Knights of Malta, who provided aid and protection to people making a pilgrimage to the holy land of their time.
      The fact that people steal symbols does not make those symbols their own. The only truly “Nazi” symbol is the swastika… it has no other real meaning than to represent those sickos.
      I do find amusing the concept of a “brigade” or “pack” of “lone” wolves.. the terms are mutually exclusive. Lone means alone, singular, “ONE”.