“Broke” Hillary Bought 2 Mansions for $4.5 Mil After Leaving White House


Bill and Hillary are ordinary people just like you. Sure she scores $200K per speech and he takes home $500K per speech, but that’s just because they were broke and trying to make ends meet.

Hillary Clinton, who recently raked in $5 million dollars in speaking fees in 15 months, recounted to Diane Sawyer the sad tale of her former destitution, telling her, “We came out of the White House not only dead broke but in debt.”

According to Clinton, she and her husband, who has made over $100 million since leaving the White House, “struggled to, you know, piece together the resources for mortgages for houses, for Chelsea’s education, you know, it was not easy.”

But, as Clinton’s story goes, the two hard-working, middle-class millionaires somehow managed to put food on the table in their multiple houses, even though they “had to make double the money, because of, obviously, taxes, and then pay off the debts and get us houses and take care of family members.”

Taxes. Those suck, don’t they.

Right out of the White House, the Clintons bought a $1.6 million Dutch colonial mansion in Westchester for $1.7 million and a $2.85 another colonial mansion on Embassy Row in Washington.

Interestingly enough that home had been listed at $3.5 million, but the Clintons always have a way of getting a “good deal”.

It had five bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms. (The New York one only had four bathrooms.) Just the sort of thing working people pick up on the side so that Hillary would have a place in D.C. to write her memoirs. (Her other memoirs, which she also didn’t write.)

Bill and Hillary made a down payment of $855,000. Just like broke people do. They made a down payment of $350,000 on  their first home.

The Clintons did leave the White House with huge debts, but they also had large sources of wealth including a blind trust that was making all sorts of interesting investments.

For instance, the blind trust managed by Citigroup was heavily invested in overseas companies, including $30,000 to $100,000 in two Asian companies — Hong Kong and China Gas, and Hutchison Whampoa. The latter was involved in a controversy last year because of it received a U.S. contract to scan some U.S.-bound ships for nuclear material. Some lawmakers worried that the work could allow China to gain access to sensitive U.S. technologies because Hutchison Whampoa executives have business connections to the Chinese government.

Money from the blind trust helped buy their homes, along with a timely loan from a good friend.

  • truebearing

    The poor Clintons…only two mansions? That’s horrible! How did they survive? Well, at least they had all of that furniture they stole from the Whitehouse, so they didn’t have to sit on old orange crates and beanbag chairs.
    It’s all too much…my tears have deluged my keyboard…it’s starting to fail. Poor Hillary. She deserved bette

    • Christopher Riddle

      I guess that’s why they took all that stuff from The White House that they(later)had to return??Poor babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • liz

      I hear violins playing…

      • truebearing


    • 95Theses

      I take comfort in knowing that when these two über-hypocrites enter into their final retirement, they will be moving to a considerably warmer climate.

      • truebearing

        That will have Hillary dancing!

  • Christopher Riddle

    Earth To HildeBeast:”I Wanted To Be One Of Donald Sterling’s 20-million-dollar SLAVES;If I Can’t Do That,How Do I Get”Broke”Like You And”Slick Willie”????

  • Christopher Riddle

    Actually,WE(TaxPayers)bought the one at Chappaqua.Byh the time they put in the quarters to house”Slick Willie’s”Secret Service Detail,The TaxPayer wound up with The Mortgage!!!

    • b1022m

      i remember that. some steel rooftop, so nobody could beam
      satellite images into their home from the atmosphere above … or spy on them. yeah, steel roof. totally secret, don’t tell anyone i told you about the roof at chappaqua. whew.

  • joe dirt

    And how much do these 2 pay back in taxes I dare ask for gracing us with their words of wisdom?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Obama will be the first billionaire ex president.

    • Judahlevi

      You are absolutely right.

      If Bill Clinton receives $500k per speech, Obama will get $1 million for each speech. The lefties will throw money at him – all because he is the first darker-skinned president.

      My own prediction is that he will go 100% pro-Palestinian Arab/Muslim with his politics when he leaves office as well.

    • Rrddbb

      But, He’s a demoncrat and they’re always for the “little guy”, right?? He’ll give them his money, right??

  • DogmaelJones1

    “Right out of the White House, the Clintons bought a $1.6 million Dutch
    colonial mansion in Westchester for $1.7 million and a $2.85 [million] colonial mansion on Embassy Row in Washington.” But, don’t you see? They’re both “Persons of the People,” and need their private space to think out how else they can help us survive their laws and policies. They wouldn’t be able to do that if they had to live next door to….common people, who make too much noise coming and going to work and stuff. And then there are all those Secret Service thugs who are always around to protect them. I’m surprised they didn’t buy a townhouse in DC right next door to Frank Underwood.

  • 95Theses

    What difference does it make how much they net each year from speeches, or how many mansions they own. What short memories you people have!


  • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

    I also remember him setting up an office on 125th Street in Harlem soon after he left office. He was there for about 10 years. He is remembered “fondly”: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/uptown/president-bill-clinton-leaves-harlem-tears-residents-article-1.118478

    • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

      This one from Feb 2001 is even better: http://www.invisibleamerica.com/clint-harlem.html
      It’s titled “Clinton Moves to Harlem, Economic Booms Predicted.” They mentioned the immediate opening of a “Victoria’s Secret.” Of course! It didn’t say if it was competing with “Monica’s Secret.”

    • Daniel Greenfield

      that was taxpayer funded

      • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

        Ah, I remember now. I paid for it. Great!

  • SoCalMike

    Poor kids, only 2 mansions.
    Back out all the legal bills and you can only guess how they might have avoided such poverty. This must explain why they ransacked and absconded with everything that wasn’t nailed down inside the White House when they left office.

    Whatever happened to the boatload of Chinese money Bill Clinton got for transferring Loral Space division’s advanced gyroscopic technology to the PLA?? That’s the Chinese military for lib trolls.

  • notme123

    sadly, people will believe this bs…

  • Jane DeLisa Hanson

    Thank you SO MUCH for this article…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your way with words, as they gave me the ability to laugh as I was getting angrier ;) Will start following your articles. Cheers!

  • Libslayer

    Only the truly heartless could look at this wonderful, talented, accomplished, highly educated attractive woman, and not want to give her two terms as “America’s First Female President”, especially given the hardship and adversity she has faced as a woman of no color. When I think of dear Hillary, eking out a hardscrabble meager existence for her and her beloved Bill and Chelsea, it brings tears to my eyes. Why, oh, why can’t we have this sexy lady as our president!!!

    Ok, that’s all I can take. Gotta hurl…
    Hillary – always the victim.