Bulgaria Puts Up Fence to Keep Muslim Illegal Aliens Out


If only America could be as exceptional as Bulgaria. Maybe we could have a fence too.

But the intolerantly exceptional or exceptionally intolerant Bulgarians aren’t crazy about having the Syrian Civil War in their backyard so they’re putting up a fence. With razor wire.

Bulgaria is facing a backlash from human rights groups after building a 30km-long, razor-wire fence along its southern border in an effort to block immigrants coming in from Syria via Turkey.

The 3m-high fence, which has taken a week to build and was completed on Thursday, has already reportedly brought the number of illegal arrivals down to 300 per month compared with 2,000 people each month this time last year.

So Bulgaria can put up a 30 kilometer fence in a week, but we still can’t close off the border.

Bulgaria was caught unprepared by a surge of 11,600 Syrian, Turkish and Afghan refugees last year following the crisis in Syria – 10 times the annual number of asylum seekers to the country before the civil war.

The sudden influx caused a humanitarian crisis in Bulgaria, already the poorest member of the EU, as asylum seekers were forced to live in crowded army barracks and tents during the middle of winter with no heating, basic sanitation or food.

And the refugees kept whining and complaining and wanting to go to a richer country. And Bulgarians began protesting their presence.

Bill Frelick, refugee rights program director at Human Rights Watch said: “Slamming the door on refugees is not the way to deal with an increase in people seeking protection.”

Neither is exporting the Syrian Civil War to Bulgaria.

  • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

    You’re single liner said it all: “The fence took a week to build.” What a contrast!

    Take note that Human Rights Watch abhors anyone who cares about their own interest and won’t sacrifice their fellow citizens on the alter of one-world insanity. I’m beginning to like Bulgaria.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Yes, slamming the door in the faces of “refugees” who are up to no good or are just no-good parasites is a fine, upstanding idea. But America? Give me your tired, your poor, you illiterate, your diseased, your gang-bangers….!

  • Habbgun

    Is there a way for NGO’s to be structured that the aren’t simply scams with executive officers skimming money by pretending to have a cause? What if they had to live with their mistakes like actual nations? What would they do if I could simply walk in pick up their phones and say that I am now a member of that organization and need a salary, health insurance and I have a family member from Zimbabwe named Yitzchak who will be in the office next week. What would they do?

    • glpage

      Asking leftists to live with their mistakes is silly. Don’t you know they don’t make mistakes? /sarc

      • Habbgun

        Wouldn’t that be a fun counter protest though. Show up with about fifty people at the office of Human Rights Watch as they get security and the cops to throw you out while you walk into their offices ask the employees if they have any work, go into management offices and say you need a salary and health care to get started. Use their facilities to build a better life? Maybe play some board games.

        Why do open borders stop at nations and not humanitarian NGO’s which should be open to everyone!!!

  • https://twitter.com/LibsHateUs Ban Liberals

    The UN will criticize Bulgaria in 3… 2… 2… 2… 2… 2… 2… 2…

  • DogmaelJones1

    That is one, mean-looking fence! Love it! Who would’ve thought the Bulgarians would have the audacity?

  • Gee

    Ah they should be sent to a Muslim country with oil and lots and lots of open space. Far more than the current occupants need – LIBYA

  • pete

    well, THIS just hit me

    Concert for Concertina Wire !! AND a triple 24 ft tall fence

    whadya say laidback willie nelson? johnnie cougar mellencamp? maybe a special live on-screen monologue by Mr. Together, Alec Baldwin?

    how about we put COUNTRY over party, business, convenience, etc.???

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Mainstream Islamic totalitarian society is not equal to all other societies in the world as the unhinged PC multiculturalists all insist. As a matter of fact, Islamic totalitarian society seeks to make itself supreme above all other societies at the expense of all other societies and is therefore totally incompatible with all other societies except its own.

    Hence, it is imperative that mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage be banned and reversed ASAP, because Muslim immigrants will inevitably strive to make their society supreme at the expense of the host infidel societies, exactly like they are doing today throughout the world wherever mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage is occurring.

    As a matter of fact, out of all the millions of Muslims that have migrated to the infidel west going on decades now, there is not one single case of a group of Muslim immigrants anywhere ever assimilating and integrating into infidel society in all that long history. Not one! However, there are thousands of Muslim no-go zones ruled by Sharia (Islamic totalitarian law) sprinkled throughout Europe that attest to the true reality of mass Muslim immigration. Of course, for true assimilation and integration to occur, Muslims would necessarily have to morph into infidels, and in Islam that is a capital offense.


    As much as I as a Bulgarian like for this to be the truth, it is not so simple. This fence has been in construction since about January so it has taken around 6 months to build and complete. It is still not fully complete as finishing work is currently still going on even though 30 km have now been completely blocked by the fence. The fence was supposed to take two months to complete but the weather in the area has been terrible this year.

  • CharInOhio

    NOW how about random electricity surges like Hunger Games and maybe even a few landmines and we can get one of those airships to clean up the mess that has the big claw ………

  • CharInOhio

    They will just cut holes in that or wear like fifty layers of clothes, quilted ones or something to protect themselves as they still climb it ……..they will find a way if they have to catapult over it or parachute in like Pelosi said she would do with ObamaCare ………

    • Ray Chandler

      That’s what snipers are for.

  • CharInOhio

    Wonder if Bulgaria would let in law abiding US citizens ? Just a thought …..