CAIR Attacks Honor Diaries Movie About Abuse of Women Because it was “Produced by Jews”

The Honor Diaries is making headlines for documenting the challenges faced by female activists taking on the abuse of women in the Muslim world. The movie focuses on Muslim female activists and was screened at the Museum of Tolerance.

But Islamist groups, whether it’s the Taliban or CAIR, are notoriously unhappy with any criticism of the Islamic abuse of women. But CAIR usually has better and slicker PR than the Taliban. Not this time.

The film follows nine women whose lives have been affected by what is known as the “honor culture” in certain Islamic cultures. Practices such as female genital mutilation, honor violence, honor killings and forced marriage at young ages make up the panoply of horrors these women or their family members experienced first hand.

Approximately 150,000 to 200,000 American girls are at risk for female genital mutilation – frequently misleadingly referred to as female circumcision. It is estimated that approximately 1,500 forced marriages take place each year in the United States, and approximately 3,000 honor attacks take place in the United Kingdom every year.

The film opened on March 8, International Women’s Day.

It is hard even for an organization such as CAIR to publicly defend the abuse of women that is described in the film. Instead, CAIR vilifies the Clarion Project, which produced the film, because “Jews produced the film,”…

What happened was that CAIR chose to outsource its attack on Honor Diaries to loony bigot Richard Silverstein who last came to public attention when he began hurling racial slurs on Twitter at African-American activist Chloe Valdary.

The consequences of that left CAIR with egg on its face for objecting to a movie because it was produced by Jews. So CAIR compensated with a generic letter, but by then the damage was done.

  • garyfouse

    Kudos to Megyn Kelly of Fox News for standing up to CAIR on this.

    • maximilien321

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    • Kazzab1

      Not have heads in the sand about the abuses. CAIR is scared of the truth and disguises it under their favourite catch cry Islamophobia. It was good enough for Geneva. Shame about the cowed US Universities

  • herb benty

    This was a great film, unblinkingly laying out the facts- exactly what the stealth jihad CAIR fears.

    • laura r

      just like fitna by gert wilders.

      • herb benty

        Mr. Wiiders is a hero to many, Fitna is another film that has no sane argument against it.

  • DogmaelJones1

    I guess if the film had been made by Martians, or even Mormons, CAIR wouldn’t have objected to it. We all know how vigorous CAIR’s efforts are on behalf of women’s rights.

  • rulierose

    a friend of mine went to the showing on the University of Michigan-Dearborn campus last week. he got there only to find that it had been cancelled. when he asked one of the cops who was there why, he was told “the Muslims weren’t happy about it.”

    UM-Dearborn, I should remind you, is a public university funded by the people of the state of Michigan. just sayin’.

    • laura r

      wrong. funded as well by SA no doute.

      • GFRF


        • laura r

          SA gives multi millions to universities.

    • pennant8

      The opposition to the film on college campus’s can probably be traced to the MSA [Muslim Students Association] The MSA was one of the first stealth jihadist groups that the Muslim Brotherhood put together when they first started their termite infestation of America. MSA chapters can be found on nearly every campus, large and small, in the country.

  • wileyvet

    I know there are a lot of dedicated people making the case against Islam and exposing it for what it is including CAIR, but no one except the choir at sites like this seem to understand that CAIR is Muslim Brotherhood, and linked to Hamas. Why does the media give any validity to what these jihadists say, and not confront them about such connections? CAIR is an absolute fraud and should be given no credibility whatsoever.

  • Crap Detectr

    The guy’s name who wrote the “produced by Jews” letter? Richard Silverstein.

    Definitely the name of an Islamic jihadist if I’ve ever heard one!


  • Lanna

    Yes, Megyn Kelly doesn’t stand for lies on her show. The Muslim Jihadists in Cair don’t want you to know how they treat their women, and how women are devalued in Islamic society..less than dogs!

    • kilfincelt

      And remember Muslim Jihadists consider dogs filthy creatures!

  • iluvisrael

    A case of ‘kill the messenger’ if these sand monkeys want to boycott all things Jewish, then they should give up all their tech gadgets, most of which were created by Jews in Israel.

  • Sickuvlies

    Why is it okay to contuously refer to Muslims as terrorists, jihadists, a threat to society and the like when it is well known that israel is responsible for more crimes against humanity than any other country? What gives Jews the right to criticize ANY other group?

    • rxpc

      Ha Ha! I needed a laugh this morning. Take your medication and go back to sleep.

    • iluvisrael

      All it takes to bug a Jew hating slimebag like you is the fact that Jews exist.

    • kertitor

      Please, Sicky, tell all the terrible things “the Jews” committed against the humanity. I am waiting for your answer, but if you would parroting hitler or david duke then don’t bother.

  • popseal

    Anybody not understanding the primitive and dangerous nature of Islam after these last 13 years, is uneducable, criminally naïve, or willfully ignorant. They will suffer the fate suffered by every DHIMMI for more than 1400 years.

  • Duane Meyer

    cair, it’s not islamaphophobia, it’s pure hatred on my part. And I support the Jewish State-ISRAEL. And I’m German blooded.Oh yea, Your the infedels. Remember the Crusades.

  • GFRF

    Is it not the Jew who understands the terror of injustice ?
    CAIR is racist!

  • nilro

    The kind of outrageous response we have come to expect from CAIR on issues concerning the barbaric treatment of women. We need more films like this and more exposure of these horrors.

  • Eyedea Numerology

    Props to them exposing the Muzzle’ms for being exactly what they are : Barbarian goat rapists that abuse women – NOTICE I DIDN’T SAY THEIR WOMEN – WOMEN ARE NOT PROPERTY