California Mosque with Collapsing Ceilings, Raw Sewage, Claims Freedom of Religion


I don’t really understand how living in an Islamic center that has collapsing ceilings and raw sewage is a part of the Islamic religion. Even the most far out Hadiths and Fatwas (and there are some really far out ones) don’t cover this.

But political correctness usually trumps the law when it comes to mosques.

Masjid Noor has “serious structural integrity problems and potentially dangerous conditions” that were revealed during a late-December inspection by fire officials, said city prosecutor Trisha Aljoe.

“Floors and ceilings are collapsing in there, and extensive work is being done that needs a structural engineer.”

Aljoe added that raw sewage was present outside, along with mattresses and other evidence that people may be living in the structure.

The move to force the mosque out of the building has drawn criticism from at least one Bay Area Islamic leader who claims religious freedoms are being imperiled.

“I recently heard that the city of Richmond might be having talks to shut down the Islamic Center,” said Saadi Nasim, a community outreach coordinator at Al Sabeel mosque in San Francisco, in a Tuesday email to the City Council and Mayor Gayle McLaughlin. “First and foremost, freedom of religion is guaranteed by our constitution. I am confused how and why a religious (center) could be shut down.”

Freedom of Religion means that if Islam believed that its worshipers had to pray in mosques with collapsing ceilings and raw sewage, they might have a case. But even Islam doesn’t require that.

Council members Nat Bates and Corky Boozé have expressed concern with the way the city has handled the situation.

“Being punitive toward a religious group without just cause is asking for nothing but problems with perhaps national negative publicity,” Bates said in an email this week to his council colleagues, adding that he is not abreast of all the facts of the case. “This mosque has been in operation for years without controversy, and there better be some strong reasons in suggesting the city shut them down.”

Collapsing ceilings. Raw sewage.

Boozé, who has been the subject of numerous investigations by city Code Enforcement officials over his own allegedly substandard properties, said the matter was evidence that the Code Enforcement Department and Aljoe are “out of control.”

“I visited the building this week, and to say it’s dangerous is a bunch of hogwash,” Boozé said. “The roof was leaking, there is some rot on the floors, but that is a huge building and the part they pray in has no problems.”

The honorable city council member apparently doesn’t understand how buildings work, despite owning a few. If the ceiling collapses on the top floor, the effect is going to trickle down to you even if you’re on a lower floor.

The Islamic center should not have bought a huge building if it doesn’t want to maintain it. But despite its huge size, there’s no room for women.

Alicia A. – I rarely give one star.  The reason for this masjid getting only one star is because this masjid.. as I found out upon asking only serves men.  Why you may be wondering?  According to the individuals I talked to because their isn’t enough space and no separate wudu area for the women.

This is a violation of the women’s right to attend the masjid for prayer- thus earning this masjid- one star.  I am severely disappointed in this masjid- as I was looking forward to attending Jummah and having another masjid I could access within a 10 minute drive of my house.

On the bright side, Alicia avoided all the raw sewage.


  • john spielman

    so why the raw sewage? is there a leak in the sewer pipe or do they just defecate outside?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Could be a little of both. The building sounds like a giant repair job and it also sounds like the Muslims are doing unlicensed repairs of their own.

      • Joe

        What work should be licensed? That is a whole another discussion. However, when it come time to sell a building that should be told.

        • UCSPanther

          Building codes in most areas do require both licensing and inspection on certain types of work, especially regarding large scale and/or vitally important work, like structural repairs/modifications or large scale electrical and plumbing work.

          On residential work that is inhabited by the owners themselves, they have some leeway on the regulations, but on rental units and public buildings (IE stores, religious buildings, etc) the rules are far more stringent.

    • Melanie Schielder

      why not, they go into Churches in the middle east and defecate on the alters before burning them down

  • A Caveman

    So being of that faith means that not don’t you have to obey any laws, codes, and such of the country you reside in, and are allowed to openly violate them?
    And what will we hear from the feminists and environmentalists on this one.
    The usual crickets.

  • Hoboe

    “Aljoe added that raw sewage was present outside”

    I’ll hazard a guess and assume bums are defecating & urinating along the backside or side of the building. This is California, a Democrat Paradise, where bums defecate just yards from Santa Monica Boulevard.

    After looking at the pictures of the masjid, and reading another blog (“the mosque, which is surrounded by an iron gate”) you can see it is surrounded by a fence. Maybe it is not bums, but the worshipers. Maybe the toilets don’t work very well. The building appears to be a former military base (BRAC closure) and is somewhere between 40 and 60 years old.

    • Hoboe

      My bad. it does not appear to have been part of a former military facility closed by BRAC.

      Use Google maps or some other website (1330 Cutting Blvd Richmond, CA)

      But damn look at the thing!!!

      It is a huge building. There is no room for women? I guess they don’t women learning about the Koran. They just want them to behave as evil men want them to behave as incubators and ____ boxes.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    That’s correct, freedom of religion is constitutionally protected. However, Islam is not a religion, as it blocks the freedom of conscience for adherents to choose not to believe via the penalty of death for blasphemy and apostasy, which makes it a totalitarian cult in stark contrast to being a religion, and as for as I know cults are not constitutionally protected.

    Thus, the practice of Islam in the USA should be outlawed and banned ASAP, since the sole fundamental purpose of the cult of Islam is the subjugation of all religions and all infidels into Islamic totalitarianism through both violent and non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad and the eventual imposition of Sharia, which is divine Islamic totalitarian law, in order to make Islam supreme throughout the world.

    As a matter of fact, waging jihad in one form or another, either violently or non-violently by stealth and deception, is a fundamental holy obligation incumbent upon all mainstream orthodox Muslims in the world, and for those Muslims that don’t wish to participate in waging jihad the pain of death is their punishment. Hence, all mainstream orthodox Muslims in the world, including the millions of Muslim immigrants living in America, are jihadists in one form or another, otherwise they are blasphemous apostates that per the dictates of Islam must be executed.

    Indeed, Muslims never ever migrate to the infidel world to assimilate and integrate, as that would constitute blasphemy and that is a capital offense in Islam. Instead, they migrate to the infidel word only to eventually subjugate and dominate, as mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage is really non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad for the strategic purpose of demographic conquest.

    However, because both major political parties in the USA are totally married to the cult of leftwing PC multiculturalism, mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage, which for all intents and purposes is really non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad for the strategic purpose of demographic conquest, is allowed to manifest in America without question and despite the fact that Islam is a very totalitarian cult as opposed to being a constitutionally protected religion.
    Meanwhile, at the same time this travesty is occurring, mass Muslim immigration throughout the remainder of the infidel world is a total unmitigated disaster. Thus it is not very easy for our politicians on both sides of the political aisles to ignore the reality of Islam, yet they are managing to do it and somehow getting away with it. Indeed, both political parties in America are on the Left today, but unfortunately the American people aren’t astute enough yet to figure that out.

    • John

      The building is big enough for a prayer room, shooting range, paint ball area and more. Check it out a bird’s eye view on google maps.

  • blert

    Put your money on: The users (heh) have thrown enough non-biological garbage down the drains that the entire system is backing up.

    (In which case, taking relief outside the building makes perfect sense — at least to ones sense of smell.)

    Due to its huge size and, hence, its privacy from the police… you can bet your last quatloo it’s been drawing users from the greater (heh) Richmond area.

    The wording from the building inspectors is larded with code speak for ‘narcotics den.’

    “…Along with mattresses and other evidence…” is a classic term of art, BTW>

    As you might guess, the structure is not zoned for habitation. Any evidence that such is going on would be grounds for padlocking the structure.

    BTW, once the building — all of it — was (property tax) coded as a place of worship it left the (local property) tax rolls. That’s no small angle!

    Evidence that it’s being used as living space would void that status — and trigger every manner of back taxes — etc.

    • A Z

      A swing and a hit.

    • DB1954

      They’re probably using the mosque as a birthing place for Muslim mothers seeking to obtain anchor baby status in the U.S. The Chinese have been doing this for years.


    The sewage in the mosque comes from the mouth of the imam of the mosque.

    • DB1954

      Oh, how insensitive of you! Don’t you know that Muslims–like all “minorities” in America, have a right not to be offended?


        Who can be offended by the truth?


        • Isabel Benitez

          muslims are always offended by reality.

  • UCSPanther

    You’d think religious institutions of any kind, even the poorest ones, would want to house themselves in at least a half-decent building which is both clean and structurally sound.

    Obviously, it is not the case here. Health and safety should definitely trump “freedom of religion” in this case because raw sewage and a building that is vulnerable to collapse are real issues that need to be addressed. However, don’t tell that to the political correctness commissars though…

  • Muslim Comments

    Another fucktard article

    • john spielman

      I assume you mean the mosque Not the article

      • Al Moniter

        Muslims comments is a gay friendly, a gay Muslim or a gay guy pretending to be Muslim. Go figure.

        They are no fan of Dawkins

        I do not think they could survive a full Sharia environment without being deep in the closet

      • Al Moniter

        Oh and all the terrorism is because of the drone attacks. There were negligible attacks before that.

    • ZZ

      “I saw the messenger of allah (pbuh) putting Hassan’s legs apart and kissing his little penis.” Hadith Al-Taberani 51/3

      “No need to make ablutions if one touches the penis of a young boy because it is permissible to touch it and to look at it and it was told that the prophet (pbuh) kissed the little penis of al-Hassan and it was told that the prophet (pbuh) touched the little penis of al-Hassan and did not make ablutions.”

      YUCK. Mohammad sounds like he was your kinda guy. Hassan was his own grandson, by the way. Maybe filthy perversion like this is why a mosque needs matresses.

      • ZZ

        The second disgusting hadith is Al-Mughni, Ibn Qudamah al-Maqdasi 202/1

    • Habbgun

      Yes of course the holy fucktard. It was Mohammed who first brought forth the fucktard and we have been praying to it every since. All hail the holy fucktard.

    • UCSPanther

      Maybe if this mosque kept its building clean and in good order, and complied with local codes, we wouldn’t be talking it, now would we?

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    There goes the neighborhood.

  • DB1954

    Seems to me that these people aren’t just asking that their mosque be exempted from building code enforcement; they’re asking for some kind of government hand out based on the 1st Amendment Freedom of Religion clause. In either case, it’s an outrage, but one that Obama would support if asked.

  • sheikyermami

    Too easy: if the ceiling collapses or someone drowns in raw sewage they blame the Jews. that’s Freedom of Religion for them. What’s not to like?

  • Allan

    Oh for crying out loud. If they want to live in filth and have the building come down around them, let them.

  • Andy_Lewis

    This seems like a self-solving problem. What’s not to like?

  • Curtis Ruuska

    they are doing it intentionally, once its bad enough, they will begin to complain about their living conditions, then they will rally for the government to bail them out, its all in their agenda, look it up, its all step by step, … they are consuming your tax dollars at every opportunity, they are taking the west apart step by step.

    • Well Done

      You’re right, Curtis. We in the West don’t want to believe that people we welcome into the country would do such heinous, crooked things. Getting zoning as a place of worship, then using it as a flophouse… that puts tens of thousands of dollars per year in their pockets. Lack of maintenance? Almost certainly they have legal advice – more likely from other Jihadi moslems – that they need not spend much on that. Concern for the neighborhood? HAHAHAHA! Not even a factor. That they immediately go to the media accusing gov’t of religious persecution assures me that they have been well coached and advised on every aspect of this operation. NO WAY is this an isolated example.

  • Derrique Stuckey

    It’s Sharia Law…until convenience calls to use “their” Constitution.

  • Timothy W. Crane

    I find this article confusing. Masjid Noor, in the photo is actually in San Diego, not the bay area. I have prayed in this exact masjid many times. The mosque is also a center for muslims who are affirming the Islamic outlook of Mawdudi Hanafi Fiqh, as mainly practiced in India and Pakistan, and the women often collaborate and pray separate from the mosque due to historic as well as religious reasons. The women congregate directly across the street in the home of the Imams wife, and in fact are more visible in the community at large than the men are.

    It is a shame that the building in in need of repair. They have been denied licensing several times for repair and upgrades, mainly due to the opposition of the mosque run school contained inside by the local (though far UP the road) community.

    For those who feel that the segregation of the sexes (which is also maintained due to it being the center of a boys school) there is another mosque also across the street in the opposite direction, that though being smaller and attended more by the Somali community than those from India or Pakistan, as well as Americans and a very vocal group of devout women ;) .

    Both mosques are filled with welcoming people. I was married in Masjid noor (so much for absolute refusal to allow women).

    The focus of giving this mosque one star (as if it were a hotel or restaurant) is blatantly given due to the lack of a women’s prayer area onsite. If the building is so bad (it is an old building, but not the cesspool described by far), then maybe Alicia would be more comfortable with the Imam’s wife, in her nicely decorated home, drinking tea and discussing Quran. Most of the women I know in the community would rather pray there or are go across the street to the other mosque. They compliment each other and both contribute to the local community in a positive fashion.

    The area that the women would pray in is not yet built, though has been proposed. Cultural impediments do exist, but are easily skirted with a walk across the street in either direction.

    I do not agree with keeping women out of the mosque, or even in a secluded space for prayer. The women in the families that attend Noor however take the knowledge that the best place for prayer for women is in the home and for men the masjid very seriously.

    Truth be told, many of the men are more jealous of the women, with a kitchen and home environment more conducive to conversation after prayer.

    All in all, the article is not only misleading but riddled with mistruths and incoherence. There are several mosques within 10 minutes of noor, while Google maps places it 7 1/2 hours away from the location in the article (Richmond CA).

    • defcon 4

      Why don’t you delete yourself to any islam0nazi state dirtbag? Enjoy islam0nazism up close and personal.

  • defcon 4

    Islam0fascist “freedom” comes at the expense of anyone non-muslim and all too frequently, anyone without testes.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    According to their religion, whenever a mosque is established, it then belongs to them forever, and they have a religious duty to protect it with their lives, using any means available, including deception.

  • Dyer’s Eve

    If the filth that is Islam wants to live in sh!t, then let them. Unless it bcomes a wider public health issue, let ‘em swim in it. After all, it is what they want. It is what they are. Next time I’m in Califonia, I’ll know where to relieve myself.

  • iluvisrael

    These are the same goons who use their own hands instead of toilet paper.

  • Christian sympathizer

    The comments for this article are ridiculous. It has nothing to do with Muslims taking over America. Sweeping generalizations are being made and they are wrong. The mosque did have problems and it was wrong for them to invoke religious immunity, but this isn’t some play to take over America it’s just that the mosque didn’t want to be interfered with. They wanted to have privacy. I’m not saying they were just to do so. But the accusations are getting ridiculous. No drugs are being made, no bombs are being made and no plans for world domination are being hatched it’s just a place of worship that is old and needs renovations.

  • David Brown

    Never pass on an opportunity to play the victim.