California State Finances Confuse a Million and a Billion


The media tells us that Governor Moonbeam is a master of budgets. Any day now California will be rolling in dough thanks to his wise investments in windmills, transgender bathrooms and bullet trains.

But anyone can be off by $31 billion. When you’re spending money like there’s no tomorrow, why quibble over pennies?

An audit of California’s books by the Bureau of State Audits has uncovered errors totaling $31 billion. That’s more than the gross domestic product of Iceland and Jamaica combined.

CBS 13 reported the results of the audit Thursday. It found:

$7.7 billion – Understated federal trust fund revenues and expenditures
$653 million – Overstated general fund assets and revenues
$8 billion – Overstated California State University’s bond debt
$9.1 billion – Reporting error that understated a public building construction fund
In addition, there was one case in which a figure was reported as $6.2 billion, when it was actually $6.2 million

A million. A billion. Who can tell the difference?



  • De Doc

    I love the homage to Dr. Evil, “One million dollars!”

  • DogmaelJones1

    You say ToMATo. I say TomAto. Hey, California! Let’s call the whole thing off!

  • truebearing

    A million, a billion, it’s just the difference of a few zeroes, and zeroes aren’t worth anything. At this point, what difference does it make?

  • kafir4life

    There’s a very simple way that California can get itself out of its fiscal mess. A tried and true method that always works and never ever has any negative repercussions…..just raise taxes. Problem solved.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Zeros are racist. Check yo privilege!

  • fjord

    A zero here, a zero there. I bet the CA state revenue office is not so forgiving for taxpayers paying their taxes, are they?
    Especially since they go after people who’ve already left the state and no longer do business there.
    Ask any of those people who packed up and closed shop to move out of state, only to get a tax bill for “estimated income taxes” .

  • glpage

    What’s one silly little letter among lefties spending other people’s money?

  • Mark Power

    I hope refugee Californians don’t come the Las Vegas after destroying like locusts. Cali is as broke as Ill and TX.