Caliph of Islamic State Orders Genital Mutilation of 4 Million Women and Girls


Islamic apologists have repeatedly claimed that FGM has nothing to do with Islam. The Caliph of the Islamic State disagrees.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Caliph of the Islamic State, has ordered all families around Iraq’s northern city of Mosul to circumcise their daughters or face severe punishment.

The female genital mutilation, which would potentially affect four million women and girls, is to “distance them from debauchery and immorality”.

A spokesman for Mosul police, Ahmed Obaydi, said: “Baghdadi’s decision to have all women circumcised is, as he claims, to prevent immorality and promote Islamic attitudes among Muslims. The decision was made by Baghdadi as a ‘gift’ for people in Mosul.”

UN official Jacqueline Badcock said the fatwa, or religious edict, applied to females between the ages of 11 and 46.

Zanun Majid, a citizen in Mosul, told BasNews: “Due to this decision, many girls fear for their lives, not knowing where to flee, otherwise risking severe punishment by staying.”

This is what Islamic law looks like. This is why it has to be resisted and kept out of every country. This is why there can be no compromise with Sharia.


  • Pete

    I am not getting this whole FGM thing.

    Did Mohamed carve up his wives? If he didn’t then why do so many Muslims carve up women and girls? It does not be according to what Mohamed supposedly revealed.

    If FGM is not Islamic, what can we conclude about a religion, where this continually comes up?

    • De Doc

      FGM is not found in the Quran, but there are references to it in the Hadiths (Sayings of Muhammad), though it should be mentioned these are very late attributions and probably largely fabricated by Muslims long after the time of their prophet. While some modern Muslims claim that the practice is unislamic because it is not in the Quran, those of us who have studied their religion know that Islam is more than ‘Quran only’.

      Others argue that FGM is culture only and limited to areas of Africa, which is partly true. However Islam has exported the practice of FGM in the past and now is doing it in the present. Personally I think FGM has little to do with controlling loose morals of women, but should be likened to branding your cattle – it is a property mark for Muslim females, plain and simple.

      • Pete

        “FGM is not found in the Quran, but there are references to it in the Hadiths”

        I figured this.

        Aisha, Mohamed’s favorite wife was very vocal. If ISIS had been around when she lived, ISIS would have killed her after Mohamed died for being too uppity.

        Here is my point. Aisha would have spoken out about it. It is not recorded that she did. So like you said, these Hadiths were probably manufactured.

        I know damn well that a person with a temperament like Aisha would have spoken out. She would have been indignant if someone had tried to cut one of her daughters. She would have told them to cut themselves if they were so worried. And that is the G-d’s honest truth. I won’t have to change my tune for saying this, if or when I go before G-d (maybe other things, but not this).

        • NAHALKIDES

          Islam is totalitarian and is afraid of sexuality, especially female sexuality. Those are probably the forces that drive FGM. Whatever the origin, it’s part and parcel of Islam and made possible only by Islam. This is why Islam must be resisted as the substantive evil it is, despite the presence of some moderate Muslims in the world.

          • Pete

            I cannot see 1/2 my immediate family surviving the burka, the inability to work outside of the home or FGM

            The only good Islamic extremist is a dead one.

            The movie Lawrence of Arabia should have told anyone how bad Islam was. There is the scene with the 2 orphan boys. That spoke volumes.

        • De Doc

          None of the Islamic literature I’m familiar with ever mentions Muhammad’s wives as having undergone FGM. Also with the exceptions of Egypt and other parts of Muslim Africa most other Arab nations do not routinely practice it, which further evidences the Hadiths recommending FGM as fabrications used to shoe horn a cultural practice into the theology.

          That said, hyper pious Muslims are always of a mind that every stinking rule and recommendation attributed to Muhammad should be obeyed and instituted without any thought for how dangerous or silly they seem. There is a reason that many of these yokels still think that camel piss is good medicine!

          • laura r

            love the fact they live in brookyln.

          • 20pizzapies

            They will run into BIG TROUBLE in Brooklyn , if they try pulling this crap . In addition to large numbers of Italians and Irish , there is a large population of Jamaicans who have an even more diametrically opposing view of such barbaric practices such as this . Muslims will get their arses kicked every which way to Sunday .

          • laura r

            i hear they wear burkas in sheepshead bay. i think the muslims send the girls back home for a “vacation”- thats what they are doing in europe. they also have their own women who do this as well. just speculating about my home town.

        • Lee Thomas Walker

          Excellent taqiyya.

        • knowshistory

          Aisha declared islam to be bogus with her observation that allah always ordered mohammed to do what mohammed wanted to do. if mohammed had been a morally upright person, allah, his invention, would have been ordering mohammed to do peaceful things. islam also would have died on the vine on the red sea coast. the appeal of islam and the reason for its success was its appeal to mass murderers, robbers, rapists, child molesters, and slavers, who flocked to the new religion of evil. nothing has changed since the 7th century. evil people still flock to islam.

  • Johnny Paleswine

    You will not find this on Salon nor Zero No Jews here

  • Habbgun

    Top future Lefty Talking Points

    1) It is a cultural thing and it isn’t really being implemented the way we think. Without knowing cultural context we ignorantly assume the worst.

    2) Conservative media is simply using extremists to make Islam look bad.

    3) There are extremists on both sides.

    4) Islam is complicated. There are moderates out there that will prevent this.


    6) “Old Testament Religion” was just as bad but it was heroically reformed by people who would be called today’s leftists.

    7) It is bad but it is none of our business. What is our business is everyone who hates capitalism.

    8) STFU Islamophobe

    • Pete

      3. Extremists run things in Islamic countries. The Westboro church runs jack. It does not even runs the extended family of the founder.

      4. The moderates seem to be running jack and sh__ in Islamic countries

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      Nailed it …

    • Anukem Jihadi

      The important thing is that it makes places like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia look milder by comparison.
      This helps the left manage what our expectations of “moderate” Islam should be.


    “This is what Islamic law looks like. This is why it has to be resisted
    and kept out of every country. This is why there can be no compromise
    with Sharia.”

    No more need be said.

    • knowshistory

      there is no way to import muslims and not import sharia. forget about sharia. get rid of muslims. no muslims, no sharia.


        I’m afraid that’s true. We need to halt Muslim immigration into this country.

        • Kc

          Our impotent government is willfully blind.

          • Bibosmadness

            and run by a closeted Muslim …. ironic isn’t it?

          • knowshistory

            you can throw a cat through the gaps in the walls of that closet.

  • Anukem Jihadi

    I just noticed the business times article says 2 million girls but the headline here is 4. Did they underestimate?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      they estimate it could go to 4 million

      • Anukem Jihadi


  • bob smith

    Zanun Majid, a citizen in Mosul, told BasNews: “Due to this decision,
    many girls fear for their lives, not knowing where to flee, otherwise
    risking severe punishment by staying.”

    Tell them not worry Zanun, Michelle Obumbo feels their plight and after they have had their clitoris and labia carved from their bodies with dull razor blades, have no fear, potus will tweet, “we want their genitalia back” in honor of their unnecessary pain, suffering and human torture wrought upon them by none other than the World’s most powerful leader in the war on women.

    Utterly fucking disgusting and odumbo owns it all.

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    • DogmaelJones1

      Would you mind NOT placing your dumb ads on this site???????

  • DogmaelJones1

    Well, we mustn’t have women and girls getting something out of life other than slaving away for their arrested juvenile “men,” and walking behind them in public, and being just baby machines. But, it’s okay for their “men” to engage in ““debauchery and immorality,” when they go on rape rampages in Europe, especially targeting Western infidel women.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      These communists know how to keep their eye on the prize. The only thing they care about is destroying the “injustice” of “capitalism” and when they do that it will be like pruning every rose in the world and all they have to do is wait for the better world to bloom organically.

      Very few understand the implications of what they strive for constantly.

  • SoCalMike

    Thank Obama and Kerry.
    The genreals and little people told them this grade of mayhem and evil would unfold.
    This is the “Lesson of Vietnam.” The true lesson the Left spent the last 35 years covering up. What happened in Iraq is a repeat of what happened in Vietnam.
    The military won a hard fought war.
    The Democrats gave it back when they had the power.
    The blood resulting from the Boat People and the Killing Fields is on the hands of the 93rd congress and a feckless Ford who could have sent up B-52s if he had the spine but he wasn’t about to stand up to Democrats.

  • maggiejcarter

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  • truebearing

    Hey, liberal women…can you hear them now?

  • Conservative NJ Girl

    Pretty sad that American Women’s Organization care more about free contraception and abortion than they do for they sisters in the Middle East. God bless these poor women/children and protect them from these men, and I use the term men loosely here! Why would any man want to do this to a women he cares for? Disgusting!

    • Tina Trent

      In fairness, a feminist, liberal Democratic state representative in Georgia passed the first anti-FGM bill in the U.S., and she deserves all credit for doing so in the face of studied disinterest from many feminist and immigrants’ rights groups and also resistance from Republican elected officials. There are pockets of genuinely courageous people across the political spectrum — usually we don’t hear their names because they’re not narcissists.

      • Kc

        …and the media is not interested in them because they don’t fit the prescribed mold.

    • Kc

      Those people who do this do not know the meaning of the word “care”.

  • De Doc

    Feminist response to SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision: Rage, rage, rage and keep your hands off my vagina!

    Feminist response to FGM amongst Muslims: *cricket chirps*

    • 20pizzapies

      That’s because Hobby Lobby can’t imprison , mutilate or kill anyone .

      • Bibosmadness

        Hobby Lobby WOULDN’T imprison, mutilate or kill anyone.

        • 20pizzapies

          It’s a short step from forcing your beliefs on others who disagree and discriminating against them , to ultimately persecuting them . Just like the pro-lifers eventually bombed clinics and assassinated Abortion Doctors . Hobby Lobby ‘s already proven itself hypocritical since they invest in companies that manufacture contraceptives .

          • Bill Herrmann

            Your comment about pro-lifers bombing speaks in general terms and is showing of your apparent dislike for them. Out of the millions of pro-lifers it was only a very few who were that radical. You lump all pro-lifers together. I would not lump all liberals or abortion rights supporters together and neither would most pro-lifers. Your liberal skirt is showing…..

          • 20pizzapies

            Ummm, that’s exactly what you and your fellow sycophants do on this thread . Your HYPOCRITE skirt is not only showing , but you got it pulled up over your head .

          • watcherofolde

            Hobby lobby gladly pays for all forms of birth control-pills, condoms, IUD’s etc, just not abortions.They don’t want baby killing on their conscience.

          • 20pizzapies

            Get you head in the game , I know it’s hard spending all your time in the Breitbart echo chamber . You’re totally uninformed or misinformed , just like the majority of your fellows on this blog .

          • 20pizzapies

            Abortion was not what the case they brought before the courts was about Get your facts straight before exposing your ignorance .

          • Seriously?

            They do not pay for all forms of iud’s, nor do they pay for 3 other forms of birth control. These don’t include the morning after pill either. Please don’t make statements to add drama to a conversation when you clearly don’t even know all of the facts. And frankly there is NO comparison between hobby lobby’s birth control controversy and the forced mutilation of millions of young female children and women.

          • Nicole

            get a fucking grip. You are comparing FORCED MUTILATION of 4 MILLION women and CHILDREN …to not wanting to pay for a morning after pill for employees that willing work for a company they KNOW is Christian based, and are not FORCED to work there?!
            You ARE A MORON.

          • 20pizzapies

            Religious morons iike yourself , who wish to impose your morales on other people , because of insecurity in your own life , will do whatever they can get away with . The Difference is just a matter of degree between fundamentalists of different stripe . If you could you would . If hobby lobby could terminate any employee that they discovered didn’t share their religious views [ I suspect they take care of that during hiring interviews ] . You’re all a bunch of self-righteous ,sanctimonious hypocrites . A job is a job , and should not have anything to do with anyone’s religious views , unless of course you’re in a muslim country . People like you are no better than the fanatics you rant and whine about . Is the money they take in ” Christian based ” ? Do they question their customers ? Do they refuse to sell to anyone not holding their hypocritical views ? DAMN RIGHT THEY DONT . Take your ” Christian based B.S. ” and shove it up where the sun don’t shine .

          • Chico Hinojos


          • 20pizzapies

            Not really , I just pee on ALL religious fanatics that try to jam their religion down everyone else’s throats . If your one of them you can GFY . God don’t know who you are , he doesn’t associate with bible thumping hatemongers .

          • Liz Hood

            God knows the name of every star and planet in the heavens–so of course, he knows who we are. He loves us more than anyone on earth ever could. And He loves you, whether you want Him to or not.

          • Kc

            Well, if you are correct that He won’t associate with hate mongers, we know He won’t be associating with you. Lucky for you, you are not correct. He loves everyone, including you, despite your vitriol toward Him, and He is there waiting for you to cry out to Him. It is up to you to call on Him, though. He waits.

          • 20pizzapies

            I have no vitriol toward HIM . That’s pretty presumptious of you . He comes to all who repent . And as far as I can see on this blog there isn’t any repenting of hate mongering , in fact if anything , it is encouraged . Who is so foolish to think God is Republican or Democrat ? And WHO is reflecting HIS mind here ? IF you talk the talk you must walk the walk , and I don’t see any of that here .So save the pontifications .

          • Kc

            Okay, I will save mine if you will save yours. Go back and read your posts. You do what you are accusing everyone else of…that is all I’m saying. Just an observation. “…first cast out the beam out of your own eye; and then shall you see clearly to cast out the speck out of your brother’s eye.” That’s not me pontificating.

          • 20pizzapies

            Go thump your bible on someone else . Spotting hypocrites is not pontificating . Go hit someone else over the head with your bible verses .

          • Kc

            Happily :)

          • 20pizzapies

            Oh I’m sure of that . A regular Jimmy Swaggart .

          • Kc

            I’m really sorry for you that you are such an angry person. It must be exhausting.

          • Liz Hood

            I feel very sorry for you and your hate filled life. I will pray for you–which I am sure you will be opposed to–that you will see just how wrong you are. And what do you live by as your governing rule for your life? “If it feels good, do it?” No matter if it hurts someone else or not?

          • libtardsrlosers

            but this is cool tho right?????????this is great because your GOD Obama is a moslem so anything these muslems do is fine and dandy???????????????

          • 20pizzapies

            Obama ain’t my god , you moronic teabag parrot . You ASSSSume like the rest of your fellow imbecile parrots .

          • kanimit

            the only one’s persecuting others is your side of the aisle simply because their opinion and view of others doesn’t match yours. You’re so close to what these muslims do and yet you don’t see it.

          • 20pizzapies

            “my side of the aisle ” ? Really ? How do you know what side of the aisle I’m on ? One need not be a Dem or Rep , to recognize religiously motivated asssholes and fanatics . Looks like your one , eh chump ?

    • Kc

      So sad, but so true.

  • Harif58

    I am sure the United Nations Human Rights Council will be right on this, oh forgot first they need to blame Israel for this and than maybe they will condemn.

  • Webb

    Get in line, Americana.

  • tickletik

    Zero sympathy. They are getting what they wanted. And the courageous Western feminists have traditionally been doing everything they possibly could to emasculate the US, as well as Israel, the only countries currently standing against Islamic tyranny so I have zero sympathy for them as well.

  • James F. Jacobson

    You liberals still want to defend Muslims

    • Karin Hauenstein

      Sharia Law Muslims… there is a difference.

  • Suddyday

    This makes me sick. May this man and every one that support him be castrated. I can’t even think about a name bad enough for them.

    • tickletik

      I’d prefer to simply slit his throat, hang him from a noose, or put a bullet in his skull and be done with him. I have no interest in “making him pay”. I am much more interested in a world where he is not polluting the air we breathe.

      • Suddyday

        castrate him first. :-)

      • Mary MDdesign

        OH MAN!!! tickletik Please let me know when and where I would be so happy to join and help – thank you very much!!! well said indeed!!!

  • kevinstroup

    What does the National Organization for Women have to say about this? What do the liberals have to say about this?

    • 20pizzapies

      Get your head out of this echo chamber for a few minutes and you’ll know what they’re saying and HAVE BEEN SAYING for quite a number of years regarding FGM . What you think is not what is . Every women’s group here and internationally have roundly condemned this practice .

      • knowshistory

        they may roundly condemn the practice, but they support the traitors in western countries who enable the invasion of the west by Islamic hordes, who approve of FGM. their actions speak much louder than their hypocritical “condemnation”.

        • 20pizzapies

          Go put your head back up your butt . You been in this echo chamber too long with the rest of the parrots who’ve got their heads in the same place ….dead up their arses.

          • knowshistory

            thanks for the abuse. if a jerk like you agreed with me, I would be worried.

          • 20pizzapies

            Oh you’re quite welcome . Just be careful your Karma doesn’t catch up to you . Ouch! That’s gonna be real painful . Much more painful than you sticking your head up your butt .

      • Elana Rose Starr

        Some feminists may have voiced objections, but I think the following article is on target:–

        • 20pizzapies

          You’re right ” you think ” but you don’t know . So you get a cherry picked article from of all places -The Guardian .Oh come now , some people do have wider horizons . Woman’s groups the world over have been opposing and protesting this practice for years . .

          I would be willing to bet that most women holding your point of view wouldn’t even be commenting had it not been for the recent ISIS story .

          I know for a fact that NOW , for as long as atleast 10 years ago has been protesting this practice .

          You are simply another victim of too much time in the echo chamber and fail to see what has been really going on , and YOU should know better , and be better informed ,being a woman yourself . But you choose to accept a politically motivated narrative , rather than the reality on the ground . Woman’s groups in the US have long been opposed to Muslim treatment of women in several areas let alone the headline maker of todays favorite flavor . Get informed , your link does not speak for any sizeable amount of woman’s organizations .

          • Elana Rose Starr

            “(C)herry picked?” Not at all. It was actually the mildest indictment I’ve read. At least it doesn’t tout feminists and/or academicians who claim it shouldn’t even be called FGM but rather the meliorative FGC.

            Why are you getting your panties in a knot at the idea that there are some — I never said all — feminists who have not embraced this issue? On second thought, don’t answer; I don’t want to deal with your superciliousness.

          • 20pizzapies

            LOL…I don’t wear panties , that’s your department , and it’s rather obvious whose got theirs in a knot .
            I guess you don’t read the title of your own linked article eh ? That’s typical of the chirps from a parrot that repeats the usual memes that sell well in this echo chamber .
            Too bad you’re not as well versed in what’s going on around you as you are picking two-bit words out of Websters . Nice side-step and backpeddle though . You are not a-typical of the usual denizens inhabiting this blog . There is likely many things you “don’t want to deal with “, unfortunately one of them is FACTS > don’t hurt yourself thinking .

    • Tina Trent

      NOW is useless, but other groups including but not limited to Feminist Majority and especially Equality Now have been out front on this issue. The Homa Darabi Foundation was a leader, too, but seem to not be active. In fact there is a lot of opposition to FMN among feminists, though not all of them, I agree, and I blame the academic feminists in particular. Weirdly, Joss Whedon, the film producer and director is a major spokesperson against FMG, and Meryl Streep and Jane Fonda have given a lot of money to the cause, regardless of their other issues. And as with the silent feminists, virtually no Republican or conservative groups have spoken out, unless you count Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and the NER crowd — but mainstream Repubs and SoCons have done no more than the NOW except point fingers at NOW. But this is everyone’s responsibility, frankly. Ironically fake-thanking inactive feminists instead of bothering to sponsor and support bills on your own is beyond cynical. Help Equality Now instead.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        To be fair, there’s little awareness of it in the US beyond the ranks of people interested in international issues, which conservatives don’t tend to be. In the UK, there’s much more conservative involvement because it’s more of an issue there. When we have a higher proportion of Muslims in the US, that will change.

      • kevinstroup

        Thank you for your INFORMATIVE reply. I rarely get those. I have bitched about Islam (FGM is but one of its problems) to my representatives ad naseum. I have seen where Fox News and CNN have had exposes about it, but not much talk about it here in the states. We Americans are guilty of boot-licking the koranimals.

  • truebearing

    A number of questions stand out when contemplating evil like FGM. The first one is “why?” Do Muslim men want wives who don’t enjoy intercourse with them? I doubt they need to go to the extremes of FGM to accomplish that.

    Is it simple sadism? Mohammed seemed to have a predilection for taking pleasure in the pain of others, so that seems likely to be part of it.

    Is it the need to destroy everything in life that is enjoyable, except to sick male Muslims? Lots of evidence to that theory.

    Is it Muslim male insecurity? There is plenty for them to be insecure about. They have accomplished practically nothing since the inception of Islam, other than killing people who won’t join their cult.

    Or is it just another manifestation of the desire for evil people to exercise arbitrary, barbaric power, the more pointlessly cruel, the better?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      For Muslims, women embody impurity and immorality which has to be curtailed.

      The Hijab and Burka are one means of doing so. FGM is another.

      • tickletik

        It’s about submission and humiliation. What better way to submit and humiliate a woman that to cut away her ability to feel pleasure sexually? Or to force her to cover every inch of her body so she will be ashamed of her existence?

        • objectivefactsmatter

          There are logical and psychological reasons for their behavior. It has nothing to do with the “oppression” of “capitalism.”

        • 20pizzapies

          More likely so muslim men can punish the object of their weakness and desires . God made women beautiful and desireous , so men would be attracted . Muslim mentality is more like animals in HEAT . Muslim men can punish the source of their “temptation ” to be human .

      • Karin Hauenstein

        When it is really the men whose minds are impure and immoral! For shame!

    • 20pizzapies


    • sallybelle

      I have heard muslim men have tiny you know what…

    • Jay Pops

      You could ask all the same questions about MALE genital mutilation/circumcision as well.

      • Nicole

        really? They don’t cut off the head of a males penis when they circumcise them, they remove extra foreskin. when you MUTILATE a female and CUT OFF HER CLITORIS AND SEW HALF HER VAGINA UP it’s not circumcising it’s inhumane and not medically sound. You wonder why most of the babies that are married and taken before their first menses DIE in this culture? This is part of the reason.

        • Kc

          You are right. I think most people don’t realize what this practice REALLY is and they do compare it to male circumcision which, as you said, is completely different. It is like comparing apples to oranges. Nothing alike. I think most of the time it is done in unsanitary conditions by people who have no medical credentials. No anesthesia. Then, afterwards, the woman (I meant to say girl child) is mutilated and giving birth becomes extremely dangerous and hindered. Where in the WORLD is the outcry from women around the world? Where is the UN Human Rights Council? Oh, I know. They are busy condemning Israel for defending its people. Insanity.

          • Karin Hauenstein

            So true! I find that the use of the english word “circumcision” for this practice is completely wrong. It is female genital mutilation. The use of the work “circumcision” is just another attempt at spin and propaganda by the men who practice all the evil of Sharia Law. They are dogs, not men, in my opinion.

      • Kc

        Not even remotely comparable. Besides, there is not an outside governmental force threatening severe consequences to any who dares to not mutilate their daughters. Read a little bit about the subject of FGM. It is horrific.

      • Karin Hauenstein

        Wrong. There are no receptors of pleasure in the foreskin of the male human AND they don’t just take off the skin over the clitoris, they take THE WHOLE CLITORIS AND THE LABIA. Barbaric evil f*cktards. And a BIG THANK YOU to all the good men and women who have died protecting my rights to say this!!!

    • Kc

      It is misogyny and sadism and malignant narcissism, in my opinion. Women are nothing over there except ego massagers for the men. I think that they (the ruling “superior” men) understand if they ever lose their iron fist around the throats and spirits of the girls and women, they will then be the ones who are nothing.

  • David

    In response to this horrible abuse of females, NOW, and a host of other feminist groups have decided to issue a joint condemnation of Israel.

    • tickletik

      ROTFLMAO – the funniest part about what you said is that it wouldn’t even surprise me in the slightest if it were true.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        It’s obvious they’re only doing this because they’re oppressed.

        Come on…,you know the drill for the drones.

    • Jessi

      When Muslims do horrible things to women, liberal feminists call it “cultural differences” to appear open-minded.

    • Mary MDdesign

      Im sorry but can you please explain whats it got to do with Israel?

      • David

        The point is that leftwingers who claim to care about women’s rights are far more concerned with bashing Israel than with actually fighting human rights abuses.

        • Mary MDdesign

          OH You got that right David, Im so with you on that one…

          • Karin Hauenstein

            American liberals sure can be f^cking dense at times, and hypocritical. God help us all.

  • itaintmojo

    And the POTUS is friends with ISIS supporters like his friend Erdoğan from Turkey,and the sheiks of Qatar. Qatar is buying weapons made in the USA, and helping ISIS.

  • Neciego Panduro

    Putting licentious lezbos in their place, if this had happened to Hitlery Cunton and Huma we wouldn’t be in the mess we are.

  • v

    Animals don’t do this. Islam is God’s curse on earth.

  • IDF

    Someone has to stop this monster called Islam!!!! We, Israel are happy to do it! World, you are welcome…

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    A man who can only want a woman who has been desexualized by mutilation is a Satanic freak. Islam=Satanic Freaks.

  • Conniption Fitz

    When will Western women recognize the real war on women that has been going on in Islam since its inception.

  • sludog

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, they are f’n savages.

  • knowshistory

    FGM in Iraq is not the problem of the people of the united states. FGM in the united states is an issue of concern to the united states. the unifying factor for FGM in Iraq and the usa is islam. get rid of islam, and you get rid of FGM. get rid of islam, and you also get rid of 95% of terrorism, 100% of sharia, and 100% of the terrible problem of “islamophobia”. to get rid of islam, we must get rid or muslims, both the deplored “radical” muslims, and the lovable, cute, cuddly “moderate” muslims that everyone so adores. they are the same.

  • msmaddog

    But we keep welcoming them into our country and have to put up with their crap every day….telling us how they love us and want to be like us and on and on…..if the US isn’t careful this will be our law….Homeland security has people installed there who believe in all this ……Sharia. Check it out.

    • Karin Hauenstein

      Really? Could we be that naive? So, once Sharia Law exterminates the Jews, then it’s open season on us? They are just positioning themselves strategically in our weakest areas?

  • fpm

    Muslims are pretty much messed up by Islam. It taught men are greater than women, for one thing, in order to prevent men from sinning, women have to be covered from head to toe and genitals removed, and men can rape and kill women without proper consequences. Just wondering while cheering how great and peaceful Islam was, will the feminists and leftists in the West wonder if they will be spared when Islam takes over?

  • mompatriot

    When will the lamestream in the U.S. even expose this to the ignorant citizens in this country?? This must go viral….

  • Antoun A.

    Guys, here’s a joke you’ve probably heard before:

  • Fred

    Nuke the bastards and send them all back to the stone age where they belong.

  • Judith Robinson

    Glad I am way over 46..This hurts even thinking about it!

  • Kc

    I learned a new phrase the other day watching a fantastic British man who makes videos. If you find him on YouTube, you will know who I mean. The phrase was ‘verity phobia’. This is the disease affecting the world now.

  • seriously sick at heart

    Let us all attempt to gain a little clear headed perception. Clearly, we view this as f-d up. Sick, depraved, non-medically neccesary, painful , often way less than sterile. Engraging in the case of children. It is, it would seem, an effort to “declassify/ dehumnanize” women. BUT!!! So. Let’s see…my big curoiousity lies with the Muslim faithful within our own country. Where do they stand? What are their thoughts? How can this possibly be a holy sanctioned “right” which men lourd over women? Please, please, please give the anger, sick and rage in my heart a reason to reconsider.

    • Karin Hauenstein

      Muslims who do not follow Sharia Law are as far from it as Christians or Jews. It is Sharia Law that is the evildoer.

  • Yehuda C.

    Let me know when the protests in downtown NYC or European capitals – as they did in prol of Palestinians – will happen, so I can join.

  • Yovnne

    Why don’t they just cut off the muslims mans penis if they want to prevent immorality and promote Islamic attitudes among Muslims. Enough said, period!

  • Gale Frost

    This is ignorance and brainwashing at the extreme. Disrespecting and causing harm and death is not a right of a certain segment of men to inflict on women. Did women not give them birth, god help us all, what respect of a woman is this, she gives life to these idiots! In the name of humanity STOP THIS NOW!

  • Frank Atwood

    Those who follow religious laws blindly, without taking responsibility of their own decisions in life, deserve whatever that religions deals to them. God sees not any religions of man where it’s people don’t know right from wrong, and thus they need to follow like sheep, whether it be Christianity or Muslim. All religions are cults, and God sees them not at all. There is a lot of truth in this world being ignored for a purpose. That purpose is always connected to money, power and status in the eyes of those who follow them, for they who have no perception are those who God sees as the walking dead. Wake up American’s and think for yourselves, and stop following the double-speakers who rob you of your souls and you don’t even know it.

  • djmdgo

    THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “RADICAL ISLAM” !!!!! This is the ideology of satan!

  • Mark

    Where is the world outrage? Where are the demonstrations? the boycott? I can’t believe this is happening and the world is silent…

  • David


  • disqus_2TsWFUOQ8J

    I am not happy to hear a journalist be extreme. Female Genital Mutilation is Genocidal. It’s taking 50% of the population in a particular area and torturing them with a concept that is better understood now to be cruel and inhuman. I will write an article called: Our Habit of Female Genital Mutilation for

    We don’t allow blatant killing now. What action will each of us take today? Thanks.

  • JJ

    Castrate all males until those people go extinct