Cameras Capture the Moment Working Class Americans Realize How Much ObamaCare Hurts Them


This is the grim unromantic reality of ObamaCare for millions of Americans. For every fanciful human interest story that Obama and his allies drag out, this is what ObamaCare looks like on the ground for the working men and women of America.

ObamaCare means higher premiums, higher deductibles and higher co-pays. It means families having to choose between food and health insurance, putting off medical procedures and falling behind on mortgage payments.

It means misery.

This news story is unique, but it wouldn’t be if Mitt Romney or McCain were in the White House. This would be every network newscast every night. Instead it’s a startling breach in the media boycott of the truth.

  • Silver Gonzales

    McKreesport is in Allegheny county. Mr B Obama won with 56.6% of the votes in Allegheny. Good morning and learn to enjoy the suck.

  • pablo consuelo

    Reagan had it right. The scariest words in the English language, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Government needs money. Period. A lot of these people will pay the IRS instead of buying health insurance. It’s cheaper and they can do that. Money. For the government.

  • kasandra

    I feel terrible for these hard working Americans but didn’t they understand it when they heard that 30,000,000 uninsured would be added to the insurance rolls and that insurers would have to insure people who were already ill, and that people making three times the poverty level would have their premiums subsidized that they would be the ones paying for all these wonderful things? Every student in the U.S. should be forced to take a class in high school where, drilled into their heads each and every day, is the sentence “There is no such thing as a free lunch, no matter what some Democrat politician may tell you.”

    • gawxxx

      you get what you vote for ,I have no sympathy for any of them , in fact this whole nation gets no sympathy , when you turn your back on the “CREATOR” who gave us all of these blessings this “cesspool” is what you get! , enjoy the misery fools ( when you trust in the” created “instead of the “CREATOR” once again ,good luck fools ! )

  • mendezjb

    How many of those people voted for him?

    The idea of everyone being able to vote at 18, regardless of whether they even finished kindergarten, is absurd.

  • nightspore

    I wondered what it would take to wake the sheeple up. I guess this is one way to get people to the gym.

    Yet another feature of this is that worry over increasing healthcare bills is bound to have an effect on peoples’ health. The sheeple are going to find themselves in a vise.