Can Reuniting Israel End the Violence?

9780385348065_p0_v1_s260x420[Caroline Glick will be speaking about her new book, The Israeli Solution, to the Wednesday Morning Club in Los Angeles on March 25, 2014.  For more info, click here.]

No word is more seductive to politicians than “solution.”

In an age of wealth and power when anything seems possible, politicians cannot grasp that some problems are caused by human nature and have no easy answer. Instead they tackle problems with experts, blue-ribbon committees, studies and proposals. Once the “solution” has been identified, it becomes unchallenged political dogma.

Few problems lead to as much blind faith in unworkable solutions as the problems of war and the solutions of peace.

Chamberlain brought back “peace for our time.” When challenged by Churchill, he retorted that if it were impossible to have “friendly relation… with totalitarian States… there is no future hope for civilisation or for any of the things that make life worth living.”

It takes a strong mind to reject the seductive solution of a piece of paper from the enemy promising peace and to look at the alternatives that can actually preserve civilization. That is what Caroline Glick has done in her latest book The Israeli Solution: A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East.

Glick’s The Israeli Solution is a realistic solution because it does not promise to create a new Middle East, assure us that terrorists will become statesmen or breezily offer an end to a hatred that has existed for over a thousand years. There are no impossible promises of an end to war and a utopian state of peace; instead she offers the real solution of managing the conflict by taking responsibility for the territory and people instead of abandoning it and them to Arafat or Abbas and hoping that the magic doves of peace will do the rest.

The Peace Process that pops up in the headlines every few years has been going on for over two decades and more lives have been lost in that peace than in the violence that preceded it.

The year after the Oslo Accords were signed, more Israelis were killed in terrorist attacks than at any time since the founding of the state. Israel had abandoned its sovereignty and allowed a state of chaos in its territories and its borders. The Israeli Solution calls for rolling back that chaos and restoring the rule of law by applying Israeli law to the territories and ending the sovereignty ambiguity in pre-48 Israel.

While Kerry prowls around Israel trying to sell yet another solution that is not fundamentally different than its failed predecessors, Caroline Glick, a veteran journalist, IDF member, foreign policy adviser and negotiator with the PLO, offers a different sort of solution. Instead of partitioning Israel into a territory run by a democratic government with legal law enforcement and another territory run by terrorists and their militias, she proposes reuniting all of Israel under one legal system and democratic government.

The Israeli Solution runs so counter to the conventional political wisdom that has led to twenty years of terror under the guise of peace that much of the first part of the book is dedicated to recapitulating basic facts about the conflict and the territorial division that unfortunately very few policymakers know.

Glick covers such topics as the arbitrariness of the ’48 conflict borders and the myth that any territory beyond that is “occupied”; she digs into the reality of the Palestinian Authority, its mismanagement and its long trail of broken agreements.

The Israeli Solution exposes how Arafat dismantled a working legal structure to create a state of lawlessness and rule by whim that the United States has spent decades and millions of dollars trying to patch over and it demonstrates that the Palestinian Authority has no interest in working government.

Arafat and his cronies profited from chaos and instability while Israel and the international community had a common interest in stability and order. This familiar dynamic between governments and terrorists has not changed despite Israeli territorial concessions and foreign aid. Abbas, like Arafat, benefits from chaos and instability. The international community wants stability and order, but it cannot get it by bribing the agents of chaos, rewarding them for violence even while trying to halt it, and encouraging the continuation of the same familiar cycle of peace negotiations, bribery and terror.

The Israeli Solution shows that peace can only come from reuniting pre-48 Israel with post-48 Israel, ending the separate status of the territories recaptured in 1967 and achieving complete equality. It fulfills the core demands of Israel’s opponents, but does so under the umbrella of a proven system of government, rather than the destructive partition of the two state solution that has not led to two states, only one state and one lawless state of terror.

Glick lays out the challenges and rewards of an Israeli reunification and the responses from across the Middle East and Europe and makes the case that such a move would open up more options by breaking a deadlock that is destroying Israel’s image and hindering its potential. The Israeli Solution looks at the demographic question, as well as the prospects for integrating current residents of the Palestinian Authority’s dysfunctional kleptocracy in pre-48 Israel into its working system of law and government.

Two state solution proponents have insisted rightly that the existing state of affairs cannot continue, but after two decades it is the two state solution that has become the state of affairs that cannot continue. The Israeli Solution advocates something that has never been tried before throughout this conflict; integration instead of segregation and unity instead of partition.

There are many who will dismiss Caroline Glick’s thesis without even reading it because its solution runs counter to the disastrous conventional wisdom of these two bloody decades, but with thousands dead and maimed on both sides by a peace process that never ends, they should ask themselves whether they have anything better to offer than trying to make partition work long after both Jews and Arabs in pre-48 Israel and post-48 Israel agree that it has failed.

In the decades since the Oslo Accords, Israel has shown that it can manage the violence, but the Palestinian Authority has not shown that it can run a country or deliver the peace. It may be time to save Kerry airfare and wrap up the failed experiment of finding a Palestinian solution to the conflict and begin to experiment with an Israeli solution to the fighting instead.

Israel has made the desert bloom, built cities over sand and generated a booming economy that has made the modern world of mobile technology possible. The world has tried to solve the conflict its way and gotten nowhere. It’s time for the world to stand back and let Israel’s best and brightest solve it.

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    Caroline Glick was on the Mark Levin show tonight.

    • republicc


  • Larry Larkin

    Re-unite Judea, Samaria, and Gaza with the rest of Isreal and punt the genocidal arabs and Egyptians back over their respective borders.
    Israel needs to do what every other country in history has done when taking land off barbarians who want to destroy it, and that is get rid of the barbarians on that land.
    If it could be done all over eastern Europe, south Asia, Asia Minor, etc, why can’t it be done in the Levant?

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      • Wolfthatknowsall

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    • Bamaguje

      Agreed!! Ms Glick got it absolutely right.
      Israel should stop listening to the so-called “international community” and fully incorporate West bank & Gaza into the Jewish nation.
      Palestinians already have their own country, as per the 1922 partition of British mandated Palestine which allotted them 77% of Palestine – now Jordan.

      Before the ill-advised Oslo accords, Israel was one united country that included the so-called occupied territories. The Jewish nation had the Jihadists beaten and the situation under complete control.
      There was virtually no terrorism within her borders. No intifada, no rockets being launched from Gaza, and no need for any fence to keep terrorists at bay.
      Palestinians themselves were better off, with higher standard of living and freedoms than most of the Arab world. They even had much freer movement than today with much fewer checkpoints

      America is largely responsible for the mess Israel finds herself today. The U.S. unwisely and repeatedly pressurizes Israel to give up territories captured when hateful Arabs waged wars to destroy the Jewish nation…
      All in the high-minded delusion that it will somehow bring peace.

      In so doing, America ignores the root cause of the conflict – Islamic anti-semitism. The Arab-Israeli conflict is not a territorial dispute that can be resolved by Israel giving up land. The cause of the conflict is rooted in Islam itself. That’s why the entire Muslim world gets so worked up about Jews & Israel.

      Only a positive change in Muslim mindset can end the conflict… and I don’t see that happening anytime soon. So Israel should not yield an inch to Arabs until they unequivocally acknowledge Israel’s right to exist, and normalize relations with the Jewish state.

      • Paul Waliser

        The Hashemite tribe from Saudi Arabia now a minority in Jordan continues to desire a nation of their own, meaning Jordan, leaving the so called Palestinian Arabs homeless. What a mess.

        • Myrtle Linder

          Reading the WORD OF GOD we know there will never be peace in Israel until Jesus appears there, until; Then shall the LORD go forth, and fight against those nations, as when he fought in the day of battle: And HIS feet shall stand in that day upon the Mount Of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east, and the mount of olives shall cleave in the midst thereof,toward the ease and toward the west, and there shall be a very great valley; and half of the mountain shall remove toward the north, and a half of it toward the south. And ye shall flee to the valley of the mountains; for the valley of the mountains shall reach unto Azil yea, ye shall flee, like as ye fled from before the earthquake int he days of Uzziah king of Judah: and the LORD MY GOD shall come, and all the saints with thee. Zechariah 13:3-5

        • Drakken

          The bloody muslims have brought it upon themselves. You kinda sorta forgot to mention what King Hussein did to the palis that tried to overthrow him in the early 70.s, he killed over 20,000 of them and nobody uttered a word of protest in response, when a pali gets so much as a hangnail, the leftist community can’t shed enough tears for the poor savage, effem.

      • AlexanderGofen

        Agreed on what?!! In what is Ms Glick absolutely right? According to this article, she suggests “re-uniting” yet keeping all the islamic population of Judea and Samaria in place, which doubles or triples the concentration of moslems in Israel. It is a suicide…

        • Thomas L. Stafford

          they would still be greatly outnumbered.

        • Bamaguje

          Muslims can be tamed if we non-Muslims stop bending over backwards to appease them.

          • AlexanderGofen

            However your IF is too big. And who needs even tamed moslems? And who have ever seen tamed moslems in the modern time of the oil money? You speak illusions…

          • Bamaguje

            The alternatives are for Israel to give up East Jerusalem and West bank… the heart of the Jewish nation (Judea & Samaria) that houses all of Judaism’s holy sites.
            Or expel all Palestinians as Jews were expelled from Arab countries… which would be internationally unacceptable.

          • AlexanderGofen

            What you call “alternative” is a non-starter, or merely a treason. And what you call “international” whatever is null and void, a paper tiger. Israel must act as if it were alone for herself.

          • Bamaguje

            “Israel must act”

            What is it you want Israel to “act”?
            Bear in mind Israel is a tiny nation with few friends, not the all powerful USA.

          • AlexanderGofen

            Is is a tiny (yet powerful nation) with NO friends. I mean that Israel must live (and act) as if it were alone. I mentioned some actions (appropriate for this moment) in my comment.

          • Drakken

            Who cares what is so called internationally accepted, all muslims need to be gone period, end of story.

          • Alec Stuart

            You should read the book before you criticize her plan.

            I heard Ms. Glick’s interview with Mark Levin about her new book earlier in the week. She makes the case that the demographic question you bring up is largely overblown and the result of a flawed statistical study.

          • AlexanderGofen

            You didn’t get it: Who care about statistical speculations when the basic issue is that there must be NO moslems in the Jewish state (just like no Nazis). Ridding of all moslems in Israel must be the goal, rather than adding even more.

          • Drakken

            No muslims cannot be tamed, they are either at your feet or at your throat, always keep your boots polished by having muslims lickem clean. Gaza, that rat infested colony of inbred arabs needs a modern day Carthage.

      • Judahlevi

        She does not want to include Gaza in Israel or under Israeli control.

        • Judahlevi

          Caroline Glick’s One-State plan is to incorporate Judea and Samaria into Israel (not Gaza) and apply Israeli law to this area. In other words, they will become a permanent part of sovereign Israel. Gaza is not included since Israel left that area and is no longer responsible for it.

          Her book, by the way, is excellent and should be required reading for anyone concerned with Israeli and Palestinian- Arab affairs. Whether you agree or disagree with her, it is full of valuable and accurate information.

          • Drakken

            Get rid of the muslims in the area and it has a chance of succeeding, and while your at it, give Gaza a taste of Carthage.

  • AlexanderGofen

    Let me see: Now near 1/6 of population of Israel is islamic, which is bad enough. Yet it seems not bad enough for Ms. Glick. She suggests a “re-unification” with Judea and Samaria as is, i.e. with the heavily populated by moslems areas without any plans to deport them. That would make Israel significantly more islamic indeed. (And the readers probably recall what happens in a nation with 1% of moslem, then with 2%, 3%, 5%, 15%, and so on – see ). However the most important for Ms. Glick is to “not destroy the image of Israel” in the eyes of European Union – a more and more islamized suicidal entity. This is a “very good reward” of an Israeli “reunification”, i.e. repossession of the Israel’s own land with all islamic occupants on it.

    Sorry, but I belong to those many who will dismiss Glick’s thesis without even reading it. I have been long offering my own thesis:

    • camp7

      “This military might should be used for achieving the full victory, which means: to implement and secure the goals of this Declaration, to annex the “Territories”, to rid of Islam and of the traitors within, to preempt attacks of the enemies without, and to maintain impenetrable borders with the hostile neighbors.”

      Agreed. In this day and age, never succumb to weakness, fight for the love of truth against the evil that exists. Bear the costs of politically correct intervention by standing firm. Israel, never compromise the promise of the chosen. Eff Islam.

    • Bamaguje

      Even with absorption of Palestinians in the so-called occupied territories, Jews still have a comfortable population advantage – over two-thirds of the population of unified Israel.
      Furthermore as Ms Glick pointed out in another FPM article, Jews have a slightly higher birth rate than Palestinians. Add to that Israel’s law of return, which encourages Jews outside Israel to settle in Israel…
      Thus there’s no serious demographic threat to the Jewishness of Israel from Glicks one-state solution.
      Of course it would be much simpler to expel Palestinians, the same way Arab countries expelled Jews… but that would fuel the demonization of Israel as a racist apartheid state.

      • Larry Larkin

        It doesn’t matter what the Jews do, they will get demonized. Better to settle your problems with a solution that won’t get you a minority hell bent on committing genocide against you and be demonized for it than bend of backwards and still be demonized.

      • AlexanderGofen

        Stop already referring to the “progressive” talking points. Islam is not a race, but an enemy ideology no less dangerous than Nazism. When nations redistribute the population according to the national identity, their goal is to rid of apartheid, rather than to maintain it.

        Deislamization is no less necessary than the denazization. The goal of the deislamization is first of all to rid of the enemy ideology. First rid of mosques – and some of those who love mosques would follow them on their own. Suggest some economic incentives for leaving, and suggest them conversion opportunities into Judaism, or into Zionist brands of Christianity. Offer some exchange of your moslems for persecuted Christians suffering so much in the neighboring islamic nations…

        Any increase in islamic population is only harmful and suicidal. The existing 1/6 is already way too much.

      • dartson

        Having one third of the population that hates another two thirds and wishes to destroy them is a disastrous idea. A slightly higher birth rate of the Jewish sector can be attributed to the Orthodox sector. The problem is that most orthodox men do not serve in the army and do not study anything other than Torah, making them isolated from the modern world and dependent on the government subsidies. Glick’s plan will turn Israel into a country with a large radical Muslim minority and a large non-productive Orthodox sector, rapidly turning it to a failed state. With all the respect to Caroline Glick, the only real solution is transfer of the Arab population to Jordan, where they belong.

        • Bamaguje

          “…the only real solution is transfer of the Arab population to Jordan, where they belong” – dartson.

          That’s what we friends of Israel would all like to happen, but what are the chances of that happening in a world where PC dimwits still talk of returning 5 million ‘Palestinian refugees’ to Israel.

          • Drakken

            When war visits the region again, that point will be immaterial. It will give Israel a great opportunity to finally rid themselves of their muslim problem.

          • Bamaguje

            Israel doesn’t have the guts. If she had the guts, the Palestinian problem would have been settled decades ago.

            We are talking about a do-gooder nation that supplies food, fuel and medicine to its rocket launching Jihadist adversaries in Gaza.

            We are talking about a nation whose military drops leaflets telling civilians to get out of the way, before bombing Jihadist targets… thereby undermining the effectiveness of the bombardment because the Jihadists are forwarned.

          • Drakken

            About time Israel gets rid of the bloody kid gloves and put on the mailed fist, it is the only language the muslims respect and understand, as you can see those nice tactics have been utter failures.

      • Thomas L. Stafford

        And that would be a change?

      • Drakken

        You cannot allow Islamic savages to live in your midst, period! The muzzys can whine and cry all they want, they have brought their misery upon themselves, so save your sympathy for those that deserve it.

    • Webb Cook

      I like your thesis much better.

      • republicc

        And do you even know her argument?

        • AlexanderGofen

          I am dismissing her argument KNOWING what it is from this review. That is why reviews are written: So that potential readers could weight if they wish to go ahead for reading the entire work.

          • republicc

            The review does not give her argument, it just gives her conclusion.

          • AlexanderGofen

            When an author presents the conclusions which are clearly wrong (in my frame of values), I know that either the author made mistakes in the proof, or his/her frame (axiomatics) differs from mine. And it is not my job to analyze the source line by line to figure out what is wrong and where are our differences.

          • republicc

            Wow!!!! I don’t want you on my side, that’s for sure (by the way, I haven’t drawn a conclusion because it is my job to look at the evidence before I do so).

          • Drakken

            The evidence is as clear as the nose on your face, you cannot incorporate a bunch of hostile murderous muslims into your country period, end of story. Anyone who thinks otherwise is clearly living in lala land.

    • republicc

      How can you dismiss an argument, without even knowing what it is? That is totally illogical.

      • AlexanderGofen

        I am dismissing her argument KNOWING what it is from this review. That is why reviews are written: So that potential readers could weight if they wish to go ahead for reading the entire work.

    • Habbgun

      Then you don’t understand that the areas under Hamas and the PLO are terrorist staging areas and kleptocracies. I doubt the plan will work because the Israeli Left will do its best to undermine it but the Israelis will create the kind of areas that autonomy was supposed to create but didn’t.

      There is no other solution. Autonomy failed and it failed because the Islamists and terrorists want it to fail.

      • AlexanderGofen

        Perhaps you misplaced your comment which is unrelated to my post.

    • gray_man

      “Sorry, but I belong to those many who will dismiss Glick’s thesis without even reading it.”

      Is that supposed to be a sign of intelligence?

      • AlexanderGofen

        No, it is just the reality that nobody can read everything that is published, and therefore people have to make choices. I posted my thoughts based on this article only, and I honestly admitted it.

        • gray_man

          Maybe you should at least read what IS published before you make comments on it. Because you dismissed her arguments without reading her argument.
          Utter nonsense, whether you honestly admit it or not.

          • AlexanderGofen

            I have read what was published in this article, and I comment on what I have read here. If I made a mistake, you could point it out from the first attempt.

          • gray_man

            “Sorry, but I belong to those many who will dismiss Glick’s thesis without even reading it.”

            Doesn’t sound like you read it to me.
            If you want to comment only the article then say so,
            You didn’t.
            You commented on something you haven’t read.
            Dismissed it with no knowledge of it, by your own admission.
            Then you tried to interject your opinion and highjack this article by inserting your own links to your own thesis.
            Again, Nonsense.
            If you want attention, submit your article to Front Page Mag.
            If it is worth anything they may publish it.

          • AlexanderGofen

            Nobody here who reads reviews is supposed to read the respective books. This is the default position here. However I did explicitly reply to another commentator here that I posted my reflections only on this article and nothing else. If you disagree with my thoughts or if I made mistakes, POINT THEM OUT rather than to waste electrons.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      You nailed it as always!

    • Drakken

      I agree with your assessment, never allow your enemy to live in the confines of your borders, it just invites disaster.

  • SK

    While correct about how the currently proposed 2 state solution is dangerous for Israel and will fail, Ms. Glick’s proposal is equally flawed. In effect, she will make Israel into a 3rd world country in economic terms by absorbing the Arab population of the West Bank. Politically, the country will be even more fragmented with a narrower Jewish majority.

    • TheOrdinaryMan

      Your fears of Israel becoming a third world country are groundless. West bank Arabs are good workers, and they provide needed labor for Israeli factories. And Israel would still be about 68% Jewish.

      • rxpc

        I’m not sure of the validity of the statistics that you’re quoting, but I agree that incorporating the west bank arab population into the lawful state of Israel would be a net positive for both sides, at least economically.

  • StukaPilot

    Here’s an even better idea: deport all “Israelis”-living-in-America and all ex-Trotskyite Zionist neo-conz back to Palestine. Then let the Jews and the Arabs slaughter each other to the end of time. Charge admission for tickets.

    • Larry Larkin

      How about you take your nazi anti-semitism elsewhere, like a deserted island with no food or water.

    • reader

      I suggest deporting you back from this board to a trailer down by the river, where you belong.

  • Jason P

    Her plan is ambitious. I’ll have to read it to judge. Since I haven’t read it I’ll merely mention my prejudice.

    Pro: Arab self-rule was absurd. Israel should have remained in full control. This parallel’s America’s experiment with the Indian tribes. Washington wanted to treat the Indians as sovereign nations with which we’d have appropriate relations. It was a disaster. Different values and judicial systems led to mutual distrust. In contrast, Canada subjected Indians to the same universal laws. Tribes split across the US-Canada border showed the Canada’s method worked and won the respect of their Indians while the sovereign tribes in the USA continued to have conflicts with the European-Americans.

    Con: The Arab world wants to exploit West Bank Arabs as proxies in a war with Israel. After losing real wars, it has mis-educated a generation of Arabs to believe that they can defeat Israel by becoming human bombs. It would take a generation (or more) to re-educate and evolve this culture before these people would be civilized enough to live with Israelis. It would have to start with “separate but equal” and ultimately full citizenship. It is more ambitious that Bush’s nations-building in Iraq.

    Those are my prejudices. Now I’ll have to read her book.

    • bigjulie

      Caroline Glick is a very intelligent and thoughtful person. I have not read her book yet but I would be curious to see how she intends to handle Islam’s intended ultimate dominance of all cultures that it exists in. As best I can tell, Islam teaches that it is perfectly OK to lie, obfuscate, and deceive non-Islamic persons, in order to further the aims of Islam, and ultimately gain enough power to force non-Islamic persons to either convert, or die, because there is no ultimate intention in Islamic culture to EVER co-exist in perpetuity with any other religion, end of story!
      If I am wrong, I would greatly appreciate accurate and authoritative correction to my misapprehensions about Islam.
      As it stands now, and in light of what is happening in every place Islam is allowed to gain a foothold and grow, domination is their end goal, and if I were in charge of a Country with no Islamic presence, I would be taking steps to keep Islam and all adherents thereof, completely OUT!

  • Paul Waliser

    Because of continued Israeli advances in technology and quality of life indicators, (despite negative Arab propaganda) Muslim Arabs and Africans will always flock to Israel for a better life which all started in the 1870’s when Jewish immigrants transformed the area in to the region’s best place to live.

    The demographic war continues.

  • chezwick

    With all due respect to Caroline Click, a woman I admire greatly, her plan to incorporate the West Bank into Israel-proper and give the Palestinians there the vote will insure a permanent Arab/Jewish Left majority in the Knesset. It’s a recipe for the destruction of the Jewish state.

    • AlexanderGofen

      … it will insure a permanent islamic/Jewish-Left majority and then inevitable destruction of the Jewish state.

  • Texas Patriot

    It’s the Glick/Greenfield generation that will make all the difference for the future of Israel. The Kerry/Netanyahu crowd is way too enamored (and saturated) with the “peace money” concept to have a clue. When the American peace money stops flowing to “the Palestinians”, you guys need to be ready to follow in Moshe Dyan’s and Ariel Sharon’s footsteps, and that means securing a defensible homeland and defending it against all threats from within and without. Whether it can be said that the creation of the State of Israel started WWIII, there is no question that the sleeping giant of Islam is awake and on the march, and no amount of peace money can put that genie back in the bottle.

    • Thomas L. Stafford

      I do not recall the forces of Islam stopping to take a breath let alone sleeping,

      • Texas Patriot

        If you’ll take a look at the period after WWI and the dissolution of the Islamic Caliphate up to the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, I think it is fair to say that the trend was toward Arab nationalism and the rise of Arab nationalist regimes and leaders, each representing one particular group of Arabs in one particular region of the former Caliphate. That trend is reversing today, with nationalist regimes and leaders dropping like flies even as the voices of Muslims increasingly rise in one unanimous worldwide war cry, Allahu Akbar!

  • Raymond_in_DC

    Glick’s has long been among my “must reads”, so I’m familiar with her general position even though I’ve not (yet) read the book. But I don’t think it’s well thought out. Her colleague at the Post, Martin Sherman, has offered his own critique, as others are here. Let me point out a few problems:

    First, as others have pointed out, Israel will go from an already problematic 20% Arab population (most Muslim) to around 40%. Even if those taken under Israeli sovereignty are merely “legal residents” with the option of applying for citizenship, what of those born to those residents? Will they get citizenship, or will such a right be extended only to those whose parents are citizens? That will have a big impact on the next generation’s voting demographic.

    And it’s not enough to insist, if the numbers are right, that Israel will still be, say, 60% Jewish. The question is will it be majority pro-Israel? For if one looks at Jerusalem as a model, with its large haredi and Arab population, Israel’s capital now has a non-Zionist majority. The nightmare scenario is a future coalition involving a large Arab bloc, Israel’s left and the ultra-Orthodox.

    And who says Israel’s Jews will want to stay in in increasingly Arab Israel? As in Europe, where increasing numbers have decided they don’t want to live in Eurabia, Jewish emigration could accelerate the transition to a more Levantine Israel.

    Finally, the international community, which annually pumps billions to support the Palestinian Arabs, will drop such support, telling Israel “They’re your responsibility now.” The only reason Israel has not pushed for dissolution of UNRWA, despite all that’s wrong with that institution, is that Israel hasn’t wanted to take responsibility for their welfare. As Europe has struggled to absorb and integrate its Arab and Muslim immigrant populations, Israel will be taking on proportionally a far greater task, with help from no one.

    • Texas Patriot

      I think it’s fair to say that Israel will always be able to count on American strategic assistance and perhaps direct military support in the event of an all out attack by the forces of Islamic jihad. But let’s face it, the days of billions of dollars flowing into the middle east in order to keep the pot from boiling over are coming to an end. The West is bankrupt, and America is borrowing $1.6 billion a day just to pay its own bills. Dealing with the 40% non-Jewish elements of the Israeli population will probably be much clearer and more straightforward in the event of an all out war. No nation is required to permit enemy combatants to remain in their midst.

    • republicc

      As a fan of logic, I am having so many problems with counter arguments, when one does not know what the argument is?

    • Drakken

      The Europeans are finally saying enough is enough where their muslim populations are concerned and as far as Israel is concerned, they should let the arabs take care of their own,effem.

  • steven L

    What about the millions of dead and living Pal who will claim their right of return?

    • reader

      As soon as the millions of descendants of Sudeten Germans and East Prussians from Kenigsberg and Finns from Vyborg and Japanese from Kuril Islands etc, etc, are allowed back, the Arabs can claim whatever. I estimate the chances of the former as exactly zero. So, there you have it for the so-called “international law.” A bad joke.

    • republicc

      I am sure that Israel will have no problem letting the dead ones return.

    • Drakken

      How can I put this as nicely as I can, Fu** them.

  • Tradecraft46

    I have been saying the same thing for years, and since I am a Goy, they ignore what I have to say, believing I am genetically defective.

    • republicc

      You probably are genetically defective but that has nothing to do with you being a gentile.

      • Tradecraft46

        Maybe, but I am still right: Israel would have far fewer problems had they taken the land they won in defensive wars.

        As it is, the place is vulnerable and a lot of the locals are making preparations to leave.

        As to Arabs, you buy them out.

        There are thousands of reasons for doing nothing, but you will only find out the ones that are important when you act.

        • republicc

          Most of my friends are gentiles and they are all very smart.

          • Tradecraft46

            Your point is what?

  • JVictor

    We are witnessing what happens when a lawless renegade decides to invade a sovereign nation to “protect” his “kindred” as Putin pushes his way into Ukraine. The world is just watching and doing nothing. Can you imagine what will happen when the population of Israel is 20-40% Muslim Arab? How many nations in that region would use Putin-logic to invade Israel to “protect” their kindred? It is time for the leaders of Israel and Jews around the world to boldly speak the words of the prophet Nehemiah when he told Sanballat, Tobiah, and Geshen (all of whom are forefathers of Arabs living in Jordan and Saudi Arabia) that they have “…no heritage or right or memorial in Jerusalem.”

  • T.L. Winslow

    Yes, there is a solution, and it starts with the GREAT MUSLIM APOSTASY, turning Arabs from madass Muslims into civilized people who will dance in the streets with Jews and welcome them in expanding its territory from the Nile to the Euphrates as the head of the entire Middle East, with Muhammad’s Great Jihad chucked in the garbage can forever, allowing the United States of the Middle East to become a world player and shining light. Until the GMA, Israel’s only hope is the Iron Wall approach, sorry.

    • Bamaguje

      Great Muslim Apostasy?
      Dream on!!


    stuka crashed and burned.

    • UCSPanther

      Ran into a wing of RAF spitfires…

  • Walter Sieruk

    What the members of the different Islamic terror groups fail to understand that is that they are striving against the Will of God. For God has declared all this land to belong to the Jewish people. As seen in Genesis 28:13-15. 35:10-12. Deuteronomy 32:48,49. Psalm 105:7-11. 135:4. All this land also belongs to the Jewish people by the rights of history. As shown in First Kings 4;20,21,24,25. 8:55,56.Thus even though the jihadists might not know it they are works against the Will of God that make them wicked. So even of members of such Islamic groups as Hamas , Hezbollah P.I.J., etc, all join their force together to destroy the State of Israel they are all fated to lose and lose hard. For the Bible in Proverbs 11:21 teaches “Though hand join in hand the wicked shall not go unpunished.” [K.J.V.] Nevertheless, in all fairness there is one way that the members of Hamas, Hezbollah, P.I.J., etc. can convince God to Change His Mind and then turn His back of the State of Israel and therefore have that nation be no more. That way is for the members of these Islamic terror groups to change the laws of astrophysics including that of the sun, the moon and the stars. For God has said in Jeremiah 31:35,36.”Thus saith the Lord,which gives the sun for a light by day and the ordinances of the moon and the stars for a light by night…The Lord of host is His name. If those depart from before Me saith the Lord, then the seed of Israel also shall cease from being a nation before Me forever.”

  • truebearing

    This problem is as intractable as any on earth. Caroline Glick and Daniel Greenfield are both infintely more knowledgeable about all things related to Israel than I will ever be, and I respect them both for their intelligence and clarity, but I have some doubts about the long term consequences of Glick’s solution. I also have doubts that the Palestinian leaders would ever agree to ANY peaceful solution. They simply don’t want peace.

    The long term consequences include the real possibility of demographic shifts that give control of Israel to the Muslims, eventually. A coalition of self-destructive Israeli leftists and Palestinians could lead to the same kind of immigration scheme that is currently being employed by the Left in America, hastening a majority for the Palestinians.

    The population of Palestinians, already hostile and convinced of their victimhood, would be like America’s black population, which, with the “help” of the Left, has become a violent counter-culture that is a seemingly permanent racial leverage point for leftist political power. Blacks are also tremendously dependent on big government handouts, which is draining this country’s economy. That same dynamic will occur with unification, with Palestinians perpetually crying about being forced to accept Israeli values, demanding handouts, and committing violence.

    There is no doubt that the international meddlers have failed perpetually. Glick’s ideas deserve careful consideration, but without, at the very least, some mechanism for filtering the Islamist element out, I can’t see how this will work either.

  • Geoffrey Britain

    Glick’s argument has value in dismissing the two-state solution. Israel should absolutely annex the West Bank and Gaza. But that will NOT lessen the conflict, much less bring peace. No matter how well Israel ‘manages’ the annexed areas.

    Palestinian hate of Israel does not rest upon a lack of good government. It rests upon religious tenets that call Jews pigs and calls for Jewish extermination. Islam declares genocide of Jews to be a religious imperative and obligation. Since Allah in the Qu’ran and Muhammad have declared this, it cannot be ignored or ‘revised’.

    Israel should annex the West Bank and Gaza because it makes military sense to do so. It then should declare Islam to be its enemy and forcibly emigrate every Muslim from Jewish territory.

    Then it should declare a new doctrine. Future terrorist attacks will result in reprisals against the Imams and Mullahs that are driving the conflict and, reprisals against Islamic holy sites.

    That will end the conflict because Israel will finally be targeting the real agitators and making the consequence of terrorism the loss of Islam’s holy sites.

    Far more than any other ‘religion’, Islam places inestimable importance upon its holy sites. Once convinced they are at risk, they will not sacrifice them. Muslims will not agree to the loss of the Kaaba in Mecca.

    • Thomas L. Stafford

      How about that monstrosity that they built on top of the Temple of Solomon as an affront to both Jews and Christians? Yes it was built purely as an affront. They subsequently created a mythology around it. But, there was none until it was well on its way to being completed.

      • Drakken

        The Israeli’s should have blown it up when they took east Jerusalem and called I a day.

    • AlexanderGofen

      Well said, Geoffrey Britain and Thomas L. Stafford, thank you.

  • Benjamin

    One very good point Glick makes is that Israeli control of the so-called West Bank would prevent rockets and an influx of millions of potentially hostile Palestinians, mere miles from Israel’s heartland. How can any reasonable person not see that a Palestinian state on the West Bank poses the gravest danger to Israel? (Well, I used to be one of those people. Decent people can think that if only the Palestinians had their state, all would be well. One must examine the track record of the Palestinian leadership. Why are so few Western politicans capable of doing this honestly? It’s surreal!)

  • Goldsteed

    M’ha’Prat ad Ha’Yeor
    Yisrael, l’dor va’dor.

  • CrossWinds

    The Promised Land God gave and promised to Israel stretches from the Red Sea, around Eilat, as a southern boundary, to the Mediterranean at a point south of Gaza and extending from there up the coastline at least as far north as Sidon in Lebanon, to form the western boundary, then north to the Euphrates River, to form the northern boundary, and down the line of the Jordan River to form the eastern boundary.

    This area would encompass the Palestinian arab territories of the West Bank, also called Judea and Samaria, and Gaza. Certain world leaders may be looking for the establishment of a Palestinian arab state separate from Israel, but God’s Word makes a different judgment. God says that this is the land that He promised to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

    God promised that He would give the land of Israel to the Jewish people as an eternal possession. God confirmed it at least 55 times with an oath and stated, at least 12 times, that the covenant was everlasting. We expect that God’s word will be fulfilled and that they will enter their full inheritance, upon the return of the Lord………..

    Scripture shows that God has a dispute with those who are involved in “dividing up My land” [Joel 3:1-2].

  • YoshiNakamura

    Neither Carolyn Glick, brilliant though she is, nor anyone else can come up with a solution for peace between Israel and her neighbors. The bitter truth is that peace is not possible; and the reason for this is quite simple: Moslems are forbidden by their god and their prophet from making peace with the Jews. Both Allah and Muhammad command Moslems to make war on the Jews and either to subjugate them or to kill them. You can see that in the Hamas Charter. Therefore, any Moslem who agrees to make peace with Israel would have to violate the sacred commands of his god and his prophet, and that would make him an apostate, punishable by death according to sharia law. It is not going to happen.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Correct, but not just against Jews, but also against all non-Muslim infidels as well.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The Arab/Israeli conflict has never been a conflict about land. In fact, it has nothing whatsoever to do with Arabs either, except for the fact that a lot of Arabs also happen to be Muslims. Instead, what is called a conflict is actually a jihad (holy war) being waged by the Islamic world per the dictates of Islam through their proxies the so-called Palestinians to eradicate the infidel state of Israel and to replace it with a Sharia totalitarian state, and as such it is one of the many jihads currently being waged simultaneously around the world to ultimately make Islam supreme.

    For instance, besides the jihad being waged against the Jewish infidels in Israel, the Islamic world is also waging perpetual jihads currently against the Hindu infidels in India, the Buddhist infidels in Thailand, the Orthodox Christian infidels in Chechnya, the Christian and animist infidels in the Sudan, and through mass Muslim immigration, which is really stealth and deceptive jihad for the strategic purpose of demographic conquest, the Christian, Jewish, atheist, and agnostic infidels throughout the West to name a few of them

    Hence, whether it is a four state solution, three state solution, two state solution, or one state solution in Israel, it doesn’t make a difference, there will never be peace as long as Islam is able to exists as a force in the world. Indeed, who is going to stop the Iranians from blowing Israel to smithereens with a nuclear weapon? Or can anyone point to a single place anywhere in the world where a large population of Muslims exists and where there aren’t enormous problems because of it.

    There is only one solution possible, but it would have to involve the entire infidel world somehow coming together to understand exactly what Islam is and then acting unified as one together to ban and reverse mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage. Followed by the total and complete isolation of the Islamic world. Since Islamic society can’t produce anything but violence, misery, poverty, and mental enslavement on its own, in only a few generations, Islamic society will inevitably collapse on it own and at that time Islam will become abandoned and discredited once and for all.

  • Jeff Ludwig

    I can’t wait to read Caroline Glick’s book. At the same time, though, we should not forget that God’s providential hand is over all the events transpiring in the Middle East pertaining to Israel. I’ve been re-reading the prophetic book of Isaiah. Chapter after chapter makes it clear that the fate of Israel is in God Almighty’s hands. Likewise, He rules over those who would harm “Ephraim” (Israel) or Judea (the lower kingdom) — Israel in the 9th century BC was the northern part of the divided Solomonic kingdom which was divided after his death.
    The Lord Almighty (“melech hagadol”) raises up victors, and he brings them down. It is my view that Almighty God has restored modern day Israel. The historical self-determination of the Jewish people is entirely consistent with modern geo-political norms, especially since the end of WWII when “self-determination” became dogma in international affairs. Israel is not a colonizing entity nor an outpost of colonialism, but is itself, along with Iran, Iraq, Egypt, etc. a product of the end of colonization — a minority in a region that was allowed to exercise self-determination in the formation of its nationhood. The more that is affirmed, affirmed day and night, year in and year out, the more we will see a restoration of the true David and Goliath story where Israel is the self-determined (really God determined) David (he was anointed by God but had a lot of skills), and the Arab Goliath. It is NOT the story of a Palestinian Arab “David” besieged by the Goliath of the State of Israel. We reject this imagery. It is an eidetic falsehood!!
    But the true narrative cannot be separated in a true consciousness of events from the will and purpose of Almighty God in history. History is, at bottom, a spiritual journey manifesting through acts and movements of the human will, but in an ultimate, teleological sense it is expressive of God’s personal and loving purpose moving ineluctably to produce a providential destiny for humankind, and the glory of the Creator of the Universe. Until we link the spiritual and the historical together, we shall be wishy-washy strategists knowing the “right answers” but not the “right purpose.”
    If this comment is found to be a bit obscure to some readers, it is not because it is wishy-washy — just the opposite — but because it is attempting to introduce an absolute truth into the relativistic but important geo-political analyses of our time.

  • Renitent

    @Daniel Greenfield: Are you aware of the critique by Dr. Martin Sherman?

    “Topping the list of bad ideas is the notion that, given the proven
    infeasibility of the two-state paradigm, Israel should extend its
    sovereignty over the entire area of Judea-Samaria and offer “immediate
    permanent residency to all its [Arab] Palestinian residents, as well as
    the right to apply for citizenship.” This is an approach so fraught with
    manifest disaster that it pains me that someone of the caliber of Caroline B. Glick, for whom I have the utmost regard and with whom I am seldom in disagreement, has chosen to advocate it.”

    Read more here:

    Dr. Martin Sherman has a Humanitarian Solution: at least 40% of the Arabs in Judea & Samaria would like to emigrate and Israel can afford the money for them to leave. Google “Humanitarian Solution” & “Martin Sherman” for more detailed info.

  • Elliott

    Reading this summary, if it is substantially complete, suggests another absurd commentary that again fails to consider the underlying cause of the impossibility of uniting Jews with Arabs. That underlying cause is Arabs hate Jews – it says so in the Koran and they have been teaching this predicate to any agreement daily to their youth for generations. Before there can be any concept of an agreement, there must first be the abandonment by the involved Arabs of their hatred of Jews. So far, the only viable possibility to accomplish this change is to give the Arab a choice: A new standard of living or Jew hatred. The new oil discoveries offer that possibility. Hiring Arabs to build and sustain the infrastructure will force their allegiance and make it even permanent. It was happening from 1967 to 1989 where Arabs in the territories were peacefully enjoying an extraordinarily high level standard of living until the first Arafat intifada. This suggests there is a wheel out there that has already been invented. Give them a good life and they won’t need the vote – or the Koran….

  • G_d’s chosen

    oy vey these dirty goyim arabs want their land back!?! WHAT A HOLOCAUST. somebody remember the 6 billion, I am directly descended from the tribes of Israel and not really a Kharzar like all modern Jews, and thus would have no historical claim over the holy land.
    What we need is the US to send more of their foolish goy.. I mean guys over there to free the middle east for Israel.


      What’s the matter you dumb sack of SOCIALIST SHlTler? Still upset that your side lost WW2?

      Beaten Nazis Sign Historic Surrender 1945

    • UCSPanther

      Go take your hollow mockery somewhere else, loser.

  • Thomas L. Stafford

    I remember thinking as the Oslo Accords were being worked out that it was a real crock that territories seized from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt after those four countries had attacked Israel were going to be turned into a State or States for people who had violently demonstrated that they did not wish to live in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, or Egypt. This may actually work. Those who own the land could in most if not all cases return. They would join the hundreds of thousands of Muslims and Christians living happily in Israel. Israel is the only country in the region that has scrupulously respected people’s rights to practice their beliefs. They have also included peoples of different beliefs full participation in governance.

  • Phil Lipofsky

    Greenfield should know better than to support this idea. Islam and its people will never support anything but a Judenrein Palestine. I’ve not read the book, but the idea is dumb. But then Glick also initially supported the “Arab Spring”, and then within days was dissing it like she never-ever had approved. Glick is not the sharpest pencil in the bin. Seems like Greenfield as of late is not getting enough exercise and his brain not enough oxygen. Areas of his brain are shutting down. This is not his first major (and deadly to Israel, the Jewish people, and western civilization) slip. I generally agree with Greenfield, but he just counterbalanced all his value with a major and dangerous error. He will cause a lot of people to bite for this horrifically bad idea. I guess he means well.

  • Ellen_L

    You did not even hint at her solution. How can we know whether her solution is a good one if we don’t know what it is? You do have me intrigued, I’ll need to look elsewhere for the answer. I think a sound constitution guaranteeing rights for individuals and a subdivision of areas (under an Israeli governance) for various groups, a complete end to hostile behavior as criminal might indeed be the answer. Surely, agreeing to being a liberal state with rights for all beside a Palestinian state disallowing Jews and Christians to even live there is impossible and to actually promote and justify such is a racist notion Jews would never have come up with even in Biblical days.

  • Ray Caruso

    I’m highly surprised Daniel Greenfield would support this idea. It’s not at all original, by the way. Those who hate Israel and want to see it destroyed have been talking about a one-state solution for some time now. If Israel were to give citizenship to that many Arab Muslims, it would be doomed, plain and simple. Whether through terror, a civil war, or just incessant demands and disruption, the new “Israelis” would be make life in the Jewish State hell. Jews would emigrate and soon there would be a Muslim majority, which would trigger further emigration. That’s exactly what happened to the Christian majority in Lebanon, by the way.

    The real solution is the same one Czechoslovakia employed to solve the Sudeten German question after World War II: involuntary resettlement of a hostile population where they will feel more comfortable. Northwest Saudi Arabia is quite empty and lies very close to Judea and Samaria. Let the Sauds use some of their oil billions to build some desalination plants there instead of garbage like a giant copy of the Big Ben and the “Palestinians” can live the Juden-rein lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Unfortunately, when it comes to Islam for some reason Ms Glick has a blind spot. Maybe it is the fear of being dismissed as an Islamophobe? I don’t know.

  • Lanna

    Rogue nations…back off forcing Israel to 67 borders, and curtailing settlements, Israel is a sovereign nation ordained by God….There will never peace…no man can bring peace because of his deception and hate, the only one who can bring peace is the True Messiah…All Presidents and parties have failed in achieving peace, because peace cannot be achieved by those with bad intentions and forked tongues.

  • Lanna

    Caroline is right…Israel contributes positive things to society and to mankind, more than we can say for races that are stuck on Insanity and produce nothing but Bad Fruit!