CDC: 200,000 Girls at Risk of FGM in US


This is what Ted Kennedy has given us.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 150,000 to 200,000 girls in the U.S. are at risk of being forced to undergo cutting. The CDC says “at risk” because there are no actual records of the practice, only estimates – and old estimates at that. Its latest data date to 1997, the year after it was banned in the U.S.

But experts who work with victims and their communities say FGM is on the rise.

Immigration to the U.S. from countries in Africa quadrupled between 1990 and 2011 from 360,000 to 1.6 million according to a recent report released by New York City’s planning department.

And the more it rises, the more FGM and fatal exorcisms and honor killings there will be. The examples from the UK are glaringly clear.

Support for victims is also comparatively poor in the U.S., health workers say. Nour in Boston and Johnson in Arizona run the only two clinics dedicated to supporting FGM victims in the U.S.

Comparatively the U.K. – with only a fifth of the population of the U.S. – has 15 specialist clinics. British midwife Comfort Momoh, who runs one such operation, recently visited the U.S. to research American facilities.

Coming from Europe, where campaigners are making strides in turning FGM into a mainstream issue, Momoh was shocked to see “no proper coordination and hardly anywhere for girls to go for support,” she said. “The situation is well, well behind the U.K.”

And once we go full UK with a hotline and clinics and special laws, what then?

Reports that “cutters” are at work, some working in expensive private clinics, have come out of major cities including London, Birmingham and Bristol, says Sarah McCulloch, from the Agency for Culture and Change Management. “Wherever [ethnic minority] communities [that practise FGM] are residing, it is a problem,” she says. “Because why would they stop? Why should they stop? What will make them stop?

FGM has been illegal in the UK since 1985, and since 2003 anyone taking a child out of the UK to be cut faces 14 years in prison. However, there has yet to be a single conviction. Two people were arrested in November accused of carrying out FGM on a five-week-old baby but, according to the Metropolitan police, there was “insufficient evidence to proceed”.

“It’s becoming a lot more expensive to go home, so we have heard now that people are pooling together resources to bring a cutter over from abroad to mutilate their girls over here in a group. I think people will use whatever means they can if they are determined for this to happen.”

McCulloch agrees: “[Families] are forming a sort of co-operative to raise the funding to pay for someone to come from overseas. The family will bring all the girls together and it is done.

This is their religion and their culture. If we don’t want it, then we don’t want them. If we do want them, then we also want it.

It’s that simple.

  • liz

    This is insane. As if we didn’t already have enough ignorance and crime of our own to deal with, we now get it quadrupled, not only in quantity but in quality!
    (Quality as in way worse).

  • pyle

    why don’t we do the same to the ones that preform this crime against these girls.

    • Always On Watch

      With a little more extreme cutting!

  • UCSPanther

    The cruel irony: There are women from those places who come over here to flee the barbarism of FGM and save their daughters from it, but yet it is following them like an evil shadow.

    • BS77

      Why on earth are we destroying our nation with this flood of illegal and legal immigration? Do we need millions of third worlders, when over fifty million Americans are on food stamps and unemployed? We must be nuts.

      • UCSPanther

        Especially ones who hail from cultures that are mired in the medieval times and/or are plagued with lawlessness and violence.

        Why head to Somalia when you have it your own back yard?

    • Alolao

      So does Islam.

  • A Z

    “CDC: 200,000 Girls at Risk of FGM in US”


    The MSM is going to be abuzz about the Republican War on Women.

    Honestly, the MSM does not give a ____ if some girls get cut up.

  • Marlene Wilkins

    This is one reason why I will be having our children at home, from a Paganic midwife. I DO NOT TRUST the way muzzies are flooding into the healthcare field and have knowledge of such being done to non-muzzie infants without parental consent here in Canada.
    Go ahead, TRY to find anything about that in the media.

    When the parents tried bringing suit, they were shut up by the HRC with a massive lawsuit and charges of Racism and such.

    Welcome to Canada.
    Have your kids at home.

  • A Z

    Will the women who wear burkas in support of Muslims also undergo FGM to show their maximum solidarity?

    Why stop at a little bit of culture? They should go whole hog get cut.

    • iluvisrael

      just like the old bearded geezers who make young bearded jerks blow themselves up – evil child abuse.

      • A Z

        Less competition that way.

  • kerrari1898

    There is a blackly comic irony in that the foremost champions of unfettered Third World immigration – and thus the people responsible for such primitive and barbaric customs being such a common feature of modern-day America – like to refer to themselves as ‘progressives’.
    I guess self awareness isn’t their strong suit.

  • Ellsworth Toohey

    How an “african” america could cope with Asia ?

  • Jessica Freeland

    The very last bit of this is complete idiocy. “This is their religion and their culture. If we don’t want it, then we don’t want them. If we do want them, then we also want it. It’s that simple.”
    The people may be welcome in our country, but that doesn’t mean their practices are-they must abide by our laws. Satanism is a religion. Does that mean it’s ok for them to practice human sacrifice? No, because it’s against the law whether it’s their religion or not.

    • De Doc

      The unquestioning, open armed approach to immigration is a huge mistake. Some incorrectly assume that new immigrants to the US have the best intentions to the society at large about them. They often don’t. And the tendency for most people thrust into a new environment (represented by the Western nations to which Third Worlders migrate) is to hunker down in their own community and cling to the ‘old ways.’ This is exacerbated by politically correct idealism and cultural relativism that demonize any questioning of foreign practices, no matter how dangerous or repugnant. We must avoid presuming that every immigrant to our lands is a good fit and start being a bit more selective.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      And if you don’t want human sacrifice, then you don’t want satanists. If you do want satanists, you’ll have to deal with the human sacrifice.

      It’s fine to say that it’s against the law and that people should respect the law, but if you’re dealing with a religion and culture that has been doing something for a 1,000 years, assuming that’s going to change once they move here is unrealistic.



      IEDs, bombing Marathons, bombing passenger planes, shooting American soldiers in America, beheading British soldiers IN Britain are in their culture too.

      • Jessica Freeland

        Again, it doesn’t define everyone of that culture or religion. Saying that all Muslims are terrorists that commit beheadings is equivalent to saying that all Baptists are like the members of Westboro Baptist Church who like to picket the funerals of said American soldiers.

        • Drakken

          As vile as those bloody idiot baptists are, they aren’t going to kill you, the muslims on the other hand, because their culture/religion, do often kill for a variety of reasons. So get it out of that pretty little head of yours, that all cultures, religions and people are all equal, when it is clear as day they are not.

          • S1999

            Also, of course, it only takes a small – a very small – proportion of an ‘afflicted’ group to create deeds out of dark dogma, and you have death, societal chaos and mistrust… eventually, civil war as well (as has happened in most places where Islam has metastised).

        • Chavi Beck

          Why is that equivalent? Have you researched the percentage of the Baptist population that support Westboro’s actions or would refuse to condemn it?

    • PharmDoc61

      The problem is they are not integrating into the host societies & following their laws. The Muslims want special dispensation and are implementing their own laws (Sharia). Our political correctness (‘cultural marxism’) prohibits us from standing up and demanding that they follow the law of the land. Bend over, be tolerant, don’t say anything negative, try to get along, be considerate etc.. We are being play like fools and will ultimately suffer the consequences.

    • Drakken

      There it is in a nutshell, liberal logic at its best, you do gooders and your good intentions always leads to strife because you did not see the inherent danger of importing large populations of 3rd worlders into a 1 st world nation. Sorry but I fell therefore I am as your policy positions are not going to cut it anymore.

      • Jessica Freeland

        FYI I’m extremely conservative but just don’t like the “guilt by association” attitude that seems to keep getting thrown around. I’m not saying open our borders to any and everyone (I’d prefer closing them entirely), I’m saying if we’re going to continue to allow immigration, that we shouldn’t discriminate those that may be of a certain religion yet are willing to follow our laws. After all, our country was founded by those seeking a safe haven from religious persecution…

        • Drakken

          Our country was founded on western principles, western civilization and the Judeo/Christian/Greek/Roman ideals. Our country does not function with the 3rd world that bring their cultures with them to change it to what they left. Multiculturalism no matter who tries it, always ends in bloodshed, without fail. That is exactly what will happen here if we do not put a stop to this, otherwise welcome to the new Balkans.

  • rbla

    To adopt a phrase from the great Geert Wilders. What do we want? Fewer Muslims and other third worlders.

  • luke101

    Ban Muslim immigration , NOW.


    200,000 Muslimas at risk?

    The US is more at risk from 200,000 Muslimas who will each produce 2 kids – and those kids will produce 2 kids – and so on – like in Eurabia.

    This is womb Jihad.

    • Annie Mac

      Screw S..I think they are having more than 2 kids each.They are multiplying at a frightening rate.Their numbers will soon be so great that we will be under Sharia Law worldwide.

  • Derek Massey

    Daniel….its probably best to define what FGM is within the article, I had to search online for what it meant.

  • Always On Watch

    Is FGM committed with accompanying paeans to Allah — that is, in the name of Allah? It is my understanding that such is the case.

  • Tina Trent

    Not in the state of Georgia, where we both passed and enforce one of the country’s strongest anti-FMG laws. And enforcement is 90% of such things. We had the first prosecution and conviction nationwide, which I was proud to help, in a small way, through publicizing it. And this was all thanks to a democratic state congresswoman who found too little support on both sides of the aisle but persisted nonetheless: the very courageous Mary Margaret Oliver.

    It just takes one person telling the truth sometimes.

    I remember my co-workers trying to find female ob-gyns able to treat the brutally mutilated, sometimes full-term Afghani and Somali refugees jetted into Atlanta airports in the early 90’s for refugee resettlement. If you haven’t seen what it looks like when you carve off a woman’s private parts from belly button to anus with a stone knife, crudely sew her shut with animal ligament, leaving small gaps for urination and menstruation, then impregnate her, you don’t know what is at stake here.

    The people who equate this with Western male circumcision are willful imbeciles.