Chamber of Commerce: Only Permanent Democratic Party Rule Can Solve Entitlements Crisis


I’m confused myself, but they are a chamber… of commerce, so I assume that their plan to turn America into a one-party Democratic country is really well thought out and not at all like the time the insurance industry and medical associations decided to back ObamaCare in the hopes that short term gains would be worth destroying the Constitution.

Thomas Donohue, the president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, declared 2014 the “year of immigration reform,” Wednesday, during his annual state of American business address.

“We’re determined to make 2014 the year that immigration reform is finally enacted,” Donohue said. “The chamber will pull out all the stops—through grassroots lobbying, communications, politics and partnerships with our friends in the union, and faith-based organizations, and law enforcement groups, and others to get this job done.”

And if that doesn’t work, they’ll slip them some briefcases full of Zimbabwean trillion dollar bills under the table. But why does the Chamber of Commerce want to legalize 12 million illegal aliens?

Immigration reform was one of several items on the chamber’s agenda for 2014. Other reforms he endorsed included expanding domestic energy production, delaying or repealing the employer mandate under Obamacare, and comprehensive tax reform to lower rates and simplify the code.

The Chamber of Commerce wants to add 12 million illegal aliens from Mexico to the voting rolls… and it wants to lower taxes.

One of these things is not compatible with the other. As the C of C would figure out if it took a closer look at California. It can have lower taxes or it can have illegal alien amnesty.

It can’t have both.

So the Chamber of Commerce has to pick what it cares about more; lower tax rates or illegal alien amnesty.

Donohue also warned that the entitlement crisis is the “most predictable crisis in American history.” By 2023 entitlement spending and interest on the debt will account for 76 percent of government outlays, he said, increasing federal spending to nearly $6 trillion per year.

Even more predictably, adding millions to the welfare class, along with their elderly relatives from Mexico, will drastically increase entitlements spending. And spending in general.

Imagine a new future where Obama and Elizabeth Warren and Bill de Blasio are the future instead of temporary aberrations. Good luck with your entitlements crisis under permanently left-wing rule.

This is why challenging C of C candidates in primaries is justified unless they disavow immigration reform (amnesty) because whether or not the seat is held by a pro-amnesty Republican or a Democrat, amnesty will mean permanent Democratic Party rule in under two decades.

“It’s time for our leaders to act like leaders, to tell the American people the truth,” Donohue said, “and to craft a fair, sensible plan to reform and save these vital programs.”

Donohue laid out a vision to “expand opportunity for all,” and argued immigration reform is vital to that aim.

“Throughout history, immigrants have brought innovation, ideas, investments, and dynamism to American enterprise,” he said. “And in terms of demographics, we need immigration.”

We have immigration. 1 million immigrants a year.

What Donohue means is that we need to have lots of cheap Mexican labor. And he pretends that those same cheap laborers will then bring “innovation, ideas and investments” instead of grabbing every benefit they can get the first chance that they get… and then vote Democrat to lock in those benefits.

Critics of the Senate’s immigration bill have argued that adding millions of immigrants and guest workers will harm the lagging economy and reduce American wages.  The “Gang of Eight” bill would add an estimated 30 million additional immigrants to the United States over the next decade at a time when the number of Americans not in the labor force has reached record highs.

I’m sure it won’t be a problem. Not with unemployment insurance for life. Which Donohue absolutely opposes, but which his support for illegal alien amnesty will lead to.

“2013 we liked,” Donohue said. “We made a deal in the Senate, we did that with a cooperative basis with the AFL-CIO, and with lots of other people, then we started working in the House, where I believe we’ve received a very positive response—a different way of doing business—435 people, not just 100 of them.”

“I’ve been encouraged by a lot of the noise and soundings out of the House, and I’m not discouraged when every now and then I wake up in the morning to see a story about some reason it’s not going to work,” he said. “Four hundred and thirty five people have to go home and run for office, and I think we’re going to get this done.”

This may be the final battle for America. If they “get this done”, it’s all over but the shouting.



  • Inane Rambler

    As some Marxists used to say, Immigration is the reserve army of Capital.

  • A Z

    In computer science they have the concept of a check sum to see if everything adds up and your equipment is operating correctly.

    Many political theologians, pundits, politicians, businessmen it seems can come to any conclusion that is expedient and violate previously held beliefs because they do not have a moral or intellectual checksum.

    At this rate people like Donahue could reason that indentured servitude was grand and from there reason that slavery is also good.

  • A Z

    If we defeat them in 2014 they will come back again & again. These people are not going away. They need their current careers ended via denial of contributions, boycotts and the ballot box.

    I could vote for amnesty, but I have a condition. Building the border fence and preventing people from overstaying their visas and thus controlling illegal immigration from 300,000 or so to less than 30,000 or 3,000 is a precondition I want.

    If not then why should I consider laws like intellectual property rights or theft of physical goods wrong?

    If you were in a neighborhood watch program with Donohue would you actually call the police if people were breaking into his house?

  • Clare Spark

    Oh why not take a look at this? “The Hispanic Vote.” The moderate men are nostalgic for the Middle Ages? Or is it cheap labor?

  • Omar

    Where is the soda-obsessed former mayor of New York City? I bet the Chamber of Commerce is looking for him so that he can provide some info to the Chamber of Commerce and to the president’s lunatic citizen control team on how to use the market to grant a single, government-controlled system with total control of health care, complete unregulated amnesty (which will include weak borders), making the production, consumption and possession of sodas a crime and other, leftist nanny-state policies. Since leaving NYC to his more extremist counterpart (Communist Mayor Warren Wilhelm, Jr.), Michael Bloomberg can get a new job serving the president’s agenda of further wrecking the lives of millions of Americans with nanny-state policies like health care, unregulated amnesty, bowing down to Islamist front groups and attempting to enforce bans on certain foods. The left in this country is out of control.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Bloomberg is glaring angrily at a tourist having a large soda and a salty pretzel and knowing that he can’t do anything about it

  • Sharp Shtik

    Financially retarded people (i.e. socialists) ruin everything they get their hands on, including government, Democrat and Republican parties, Chamber of Commerce, etc. It matters not whether they implement socialism (theft or control of wealth – the fundamental means of production) by taxation or overregulation (the Third Way).

  • Boots

    Opposition to the Chamber of Commerce needs to start at the local level and we need to inform small businesses of the consequences of policy advocated at the national level. We also need to make it clear if local chambers support the national effort we will only utilize non chamber businesses. The national organization needs to receive serious push back. It’s bad enough we’re being betrayed by social corporatist Democrats and crony capitalist Republicans.

  • glpage

    Sometimes I think it’s time we implement the solution used in Vince Flynn’s Term Limits. I really don’t advocate violence but sometimes I think we are rapidly approaching the point where it will be necessary to save this country. I thought the C of C supported somewhat conservative ideas, but that obviously is not the case. And it seems more and more like most folks in power want to keep running this country into the crapper. Jefferson said, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, …it expects what never was and never will be.” I wish our current leaders were a tenth as smart and prescient as the founding fathers.

    • No RNC

      Donahue is the spawn of the Satanic Tammany Hall politicos…he’s a NWO Communist type & has captured the C of C for the collective fascist. He’s also part of the neocon Hudson Institute & commie State Dept. bastard child the National Endowment for Democracy, the subversives that financed the Arab Spring, the destruction of the Christian population in the ME as well as in Kosovo. He is another that will lead to the destruction of the worthless Repub Party!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Sometimes the greatest revenge you can have on control freaks is to actually hand them all control. It’s the last thing they want. Then stand back and watch it burn.


    I was sad to note the takeover of the Ch of Commerce some years ago by progressive leadership.