Chicago’s Muslim Comptroller Flees to Pakistan

That awkward moment when the guy you put in a key position flees to Pakistan

That awkward moment when the guy you put in a key position flees to Pakistan

The Point has covered the tale of Amer Ahmad before.

Ahmad was the Ohio Deputy State Treasurer who, among other crimes, helped out Mohammed Noure Alo, a lobbyist and immigration attorney with six figures in legal fees and helped his wife get a job announced only at the mosque.

Ahmad, who served as Ohio’s deputy treasurer and chief investment official, pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy to commit bribery, wire fraud and money laundering. He was hired in Chicago by Mayor Rahm Emanuel after the crimes in Ohio were committed. Mayor Emanuel has said that he knew nothing about the infractions and that nothing criminal was done in Chicago.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration on Monday produced a letter showing it knew about questions surrounding Amer Ahmad and a controversial government contract in Ohio before the mayor hired him as Chicago’s comptroller in April 2011.

So Rahm hired a guy who was set to be charged for bribery and fraud… as comptroller. Claimed not to know anything and then presented a letter showing that the issue was well known.


Then Amer Ahmad pleaded guilty and made a run for Pakistan.

Former Chicago Comptroller Amer Ahmad has been taken into custody in Pakistan, where he apparently fled ahead of his sentencing in a federal fraud case in Ohio.

Dr. Usman Anwar, director of Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency in Punjab province said today that Ahmad was arrested at Lahore airport when he was trying to enter the country using a forged Mexican passport with a forged Pakistani visa.

Asked about his former aide’s arrest Wednesday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said he has been too busy with other issues to spend much time thinking about it.

“I’ve got to be honest, sorry about this, but let me give you this sense of reaction: I was thinking about plastic bags before Amer. I was thinking about petcoke regulations before Amer. I was thinking about how proud we all are of the Whitney Young basketball team, of their accomplishments on the court and in the classroom,” Emanuel said. “That all came before that, so, gives you some sense of perspective on it.”

Rahm was just too busy thinking about basketball and plastic bags to remember his criminal comptroller. And who can blame him.

If I hired a criminal to be Chicago’s comptroller, I would spend a lot of time thinking about other things too.

Ahmad also was a favored speaker at the 2010 meeting of Council for the Advancement of Muslim Professionals. CAMP as it is called is one of those other organizations funded by the mostly peaceful and secular Muslim Brotherhood.

He would have run for Egypt… if only Morsi were still in power.

  • PDK

    In defense of Rahm’s too busy postulate, I am quite sure that both thumb twirling ant tiddlywinks take an incredible amount of concentration. Thanks.

    • john

      Same defense as Barney,who did not see the crash coming.Was not alert enough,to busy.

  • Habbgun

    So in Chicago the Nation of Islam patrols the streets and the Moslem comptroller has absconded to Pakistan. The Mayor was chief of staff to a President who supported the Moslem Brotherhood after the Egyptians declared them a terror group.

    I’m beginning to think John Kerry did misspeak. He said Israel was an Apartheid state but he meant Apostate state. Oh and the official Chicago motto is now “Death to infidels but not before they send in their taxes”.

  • WillielomanIII

    The people of Chicago get what they deserve after voting for a creep like Rahm

  • glpage

    Of course Emmanuel was too busy thinking about trivial crap, he couldn’t figure out a way to blame it on Bush.

  • kilfincelt

    The people of Chicago have been voting for Democrats so long that they are blind to the damage done by what is in effect a one party system.

    I just signed a petition to have legislation enacted that would mandate term limits because we have one Democrat, Mike Madigan from Chicago, who has been there so long that the legislative process doesn’t work as it should.

    • ahad_ha_amoratsim

      Q: What is it that limits the number of consecutive terms someone can serve as governor of Illinois?
      A: The US Attorney’s office.

  • rb

    In other words….”what difference does it make”? A lot of that sort of dismissal (denial) going around these days….

  • Omar

    Rahm is Obama’s friend. People MUST be wrong as Obama is a great man and the greatest president. I hope Obama forgives your doubt in him. Maybe say a prayer to Obama tonite to forgive you all. Racists everyone of you white Bast@rds.

    • Michael Fondren

      Gee Omar what have you been drinking? Yes this guy is a crony of Obama’s friend and will probably get a pardon. The fact that j=he fled to a muslim country which harbors muslim criminals (Usama Ben Laden) speaks volumes about this person.

    • Roger Cotton

      Which bath house do you frequent when Barry and the Ballerina come to town, Omar?

    • Atikva

      You are joking, right? You can’t possibly be that dumb, no one could without being institutionalized for their own good.

  • wileyvet

    Ahmad’s mistake was taking commercial air, and not a flying carpet.

    • Gee

      Carpet got hijacked by Palestinians

  • tom_billesley

    “…. I was thinking about plastic bags …”
    Oh, oh, better put him on 24 hour suicide watch.

  • herb benty

    Imagine a Republican giving an answer like that about his Christian Comptroller! The MSM would be like the Gestapo.

  • Seek

    Ahmad flees to Pakistan? Good. Stay there. Problem solved.

  • Atikva

    Mr. Rahm Emanuel is an absolute piece of trash, if a clever one. He is part of the team who put Mr. Obama at the White House and his “election” as Mayor of Chicago is another illustration of what fraudulent elections can achieve.

    He has been working hand in hand with the islamo-communist coalition for decades, of course he is up to his neck in the Ahmad scandal. When America goes back to her senses and gets rid of this clique, he will be the number one member to be indicted for treason – that is, if he hasn’t found refuge in Cuba or Russia, maybe in North Korea (but he would probably not like it there, they are impervious to his kind of subtlety.)

  • ServosT

    There was probably pressure to hire a moslem to make the diversity numbers look better, and this guy was the best they could find. But why would a Chicago democrat politician have to run? Just yell “racist, islamophobe” and he’d have been fine.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    How did that little piece of Kaka ever become mayor in the first place?

    • carpe diem 36

      the same way the other piece of Kaka got to be President, for heavens’ sake!!

  • Marzee0ne

    How is speaking the truth being racist Omar?!!!!
    Oh and Obama is not a great man at all are you blind
    Or just stupid!!! Obama is single handedly destroying
    America, he is a traitor and a fraud!!!

    • carpe diem 36

      not quite single handedly. he has a lot of help from all those lefty moslems and low info voters and useful idiots. more than half the country as per the last elections. how do you fight so many eediots?

  • john

    Not enough criminals in Chicago!

  • Tanker74

    Rahm represents all that is good about the Democrat Party.

  • daviduke

    “Chicago’s Muslim Comptroller Flees to Pakistan”. What a “racist” headline. When was the last time we heard, New York’s Jewish Comptroller Flees to Israel or I guess they never do.

    • Tanker74

      Maybe if you cry enough, they’ll change it to suit you.

      • daviduke

        I just changed to “bigoted” from “racist” hopefully they will like this word better…lol

  • sydchaden

    Chicago is an equal opportunity city. If you pay, you get to play. With respect to the guy’s fleeing to Pakistan, that is not exactly a safe place, and I don’t see why he chose it. The Sunnis and the Shia, each of whom consider the other to be infidels, have been killing each other for centuries for that reason, and still are. So,the guy should have stayed, and Obama might have appointed him to his White House Advisory Council, along with his other buddies.

  • ArentIpretty

    Why can’t I stop laughing?

  • David_Smith

    The hypocrisy of the left is transparent but the damage they’ve wrought to Western Civilization is observable, however.