Chris Matthews Still Claiming Benghazi Attack was a Spontaneous Movie Review


MSNBC has become the Pravda of the US media, the loyalist outlet that clings to discredited government propaganda even long after the government stopped repeating it. If Chris Matthews put on a uniform, he could be Baghdad Bob.

In Chris Matthews’ world, time never moves forward. The old lies are still good enough.

MATTHEWS: This is my problem Joy with that interview and the questioning from O’Reilly, and I’m not a media critic. But the information’s out there that Susan Rice told the truth. It was a spontaneous attack on our facility in Benghazi… In Cairo the attacks there were in response apparently to the video! The crazy right wing video that came out of Los Angeles! So, it was right! She got it right Susan Rice. So, why doesn’t the president just blasting it back at the guy?

Chris Matthews says more stupid and wrong things in a single sentence than a bus full of failed Jeopardy contestants.

Spontaneous attacks don’t involve heavy firepower, scouts, insider information and international coordination along with the presence of multiple terrorist groups… including Al Qaeda.

The video, which isn’t right-wing except in Chris Matthews’ imagination, had as much to do with the attack as Matthews does with journalism.

But you can’t completely blame Matthews. David Kilpatrick, who has more serious journalism creds than Matthews (then again who doesn’t) tried to revive the same lie for the New York Times before even Democratic senators shot it down.

But Matthews, like a good little leftbot, won’t stop repeating the lies anyway. It’s not like the MSNBC audience knows any better anyway.

  • Judahlevi

    He is certainly catering to the low information voter (the base of the left).

    Tingles Matthews is a classic example of a leftist. Only if it tingles is it right. No logic is employed, no linear thinking of any kind. Facts don’t matter – just tingles.

  • truebearing

    “…I’m not a media critic. But the information’s out there that Susan Rice told the truth.”

    Yeah, the information is out there, alright. Way out there, in left field. And no, Tingles, you’re not a media critic. You’re a media critic’s bullseye.

    Tingles is saving MSNBC’s sinking boat by drilling more holes in the hull.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Chhris Matthews has nothing else to do. Reality doesn’t interest him (ergo,journalism doesn’t interest him), so, to make his sorry life interesting, he makes things up. Or repeats what Susan Rice and Hillary and Obama have made up. Nature does not tolerate a vacuum. Something’s got to fill Matthews’s empty head. Hot air or carbon monoxide.

  • LogicNotHuff

    M sNBc is truly Marxist Media.

    • BS77

      It is the Orwellian ministry of truth…..hacks and shills spewing rotten baloney

  • Clare Spark

    Television personalities, like academics and many pundits, tend to run in packs. They are paid not to think for themselves or to weigh evidence in a spirit of curiosity. See “Joe McCarthy and the Warrior Spirit.”

  • steve b


  • Veracious_one

    Chris has never liked the truth….