Clinton Cabinet Member Who Caused Financial Crisis Wants to Know if Sharpton’s Favorite Attorney General Wears Eyeliner


Welcome to New York politics. Governor Andrew Cuomo was blamed even by many liberals for causing the mortgage crisis during his time in the Clinton Administration. Eric Schneiderman campaigned for Attorney General as the candidate who would give Al Sharpton a space in his office– the fact that he won should have been forewarning of the Bill De Blasio horror to come.

But Andrew and Eric aren’t getting along.

Cuomo, who took down a governor from his own party with a media smear campaign that left his name out of it and destroyed a Republican opponent by labeling him as a homophobe, despite having targeted Ed Koch with “Vote for Cuomo, Not the Homo” flyers, is taking a rather odd approach to destroying his Attorney General.

With $613 Million at Stake, an Albany Rivalry Is Said to Escalate – Cuomo and Schneiderman Prepare to Fight Over JPMorgan Settlement

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has asked people if they think Eric T. Schneiderman, the attorney general of New York State, wears eyeliner.

Mr. Schneiderman has told people that he believes Mr. Cuomo’s administration is Machiavellian and is out to undermine him.

I don’t really get the eyeliner thing. Cuomo destroyed a blind Democratic African-American governor with drug charges. Eyeliner isn’t quite up there, unless Cuomo is implying that Schneiderman is gay.

Eric Schneiderman is unmarried, though he is reportedly dating “the most powerful woman in Albany.” He’s a big fan of gay marriage, but these days that just makes him an ordinary leftist.

Maybe Andrew Cuomo has to start small before destroying someone. First he mentions eyeliner and then he gets him framed for running a drug ring.

  • mackykam

    Cuomo wants to know about the eyeliner: either he needs tips on how to use it or he wants to date Schneiderman and this is his come-on liner.

  • Americanish

    You’re depressing me Daniel. No Republican could have used posters with the message of “Vote for Cuomo, Not the Ho mo” and still have a political career.

  • Robert Fanning

    Republican Mike Taylor’s Montana US Senate race was destroyed in 2000 at the last minute by leftist insinuations that he was gay. Mike is married and dropped out .

  • Inane Rambler

    It’s not bad enough that these Democratic assholes are hypocrites. What’s worse is they never get flak for it.

  • A Z

    “Who are they? Are they these extreme conservatives who are right to life, pro-assault weapons, anti-gay? Is that who they are? Because if that’s who they are and they’re the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York because that’s not who New Yorkers are. – Andrew Cuomo