CNN: Jewish Leaders Skeptical of Hillary for Soft on Iran Policies

hillary clinton

Hillary is clumsily trying to position her campaign for 2016 while navigating the old national security/anti-war strait that lost her the election last time. Some Jews continue to believe that Hillary is more “conservative” on foreign policy than Obama.

That’s not really true, Hillary just dates back to an older period in the Democratic Party. To the extent that there’s any difference between them, it’s in style, not in substance.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton must re-establish her relationship with the Jewish community after advocating for her former boss’s agenda, which has some Jewish leaders questioning if her position on Israel changed due to time spent at the State Department.

However, that support began to whither when she said in 2010 that she could support Iran enriching uranium if it is only to be used for civilian purposes.

“On the amorphous level, that she was part of the administration, there may be some residual weakening,” said one Jewish leader, speaking anonymously.

Although others don’t believe that her time spent as the nation’s top diplomat hurt her standing in the Jewish community, they question whether it helped.

Obama won 69 percent of the Jewish vote in the 2012 presidential election, making him the first Democratic presidential candidate since Jimmy Carter to win less than 70 percent of the Jewish vote, marking a shift in the community for the first time in almost 35 years.

Hillary’s credentials on Israel were always terrible. She just understood that she had to play a part while in the Senate. This was the woman who kissed Arafat’s wife after her ugly rant and who went into a screaming fit because Israel was considering building some houses in its capital. Anyone who falls for Hillary’s pro-Israel routine this time around ought to stick to buying bridges.

  • kilfincelt

    The State Dept. is full of Palestinian supporters because many of them got their knowledge of the Middle East at Georgetown University where the notorious John Esposito, an Islamic apologist, teaches. Furthermore, she had a woman who has Islamic Jihadist ties as her assistant while at the State Dept. Hilary, a supporter of Israel? Not!

  • WillielomanIII

    Hillary openly stated that Jews building homes in Jerusalem, you know the Jerusalem where the Jews are the indigenous people and where they have been for over 3000 years, was “unhelpful.” She was a useless senator for NY, she was a terrible Sec of State…just what are her qualifications??

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Being Bill’s wife

  • bob smith

    Sadly Daniel, when it comes to voting, Jews are hypocrites and back-stabbers. They will always support the democrats in spite of all the malice the left has in store for them. I hope i am wrong the next time around. Fingers crossed.

  • SoCalMike

    Jewish leaders shouldn’t be the only ones skeptical of Hillary’s credentials or foreign policy experience or sympathy for Israel.
    Not just Hillary but the entire US State Department is dangerously misinformed about the nature of international relations and geopolitics.

  • W.C. Taqiyya

    The best reasons to be wary of a President Hillary are her demonstrated inability to manage or administer. Two skills any executive must have. Hillary excels at making excuses for herself and in throwing others under the bus. So, even if you like some of her ideas, she will fail in implementing them. Hillary is not a consensus builder and she cannot tolerate criticism. Hillary makes enemies like dunkin donuts makes donuts. Big batches at a time. If you want another Obama, only without the nice grin, vote for Hillary.