Coal Miners Arrested Protesting Obama’s EPA

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This little gesture by the UMWA might be slightly more impressive if the union leadership hadn’t already shown that it had learned nothing from the past… by endorsing Alison Grimes… despite her association with billionaire ecomaniac Tom Steyer.

It’s unlikely that United Mine Workers of America president Cecil Roberts thought he would be arrested protesting the energy policies of the very politician his union supported in 2008. But things have come full circle for coal miners, who now see President Obama’s climate agenda threatening their livelihoods.

Roberts and other UMWA members were arrested Thursday marching through Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, towards the federal building where the Environmental Protection Agency was holding field hearings for a new rule that could very well force more coal mines and plants to shut down.

Roberts was leading about 5,000 coal miners, their families and supporters to show the EPA that coal miners, boilermakers, electric workers and other unions did not support the Obama administration’s new regulations limiting carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants.

“This was an expression by the leadership of the union and the solidarity for our members when our jobs are on the line … it’s what it’s all about,” Roberts said while being arrested.

UMWA District 31 vice president Mike Caputo said the Pittsburgh rally was only “the first shot of the battle” against the Obama’s administration’s regulatory agenda.

“We were willing to go to jail to show the government that this is a serious issue within our union and the jobs that it affects,” Caputo told the Register-Herald. “We painted a vivid picture of who this rule is going to affect.”

Willing to go to jail, yes. Willing to stand up to the Democratic Party, no.


  • DogmaelJones1

    What goes around — such as supporting a president who wants to destroy this country — comes around, such as Obama becoming your enemy, too. Talk about short-range thinking!

    • Guest

      “Bringing Back the Good War”

      This is a test. All my posts in the story “Bringing Back the Good War” are being marked as spam. There has to be one person with multiple accounts or multiple people marking my posts as spam. Or maybe it is someone at Disqus, because I cannot post at Truth Revolt, WND or anywhere using DisQus. I have rebooted my computer and have posted at a blog without Disqus.

      I smell a rat. What is hurtful is that there has been no profanity or threats. I have substantiated my posts with links to support my points.

      Someone has a bug up their azz. All, they have done is angered me and i am learning more. there better know when to retreat. if they persists i will find them and take their money using the courts.


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      “A conservative estimate places the number of bombing runs at more than 5,000, with more than 11,500 bombs dropped, mainly incendiary bombs.

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  • Yehuda Levi

    Unions spend millions supporting Democratic candidates all around the country.

    And then they are surprised by those same Democrats putting the environmental agenda before their jobs?

    Republicans may not like unions, but they believe in putting people to work and a strong economy over ephemeral environmental concerns. Unions need to re-think their knee-jerk politics.

    • Mark Potochnik

      Again. More solar jobs than coal jobs. This is what happens in the FREE MARKET!

      • Pete

        A government regulation is anything but free, you have no choice in the matter.

        We can elect congressional representatives and senators all day long, but until we get a super majority, Obama’s cabal, junta, will do whatever they damn well please.

        • Habbgun

          Why argue with the slob. We know how leftists work. When they get THEIR RESULTS suddenly they become conservative.

          You get back what you put in.
          Nothing is perfect

          We all have to compromise.

          When they aren’t getting taxpayer money they scream and scream about phony injustice. Mark is just playing a game.

          He’s a sc0mb0g

  • fpm

    All liberals, who are not real leftist, should by now realize that leftists are just using them to achieve communist/one world order agenda, when they are running out of value, they will just be treated like junks and trampled under the leftists’ feet. If they don’t or want to see it coming, jail may look good compared to things happened in any communist region.

  • Lastango

    Looks to me like the union leadership is pulling a double-sided page from Obama’s own playbook.

    The Democrat-supporting union bosses are strutting their concern about lost jobs… just like El Jefe meeting with people worried about open borders and telling them, “I’m more concerned than any of you, and I want to fix this crisis!”

  • notme123

    but nothing is done to the pro-palastine mob that beat up a Marine…

  • Mark Potochnik

    Get a (solar) job. More solar jobs than coal mining jobs now. Instead of protesting, GET TO WORK!

    • Pete

      There is a difference when the market puts you out of work and when the government does.

      In the former you retrain in the latter you protests and topple the government and their stooges.

    • Pete

      Liberals say that water is a human right until they say it is not. Remember the Detroit water controversy (linked below)?

      “And we can cut off all their water at the border.”

      – Mark Potochnik • 11 months ago

      V The Daily Caller piece has a link below V

      “Secession, y’all: Why Texas can pull it off

      When Thomas Dunne published Don’t Mess with Travis in May — my comedic political novel about a freewheeling Texas governor who becomes fed up with a Constitution-stomping president and decides to secede — I knew I had landed on something relevant. I didn’t know it was this relevant.

      As of writing, the Texas petition to peacefully “withdraw” from the United States via the White House’s open petition webpage is up to 62,481 signatures, on its way to tripling the required names needed to trigger a response from the Obama administration. No doubt Texas’s desire to break free is a source of amusement inside a White House that has mastered the art of belittling the opinions of its challengers, but there is one not-so-small problem here: Texas could pull it off.”

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      I seriously doubt that Appalachia will have many “solar jobs”. Perhaps the Left wants the people who live in coal-producing areas to move, so that they can turn several states into a “national wilderness area”.

      National Wilderness Area …
      TRANSLATION: Places where only the Left can go …

    • Drakken

      You come from an area of the country where I am from that is the most conservative in the nation yet can take Mickey Mouse, put him on a bar stool, slap a DFL label on him and the idiots will vote him in every single time.

  • Pete

    Union logic at its’ best.

    Individually many if not most of these people are salt of the earth.

    As a group they are morons.

  • whiteshadow

    Yep elections have consequences.

  • Christopher Riddle

    I still can’t believe that this bunch of Buffoons helped get “The Destroyer-in-Chief”elected?What were they THINKING??Obongo said that he would(by gov’t regulations)make it so expensive to open a coal-fired power-plant that Nobody would even think of trying it!!!What were this bunch of IDIOTS Thinking???????

  • poest

    By 2012 Union members already knew Obama said that coal would be made too expensive to use with the penalties he had planned to use with his EPA clamp down. So why did they support the Obama candidacy with their union dues? And now, why should we feel sorry for them with their continued support of the Democratic Party?

  • DavidG

    It’s all a big game, ” protesting”/blaming ONLY Obama but supporting everyone else. Yep,their pretty Google “stupid” to see ” immigrants ” and Robots replacing them/us. 45% of all jobs will be done by Robots in 10 years, so why do we need need ” fresh blood” of defective immigrants except to vote….

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      For just that reason: The Left wants them to vote …

  • trapper

    Working class and middle class people need to understand that the Democrat Party is not their friend. The Democrat Party is controlled by the Far Left, and ideology not friendly to families, traditional morality. and economic prosperity. The Democrat Party is in thrall to socialists, radical environmentalists, racists, and America haters (these categories are not mutually exclusive).

  • glpage

    Do those guys actually think Obama cares about them? He doesn’t have to worry about reelection and he probably got their votes in 2012. I’m guessing the White House attitude is “so long suckers”.