College Bans Fencing Team from Practicing w/their “Weapons”

Not a lethal weapon

Not a lethal weapon

I’ve done some fencing and I can tell you that the “weapons” involved are to actual blades as cap guns are to rifles.

The most dangerous thing about them is the risk of the tip snapping off and hitting someone. It’s more of a risk in North Dakota where it gets really cold.

But zero tolerance insanity has taken over every campus.

“The current interpretation of the non-weapon policy in NDSU…understands our fencing equipment as weapons,” says the club’s coach Enrique Alvarez.

Alvarez has been fencing since his early teens. He says despite their appearance, the foils, epees and sabers they use don’t have sharp edges or points.

“This is a spring and a flat tip that if you press the spring against the body of the other person, will be awarded a point,” he demonstrates.

Nonetheless, NDSU’s Police and Safety Office Director Ray Boyer cited the school’s policy manual and Code of Student Behavior, saying sabers and swords are prohibited on campus:

“They are deemed weapons, and as such, possession or use on University owned or controlled property is prohibited,” he says.

And that’s the striking feature of our imploding society. A vast system where everyone follows manuals, no matter how senseless they are. It’s how we’ve gotten so close to a police state.

There’s no room for sanity or common sense. No one says, “This is ridiculous. We shouldn’t do it.” Instead they go right back to the manual without even bothering to listen.

  • Webb Cook

    I fenced for 7 years and loved meeting foreign exchange students from various Eastern/European countries who had started fencing in grade school. Fencing is a classic old world sport which lends some class to the culturally forsaken American landscape. Law enforcement, administrators, bureaucrats, and busybodies love to invent new laws to enforce by making believe that “guns” means toy guns and drawings of guns — even representations of guns made by the thumb and forefinger, and “knives” means plastic knives, butter knives and drawings of knives. Having no culture, we have created a “culture” made of insane meaninglessness. It’s a “culture” of zero-tolerance and zero-common sense. One thing we can be certain of is that some inane concept will soon come along to top this travesty of calling fencing swords weapons.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      the lethal pop tart is one example

      • Webb Cook


        • Race_Dissident

          So to speak.

          • tagalog

            “A hit, a palpable hit!”

      • tagalog

        The nice thing about zero tolerance, for lefties, is that you don’t have to think about it. I bet that’s why some folks like mandatory sentencing for crimes in court.

        Bring a Jolly Rancher to school and give one to a friend, you’re distributing controlled substances. Expulsion.

        No thought, no messy nuances. Expel ‘em, put ‘em away for 30 years, no mulling-over or decision-making required. The rule, the law is settled. Just do it.

        • kbsamurai

          mandatory sentencing came about historically as a “tough on crime” right wing cause, your thinking is bizarre to put it nicely

          • tagalog

            No one says righties are exempt from simplistic thinking, it’s just that lefties are so much better at it.

    • De Doc

      The spirit of the nanny state rears its ugly, nagging head once again to protect us from every possible danger, real or imagined.

      • Notalibfool

        What we really need is protection from the nanny state itself.

  • DogmaelJones1

    I took fencing lessons years ago while attending acting school. It’s true, these foils are basically harmless except perhaps in the hands of a president or a Pythonesque upper class twit. (Picture Graham Chapman poking his own eye out with his own foil.) While campus PC-cop Ray Boyer can outlaw foils and sabers, I guess he’s privileged to tote a gun on campus. Oh, my!

    • wileyvet

      Would that be Oliver St.John-Mollusc?

  • Gee

    American leftists are attempting to raise a generation of wimps and whiners.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      more likely to vote for lefty

    • Drakken

      Yes, you are correct, common sense is now dead, idiotcracy now reigns and the pussification of the west continues. Darwin, is going to have a lot of fun in the future.

      • Dana

        I’m getting a little tired of morons calling wimpy people “pussies.” As opposed to what… testicular fortitude?

        Don’t make me laugh.

        Vagina = pushes something the size of a watermelon out of an opening the size of a lemon, and its owner survives the process

        Testicles = a grown man will be doubled over in pain by a three-year-old punching him here.

        Patriarchy always gets everything backwards. Damned if I know why. Men were supposed to be the smarter ones too… still not seeing much evidence for that.

        • Drakken

          Here let me help you out with your little femanazi problem, Patriarchies always rule, it is a matter of biology. When boys are now being told, not to be boys and try to be so called gender neutral, it just makes men weak, whiny, sniveling, simpering fools. The strong rule, the weak are ruled, as it has always been since time began. Maybe you need some courses in history and not the feminist and gender studies stupidity that reigns today.

    • Dana

      Maybe if you right-wing twits would ride herd on all these idiots shooting up campuses, the leftists would stop panicking.

      I thought you were supposed to defend this country from tyranny. All you’re doing is encouraging it.

      • Drakken

        There you go, more gun free zones will do the trick right? Again, your a prime example of our current re-education system and idiotcracy, God bloody help us.

      • johnbrooks3

        You can’t be serious!

      • CowboyUp

        Left wing “twits” made it nearly impossible to institutionalize these psychos and now conservatives are supposed to ride herd on them? That’s rich.

        In my day we carried pocket knives, and the HS student parking lot was full of rifles and shotguns during hunting season, yet nobody got stabbed, and nobody shot up the school. The left inverted morality, suspended judgment for policy, championed drugs instead of discipline. And now, surprised and upset at the results, we’re supposed to give up more of our rights, and go further down the path of folly? No thanks.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        How does one ride herd on random psychos?

  • Race_Dissident

    **shakes head and chuckles**
    What else can one do?

  • The March Hare

    “It’s how we’ve gotten so close to a police state.”
    It is the epitome of a police state. It is already here, just becoming more and more pervasive and obvious.

  • Aeffesstoo

    The real issue here is why anyone would elect to attend a school that has this type of ridiculous policy

    • glpage

      It’s getting to the point where it is almost impossible to find one that does not.

    • tickletik

      bingo. this only works because we support it.

  • John_Q_Public

    University Police & Safety Office

    Ray Boyer
    Auxiliary Enterprises
    (701) 231-6539

    • Henry

      North Dakota State University: NDSU

  • CaoMoo

    So this is going to be the air guitar of fencing?

  • glpage

    Another case of mindless drones muddling their way through life forcing their lame-assed attitudes on the rest of us because they know better. Common sense is becoming an extremely rare commodity and is almost for sure totally absent in leftists.

  • Robert Gants

    Oh good heavens, the abject stupidity of the Safety Director is unbelievable.

  • UCSPanther

    Today guns, tomorrow, swords.

    They want a society that will voluntarily beat their swords into plowshares, and in doing so, create a society of slaves who will kneel without any resistance when the next imperialistic society comes along.

    • canminuteman

      Those who beat their swords into plowshares, do the plowing for hose who don’t.

  • Veracious_one

    While we fret over ‘zero tolerance’ Muslims are training their children to hate, to behead and to seek out the Infidels in order to subdue and kill them.

  • tagalog

    You know, these same folks mock the Victorian Era for putting covers over table legs and calling them “limbs” instead, out of some overworked sense of sexual propriety.

    Calling a fencing foil a “weapon” is the same thing, isn’t it? They’re prudes along with everything else. That also explains the occasional outbreak of having the vapors over some remark that MIGHT conceivably be interpreted – in a galaxy far, far away, by people of a different-from-human sensivity – as being racist or sexist.

    • T800

      fencing IS a weapons-training sport.
      it is a lethal sport (swordfighting) toned down for competition.
      But so what? These college fencing students aren’t going to be assaulting anyone with their swords.
      Further,if they DID use them to fend off an attacker,GOOD.
      But chances are,any potential attacker is going to see their sword and avoid them like they had plague. Apparently,the colleges don’t want that happening. That makes them complicit.

      • tagalog

        Well, yes, a fencing foil can be used as a weapon (even though they never are except in fencing matches, where they substitute for real swords, epees, sabers, whatever); so is one of those wooden swords used in martial arts, since you could effectively cold-cock someone with one even though you would have difficulty piercing his flesh with whatever point there is on one. And a table leg is a leg. But you know what my point was.

    • tickletik

      It’s all hysteria.

  • A Z

    When are they going to ban Tai Chi?

    Tai Chi is martial arts in slow motion. However slow that motion is, it is still training the muscles and reflexes.

    “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” – Michael Savage

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It’s a non-white culture so they can’t touch it. But no Krav Maga or boxing

      • A Z

        True, but all non-white cultures are not created equal. “Some animals are more equal than other animals.” There is a pecking order among minorities that somewhat varies by location.

        In England some doctors want to ban knives. I believe knives over 3 inches with a point (Which wouldn’t have helped the British soldier hacked to death with a meat cleaver in broad daylight). Knife control is what come after gun control. And after knife control come martial arts control.

        Liberals never give up. And as many people (like Mao) down with the revolution have said you must constantly agitate. You must constantly come up wit new causes.

        So sooner or later they will come for Tai Chi, if they get that far.

      • tickletik

        No Krav Maga is a good thing. Use Kapap instead, more practical. I’ve been told they cheerfully stole lots of good stuff from Abir.

  • Dex

    They’d really crap bricks over SCA combat.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      They would have to bring shields first

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Left insanity rules! The lefts stupidity has no bounds!

  • fatebekind

    The school does have javelin throws listed under their Track & Field Athletics roster. Aren’t javelins weapons? I didn’t see archery on the school’s website.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Shh don’t give them ideas

  • n4zhg

    How many Track & Field events can you name that came from ancient military skills?

    • tom_billesley

      Liberals would think that even running away from an attacker would be demonstrating woeful lack of cultural engagement, so track events wouldn’t be encouraged. Besides, they’re too competetive and doesn’t everyone have to win?

  • wileyvet

    So how do they cut their food in the cafeteria? I suppose they have confiscated letter openers and scissors from the offices, and removed fire axes from the fire stations around campus. No pruning shears for the gardeners, starter’s pistols for track, and no baseball bats for the ball team. Somebody gets paid an awful lot of money to come up with this stuff. “What do you do for a living sir?” “I’m a pu**y”

    • puppydog35

      Call the riot squad we have students bashing each other with clubs

  • T800

    One could use an epee for self-defense,whack the perp on the side of the head,torso,and thighs quite hard,and leave a nice welt or two on the attacker,to identify them later. Whack a knee and you could leave them limping badly.(but still no counter to a gun-armed vermin.)
    Myself,I’d carry a can of pepper spray and an Asp collapsible baton,if on a college campus.

    But,naturally,the “progressives” are against self-defense. Even with non-lethal weapons. You’re supposed to submit to the criminals.

  • T800

    I guess the students will just have to train with canes.(like in aikido)
    Or disguise their epees as canes….
    Or both. B-)

  • Hard Little Machine

    So Wii fencing?

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    Weapons of mass non-destruction …

    Several years ago, my university was putting on a production of the play I Hate Hamlet. Since I was certified as a combat choreographer, I was brought in for the “fight scene”.

    The hoops that I had to jump through just to get the sabres (a heavier kind of fencing foil) on campus almost caused me to tell them to go to Wal-Mart and buy plastic Conan swords. Then, I realized that they would consider those weapons, too.

    The stupidity never ends …

  • Timothy Ace Holleran

    It would have been nice to name the school in the piece.

    • CowboyUp

      I’m guessing from the reference to cold, NDSU is North Dakota State University.

  • canminuteman

    I would guarantee that way more people have been killed by baseball bats than have ever been killed by fencing “weapons”, are they going to ban those as well. How about javelins? Archery? Shot put? I suppose I shouldn’t be giving them ideas.

  • CowboyUp

    Is NDSU teaching anything that requires the use of scalpels, hobby knives, or hammers? If so, it’s a clear violation of their weapons policy. Also, if they have an ROTC program, their DnC rifles are in violation, operable or not, and their guidons must have the spears and ferrules removed. No javelin throw in track and field either.

    The wussification of America continues…

    • HG

      They do have ROTC and they carry weapons. Rumors are that these war mongers might shoot over 1,000 people in the near future. There weapons must be confiscated and turned into plowshares for use in the Agriculture department. However I doubt that they would have plows because of the sharp points. Also, how about the horns on the cattle – can’t have that.

  • MRHapla

    To be joined by the ban on car antennas, what’s next weed whackers?

  • MRHapla

    The Penis Envy of the PC Left is as dangerous as it is amusing as it is pathetic.

  • Seth

    If only it were a women’s fencing team so they could fight back under Title IX.

  • sortfn

    Thank the judicial/legal system. If anyone gets killed or injured, the school just point to the manual which they were following, which was approved by a duly appointed standards and regulations committee, comprised of experts who are NOT THEM. So if anyone should be sued…

  • 20pizzapies

    This issue is neither left nor right wing , it is just plain stupid .I took fencing as sport for two years in school , the blades are not sharp tipped or edged nor are they real swords at all as they can not slice or puncture. The overzealous safety officer or whoever it is who instituted this policy is simply a moron .There is no political issue here . Stupid transcends all party lines . Will the baseball team start using whiffle balls and bats ?

    • HG

      You’re wrong. Political correctness is a left wing “thing”. So is “zero tolerance”. I could think of a few others but I bet it wouldn’t convince you.

      • 20pizzapies

        First off , a mentality such as yours could only convince like minded dimbulbs like yourself .It is part of the tea bag Diatribe to attribute foolishness like this to your political opponents , so you don’t convince me nor do you surprise me . Your lot has already gone beyond childishness to outright buffoonery , like the latest utterance from that schmuck rancher in Arizona running for office . It’s your speed and I guess you got to live with it eh Duncan ?

  • the_npp

    Gosh! Just wait until they find out footballs are, in fact missiles! And baseballs are like grenades! And soccer nets are JUST LIKE the nets used to capture people! And running stresses and overheats the human body, thus causing harm to the students who jog!
    Oh my!

  • rhhardin

    You can get some pretty impressive welts from sabres until your amateur mates learn the necessary finesse.

  • VoteOutIncumbents

    At this point one has to wonder if left wingers know how to think?

  • Rick Caird

    This is easy to fix. Simply fire Police and Safety Office Director Ray Boyer and the problem goes away. Do not override him, fire him. That will be a lesson to the next guy. The more we allow the Boyer’s to get away with their PC nonsense, the more both the Boyer’s and the nonsense we will get.