Darth Vader has Higher Favorability Rating than Hillary Clinton or Obama

credit: Photo Phiend

credit: Photo Phiend

And if you don’t like Darth Vader, you’re a racist.

FiveThirtyEight, the pointless media spinoff site that isn’t Vox (but is also 39% less anti-Semitic than Vox), asked Americans for their favorability ratings of Star Wars characters. USA Today and the Washington Post matched them against the favorability ratings of politicians.

Darth Vader has a 58 favorable rating to a 30 percent unfavorable rating. That’s compared to a 49 percent favorable and 45 percent unfavorable rating for Hillary Clinton.

While this means that Americans think more highly of Darth Vader than Hillary Clinton.

Hillary still comes out ahead of Emperor Palpatine with a 31 to 24 favorable to unfavorable. The Emperor however may be suffering from a lack of name recognition with 19 percent unfamiliar and 26 percent neutral. His favorable to unfavorable split is still better than Hillary’s.

Obama is currently running at 51 percent unfavorable to 46 percent favorable, putting him below Hillary Clinton and Darth Vader. As evil overlords go, he’s proven to be disappointing even to many of those who voted for him.


photo credit” Photo Phiend

  • Race_Dissident

    Yeah? But whattdyawannabet Hillbillary is our next prez?

    Faith in the American people? Sorry, but faith no more.

    • Pete

      You don’t think that Warren will beat her. I think Warren will.

      • Race_Dissident

        Strychnine or curare. What’s your pleasure?

        • Pete

          The LEFT will whole heartedly get behind either although Warren has an edge.

          She will throw more red meat and she has less baggage that is acknowledged by the mainstream media or the electorate.

          Of the two I fear Warren more.

          Neither one has any shame. Warren is a fake Indian and flipped houses to make a profit. There is nothing wrong with flipping houses unless you are a Leftist. The MSM will say these are old stories or 1/2 azz investigate them and then give Warren a clean bill of health and say her critics are the liars.

  • Pete

    Darth Vader was redeemed in the end. He also had a sympathetic back story.

    Both Obama and Hillary are children of privilege who made the calculated decision to side with the LEFT for political gain. There is nothing to like.

    • Judahlevi

      Obama and Hillary depend on the left’s racism and sexism to get ahead. On the right, they would get no advantage for either.

      It must be common knowledge on the left that people of “color” (actually all people are people of color if you are not being politically correct) and women receive preference. This is because leftists define people by their skin color or gender, not by their minds.

    • Pete

      “Darth Vader was never redeemed in my mind. Jeez, he blew up whole planets of people. Where’s the redemption? N@zi war criminals were executed for killing thousands by their own orders, and millions as enforcers of N@zi policy. No redemption for them. Why draw the line at whole planets?” – DogmaelJones1

      Grand Moff Tarkin actually blew up Princess Leia’s home world.

      But you have a valid point of discussion and I have no answer that I am absolutely sure of.

  • Blotto

    Hillary never looked better.

  • truebearing

    Well, for one thing, Darth Vader is more honest. At least he admits he’s working for the Dark Side. Also, he doesn’t wear mom jeans and throw like a girl, or wear pant suits and whine about being poor.

  • ThomasER916

    Who cares if it’s “anti-Semitic”? Not me.

    I care more about every White nation being turned into South Africa because of all of the Joe Slovo’s in our government and media.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Barack Obama: the “Mini Me” of real life political villains. How humiliating!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I suspect Mini Me polls better.

  • Arlie

    Thanks, I needed the laugh at your headline and I laughed even harder at the first sentence..”I must be a “racist” and a sexist..I don’t like any of them..they’re all equally evil to the core. Although Darth might have some redeeming qualities I’m not aware of. The other two, not so much.