David Brock Claims Hillary’s Bad Book Sales are a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy


Good news. Hillary Clinton’s book Hard Choices isn’t a miserable failure. That’s just what the vast right wing conspiracy wants you to believe.

Sure the Bookscan numbers show that it dropped another 46% and unsold copies are piling up. Hillary Clinton headed to other countries to try and pitch the book to places that still don’t know how bad it is.

But Media Matters chief paranoid lunatic and Hillary enemy/loyalist David Brock has come to the rescue.

According to Nielsen BookScan, sales of “Hard Choices” this past week dropped by 46 percent from the week prior, which was down 44 percent from the week before that. Seeking to squash the book-isn’t-selling story, Correct the Record, a pro-Clinton outside group, released a memo Wednesday night noting that the book was No. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list for the third straight week and blaming the “right wing” for pushing out false information.

Apparently BookScan is an evil right-wing conspiracy.

As proof, Correct the Record claims that, “Hard Choices” has sold more copies than books by a number of leading Republicans including Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Rick Perry, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, Tim Pawlenty, Herman Cain, Ron Paul, and Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy.”


So the former First Lady and one of the best known figures in politics has actually outsold books by both Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy.

Obviously neither of those men had advances the size of Hillary’s. Because none of them were expected to sell all that many copies. Hillary was supposed to do Sarah Palin, George W. Bush type numbers. Instead Brock’s little minions are claiming it’s a success because she outsold Tim Pawlenty.

Brock may not be sane, but his trick of getting liberal media outlets to respew his talking points is still sound. Unfortunately talking points don’t move books. They just spin the resulting failure.

The media has spent six years doing that for Obama. Now it’s beginning the arduous process of explaining how Hillary Clinton’s failures are really big successes.

  • Pete

    David Brock was adopted.

    Is a real life version of Theon Greyjoy?

    • hooneybee


    • Daniel Greenfield

      He imagines himself to be littlefinger

      • Pete

        That does make sense. Like Lord Baelish, David Brock has been unlucky in love and his political positions are unprincipled but lucrative.

        He said that his previous investigative reports of the Clintons were untrue, but we know they are true. The money must be very good.

        Sometime between 1994 and 1998, Brock flipped. I don’t think he did it simply, because he checked which way the wind was blowing. I think he did it, because he was gay.
        I read biographies to try to learn what makes a person in the news tick.

        I don’t know how his adopted parents treated Mr. Brock.
        But if I had to guess, I would have to assume fairly well to very good. He made it through the Univ. of California at Berkeley with a B.A. in History and several years of employment without problems. Not in all cases. but in many cases if a person’s family life has been messed up they would start spiraling down sooner.

        As it is now he is loved by the Left. He is established professionally and financially. Yet, his life is problematic and it is not due to cis-people.


        ” In Blinded by the Right (2002), Brock said that he had reached a turning point: he had thoroughly examined charges against the Clintons, could not find any evidence of wrongdoing and did not want to make any more misleading claims. Brock further said that his former friends in right-wing politics shunned him because Seduction did not adequately attack the Clintons. He also argued that his “friends” had not really been friends at all because of the open secret that Brock was gay”


        • Daniel Greenfield

          He’s also rather unstable and paranoid.

          • Pete

            That sort of came out when he threw is boyfriend out and changed the locks.

            Question is has it been the same since then?

            There is a lot of drama with heteros. IMO there is more with non-heteros.

  • Odin2

    So many Hillary supporters can’t read.

    • hooneybee

      also funny !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      They don’t have to read to cash welfare checks

      • Odin2

        Good point.

  • USARetired

    By now everyone is aware of the fact that Hillery is a ‘loose canon, with an illegal mindset, and has no recollection of what is truth , fiction, or lies. That said, it makes her an evil minded, bad mouthed, untrustworthy individual who must retire into obscurity!

  • DogmaelJones1

    Brock could’ve have mentioned that Kevin McCarthy, the California
    representative and majority leader-elect, is the secret son of Kevin McCarthy,
    the actor, and that part of the vast right-wing conspiracy is to turn
    Democratic voters into pod people. Must give Brock a lot of sleepless nights!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      a man who snorts more cocaine than all of Hwood is going to have a lot of sleepless nights

      • DogmaelJones1

        I didn’t know that about him. In fact, until you mentioned him, I’d never heard of the creep before.

        • Pete

          That is because you were busy working, writing books.

          • DogmaelJones1

            And writing books worth reading.

          • Pete

            Set in the age of sail around the time of the revolution give or take 30 years. I looked it up. But I forgot the post and the name but there were 6 to a dozen of them in the series.

            What are the names again?

          • DogmaelJones1

            That’s the Sparrowhawk series, six titles, one nonfiction companion to the series. Also, you might try one of my Roaring Twenties detective noves (China Basin, The Pickwick Affairs, The Daedalus Conspiracy, The Head of Athena, The Chameleon, A Crimson Overture). These and other novels are very popular.

      • Pete

        I don’t know, who Jack Shafer is, but I take what he says with a grain of salt as big as the black whole at the center of the Milky Way

        ” textual analysis backed by a Nexis dump could help prove the assertion”

        The phrase textual analysis by a journalist makes me suspicious. I think it means cover up or spin.

        Jack makes it sound easy and calls out Daily Caller for not doing it. Then Jack Shafer does not produce the goods. My guess is that we will have to wait 5 or 10 years until all the laundry is hung out to dry. In which time we will know that David Brock has a drug problem (among others) and Jack Shafer has “Moved On”.

        Brock is on board for Hillary 2016. When she doesn’t make it will he have a melt down?


        “A Washington figure given to erratic behavior? On prescribed meds? Rumored to be imbibing illegal drugs? Given to grandiosity and terrorizing his staff? It sounds pretty standard to me and not much of a story. Stitched together with this anonymously sourced crap is the assertion that several prominent journalists and news organizations are pushovers for Media Matters findings, including MSNBC, Washington Post blogger Greg Sargent, Ben Smith (formerly of Politico and now editor of BuzzFeed), James Rainey of the Los Angeles Times, Sam Stein and Nico Pitney of the Huffington Post, Brian Stelter of the New York Times and Joe Garofoli of the San Francisco Chronicle.

        The Daily Caller doesn’t bother to quantify in any way the alleged lapdogism of these reporters and outlets. Have they run with hundreds, scores or dozens of Media Matters tips? Or just a few newsworthy ones? A textual analysis backed by a Nexis dump could help prove the assertion, but the Daily Caller doesn’t bother to do the work, preferring to allow anonymous sources to call Smith, Sargent and others Media Matters dupes without testing the proposition.”



  • JackSpratt

    Brock is just a disgusting pervert with and extra-evil mind.

  • DogmaelJones1

    I can just see it now: Hillary on her knees before she goes to bed, praying to St. Ted Kennedy: Please, Ted, don’t let people put my book on stores’ remainder tables, or sell them to second-hand shops, because I’m a poor little working-class girl, and I won’t receive royalties on second-hand sales. And, yes, I’m keeping the advance. I have mortgages and bills to pay, and supporters to pay off for being supporters. It isn’t fair.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I’m waiting till copies start appearing in the Strand two buck bin

      • DogmaelJones1

        Count on it. I used to shop at the Strand when I lived in NYC. Many of the most famously touted books and bios had a very short shelf life and a very long bin life — until they were removed and sold to book pulpers at probably a nickel per title.

  • truebearing

    How exactly does this Right Wing book sale conspiracy work? Most of the reviewers are liberals. Are there snipers at every bookstore, just waiting to shoot anyone who buys Hillary’s latest autolieography?

    Snort another line, David. I’m sure you’ll come up with something more sane than this latest variation on the same paranoid theme.