De Blasio and Al Sharpton Break Up, Fight Over Custody of Racism


The honeymoon is over.

If there was any Mayor of New York City that Al Sharpton should have been able to get along with it should have been Bill de Blasio, but then again Sharpton also couldn’t get along with De Blasio’s boss, David Dinkins.

Despite Sharpton’s lucrative career of not paying taxes and misreading teleprompters for MSNBC while hosting racist rants by Attorney General Eric Holder, he still can’t resist the siren song of a black man being killed by the NYPD.

Meanwhile Red Bill is just as radical as Sharpton, he just doesn’t want New York voters to realize it. Sharpton isn’t really all that radical, but has built a career out of doing a fake “Black Power” thing.

And so an idiotic object collided with a radical force leading to this…

Mayor Bill de Blasio was furious when the Rev. Al Sharpton lectured and threatened him from the dais at last week’s City Hall meeting over the police chokehold death of Eric Garner, The Post has learned.

De Blasio thought the activist preacher publicly humiliated him by spouting off from a seat of honor directly to the mayor’s left, sources said Thursday.

“He was really pissed at what Sharpton did,” one source said.

“He felt [Sharpton] embarrassed him, and he regrets now that he let the press in and that he moved Sharpton up [to the dais].”

Sharpton was initially supposed to be seated away from de Blasio with other community leaders, the source said.

During statements to reporters before their closed-door, roundtable discussion July 31, Sharpton told de Blasio that if teenage offspring “Dante wasn’t your son, he’d be a candidate for a chokehold.”

Sharpton also demanded the mayor “go from hope to actuality” and warned: “If we’re going to play spin games, I’ll be your worst enemy.”

Sharpton being your worst enemy means that he will put on a purple jumpsuit and lead a small mob of ex-conts to chant racist threats outside your store, before one of them burns it down.

Gracie Mansion can probably handle it.

The only question is, in this divorce, who gets custody of the Race Card?

  • BMS

    Mr. De Blasio the people of New York city elected you as mayor NOT Al Sharpton that racist divider and self-promoter who would never ever miss an opportunity to get his ugly face in front of a camera. Start showing some kahunas Mr.De Blasio and put Al Sharpton in his place, or you Mr. Mayor will be with us for only one term.

  • Pete

    The Left is known for rabble rousing. It is how they grab the spotlight and get elected.

    To be fair Jesse Jackson rabble rouses not only to enrich himself as a nonprofit CEO but also in in a attempt to get elected.

    So I think di Blasio should be a little more philosophical about Sharpton’s remarks.
    He might regard the remarks more as a friendly fire incident and not due to hostile intent.

  • Pete

    I have yet to see where national level politicians condemn anyone for having dual Mexican and American citizenship. That is considered cool.

    I have a cousin, who had duel French and American citizen ship. The U.S. military told him he would have to give up the French citizenship or give up his military career. Have not seen a similar case, when it came to Mexican citizens.

    Duel citizenship actually makes sense. You can get through customs faster and the work rules in other countries are easier to navigate. Plus when jihadis (your buds) hijack a plane again you can say you are something other than American. Much better to be Swedish or Norwegian than American if the PLO takes to hijacking planes again.