De Blasio Inaguration Featured Prayer by Pro-Farrakhan Muslim Imam

imam de blasio

Bill de Blasio’s inauguration was marred by ugly talk about plantations and slave blocks. But it was also marred by an appearance by Imam Askia Muhammad of the Department of Corrections.

Imam Askia Muhammad was chosen as a prison chaplain to deliver a prayer, which he did, beginning by praising Bill De Blasio and urged that “the needs of the people be treated as holy”. It was a boilerplate invocation of Bill de Blasio’s agenda. But less remarked upon was who the Imam was.

The Department of Corrections’ chaplain got his start in the Nation of Islam and eventually joined Wallace Deen Mohammed’s more conventionally Islamic, American Society of Muslims, (aka American Muslim Mission) which had more Mohammed and fewer UFOs and mad scientists than conventional Nation of Islam theology.

While Imam Askia Muhammad is not a member of the Nation of Islam at the time, his testimony in a Department of Corrections lawsuit shows that he does support Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

Another Imam identifies Askia as a former Nation of Islam member and the testimony summary states, “Contrary to plaintiff’s allegation, Imam Askia does not find NOI beliefs to be offensive.  Imam Askia is well acquainted with Minister Louis Farrakhan and agrees with many of his teachings.”

It’s not clear which of the teachings of the hate group, Imam Askia Muhammad agrees with. But it is clear that he does not find any of the Nation of Islam’s racist views, including its belief in racial superiority to be offensive and its anti-semitism to be offensive.

The Nation of Islam’s official platform of beliefs include a rejection of integration (an ironic sentiment considering Bill de Blasio’s interracial marriage which the Nation of Islam is opposed to and once called for prohibiting) and claims of white racial inferiority calling white people “potential humans who haven’t evolved yet”.

(An interesting sidenote is that Farrakhan’s Final Call had a senior editor named Askia Muhammed, but he does not appear to be the same person as the Imam though it’s hard to be sure.)

Imam Askia Muhammad doesn’t find Farrakhan’s bigotry offensive. The question is does Bill de Blasio?

  • Chris Gait

    I used to live in New York, in Forest Hills Queens. It’s there that I learned to tell good Jewish jokes, with the accent of the neighborhood. It’s there that I probably picked up such an admiration for the Jewish people. So it always amazes me when Jews in New York vote for the kind of anti-semitic trash represented by the Obamas and DeBlasios of this world. Why do the smartest people in the world consistently risk all our lives by voting for the left and its agenda of falsehood and destruction? If this were a Republican mayor, even a nominally Republican major like Bloomberg, would the media take note of using a chaplain with ties to the KKK? I’m betting they would.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      De Blasio didn’t win the Jewish vote more than any other vote. And some of the more Jewish areas went for Lhota.

    • Omar

      There are a few things to clarify regarding Bloomberg and his politics. It is a fact that Bloomberg is not a Republican. He is an independent. He was a Democrat turned Republican turned independent. Before the 2001 mayoral election, Bloomberg was a lifelong Democrat. The only reason why he switched to the GOP was to compete in the general election against Mark Green. Bloomberg was an affiliated Republican (a RINO actually) for only 6 years until he dumped the party in 2007 and became a non-affiliate. For the past 6-7 years, New York City was led by a mayor who wasn’t affiliated with either major party, which is somewhat rare in American urban politics. And yet, there are some people who still erroneously believe that Bloomberg is a GOP politician, despite the fact that 1. He left the GOP in 2007 and 2. Many of Bloomberg’s general politics are left-wing. The soda issue is one of many issues in which Democrats are on board with the now former mayor, while Republicans are opposed to. Here’s a good question to those people who still believe the false thinking about Bloomberg and the GOP: who did Bloomberg endorse for president of the United States in the 2012 election? Hint: it wasn’t Romney. Anyway, it is horrible that New York City now has a Communist for mayor. Last year, New Yorkers were informed of Warren Wilhelm, Jr. and his extremist past, as well as his extremist ties to far-left individuals and organizations. And yet, Wilhelm still won the mayoral election back in November. Joe Lhota should have won that election back in November. Because of poor judgement, as well as the left’s monopoly in urban politics, New York City will have a Communist mayor for the next four years. We need to engage in non-cooperation with the Wilhelm administration until it is time to vote him out of office in the next mayoral election.

      • Lou Hodges

        The only reason Bloomberg switched, is he’s a schizophrenic communist convert on the brink of extinction, trying to stay in the game with an emerging case of Alzheimers.


          You’re a DeBlasio speechwriter.

    • Lou Hodges

      Some people have to get a swift kick in the pants before they wake up, that’s all this is. Good swift kick in the pants, and I’m being polite.

    • Pat

      Bloomberg was not “nominally Republican.” He was authoritarian PROGRESSIVE through and through.


        You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

        See “progressive” DeBlasio.

    • DB1954

      Maybe it’s remarkable that some Jews voted for DeBlasio, but lots of Christians voted for Barack Obama, notwithstanding his membership in an apostate “church” in which ordained clerics regularly and openly engaged in anti-Semitic rants, racist diatribes, and called for wealth redistribution–i.e., government THEFT of private wealth. Some Christians voted for him twice! There’s enough shame to go around for everyone.

    • PharmDoc61

      For some reason the Jews always march lock step with the Democrats, much to their detriment.

  • Veracious_one

    Bill de Blasio won because they couldn’t field a more anti-American in time for the election…

  • A Z

    People like Iman Askia, Louis Farahkhan & Kamau Kambon are scary.

    The Democrats break bread with these people, elect them and then turn around wondering why they are not more popular.

    • A Z
    • DB1954

      OMG. Kamau Kambon has broken our code and somehow knows of our plans for extermination of all non-white people. One of you white people out there must have left your secret decoder ring where Kambon found it. Now we are unmasked and undone! Ye gads! Our beautiful dream is melllllting …

      • defcon 4

        Maybe Kambon would be happier back in Africa — there aren’t many whites left there and they’re population is shrinking all the time.


      Looks like a savage.

      Speaks like a savage.

  • Lou Hodges

    I don’t think DeBlasio could find his own socks. The guy is a nutter. Reminds me of a Peter Sellers character.


    Imam Askia Muhammad of the Department of Corrections?

    He is on the wrong side of the bars.


      Without the “prison industrial complex”, Imam Askia Muhammad of the Department of Corrections would be on welfare.

  • dusel1

    Islam is not a religion, but you will recognize it as a sick political venture whose goal is to annihilate Christians and Jews, while at the same time degrading and humiliating their own female gender members.

    • defcon 4

      That’s a VERY unfair and unflattering description of islam. After all, the magnanimity of muhammad and islam is well known. They won’t hesitate to kill Zoroastrians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists or atheists given half the chance.

  • GregAbdul

    This is basically a lie. Imam Askia is an African American who like most in the old NOI have left those teachings. Farrakhan resurrected the hate whitey stuff after the NOI was transformed into a mainstream Muslim organization. Imam Askia is not “with Minister Farrakhan.” Robert Spencer has more in common with Farrakhan than Imam Askia. Mr. Greenfield: I am still trying to figure out how you look in the mirror when you basically do nothing more than lie on people for a living. Please Mr. Spencer. Where’s the decency? Did you mother raise a man who would grow up to take money from rich bad people to lie and lie and lie? Imam Askia is a mainstream Muslim. He does not belong to the NOI and this is just another of 1,000 lies and anyone who looks for two seconds knows you are lying for money. Isn’t that something like the opposite of religion?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      While Imam Askia Muhammad is not a member of the Nation of Islam at the time, his testimony in a Department of Corrections lawsuit shows that he does support Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

      The testimony summary states, “Contrary to plaintiff’s allegation, Imam Askia does not find NOI beliefs to be offensive. Imam Askia is well acquainted with Minister Louis Farrakhan and agrees with many of his teachings.”

      • GregAbdul

        Mr. Greenfield, you have NEVER spoken with this man. You obviously have a desire to write.But if you are not being absolutely as honest as you can, your writing is tainted, like ink into a glass of pure water. Please, all human hearts love goodness. The story of what some call a split was not even a split. Farrakhan took a few of the hateful ones and restarted the Nation of Isalm after it was ended by Warith Deen Muhammad. In a way I don’t expect you to know this because it is an African American Muslim thing. All those who are not with Farrakhan are explicitly against him, but they are not going to openly call Farrakhan names. This is out of them trying to have the best manners. People like Imam Askia first taught me Islam. They are thoroughly against Farrakhan and his desperate attempt to maintain nazism in the black community. If someone pays you to lie and your heart is the heart of a writer, you don’t like lies and the writing is a religion. Tell me you asked him personally and he told you he loves or even like the NOI and you will have a point. There was a time when Warith Deen Muhammad, the true and final leader of the Nation of Islam had to be surrounded by bodyguards. The NOI has been known to commit acts of violence against its enemies. So the old African American Muslims learned to cool it and not give the nuts reason to come after us. Please write or call Imam Askia and if he says he has no problems with the NOI, then I will believe you. But as you say, he is doing prison ministry, where you will find the only significant NOI populations because in prison, people gather and identify strictly by race. He has to be seen as neutral to work with the prison populations. I say these things because I have studied both the NOI and true Islam. If someone he is Christian and believes in Jesus as lord and then another person comes and says he believes in the Bible, but the Bible tells him that only his people are gods; that there is no heaven or hell and that one day a mothership will come to earth, launch baby ships and destroy the white man, that other person is not a real Christian and real Christians, by simply not following that nonsense, show they find it offensive. Such is the case with Imam Askia. Please stand with Jefferson and the Framers who started our great country. It is wrong to teach people to hate over religion. Such work is beneath a true writer.

      • Imam Askia Muhammad

        Imam Askia Muhammad is a servant of God who loves Freedom, Justice and Equality. He has embraced Islam fully and completely. Islam requires the believer to recognize all of God’s Prophets and Messengers. So Imam Askia Muhammad loves and respects all people of faith and so does most of the American people.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The thing is, they could start burning Jews in the streets of NYC and liberal Jews there would peer over the tops of their NYT’s and smile wanly.

  • Daniel Greenfield

    I’m quoting the Imam’s testimony from an official DOC document. If you want to claim that he didn’t mean what he said, then he’s the liar.

  • Sonia

    I know imam Askia Muhammad personally and have not ever heard any Nation Of Islam talk from him. He is a good brother who loves Islam and peace. He is very insightful about the Quran and Hadith, as well as, respectful of everyone. There has not ever been a hateful word spoken by him in my presence.