De Blasio Time: NYC School Cancels Gifted Classes Over Lack of Diversity


Wait till De Blasio stooge Carmen Farina gets around to really trashing Stuyvesant. There clearly isn’t enough diversity there. But you have to start small.

A popular gifted program will get the axe after Ditmas Park school officials chose diversity over exclusivity.

Citing a lack of diversity, PS 139 Principal Mary McDonald informed parents in a letter that the Students of Academic Rigor and two other in-house programs would no longer accept applications for incoming kindergartners.

“Our Kindergarten classes will be heterogeneously grouped to reflect the diversity of our student body and the community we live in,” McDonald told parents

If McDonald really means that, she would dissolve the separate grades altogether and group students together based entirely on diversity.

MacDonald is making the argument that students shouldn’t be grouped together based on learning ability, but on skin color. That’s not just an argument for eliminating gifted classes. It’s also an argument for eliminating grades. Just clump all the kids of various age groups together based on race.

Identity politics is more important than learning now.

At least one parent described the small gifted program, Students of Academic Rigor — or SOAR — as overwhelming caucasion, although others disputed that characterization.

One mother, a Sudanese immigrant, said the program was brimming with white students — but she was looking forward to her daughter joining after years of high test scores.

“Where are they going to put the higher-level students?” asked the woman, who declined to give her name. “Sometimes, there are different levels, and teachers can’t handle all the levels in one class.”

They don’t need to. Just teach to the lowest common denominator. Send any kids who can’t keep up to special ed. Send smart kids who get bored to be medicated for Attention Deficit Disorder. Move all the kids along regardless of their performance.

And cripple any hope for those same diverse minorities by failing to challenging them and devaluing their education.

Public school education. It really works.

  • kasandra

    Face it, there is no standard of performance or behavior that can withstand political correctness (aka, whatever the left wants at any given moment).

    • laura r

      when i was in public school we had a dress code. now the students look like bums, so does everyone else.

  • Habbgun

    It’s called Common Core because any one not in their elite circle is considered common. If they would have gifted classes they are pretending someone can or should get ahead without having the right parents, saying the right things to the right people. You wouldn’t want Wilhelm to be hypocrite would you?

  • Infovoyeur

    This resembles the Seattle bus FBI ad. A democratic senator [?] complained that the 20 pictures of the Most Wanted Terrorists were discriminatory because of lack of diversity, there were no or too few white people present….. Many causes for this insanity, including a nice idea, equalitarianism, becoming transmogrified, grotesque, ham-fisted… It will play its part in doing us in…. ##

    • laura r

      trust me on this, i stand by this: IF all the terrorists were white, no one would complain. people are programed to believe this. also no one mentioned that they were all men. where are the women? if you want to be picky, we can make a fuss about that as well. ok, add women. but where are the trans women? oh i forgot, trans women & muslims are never terrorists. only white men. did i get it right?

  • pupsncats

    We certainly cannot put up with children who happen to be more intelligent than others in the public schools. They can’t possibly believe they shouldn’t have to sit in a classroom bored to death. They will learn that wasting their talents and their lives is a sacrifice for the diversity, collectivist god who is after all, the only true god.

    • A Z

      You never will have equality. I drill that into the heads of my kids.

      What we can have for everybody is Continuous Improvement. Everyone can get better, work smarter and enjoy more.

      But equality is a dog chasing its’ tail.

      • pupsncats

        Fortunately, back in the 60’s, kids had the opportunity to attend different levels of classes where the intelligent ones could actually learn something. The “general” classes were, even then, leveled to the lowest common denominator and in my junior and senior years, the uncontrollable, disrupting students took over those classes.

        • A Z

          ” The “general” classes were, even then, leveled to the lowest common denominator and in my junior and senior years, the uncontrollable, disrupting students took over those classes.”

          and that is the problem

          Then again my old man told me in a way public education was good because you learned how to deal with those type of people at school and so you had an ideal how to deal with them at work.

          Yo can argue those types get fired, go to jail or drop out of society.

          Others learn how to be more covert in the backstabbing and disruption.

          • CaoMoo

            In my experience the lazy and stupid get promoted to be someone elses problem and we hard workers have to do their share of the work until we break like a used mule. Which is why I had to have many surgeries and am disabled at what should be my prime. Our society rewards stupidity the moral is be dumb and get ahead someone else is to blame for your problems and someone else will pick up your slack. This lesson starts with the ridiculous baseless self esteem taught to children that then becomes the entitlement complex we see everywhere today.

        • Drakken

          Not in the schools I went too, we had more male than female teachers and those teachers were never afraid to show you the error of your ways. If you effed up, God himself wouldn’t protect you from either the teachers, vice principal or principal and then the parents. Boards of education were the rule, not the exception.

        • pen44

          pupsncats, my brothers & I were in those “college prep” & exceptional classes back in the ’60’s. One of my brothers even attended some high school classes while in junior high. My granddaughters got bored, attended an “early out” program to graduate early.

          We are now in the process of turning all students into drones, USSR style. We are exceptional, contrary to what 0 thinks & says.

  • De Doc

    So those with the highest academic potential will be dumbed down in the interest of equality and mediocrity.

    • laura r

      public is no place for academic protential. that is very clear. the message is, “if you cant afford a private school thats your bad luck”.


      Lower standards to the lowest common denominator.

      Make smart people dumb.

    • whthfk1

      Dumb down the population it’s easier for our Marxist overlords to rule. This has been the progressive plan all along.. Obama did the same exact thing in DC the minute he entered the formally known as the WhiteHouse which is now known as the outhouse till these piece of crap and it’s family get the hell out.

  • laura r

    the public schools are for the poor or ignorant. anyone else goes private. nothing to see here.

    • glpage

      That would work out a lot better if the left would allow school vouchers. Other than supporting the teachers unions I can see only one other reason they don’t like vouchers. It would allow people from the wrong demographics get ahead and maybe be able to be real successful. We certainly wouldn’t want the under class folks to better themselves now would we.

      • Robert Lande

        The left has to keep those dependent on government entitlements on the Democratic plantation.

      • Jenkem Huffington

        He who pays the piper picks the tune. Vouchers are a socialists wet-dream. Once private schools become hooked on the government money they will be forced to conform to the same “high standards” of the public school system…. or whatever other mandates the socialists dolling out the money care to demand.
        Handouts ALWAYS come with a string attached when you’re dealing with government.

  • laura r

    the public schools used to have 3 seperate groups. academic, commercial, & general. there was a 4th group which skipped the 8th grade. this was in jr high. i dont know how they seprerated for grade school, but somehow the same children were always grouped together. btw, it was boring no matter what group you were in.

    • A Z

      Bright kids who are bored in school turn into juvenile delinquents because they are bored.

      But i guess that is okay with the liberals because then they will have more diversity in the prisons.

      • laura r

        hell w/stats. i was bored to death, it was p/t jail. after elementary school i would go right to the TV, as it was more stimulating. (or play on the street). TV was excellent those days. i knew every commercial by heart. TV guide was my bible. also mystery stories, sometimes reading. so after school i was NEVER bored. jr high& highschool finished @ 3pm. i would change clothes & go out. sometimes do homework first. i never drank alcohol ever, stopped smoking 25yrs ago. there are many OCDs that bored people do. but i guess that the LA times keeps it simple.

      • Hisdoulos

        My husband was one of those, dropped out of school in his junior year, bored to death. A few years later he took the GED to get his diploma tested in the 95%.

        Same with my youngest son, what a fight to get him into higher grade classes. He qualified for the TAG (talented and gifted) classes in mathematics, but eventually they ran out of all math classes and sent him to the local community college to take college level math classes. He got his adult high school diploma a year and a half earlier than if he stayed in high school.

        Both had a bout with juvenile delinquency and both were caught early by the law and now both are business owners and productive members of society.

        • A Z

          We might not want kids to marry, go into debt for house, car and business at 16, but I think gearing the educational system to ‘graduate’ kids at 18 is a mistake.

          I see other countries, where they graduate at 16, such as the Phillipines and Germany. We are doing our youth a disservice.

  • glpage

    Forcing the LCD on people is done under the rubric of equality. The left doesn’t want equality of opportunity, they want everyone to be equal. You would think they would notice that people are different in ways other than just skin color and ethnicity. But, that appears to be all they can handle. So, since they believe everyone is the same I suggest they just let some old schmo off the street take care of a loved one in a medical emergency. That would give them an early chance at seeing the real fruits of what Obamacare will deliver.

    • laura r

      everyones the same if they are not very rich. its just a way to control the masses.

      • A Z

        “Mao was late.
        He was lingering in his compartment with the female teacher ”

        “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” – Napoleon


          Who knew that Chairperson Mao had groupies.

          • A Z

            Mao got the best of everything and the most of everything.

            If you put away the labels of capitalism and communism, you can see he is the 1%. He just justifies it a different way. He does so with brute force and a schtick. The communists starved under him. Then he got rid of Chinese intellectual capital and threw it to the wind. By 1978 after 25 years of Mao and 4 years of his latest, greatest wife the Chinese were truly Effed!

  • TheJokker

    So it’s wrong to discriminate against Blacks but it is ok to discriminate against whites?

    • laura r


    • pupsncats

      Welcome to the world today.

    • pen44

      Or Asians, who are very adept & competent in education.

      • hiernonymous

        I hear they’re very good at math.

  • Robert Lande

    The next thing will be that we will make the faster runners wear weights when they run the 100 meters. That way they can all finish at the same time.

    • Les Nessman

      Kurt Vonnegut wrote a short story about that very future, called “Harrison Bergeron.” Those with high IQ were subjected to constant “brain shocks” to confuse their thinking. The most talented ballerinas wore heavy weights. The most talented artists were fitted with heavy goggles over their eyes that blurred their vision.

      • rwesley

        And yet, although this story and the book, Welcome to the Monkey House, portray the absurdities of “equality,” Vonnegut identified himself as a socialist. Vonnegut himself remained a sterling example of the intellectual bad faith of the left.

        • Les Nessman

          Yeah, I once had a professor tell the whole grad student seminar that Vonnegut wrote one book, about twelve or fifteen times. Vonnegut gets old quickly.

        • ebonystone

          Vonnegut was a survivor of the fire-bombing of Dresden, and as a prisoner of war was put to work gathering the bodies of the victims for mass burning. That kind of experience would warp anyone.

  • Chris Gait

    Dateline New York: Birth of messiah canceled because a search of the five boroughs could not produce three wise men and a virgin.

  • Teleologicus

    Leftist fantasy ideology is incapable of helping people up, so it seeks to drag others down in order to create the illusion of equality.

    It is all make-believe, denial, wishful thinking, pandering and propaganda, a doomed attempt to force everyone onto the Procrustean bed of theory.

    The problem originates in and is perpetuated by our universities. Unless they are reformed and restored to their proper function of educating rather than indoctrinating students, lasting recovery will be impossible and our sickness will be unto death.

  • Pilgrim786

    Mr. Greenfield:

    Please accept my sincere apologies for failing to respond earlier.You kindly responded to numerous point I’d made. Its the end of the month and our billing is in. Now, I can return to what really interests me and forget about billable hours till Sunday.

    My basic point is that a majority of American Jews:

    1. Vote left; and
    2. Have fear & loathing for American, white Gentiles (aka the most Philosemitic population in the world).

    I did offer the “Hebrew Hammer” as an example of the, seemingly, implacable hostility towards Christ & Christianity as well as white Gentiles, and you, somewhat disingenuously, cited its box office record as proof-positive that its influential.

    First of all, the market for that movie is very, very restricted. When they showed the movie in India, nobody, and I mean nobody, saw it. No one could relate.

    On the other hand, every one of my Jewish and Gentile friends (ages 26-35) has seen it. The film-makers knew their audience and satisfied them.

    In fact, even Seinfeld isn’t popular outside of the US, and I sincerely doubt whether the show enjoys a cult following anywhere except among whites (Jews & Gentiles) of my age group and, more or less, similar socio-economic status (Av. age 27-35; av. income: $70K+).

    The “anti-denti” Seinfeld episode captures another element of Jewish paranoia: discrimination of any kind will ineluctably lead to Auschwitz. Jerry’s GF hates dentists and, of course, hates Jews.

    That your community suffers from paranoia as well as a massive sense of entitlement is indisputable. E.g.; the ACLU’s lawsuit which forced California to remove the cross from its Great Seal cost anywhere between a million to a million and half. If this isn’t an example of outright thuggery as well as a text-book example of narcissism and vindictiveness, then I don’t know what is.

    My tribe, the Gujaratis, have a similar sense of entitlement. They are, almost uniformly, convinced that they are G-d’s gift to America. They hate whites (and make no distinction between Jew & Gentile) and raise their kids to dutifully hate whites. They haven’t even performed the acts of charity that your Tribe is so justly renowned for. They are true parasites: all they do is take and take.

    Fortunately, most Indians are too stupid and too weak and too disunited to pose a threat to the US. The Tribe, or at least a significant portion thereof, is united in its Leftism, and in its fear & loathing of America; and, that, sir, is a real problem.

    I really don’t think that the problem can be addressed unless people are willing to discuss this without violating Goodwin’s Law and without engaging in a Witch Hunt.

    Yes, I know the Lefties don’t reproduce, yes, the Orthodox are more conservative. Still, more Orthodox voted for de Blasio than they did for Lhota.

    I stand by my prior statement regarding most Asians (i.e., over 90%): they are deeply anti-white. Mostly, the product of a weird inferiority-superiority complex where they want to be white, and realizing that they can’t, decide they’ll destroy it. Like that disgusting bully of a kid who’ll smash your toys if he can’t play with them. Indians, especially, are the most disgusting of the lot. The most popular cosmetic in their cesspool nation is called “Fair & Lovely.” They’ve now introduced a version of that product for the vagina. How the fuck can one respect these people?

    The Democratic party’s coalition is united by one thing only: anti-white hatred and your community is leading the pack. None of the other members have the brains or the money to organize their own home, much less the (un)official party of the USG.

    So deep is the fear & loathing, that the Jewish community is determined to welcome just about any non-white in order to dilute ethnic homogeneity of the US so that whites can’t form a Nazi party. The same whites who never formed such a party when the Nazis were winning. The same whites who fought and died in the pointless and unnecessary wars against the Nazis.

    If you want to pretend that this is just an “antisemitic” “screed” or “rant” then its your business. I’m a well-wisher of your community and I am bringing this up because, in hushed whispers across water coolers, in online discussions, the anti-Jewish sentiment is growing daily, and the disproportionate amount of Jewish pols, intellectuals, and businessmen telling us how to live our lives and reminding everyone how racist they are is getting to people.

    If something isn’t done honestly and openly, the reptilian discussions will move from their subterranean lair to Main Street.

    And then Heaven help us all.

    Because it can happen here. It can happen anywhere.

  • ntvnyr30

    Still waiting for the NBA to adhere to diversity

  • Carolyn VanZorge

    nyc is now a good communist city

  • pen44

    In other words, gifted children, and even average students, will be bored & stunted in what amounts to remedial classes.

  • Jenkem Huffington

    “The quality of education given to the lower class must be of the poorest sort, so that the moat of ignorance isolating the inferior class from the superior class is and remains incomprehensible to the inferior class. With such an initial handicap, even bright lower class individuals have little if any hope of extricating themselves from their assigned lot in life. This form of slavery is essential to maintain some measure of social order, peace, and tranquillity for the ruling upper class.”
    –Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.

    Dumbing down the quality of education to the level of Homo Erectus is key to the goal of a one-world socialist totalitarian government.

  • JamalJenkum

    This is fine, but now in the interest of fiscal diversity we need to start tying social benefits to academic performance. Why shouldn’t we? Since we’re paying to feed, house and care for ‘students’ we need to tie their welfare, section 8 and medicaid benefits directly to school behavior and performance.

    Next time little Shamikia disrepects a teacher, 1 week of food stamps will be forfeited. Each day that Dontarvious and Jamal don’t show up for schoolwill result in the loss of 2 days worth of section 8 housing.

    For bad behaviors (those involving drugs or violence) the punishment shall be harsher. Striking a teacher will result in immediate ejection from any publicly subsidized housing. Bringing a gun to school will result it cutting off ALL benefits for life. Actually striking a teacher will not only result in cutting off benefits, but also require that all of the families assets are seized and all past benefits be repaid in cash or by forced labor.

    If we’re forced to pay for food, shelter and medical care, then why should we allow bad behavior with no consequences?

  • ebonystone

    “Send any kids who can’t keep up to special ed.”

    But be damned sure that the numbers sent to special ed meet all the racial quotas. So that a lot of the miscreants will be left in the regular classes.

  • Seaven Cadoche


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