DeBlasio Ally’s “ID for Illegals” Bill May Help Illegal Aliens Vote


Vote officially that is, under their own names, as opposed to just voting twice under the names of whoever they stole their identity from.

In his State of the City rantfest, Bill de Blasio promised municipal ID’s for illegal aliens. Daniel Dromm, a Bill de Blasio ally, is now discussing whether the illegal aliens will be able to vote with those IDs.

     DROMM: I have a piece of legislation that would allow non-residents to vote in NYC municipal elections…

Back and forth between Ball and Dromm

HOST: Let me ask you though, will the municipal ID be used for voting and can you vote if you have one of those?

DROMM: It’s a possibility, but that may be a way that we can try to find out who people are…

Back and forth between Ball and Dromm

HOST: But answer that question…could it be used for voting?

DROMM: We haven’t determined that yet but it’s a possibility that may be a way that we can have people, for the first time, when they come in to vote, if their non-residents, non-citizens, that may be a way that we could do it.

The answer, yes it can and will be. That’s why Bill de Blasio is pushing the idea. But as the politicians who benefit from voter fraud keep telling us, voter fraud doesn’t exist.

  • Martini

    Unbelievable. In saner times Red Bill would be arrested for sedition.

  • tickletik

    Is that guy actually mayor or is this all some elaborate prank?