Defense Contractor Employed Iranian Engineer Who Stole F-35 Plans


This is what happens when you employ a man with close ties to an enemy country whose religion tells him to make war on non-Muslims in a place where he will have access to advanced weapons designs.

And this is also what happens when you train large numbers of Muslims from enemy countries in advanced technical fields while clueless Republicans chant about pinning a Green Card on every Third World grad with a degree.

And finally this is what happens when you keep making concessions to an enemy country in the expectation that they want peace as much as you do, when they clearly don’t.

A dual Iranian-US citizen was arrested in New Jersey last Thursday for attempting to smuggle to Iran the blueprints related to the F-35 joint strike fighter plane, according to US prosecutors.

Mozaffar Khazaee, 59, an engineer at Connecticut-based defense contractor Pratt & Whitney, reportedly arranged in November for a shipping company to transport 44 boxes labeled “household goods” to his brother-in-law in Hamadan, Iran, via Long Beach, California.

He was arrested at Newark Liberty International Airport as he was embarking on a trip to Tehran through Frankfurt, Germany.

The F-35, the Pentagon’s most advanced fighter jet to date, is slated to replace or complement the existing air fleet in the US and several other countries, including Israel.

Khazaee, who became a naturalized citizen in 1991, was laid off in August during widespread cuts at Pratt & Whitney. According to the affidavit, he has visited Iran five times in the past seven years.

Khazaee is accused of the interstate transportation of stolen goods worth over $5,000, a crime which carries a fine or 10 year sentence with it.

I won’t bother comparing that to Pollard’s life sentence. You can do the math on your own. More relevantly, a contractor employed an Iranian citizen in a position where he had access to sensitive documents.

How was this security breach allowed to happen and does Pratt & Whitney employ any other dual citizens from enemy countries?

  • William Fisher

    Well, combine this with Holder’s no religious profiling story and Obamalains appeasement I would venture to say our days as a country are becoming numbered if we don’t somehow clean the mess that is WA DC up and soon.

  • truebearing

    Interstate transportation of stolen goods? That is all they could come up with for charges? Couldn’t they work in a jaywalking charge, or at least disturbing the peace? Or are adherents to the “religion of peace” immune to prosecution for disturbing it? As a citizen, why isn’t he being charged with treason? I’ll gladly contribute the rope.

    • Laser1

      First off, He is a trader to our country. Second he took an oath when he became acitizen that he broke. So I know what our forefathers would do. You contribute the rope and I’ll tie the knot. We just need someone to pull the pin.

      • gto3440

        traitor*…a trader is something completely different…but usually also a criminal…and another thing…ill pull the lever and piss on his grave

    • Mike L

      Exactly. We don’t want to insult our brothers from the “religion of peace” … I guess that is more important than our national security, more important than the half a trillion cost of the F 35 program.

  • Drakken

    If you think this is bad, the Chinese are stealing our secrets like a open market bazar, yet no one in govt does a thing about it out of fear of being called a racist.

  • onecornpone

    Will we allow P & W to claim victim status?

    Their fine for such recklessness should be STUNNING!

  • Anukem Jihadi

    This is what was supposed to happen.


      Wipe the islamofascist regime of iran off the pages of time and history and the face of the Earth.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Death to convicted spies from enemy nations.

  • Hass

    And people are surprised?

  • GSR

    Political correctness plus open immigration is how this happened. Will anything be done about it? Of course not. The immigrant lobby is too strong. Likewise the “pc” pressure.

  • v

    America is self-destructing, and I am not even blaming Obama ( eventhough I think he is the worst ) or Congress ( Second worst), I would blame the ignorant, spineless, politically correct, stupid American public. They put this in motion America’s direction, as they keep electing charlatans who, so long as they enrich themselves, the country be damned.

  • Well Done

    This is even more serious than Homeland Security giving Mohamed Elibiary, a committed Jihadi living in America, access to the sensitive DPS database. What did he do almost immediately? Rifle through it and try to leak a load of files to the media! He should be behind bars then deported when his sentence is done.

    • Hass

      And incredibly, he was reappointed and promoted.
      That was sheer lunacy.

  • Veracious_one

    old rule and it’s a good one….don’t hire Muslims…

  • ntvnyr30

    If this was 1942, would we allow Germans or Japanese into the country? Then why do we still let Muslims in? Diversity will be deadly

    • NotAnIntolerantRacist

      To come to the conclusion that “diversity will be deadly” because of the actions of one person display not only extremely ignorant views, but ones which have in the past caused the death and suffering of so many. For example, look at the intolerance of Hitler and the Nazi regime. Do you suggest that we should get rid of all Americans who are not Caucasian? Or get rid of all Americans with ancestry that is not natively American? Because if that is what you are suggesting, it is absurd and you know it. How can you sit there and imply you have any more right to live in the USA than anybody else? 1942 was a year that saw countless deaths and a ongoing World War! You must be an idiot to suggest that 1942 was a time where the US was doing things right! War necessitates some very terrible decisions, but today we are not living in the middle of a World War and should not act like we are. If everyone had views as intolerant as your own, the world would be in turmoil.

      Diversity does NOT and will NOT be deadly. Intolerance, hatred and the need to discriminate will.

  • Pilgrim786

    A former Chief of Staff who shall remain nameless elected to join the IDF as opposed to the US Armed Forces.

    YOU do the Math. America is not a country. It’s just a business. And the more ruthless the Tribe, the more successful they are at raping and looting this country. Especially since the native, historic Majority is nothing more than a bunch of pussies who do nothing but whine incognito and don’t have the guts to face these parasites head-on.

  • jeffg463

    What did he pass on the the Iranian regime on the other 5 visits?

  • desperaddo


  • DaRueStir

    That is a blatant violation of ITAR, (International Trafficking In Arms Regulations) no corporation in the USA doing defense work is ever allowed to employ foreign nationals period!
    Prat & Whitney should be fined hundreds of millions for that crime!

  • ntvnyr30

    As Ann Coulter said “Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims.”

    The diversity statement was not because of one isolated incident: Muslims are not exactly assimilating into the French and British societies, and to a lesser extent the French and Anglo-Canadians.

    We spend so much wasted time talking about race which is diverting us from more important matters.

    I do not necessarily believe that we should be homogeneous, but we are not assimilating people as we once did. That’s not surprising since leftists are entrenched in government and see the U.S. as the focus of evil in the world. If you think that’s a stretch then you haven’t been following the news.

  • Mike L

    Can someone explain to me why anyone with any, even remote ties to Iran, let alone a
    double US-Iran citizenship was allowed to have access to plans to our
    most advanced technology? You got to be kidding me. I do not care if
    this guy was a rocket scientist and how much he knew. Hiring this guy is the
    stupidest idea I ever heard of. This is the result of our ever-expanding political correctness so, we do not insult anyone – especially Muslims. This guy visited Iran seven times in last five years and it did not raise any flags? This just seriously peed me off, mainly the statement “he faces 10 years in prison” well, what has happened to espionage and treason charges?