Dem Congresswoman on Ukraine: “We Seem to be Between Leaders Now”

KAPTUR It’s hard to know whether to characterize House Ukraine Caucus Co-Chairwoman Marcy Kaptur’s comments on Ukraine as drivel or gibberish. The progressive politician probably doesn’t know herself.

House Ukraine Caucus Co-Chairwoman Marcy Kaptur said Saturday that while she is concerned about the potential for bloodshed in Ukraine, she understood Russian military action.

Just what the Ukrainians wanted to hear, I’m sure.

“If I was President Putin, I would have worried with the collapse of the Party of Regions, about peace in the Crimea … I understand Russia’s military posture. The United States has never been invaded the way Russia has,” Kaptur said in an interview with BuzzFeed Saturday afternoon.

Kaptur is a liberal. You can’t expect her to remember the War of 1812. It wasn’t the one with the slaves. That’s the default Communist sympathizer line that was used to excuse every Soviet invasion of another country because the poor Commies were still traumatized from the time they were invaded… after they signed a pact with Hitler to invade other countries.

Kaptur — a Democratic congresswoman from Ohio and progressive champion — argues ethnic tensions in Crimea drove Putin to take drastic action. “It was not unexpected. I view, and I’m sure the Russians do, [Crimea] as their rear flank … [and] we seem to be in between leaders right now,” Kaptur said.

Does she mean in the United States or the Ukraine? Who knows.

“I don’t know what other choices there were … it’s one of those situations where things got out of control quickly.”

Not to invade, is always a choice.

“I did not mention that Russia does not control territorial waters of the Black Sea,” she said in the email. “That means working with the government of Ukraine, official delegations of international diplomatic leaders could arrive through the Black Sea, engage in fair handed assessments of the current situation, and negotiate through the Ukrainian government deescalation of the current intervention crisis to protect Ukraine’s integrity, recognize Russia’s longstanding interests in its fleet’s access, and move toward peaceful resolution of the Crimean situation to avoid bloodshed.”

Your daily dose of gibberish has been brought to you by another progressive politician.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    if he continues or escalates aggression against Ukraine?

    Click for the answer.

  • A Z

    “we seem to be in between leaders right now,” – Kaptur

    The Ukrainian Parliament appointed a new president within 2 days after Yanukovyvh fled. Does this mean if Congress goes into recess for more than 24 hours Obama can declare martial law?

    Congress Critter Kaptur is an idiot!

    “Yanukovych left the capital on 21 February, fleeing to Crimea first, and further to southern Russia.”

    On 23 February 2014, Turchynov was designated as acting President of Ukraine following the impeachment of Viktor Yanukovych.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      “Does this mean if Congress goes into recess for more than 24 hours Obama can declare martial law?”

      You don’t want the answer to that.

      • A Z

        I posed the question to get people thinking about it, because it crossed my mind that it had crossed their mind.

        • truebearing

          It’s crossed our minds so many times that there are ruts in our brains, but you may as well speak what’s on your mind while you still can.

          • A Z

            I know there are plenty of people all over this and know it well. There may be a few that don’t.

            Like the people, who come over here to try to tear things up over discussions on race & LGBT issues. If (That is a big IF) they want to see what their sparring partners are talking about on other subjects, they just might see the light.

          • truebearing

            There is always hope.

      • A Z

        And no, I really do not want the answer.

        • truebearing

          You may not want it, but you already know it. Do you think he’d wait 24 hours?

          • A Z

            I was not sure who the gunmen were in the fatigues. I thought they might be ex-military or ‘nationalists’, people whom the media would deem right wing extremists. Brainwashing is hard to overcome.

            Somewhere between 24 hours and 48 hours, I knew they would take Crimea. Then a poster at PJ Media identified their military unit. So I was sure they would take Crimea but wait and see about the eastern Donbas. Now today I believe they will take it. Some poster at PJ media said they will take the whole thing. Still not sure of that but I think it is more likely now.

    • truebearing

      “Does this mean if Congress goes into recess for more than 24 hours Obama can declare martial law?”

      That assumes he pays any attention to Congress even when they are in session. But I don’t think a 24 hour recess will trigger martial law. He’s waiting until Putin tells him to.

      • Drakken

        Not to defend Putin, but it is amateur hour with Obummer and his minions and of course Putin is going to take advantage of our weak feckless lack of leadership. Putin has rightly figured out this administration and is tens steps ahead in a game of chess, while Obummer can’t figure out how to put the pieces on the board for a game of checkers. Do you honestly think for a minute, that Putin would have done this under a repub administration? Not bloody hardly.

        • truebearing

          Not only is Obama feckless, I don’t think he cares. It may be worse than that. He has given Russia everything it wants, while sacrificing US security.

          Keep in mind his infamous comment to Medvedev where he assured him he would have “more flexibility” after he was reelected. Beside the disturbing confidence he had in winning, what was he going to be more flexible about?

          He’s been bending over for Russia from the start. If he gets any more flexible he’ll be able to kiss his own derriere, along with Putin’s.

          No, I don’t believe Putin would have done this if we had a Republican president, unless he was John Boehner.

        • obadiahlynch

          What would, say, McCain (?) have done to prevent this? I mean specifically.

          • truebearing

            if he was smart, he’d have turned it over to Palin. She’d resurrect the missile defense system faster than you can say nyet. If that didn’t work, she’d start dismantling treaties that favor the Russians. She’d make it hurt.

          • obadiahlynch

            How would resurrecting the missile system keep Russia out of the Ukraine? That makes no sense.

          • Drakken

            Obummmer and company got caught with their pants down and have less than any response except a few cross words, McCain would at least given a more robust response and would have hurt them in wallet and Putin probably wouldn’t have invaded in the first place, Putin has Obummers number and Obummer is weak and feckless, period. Nothing can be done now that the horse is out of the barn.

          • obadiahlynch

            ‘A more robust response’ so, I assume then that you have no idea what the Kenyan Usurper should be doing different. Romney had the same problem when he ran against Obama.

  • De Doc

    Non-sense from D.C.? Say it ain’t so!

  • RT

    I can’t believe she was actually elected to congress what a joke!!!

    • Gee

      She represents Toledo – go figure – next to Detroit it is the worst city in the region

    • Gerry

      Well she was “elected” usa style,just like Obama.

  • pete

    well, if you stretch it, she’s technically correct. The USA is between Reagan and Ted Cruz

    • obadiahlynch

      LOL Cruz-Palin ’16!

      • truebearing

        COL Obama – Biden for 8 disastrous years.

  • Gee

    I did not see anything threat to Russia or Russian citizens so why exactly did Russia invade?

    Seems that every time Russia gets the Olympics they have to go invade some place for no reason

    • Drakken

      A nice thumb in the eye of Europe and the US, and our complete impotency and incompetence.

  • truebearing

    “we seem to be in between leaders right now,”

    Obama or Putin? Hillary or Obama? Lenin or Mao?

    Of course the moron can see justification in Putin’s power grab. She’s a power-mad leftist. If they had any commandments, or should I say a commandment, it would be: “Thou shalt, in total absence of conscience, ruthlessly commit any act necessary to get more power.”

  • Habbgun

    Welcome to the Obama administration. Now it has goose stepped in sympathy with another player. I thought they would stay isolated and just promote the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt but now they care for the misunderstood needs of Russia in the Crimea and Ukraine. When do we issue an apology to Genghis Khan? Not too late and it is a real teachable moment.

  • Softly Bob

    “Working with” and “move toward” are annoying expressions that Libs are always using.