Dem Congresswoman: Taliban “Part of Fabric of Afghanistan”, Not Terrorists

Item 1: Everything Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif. knows about Afghanistan came from Michael Moore’s books.

Item 2: She’s typical of her treason party.

A Democratic House member said Tuesday she sees a role for the Taliban in Afghanistan’s future government after U.S. forces withdraw.

The Taliban are “part of the fabric of Afghanistan. They were part of the leadership of that country before we engaged there,” Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., told host Kristen Welker on MSNBC, noting that the Obama administration is trying to push the government of President Hamid Karzai to negotiate with the Islamist extremist group “because there will be some cooperation, some level of coordination between the two if that country is going to survive and move forward. So, to say that they are terrorists, at this point, is not necessarily accurate.”

Speier was responding to comments by House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, who said the deal to free five Taliban leaders in exchange for captured Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl would come back to haunt the United States.

“We’re going to pay for this,” he told reporters Tuesday. “There is not any doubt in my mind there are going to be costs — lost lives associated with what came out of this.”

Maybe Speier, who is big on feminism, pluralism and gay rights, should try discussing with the Taliban what role she sees for them in Afghanistan on their own turf. I suspect it would go badly for her.

But at least she said in plain language what used to be confined to policy papers and vague terminology. Obama’s endgame is to bring the Taliban into the government.

This is what I wrote about yesterday in Obama Lied, Americans in Afghanistan Died.

  • Warren Raymond

    She is right, of course. Just like the Nazis were once “part of fabric of Germany”, so are the Taliban “part of fabric” of Afghanistan. I can’t wait to see her try on her burqa and to see her owner beat her when she tries to take it off.

    • kilfincelt

      Yes, and they were terrorizing the Afghan population, particularly women and anyone that didn’t agree with them.

  • mackykam

    Between this dummy, other American dummies, and the influx of muslim dreck into this country say goodbye to the America that once was.

    • Pete

      Give Jackie Speier a break. He got her precious JD and has been in government since before she was 36. She went from county board of supervisors to state senate to congress person. She was in government since at least age 29 in 1979. Within 4 or 5 years from getting a JD she was running for office. she is one of the “I’m the boss of you” type of people. Drek!

      40% of one chamber of congress and 60% of the other chamber are lawyers. A law degree is a nifty thing. I think many of most congress people should have a law degree. But they need something else. They need other degrees and not just a degree that gets them to law school. I think these people are all kinds of ignorant.Yes, I realize that the last sentence was not grammatically correct, but I wrote it anyway with those words for emphasis.

      • mackykam

        If you wish to correct your grammatically incorrect sentence add, “… stupid and dreck”. That will make it a complete and declarative sentence.

        Good God, but she’s scary looking! Bring on the burka.

        • Pete

          English grammar is my weakest point per the ACT but not the SAT. Some regard the ACT as more reliable.

          I chose to use one word. To get across an ideal sometimes less is more.

          I don’t disagree with you. She should know better. She is is not dumb she is stupid.

      • DB1954

        Here we go again: blame the lawyers. Is your lawyer-hate really relevant to this discussion?

        Lawyers are not the enemy. The Taliban is the enemy. Obama and the leftist Democrats are the enemy.

        Idiots are blaming lawyers at a time like this.

        • Pete

          ” A law degree is a nifty thing. I think many or most congress people should have a law degree.”

          You missed that part?

          It would be a bad thing if 40% of the House and 60% of the Senate were made up of engineers by training who immediately went into politics upon graduation (Pick your profession).

          Maybe the ABA or some lawyer group should say we wash our hands of most of the lawyers in Congress. That they may have earned a JD, but they turned away from their training or forgot it and are worthless.

          Thomas Jefferson said something similar about Congress and lawyers. They got into committee and could not get anything done.

          They should have a law degree. They are in politics at the national level. But they should be dual hatted. they should have a JD and something else with experience. That some thing else should not be public administration. I have seen to many people propose this or that policy and supposedly they can analyze things and they are utterly stupid.

          The Romans had the cursus honorum. The American version is get a bachelors degree, get a JD and work for a nonprofit or on a congressional staff or something like that and then run for office. How about start and run a business? How about some military training and service? How about a degree in accounting,economics, an MBA, a STEM subject in addition to a JD.

          Heck librarians need 2 masters degrees. One in the subject of the books collection they will curate and one in library science.

          For a politicians wanna be it is a poly-sci degree (or something), a JD, pop the clutch and they are good to go!

          F_CK THAT SH_T!

          Hillary Clinton Lawyer, Obama, lawyer, Bill Clinton lawyer, …, if this spat goes on much longer a list of the idiot lawyers (not all of the lawyers in congress are idiots)in congress will be compiled.

        • Pete

          Mode (statistics): The mode is the value that appears most often in a set of data.

          Polls say Congress sucks and the government sucks. A quick look at the education and experience of the the elected officials show that they have been in politics forever and are trained as lawyers for the most part.

        • Drakken

          Yes lawyers are the enemy and a bane upon our existence.

      • Drakken

        That is the problem right there, most of these low life’s have law degrees. Maybe we should take Shakespeare’s approach to our lawyer problem.

  • Pete

    Nationalsozialismus part of the fabric of Germany, not bad guys

  • Pete

    Nationalsozialismus part of the fabric of Germany, not bad guys

    – DemoKrat Congress Kritter (circa 1933)

  • john spielman

    I wonder if Jackie would like a blue burka or black niquab to wear, and does she like a complete clitorectomy and infundibulation or just a clitorectomy. How about her daily beatings, and sitting in the dust begging for food since she won’t be able to work except for child raising.
    yes its sometimes diffficult to fix “stupid” but for “delusional”, some serious medication is needed

    • Brucew56

      @john spielman…I suggest a nice duct tape model – 3 layers.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Obama will welcome both the Taliban and Hamas to the White House before long.

    • Judgmentday

      In case you’re not aware, there have been literally dozens of Hamas-connected visitors to the White House during Obama’s reign. All one needs to do is find the WH check-in log during the past 5 1/2 years and you’ll be bowled over by the friends of our Terrorist-In-Chief. As for the Muslim Brotherhood’s visitors, there are too many to count.

      • Hard Little Machine

        I don’t mean unindicted co conspirators. I mean the actual leaders.

  • truebearing

    The Taliban is part of the fabric of Afghanistan like straw is part of the fabric of her brain. She’s a typical leftist that thinks evil ideology is necessarily permanent once it dominates a nation.

  • Ruckweiler

    Does the California delegation consist completely of the worst collection of idiots in the Golden State? Seems that way. So I guess, by her “logic”, that Boko Harum is part of the fabric of Nigeria.

    • mackykam

      I’m sure there are considerable amounts of idiots in the Cal. legislature, not forgetting governor moonbeam. What are the parameters for ‘worst collection’ of idiots?

  • DB1954

    A part of the fabric? No, they were the enemy until Obama.