Dem Gov Jay Nixon Also Wanted to Cover up Michael Brown Robbery/Assault Video

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. He is completing a book on the international challenges America faces in the 21st century.


Michael Brown was a violent criminal and the video proved it. Now top Dems like Holder and Nixon are proving that they’re equally criminal in their frustrated insistence on covering up the video.

It’s a good thing that the Ferguson cops managed to put it out there so that people could see the truth for themselves.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon said his office was unaware that a surveillance video allegedly showing Michael Brown stealing cigars before being shot and killed by a police officer would be released by local police — and he “deeply” disagreed with the decision to make the video public.

The release of the footage purportedly showing Michael Brown getting into a confrontation inside a convenience store “put the community, and quite frankly, the nation on alert again,” Nixon said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday.

Obama and Nixon pandering to the rioters and looters did that.

“We were certainly not happy with that being released, especially in the way that it was,” Nixon said. “It appeared to cast aspersions on a young man that was gunned down in the street. It made emotions raw.”

The video shows the truth. Michael Brown was a fat vicious thug. He wasn’t a “murdered teen”. He was a violent criminal. The only people with an interest in covering that up are Democratic Party race baiters who were feeding off the violent protesters.



  • Webb

    Too bad the little guy didn’t put a round thru his nutbag so the cops could’ve put him out of his misery.

    • truebearing

      Too bad the little guy didn’t know how and where to punch the big, fat bully. Big louts like Brown are used to intimidating people who won’t fight back. They leave themselves wide open to attack because they are stupid and arrogant. If the storekeeper had given him a good shot to the Adam’s Apple, the solar plexus, or the temple, better yet, all three, fatboy would have gone down in a heap and would have been humiliated for life.

      • *Sharpshooter

        You’ve been watching too much TV/movies; time to grow up.

        • truebearing

          I watch very little TV, so you’re wrong on both counts. Apparently you know nothing about martial combat, so I’ll excuse your wisecrack. There are people the size of that store keeper who could take that thug down before he knew what hit him, but I’m not talking about Tae Kwan Do and spinning head kicks. There are some deadly martial combat systems that can even up a size disparity in a hurry. Israel has such a system in Krav Maga. there are others.

          My cousin was out hopping bars one night with some friends. They went to a place that catered to freshman college students. A linebacker from the UW football team got into a verbal exchange with one of Donny’s friends, picked him up, and body slammed him on the ground, breaking his arm. Donny confronted him and knocked him out with one punch. The linebacker outweighed him by at least 75 lbs and was in a lot better shape than Brown.
          Donny was a boxer and used to bare-knuckle brawl in winner take all fights. The loser would lose some teeth and his car.Donny still has all of his teeth. He knew how to punch and he knew where to punch. Smaller men who know where and how to disable a big man have an advantage, especially outside of the ring, in that big bullies like Brown assume they won’t be physically challenged.

          If you would have argued that beating the bully wouldn’t do any good because he and his friends would come back to get even, I would have agreed you had a point. As it was, you had no point.

          • *Sharpshooter

            Yes, there are some such little people.

            How many? There are many that IQs over 150: so what?

            Geez, man, lot’s of neat anecdotes, but try dealing with reality!

      • Bad Barbie

        Stop playing mortal combat.

  • Pete

    We know the drill. elected officials of the Democrat Party and leaders of non-profits/NGOs will create a wave of resentment and stoke it and stoke it until they get elected or re-elected and put into office ad infinitum.

    They know history of the U.S. but they will mis-characterize it to create a historiography beneficial to their being in power. That they do not actually solve problems of poverty or family dysfunction does not matter because their hearts are in the right place and ‘this time trust us it will work’.

    We know what will happen in particular to the police officer.He will be railroaded and deprived of his civil rights by Jay Nixon, Eric Holder and Mr. Acting Stupidly Himself, Obama. They will suppress evidence in court such as this video and present witnesses who believe the historiography of race in America so much they do not need to be coached to lie (which is why we need officer cams).

    We know what will happen in general. The Democrat party will use this incident to whip up their base, beat up on whites, and beat up the Republican party, so they can go on to win elections.

  • macdaddy

    “He wasn’t a “murdered teen”. He was a violent criminal.” Truth be told, from what we know thus far, he was certainly the latter (a criminal), and giving a required benefit of the doubt that a police officer would not just gun someone down without provocation and a then-determined need, likely not the former (a murdered teen), and you have to start from the latter in accurately determining the former.

  • Fed Up

    You know, just as birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim and the sun will rise in the east, so too is the near certainty that whenever a supposedly exemplary minority “youth” is supposedly treated unjustly causing riot and mayhem in the ‘hood, the facts will show he was really just another thug who got what he asked for.

    • Randy Robinson

      So far the facts suggest Darren Wilson is a murderer, actually. You may want to read the most recent news on this case instead of spending all your time reading comments from your fellow ignorant right-wingers.

      • Fed Up

        Hmmm, do the “most recent reports” you refer to include his seriously busted up face he received in the supposedly minor scuffle in the car, that a dozen witnesses say Brown was charging Wilson, the autopsy report that clearly indicates brown was facing Wilson, the overheard conversation on a withness’s video talking ’bout how Brown charged Wilson and that just today, as it happens, the leftwing Politico reports many in the media are beginning to question their own initial “narrative” and rush to judgement? Oh yeah, that and the story of Brown’s supposed innocence and all-around good-guyism, that “gentle giant” tale, was all lies and he’s really just another thug?

        You may want to actually keep up with real news instead of spending all your time reading comments from your fellow ignorant left-wingers.

      • LeCalabro

        Prove that wilson is a murderer. Brown got what he bargained for—he wanted to kill Wilson, the same way Trayvon wanted to kill Zimmerman.

  • Ivan

    Daniel, I’ve been practicing criminal law for 20 years. I know a lot about crime. And the thing that strikes me most about the video is the ease with which Michael brown steals and then pushes around the store owner. He doesn’t run when he steals. He barely reacts when the store owner comes after him. He threatens and pushes around this store owner as if he’s done it all his life. The only emotion Michael brown displays is annoyance that the store owner even came after him. Nobody is born with a hard heart: it takes time and repeated acts of thuggery to develop.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It’s the attitude of someone who has done this before and been through the system.

      • Pete

        If he has been through the system then there is a juvenile record. Will the juvenile record be released?

        • Cyclops

          Not if Holder can prevent it.

          • Bob

            From the NY Post:

            “Attorney General Eric Holder’s race-baiting is no secret. Justice Department documents show the nation’s top cop gave thousands of dollars to help the Rev. Al Sharpton organize marches protesting the death of Trayvon Martin.
            Now he’s sent the civil-rights unit to St. Louis to do the same thing in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.”


          • Marsha

            So we’ve got the Attorney General of the United States using taxpayer money to organize racial riots against the local police. Holder should be in jail.

          • NJK

            Personally, I hope Holder meets an ugly end.

          • pazaparry

            He is already ugly inside and out, just hope his end comes quickly one way or another.

          • Lanna

            Exactly. Especially the looting, rioting, and destruction of property that was done to business owners! Some having more than $50,000 worth of damage…

          • Pete


            That was a very good link.

            Labor Secretary Thomas Perez was RACE BAITING.

            “Why the Obama administration sees racism everywhere”


            “the Meridian school superintendent, Dr. Alvin Taylor, and four of the five Meridian school board members are all black. So is the judge running the juvenile court”

          • stevepoolman

            Show me the records. This is the NY post bro. Its like the national enquirer.

        • Larry S.

          I don’t know much about the juvenile justice system, but I think it would be highly unusual to release juvenile records.

          • Pete

            You would want to work with statistical surveys of large groups of people. You would want to work with neurobiologists. You would want to do Monte Carlo simulations.

            But at some point when a person becomes notorious, you lose the right to anonymity.

            Prosecutors are going to go over every detail of the cops work life and maybe back to the start of highschool. I think we should do the same with Michael Brown. Otherwise it won’t be like a double blind study it will be a study of a situation and it will be a “single blind” study. We’ll know everything about the cop but nothing about Michael Brown but a hagiography.

            That is not fair. It is not fair for the cop and it is not fair for society. If you do not record history accurately you get historiography and that is dangerous. historiography is polemics set into stone. It will not go well. It is asking for future violence.

          • lizzitish

            Lois Lerner is, at this very moment, trying to figure out a way to “delete” his juvi records.

          • Bad Barbie

            What do we know about the cop? Name, employment, and his friend “Josie”? We even know that MB was under the influence of something, according to Josie the invisible witness that was never at the scene. Also, weed stays in your system for weeks.

            For the law experts here… This is a shame that if you in fact practice law, your opinions are based on biased emotions.

          • Pete

            We know the cops name.

            We know he had no runs where he was disciplined.

            On the other hand we do know that Eric Holder, Governor Nixon and the Democrat party establishment tired to suppress the tape. We do know that they are using loaded language.

            Also, weed stays in your system for weeks.
            Also, weed stays in your system for weeks.
            Also, weed stays in your system for weeks.
            rawrrrkk rawrrrkk

            Yes we know that. It could be in your body for years. It is fat soluble, If you lose weight , it could be back in your system. So the press or the coroner did not tell us what the level was or if they can do more than detect it. Between the coroner and the press finding this out will be like pulling hen’s teeth.

            Don’t worry, the funeral is Monday. There will be plenty of time for you to got to Ferguson protest, though urine at the cops until your hearts content and otherwise engage in street theatre.

          • tom donovan

            MB was on more than weed he was not thinking, stealing, assault then walking in the middle of the street. This from a high school grad and going to college this says to me hard drugs like method.

          • Bad Barbie

            Nothing is highly unusual in this county.

        • *Sharpshooter

          When you reach 18, your juv’y records are sealed.

          In addition to what Daniel said immediately above, he also indicates someone who is quite apt at “gaming the system” and is someone who has been told, for a long time, that he can get away with just about anything “if he plays his cards right”.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            The people who are scared of jail are law abiding. Guys like this have been through the system a dozen times.

            They grew up in it.

            They’re not intimidated by it. They know the system is overloaded and that unless they do something big like rape or murder, they’ll be in and out.

          • stevepoolman

            except he had no record.

          • LeCalabro

            You don’t know that—please do not make things up.

    • Harley

      Being so much larger than his peers growing up, he learned early on how to intimidate others was also a factor.

      • Pete

        I wish I could cite a source back to primary documents.

        But supposedly the leader of the Green Mountain Boys, Ethan Allen, was large than most boys or men of his day.

        His father took him aside and told him that there will always be someone bigger than you. His father told him to use his head and not his fists. Maybe his father knew it was not likely that Ethan would run into someone bigger, but he did not want his son to learn the wrong lesson and grow up to be a bully.

        Ethan Allen grew up to be a fine leader and his position was based on his likability and acumen and not on brute strength

        • truebearing

          My father taught my brother and I how to fight when we were kids. He also made us put on the boxing gloves and settle our disputes, while he would referee. He wanted us to be able and willing to defend ourselves. He also told us, repeatedly: “There is always somebody bigger and tougher, so don’t start fights and don’t be bullies.”

          My grandfather on my mother’s side had his own take on things. He was a bare-knuckle prize fighter when he was young. He also liked to hitch rides on trains, which meant fighting the yard bulls who would try to chase them off. His motto was: “the bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

          There is definitely some incongruity in those two messages, but each has some truth. Brown figured he could bully people because of his size, and it finally caught up with him. He fell hard. If he would have been taught by a father to not be a bully, he’d still be alive.

          As with Trayvon Martin, Brown was a bully, a thief, and a fool. A fool and his life soon part ways.

      • Pete

        The Indian or Pakistani store employee or relative of the store owner might leanr a few things the hard way at the hands of Michael Brown.

        God made man, but Colt made men equal.

        Or maybe if he got together of group of people of his ethnicity, the would look for Michael Brown and take him down.

        A person might be stronger than anyone else alive, but a pack can always take you down. It pay to be civil,

        • Bad Barbie

          May have not “might”. Michael is dead.

          • Pete

            The store clerk was assaulted by Michael Brown.

            The store clerk might have learned to effectively fight back or he might have learned “learned helplessness”.

            The word “may” works. the word might works also. Thanks for the grammar correction. Proper grammar is important in getting a point across. I always wonder about people that have a laser focus on grammar and spelling and ignore the message.

            7 people understood my message.

            Michael is dead.

            Is the store clerk okay? Why don’t we do a brain scan and see the changes. I bet he is more distrustful of black people in general. Is that a victory? Who did that?

            Consider the brain scans. Neurobiologists can tell a lot form the study of PTSD. I bet they would be able to detect some changes in the store clerk. It is not all shats and giggles when a person grabs you by the throat.

    • Randy Robinson

      The store owner has publicly stated Brown didn’t steal anything from him.

      • Ivan

        That’s terrible. The robbery was plain as day. This little indian man knows that the mob will kill him if he is in anyway thought to be associated with Michael brown being killed by the police. He just wants to start his store up again and make a living for his family. He’s so intimidated that he’s now lying for the mob. It’s a good illustration of the power of thuggery. We saw the journalist killed by isis on video today. Before they killed him the journalist denounced America for his death. He was in pure terror. That’s exactly what the store owner is feeling and doing. I don’t think you are disagreeing with me randy. It sounds like ur just making a very interesting point. I hadn’t realized he said that.

        • Bad Barbie

          You’re a lawyer? How are you making all of these statements and saying what “exactly” someone else who you have not interview is feeling and doing? Scary that you can actually represent someone in court with such premeditated mentality.

        • DTansy

          Yeah, it isn’t that he had NO reason to call a cop, NO reason to make a Police report because he HAD BEEN ROBBED, he’s so “scared” he… WTF are you talking about here?

          Fucking axe-murderers in Iraq and Afghanistan have not a DAMN thing to do with a Police Department PROTECTED COP emptying his weapon into an unarmed man at point-blank range cause “swollen face”.

          Utter bullshit.

    • Bad Barbie

      What I find strange that someone who has practice law for so many years can’t play out different scenarios and has such a unbiased analogy. Is this how you try your cases? lol

      The tape is not clear, we don’t know if he left money with the cashier. There is a different angle where he is shown bending down and picking up something from the floor. Could have been that he paid, dropped some cigars and the men that goes after him was telling him to pay, he tells him he did?The store worker comes in contact with MB first. He reacted abruptly perhaps because he was accusing him of stealing? Could it be that they had issues in the past?
      I could be a thousand things… only the store personal can tell and their lawyer denied anyone from the store called 911 and reported a robbery. Perhaps the lady that walked in half way into the incident called…

      You’re a lawyer, you should know facts are what matters not your assumption.

      • Pete

        You are a potential juror. that is scary. We’ll make sure to get more cameras form different angles.

        You’ll come up with excuse # 1,000,001.

      • Ivan

        This is all a mystery to you. But to me, I look at it, I see and man reach across and take a box of cigars, the store keeper run out, the thug threaten him and push him back, there’s no thought required. Yes if I was defending Michael brown I would make all those arguments you are making. But it doesn’t change the exact that he obviously committed strong armed robbery. Not shoplifting. If you assault a store employer trying to apprehend u in a shoplifting matter, it becomes strong armed robbery. In South Carolina, this carries 10 years. As far as the cop, they should give him a medal for bravery, and perhaps dock his pay for not killing him with the first 5 shots.

    • Darkstar98

      I came to essentially the same conclusion. This guy has never been challenged before. He has probably done this a number of times.Thugs like him prey on the weak and their fear to report them. As I understand, it was not the store owner, who feared (and received) retaliation, but a customer in the store who called in the robbery.

  • Ivan

    Yes, they released the video quickly without notice, because they knew the justic department might have gone to a federal judge to suppress the video if there had been notice. Perhaps they could have brought an action to protect the privacy of Michael brown or something like that. So the local police chief, realizing that they were going to hang him out to dry, made a smart move and released the video quickly. The release did not inflame the situation. It discouraged the protesters. And now the Feds and state are involved pandering to their voting block and letting looters rule.

    • justsayin

      Puff daddy Holder, who sees a Klansman behind every tree, would have done just that. We’ve got a racial supremacist in charge of Justice.

    • CowboyUp

      It would have discouraged the rioters if their objective was justice, not intimidation and loot. The rioters are doing the same thing Brown was, on a much larger scale.

      • Ivan

        I am corrected. Because I got mushy and sentimental for one second and took my eye off the ball. The ball in this case being the essential truth and nature of these rioters as looters, using social justice as a cover. U are right.

    • Randy Robinson

      Watch the video again. It shows Brown PAYING for the cigars. He only shoves the store owner after the owner puts hands on him.

      No one at the store reported a crime. The police requested the video only after Brown was killed and the media swarmed into Ferguson.

      • Ivan

        it’s a very common way that people steal. They pay for one item and then once the cash register is open they grab for all the money. Or they ask you for a dollar on the street then grab your entire wallet. this method allows the robber to get a sense of his victim, and distracts the victim with a small task. While the victim is doing something, the robber times his grab. Here michael brown may have given the store owner some money, and then grabbed the entire box of cigars. It shows that Michael brown was not only violent, but very impulsive. He apparently made the decision to grab the cigar box immediately as soon as he saw it. There was no synaptic gap where he plotted this robbery. It was immediate, impulsive, natural.

        • Randy Robinson

          Assuming any of this is true (which it isn’t), that still justifies absolutely nothing. The police themselves admitted Brown was stopped for jaywalking, and we’ve already caught the media lying about Wilson’s “orbital fracture.”

          What you’re really saying is, “Black men who commit petty crimes deserve to be killed.” Don’t be a pansy about it; own up to your racism and embrace it wholeheartedly.

      • Ivan

        The store owner should have shot Michael brown during his robbery.

      • LeCalabro

        That’s because the “little” store owner did not want a “revisit” from sweet Michael Brown.

    • Bad Barbie

      None of this needed to be released in reality. All of this could have been sealed from release and presented as evidence at court but you’re the lawyer here. It was released to justify where this case is heading. Basically a “STFU” to the protesters.

      There were many details about the Trayvon Case that did not make it out till the trial.

      • Ivan

        They had to release it. The media was making the police out to be murderers. This was necessary to discourage this crowd, which has now been greatly encouraged by amnesty international, the justice department etc and all the associated communist rabble rousers stirring up the mob

  • Ivan

    Apparently the only witness that the cop shot Michael brown was Michael browns companion at the store: so that man has a lot to answer for of his false witness against the cop has stirred up a riot. Now they are screaming for an indictment of Darren Wilson who apparently has facial bruising, perhaps from trying to defend himself from this thug.

    • Cyclops

      Companion? You mean crime partner. He would never lie about anything.

      • Ivan

        True. Haha. this little fellow is along for the ride, like the little fish that hang around sharks looking for scraps. He might have gotten scared, thought he was going to catch a charge, and fabricated his story. Now Jesse Jackson etc are involved. There is a whole race industry that makes money off this. The end solution will involve payments to various race hustling groups. I’m against racism. And I understand that cops can be thuggish at times. But in this case apparently there are at least two witnesses who say Michael brown was charging the cop. It’s possible the cop overreacted somewhat. I’m not really in favor of lethal force against unarmed persons. But Michael brown had committed an armed robbery 2 minutes before. I’m sure this cop knew he was stopping a robbery suspect. Brown was already violent. I hear the cop has facial injuries. I saw Michael brown manhandle the indian store owner. I’m sure he manhandled the cop. It’s dangerous to assault a cop in the south, where i live. They will kill u. I deal with cops all day. They are dangerous. U put your hands on one u may be killed. I feel for Michael brown. But he was a criminal who just committed a robbery. When u commit crimes in the south, u can’t expect to be arrested by Alan Alda or Phil Donahue. U take a risk that things will go poorly. Holder and obama desperately want to inflame this so as to stir up their base. Elections are in a few weeks. They need strife.

        • CowboyUp

          I’ve had cops overreact several times while I was reaching for documentation, I blamed those who made them jumpy, and learned to be more careful.

  • Crassus

    This governor of Missouri is a lost ball in high weeds which probably means that Obamao will make him his new special envoy to whatever place in the world is exploding while he plays golf.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Another thing I can’t stand are all the videos I’ve seen of Brown’s “grieving” mother, every one of them as obviously staged as a Hamas photo gallery of Palestinians “murdered” by Israel. These alleged “journalists” need some instructions on how to film fake wailing and hysterics and make it look “real.” Brown was a career thug, but, because he was black, that was impossible because…he was black. And leave it to the professional race-carders Sharpton and Jackson and others to be down in Ferguson crying “oppression.”

    • Bad Barbie

      Let’s see how much faking you would do if your son is killed. Please save the bs. Life is very unpredictable and you can be killed by anyone too.

  • MarilynA

    Once again the Justice Department has sent “taxpayer paid Community Organizers” into a volatile situation to organize lynch mobs against a white man who was acting in his official capacity to protect the public from an “unarmed black teen ager” who was an oversized thug with a criminal background. This latest “gentle giant” didn’t need to be armed because he used his size to intimidate people into backing off when he just went into stores and took what he wanted and walked out with it. In the video he is seen assaulting the store clerk who tried to stop him and then intimidating and menacing the much smaller man into backing off when he persisted in trying to stop him. It is obvious from his behavior in the video that he was used to just going into stores and taking what he wanted and walking out with it without paying. The world is well rid of him. He was an animal using the law of the jungle, Might is right, to take what he wanted from anyone who looked vulnerable. The cop who shot him just got rid of him before some store clerk or owner pulled out a gun and did it.

    • Bad Barbie

      Please release this criminal background you are talking about. I am not black or white but I guarantee you that you’re making these facts up.

      • LeCalabro

        You don’t know whether he had a juvenile record or not. Chances are that overgrown creep had a huge juvenile record. Why hasn’t a reported talked with other students who were in his scholl and neighbors who knew him about his reputation. The FBI has talked with many people in Ferguson–but I doubt if they will release the true facts.

        • Bad Barbie

          When you learn how to spell “School”, we’ll talk. Ciao.

  • justsayin

    Gov. Nixon “deeply” disagreed with the decision to make the video public. Yeah, it went against the false narrative of Brown as an innocent toddler, just barely out of diapers, ruthlessly murdered by a Klansman with a badge. Wouldn’t want the truth to get out now would we? And of course, racial terrorist Al Sharpton and shake-down artist Jesse Jackson took the next plane out to join in the mayhem.

    • Pete

      I heard something on the radio that Al Sharpton had made some good statements. I have to check those out. They might be a one off or now he has a secure media job, he does not have to constantly lie like Jesse Jackson. But I pretty much agree with what you are saying.

      • Pete

        Well Sharpton was not scintillatingly brilliant, but he was not incendiary. He was so so in trying to damp down violence.

        He still getting his 15 minutes and he is vaguely proposing new laws. IMO what we need are police cams. This will protect police, it will protect the public and it will put race hustlers out of business.

        Sharpton’s not so great quotes. They are great as they come form a former or current race hustler. Obama did worse than Sharpton in his statements.

        “Some are angry and out of control. And others are taking advantage of it. And don’t take advantage of their child,”

        “Don’t loot in Michael’s name,” he added. “We are not looters, we’re liberators. We are not burners. We are builders.”

        “Ferguson and Michael Brown Jr. will be a defining moment on how this country deals with policing and the rights of citizens to address how police behave in this country,”

        “Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, don’t get laryngitis on this issue, Nobody can go to the White House unless they stop by our house and talk about policing.”

        • *Sharpshooter

          You must not be familiar with the Tawana Brawley case.

          Sharpton has been a malignant parasite his entire career.

          • Pete

            I am well aware of it.

            Al Sharpton is proving the old adage that a leopard does not change its’ spots.

            He was not spouting fire and brimstone. It was more of a soft sell.

        • jemblue

          To be honest, I don’t think those statements are that bad. “Don’t loot in Michael’s name,” at least, needed to be said.

          • Pete

            I heard some on the radio maybe it was Hannity or the local guys who said that he made some good statements.

            Now that I read through the statements and think about them calling for calm (something that should happen anyway) and then calling for unspecified legislation is .

            It is going to call for consent decrees and monitoring and hiring by the numbers. That is what Sharpton wants. I was mistaken that maybe he is getting wiser with age or mellowing. He just couches his demands in pleasant language.

            Here is what is going to happen. Ferguson bn 2/3rds black. It is going to be a chocolate city, so the city council, mayor and police force are going to look like the citizens. The Marines or whoever are going to pull out of Ferguson like they pulled out of Gary, Indiana. No shat, the Marines pulled out of Gary Indiana. It was too violent. What with it being right next to Chiraq and all.

            The country does not need Sharpton’s or his allies ministrations. what i needs are personal cameras on the cops. In this case Derek Wilson would be protected from the vultures swooping down on Ferguson from San Francisco to D.C. Black Panthers have trucked in people from the Bay area. And of course there is the Larrior Holder as well.

          • LeCalabro

            I can understand blacks not trusting the police—especially since the police arrest them when they commit crimes. I do not know of any criminals who trust the police. Glad to report that fact.

        • lizzitish

          I had thought of “police cams” for a while, now, like the ones they have on the cars. It would start recording as soon as the safety was taken off on the gun. It could also be set up to patch through to headquarters, in case the gun is lost or stolen…thereby recording the thief’s use of the gun. Just an idea.

          • *Sharpshooter

            ” It would start recording as soon as the safety was taken off on the gun.”

            That might be 1/4th of a second before it’s fired.

          • lizzitish

            …or, as soon as it was unholstered.

        • Randy Robinson

          Yeah, because cop cams totally prevented the murder of James Boyd in New Mexico. Suuuuuuure….

          • Pete

            I would much rather go with DNA analysis than analysis of hair, which use to be de riguer. It is not perfect, because nothing ever is. But it is trending in the right direction. If trending in the right direction is not important the go eff yourself you stupid b_tch.

            Am I concerned/outraged about that shooting. Yes. But I have only so much money, so much time and so much will power (ya scientists say that is in limited supply). but that shooting just dropped down the list of things to do something about, get angry about because of Ferguson.

            On my list of things to do is to make sure all Muslim or Indian immigrants or 2nd generation Americans who run convenience stores are armed so that thugs like Michael Brown no longer grab them by the throat and pummel the F_CK out of them.

        • LeCalabro

          Sharpton is crazier than ever with comments like this:

          ““Don’t loot in Michael’s name,” he added. “We are not looters, we’re liberators. We are not burners. We are builders.”

          • Pete

            “Don’t loot in Michael’s name,”

            Could be taken as a positive comment. The left and fence sitters will take it as one. It could be one.

            I could also mean we won’t loot in Michael’s name but we will for some other reason.

            Taken as a whole the comments are not good.

            “We are not looters, we’re liberators. ”

            The cop was the liberator. He liberated many honest people from thug violence. He liberated himself and the store clerk from Michael Brown’s violence at the very least. There are probably more people, who in the future would have been Michael’s victims on college campus or later in life.

          • LeCalabro

            Good post Pete

    • Bob

      How Jesse Jackson shook Toyota down for billions…

      • you asked

        Sounds like Jackson & Sharpton & others like them are the reason corporations are moving overseas & not giving raises to employees. They are all extorting big corporations. So much for their claims to only want to help others. More like they only want to help themselves. But, I knew that all along.

    • Bob

      Sharpton arrives in Ferguson.

    • Nyfarmer

      Gee golly – I would hope that the Gov is housing at least half dozen of these fine young children in his residence —

  • Marsha

    You could tell from the video that this overgrown brute liked being a bully and intimidating people. The police officer likely prevented forty years worth of crimes from that thug.

  • MarilynA

    That fellow Johnson, The head of the Mo Highway Patrol, who took charge in Ferguson Mo. and replaced the local police, and allowed looters to clean out stores without being challenged or arrested is no hero. He was derelict in his duties when he ran interference for the looters and aided and abetted them in looting stores. The police are supposed to protect the innocent, not run interference so looters and thieves can go about their business without interference. I just hope those store owners file lawsuits against him and the state of Mo. for not interfering and trying to stop the looting. All those who took part in the looting should be tried and sent out to Sheriff Joe’s jail out in the dessert where they get two bologna sandwiches a day and all the water they can drink. They don’t deserve air conditioned jails with TV’s, internet and all the other perks our governments provide for them. They are animals. They deserve to be treated like animals.

    • Pete

      They had one night of quiet or so, when the State Police guy took over, or so the news reported. It was “proof” that his methods worked the journalist said. Then the last night is was the same ole rioting and tonight will be no different. The media and others were too quick to make him out as a hero.

  • Cyclops

    What the video clearly showed was the behavior that the police officer encountered.

    • Pete

      I am guessing that Michael Brown panicked. Mr. Brown may have thought that the officer knew that he had robbed the store and was delaying him with the jaywalking charge until back up arrived. He may have thought there goes college for a year or two, so he went after the officer.

      A question I have is if enough of us would stand by the store clerk if he had held Mr Brown at gunpoint until police had arrived or shot him considering he is Hindu or Muslim or Indian or Pakistani. A lot of gun owners would, but would enough people stand buy him or say nothing to see here.

      So are you just a cyclops or are you a Grand Cyclops?

      • Soylent Green

        I wonder if the ‘College’ thing isn’t just like the ‘Gentle Giant’ B.S. It would be interesting to see where he had been accepted and what his major was. ‘Criminal Justice’ perhaps? No, wait! He got his diploma for that!

        • truebearing

          He was goint to Columbia where he was majoring in Remedial Shoplifting and Racial Bullying.

        • you asked

          Based on what his Mother said, MB hadn’t lived in Ferguson, until just before he was shot. The Mother said she had just taken him to Ferguson, so that he could attend a technical school, to learn the heating & cooling trade.

          I also watched a video of his Mother saying how she had to “fight” to get him to finish HS. She then said “How many black men do you know that finish high school”. Why is it so hard for black men to finish HS? Maybe parents need to ask themselves why are black students dropping out of HS. Not everything can be blamed on the white people.

      • Cyclops

        I have only one eye but with it I see very clearly.

      • Bad Barbie

        I agree with the panic part. It is a great possibility that this is what he may have been thinking. I know I would. Like – “SH!T!!” Think about it. Did your mom ever caught you doing something you were not supposed to? It is instinct.

        • Pete

          Ya and?

          Can we have 100% of the people stopped by LEO panic and yell and run away like Macaulay Culkin in ‘Home Alone’? Or even 1%

          I have already handled this situation. I have told my kids to not panic. There is a better chance of a better outcome if they don’t get combative with a cop.

          I realize that there are bad cops. I don’t have a solution for everything, but one of them is a dash cam. For insurance and and court purposes people may need them more and more in the future. They have them in Russia so as to fight corruption. It must work because people are still buying them. If the Dash cam films the drive side window …That would solve a lot of problems.

          Now if you are a pedestrian, you still can have a cam nowadays. It will help with the police and others.

        • Pete

          Let’s put it this way. I would rather my kids meet or interact with Derek Wilson than Michael Brown.

          If my kids were speeding or jay walking I would fell safer with them interacting with Derek Wilson than any interaction with Michael Brown.

  • bob e

    incredible optics on this. poor ‘unarmed’ black gets gunned down after a strong armed robbery, which makes no difference to the case … everyday i take another step thru the lookin’ glass with alice ..

    good thing brown didn’t have a pistol or
    he would have shot or pistol whipped the store clerk.
    also the crime report i read said the clerk identified both brown & johnson.

    • Bad Barbie

      Crime reports are written by the officer. Which in this case could be Wilson. The lawyer for the store said they never called the cops. Raises question at which one came first. Chicken/egg there.

      • you asked

        Despite the Officer’s report – the video supports that both Brown & Johnson were in the store. I’m not sure where you said the cops weren’t called, because I have read St. Louis news & they report that Officer Wilson didn’t know anything about Brown being a robbery suspect, until after he started to drive off. He drove, just a short distance, when he heard about the robbery & realized that Brown fit the description of the suspect. He backed his patrol car up & started to get out of his car, when he was bum rushed by Brown.

        Irregardless, whether you believe who the Incident Report was written up, videotape evidence of an eyewitness at the scene, corroborates Officer Wilson’s account of what happened. In fact, there are more than a dozen witnesses who have verified that Officer Wilson’s account is accurate.

        Think about the initial story that Johnson told & how he has now admitted he lied. He said PO Wilson reached out of his vehicle & grabbed Brown by the neck. Just how many people can reach, from a sitting position, the throat of a 6’4″ man? Johnson said that PO Wilson shot Brown as he was running away. We know now that all 3 autopsies are consistent, that Brown was shot from the front, as he was approaching PO Wilson. I have also heard on Radio Station “The Viper” that Dorian Johnson has recanted his story to authorities & has admitted he lied & that MB DID attack PO Wilson & try to take his gun. So, let’s hope that the DOJ, Nixon & others won’t continue to pander to Sharpton & the others, involved in this unfortunate incident & PO Wilson will be cleared, publicly.

        Those who screamed they wanted “justice”, are FOS. They didn’t want justice, they wanted revenge.

  • Larry S.

    It appeared to cast aspersions on a young man that was gunned down in the street. It made emotions raw.

    Aww, c’mon Nixon. Who would ever think that showing a of video of some thug pushing around a store owner pursuant to stealing would in any way constitute casting an aspersion on the person’s character?

  • Larry Dean Barnes

    Autopsy reveals exactly the wounds that one would expect from this incident. I’m listening to the MSM stammer and stumble over the revealed truth.

    The Brown family was upset that the robbery would hinder their collections from their memorial funds. Now they must rationalize the wounds.

    “No GSR” fiction will hold for a few days. Thank you Dr. Baden. You earned your $10K fee, you should have taken it. But, maybe you do have some semblance of a soul left.


    Not giving out the video sounds like with-holding vital evidence relative to an on-going investigation.

  • Mike mamula

    Darren Wilson is a hero…gentle giant, ya right. Michael Brown is a thug and those protecting him are liars

  • Ashley3673

    No “real” reporter writes his or her actual opinon unless it’s an opinion peice. Im just saying.

  • Michael Brown

    The animal, whatever colour needed to be put down or locked up at some point. The store owner/clerk will never have to see his face again, never be intimidated or bullied by him ever again :)

  • Christian

    Thank God someone calling this like it was. I agree 100%. This creep was a bully and likely attacked the officer expecting him to be aware of the robbery he had just committed. I only wish the shop keeper had shot him during commission of crime so officer wouldn’t have had to. Shameful that the Governor wanted to suppress video. Expected of holder and his ilk.this thug got what he deserved.

  • Dan

    Here is the poor little Michael Brown’s rap sheet on casenet

    Description: Burglary – 1st Degree { Felony B RSMo: 569.160 }
    Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 1401000
    OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

    Description: Armed Criminal Action { Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015 }
    Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 3101000
    OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

    Description: Assault 1st Degree – Serious Physical Injury { Felony A RSMo: 565.050 }
    Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 1301100
    OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

    Description: Armed Criminal Action { Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015 }
    Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 3101000
    OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

    • Bad Barbie

      Please post the entire record. This shows nothing but charges which could be of anyone.

  • Jeff Jackson

    Blacks are always innocent victims.. even when they are caught red handed they are innocent.. It’s whitey’s fault that Blacks continue to rape, murder, rob, steal assault, unemployed, uneducated, fatherless, loot, vandalize, arson, etc…. Blacks are perpetual victims forever because once upon a time some of them were slaves who were sold into slavery by their own African race… Being slave 200 or more years ago means that Blacks have a disadvantage today from being educated and civilized as the other races (white, latin, asian, indian, etc.)…

  • Lanna

    My opinion of Governor Nixon has changed. Those who would hide evidence are working for politics….NOT JUSTICE FOR ALL or FAIRNESS!

  • Mea Dunford

    … Please watch the whole tape, the altercation happens because he didn’t steal.. he pays for the cigars earlier, but can’t afford them all and puts some back, the storekeeper doesn’t see he put them back, and notices the ammount is wrong (because of that) so he assumes Michael stole them and attempts to stop him, Michael, knowing he hasn’t done anything wrong, pushes him off him and just leaves, insulted. No joke. You can find the WHOLE tape easily now. Please don’t be fooled by the propaganda machine that releases only the parts they want seen to the media so that it’s tainted. The shop keeper didn’t even call the police and never filed a complaint at all, because no crime was actually committed.

    • Fed Up

      Whatever Brown did or didn’t do in the store is almost besides the point, now. Wilson didn’t know anything about it as you say yourself.

      It’s all about what Brown did the moment he came into contact with Wilson. Overcoming a cop in a police car and busting up his face in the process in order to escape custody and then turning and charging him is likely to get anyone of any stripe shot. Especially a 6’4″ 298lbs young man who has already demonstrated he can take the cop. Would you do that if stopped by a cop? I wouldn’t.

      If those are truly the facts then perhaps Wilson is guilty of overzealousness in stopping and detaining Brown but from that moment on it appears Brown brought all the rest on himself. Time and a proper investigation will tell if the mob doesn’t get blood justice first.

      So don’t be fooled by the propaganda machine that wants to take your eye off the ball and paint Brown as just an innocent kid going about his way.

      • Bad Barbie

        Going around in circles. We don’t know what happened and perhaps will never know. The officer just has to justify each bullet. The ones to the right arm “Man down”. The last 2 to the head… *crickets*

        This officer lacked a lot of protocol. That is not even something to argue. No call in of sighting, no call for back-up, no confront/cover tactic. No adding up when it comes to compliance. There is no compliance in Ferguson though.

        Ask his uncle, the mayor.

        • you asked

          Just when did you expect Officer Wilson to call “man down”? As for calling in the sighting or confront/cover tactic, you don’t know that. It has been reported that he was leaving the scene & on his way to a medical call, when he heard about the robbery, put his car in reverse & started to get out of his vehicle, when he was attacked by Brown. He wouldn’t have had time to call in a “man down” call, because he was fighting off Brown & trying to prevent him from getting his weapon. When he gets out of his vehicle, according to witnesses, his eye was already swollen, so it’s possible with a fracture to his eye socket, he was seeing only out of 1 eye. The incident didn’t take 5-10 minutes, but only a matter of a few minutes (according to witnesses). Brown only went down the road a short distance, before he turned around & again, according to an eyewitness, bum rush Officer Wilson. One shot might take down a normal person, but when you have someone, like Brown, who doesn’t want to go back to jail & has adrenaline pumping, it’s highly likely that he wasn’t even aware of the shots to his arm, until he was charging back at Wilson. Even the shots to his head can be explained. According to the autopsy report, the head shot & eye shot were from the same bullet. The bullet went into his head & came out his eye (according to Baden). That is indicative of Brown having his head in a downward position.

    • SpiritOnParole

      Were you there? Just curious… I’ve watched both tapes and wouldn’t DARE make an assumption based on either. So I’ve just wondering if you were there?

    • Janet Ann

      According to the police report the clerk called 911 prior to Michael Brown leaving the establishment.

      Page 7

    • Donald Wagster

      Who are you going to believe me or your lying eye’s?

  • Randy Robinson

    It’s spelled “Michael” not “Micheal.” Learn how to correctly spell the names from your holy book.

    • tom donovan

      Fuck mike brown he is dead and the mother will take money to go away she looks like she would go down on u at a bar for a pat on the head and a fist full of peanuts.

  • SpiritOnParole

    The only one I feel sorry for is the store clerk. :(

  • Josh

    Why doesn’t a conservative troll turn up in Ferguson to demonstrate against michael brown’s racism against the south asian store clerk?

    Iv’e also noticed an anti-snitching mentality among immigrant shop keeps in black communities. In the video that showed the death of the knife wielding black man, one immigrant shop keepers (who looks like an israeli) can be heard denying to a black man that he called the cops.

    So what’s going in is the intimidation of immigrants by the black community. Why is this not a big race issue?

  • stevepoolman

    The store owner didn’t even call the police. Because the kid didn’t rob the store.

    • LeCalabro

      He didn’t call the police for fear of retaliation from Brown or his friends.

  • Soren Lee Ray

    F*** MICHAEL BROWN! God, this nation needs to FIRE it’s GOVERNMENT and MEDIA! FIRE FIRE FIRE!

  • Truthteller

    Exactly right, Mike Brown was “a fat vicious thug” and he got exactly what he deserved. End of story.

  • Sick of EntitledThugMentality

    Why has this incident been largely forgotten by mainstream media? All those protesters (who must not have jobs) have conveniently swept this under the rug because it shows that Michael Brown was not the innocent “teen” (he was 18, of legal age to vote and to join the military) they’re trying to say he was