Democrat Declares War on FOX News, Gets Owned by FOX News (VIDEO)


Mike Dickinson promised to go to war against the NRA, the Tea Party and FOX News if elected to Congress. He borrowed the kind of demented circus rhetoric that Alan Grayson specialized in, but unlike Grayson, he couldn’t sustain the anger or the rhetoric outside his comfortable Twitter bubble.

Also he couldn’t do much else.

It didn’t quite work out for him as you can see in this video where he gets put in his place.

After this he might want to stick to internet radio.

  • A Z

    There is no Tea party to audit. It is like auditing the Republicans. There is the RNC and 50 state parties. that would be 51 organizations to audit.

    The Tea party is made up of various groups and the have yet to coalesce under 1 banner. They have similar planks in the platforms but they are not identical.

    Mike Dickinson is like a somewhat well heeled joe 6 pack who was a registered Democrat came out came put and started breathing fire and hurling insults and called that well considered policies that were researched and moral.

    I have to wonder if he is being obnoxious to attract a virulent reaction so opponents of the Left can be tarred and feathered. The way he is going about campaigning almost ensures he will not be elected.

    We should follow up and see where he is 5, 10, & 20 years from now.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      This is a man who falsely claimed to be a strip club CEO and whose pledge of war has so many grammatical errors it reads like it was written by Joe Biden.

      He doesn’t even understand that he’s a Democrat, singular, not plural.

      He has figured out that being obnoxious gets him attention, but I doubt he really expects to win. He probably just wants a spot on the left’s circuit.

      • Adobe_Walls

        He seems unaware that the Grayson niche is already filled and he isn’t nearly as good at it as Rep Grayson.

  • Veracious_one

    Mike Dickinson appeals to Democrat voters, he’s their type of man…..a squawking lying parrot….

    • Conservatives are idiots

      Says the ditto head.

      • truebearing

        Good one. You are much wit.

    • Teddi

      “a squawking lying socialist red parrot….”


      • Dugway

        Whiny, immature, incapable of debate that goes beyond 128 characters… And what the heck is that “mmm” at the end of every sentence?

  • Gee

    I never heard of this lady before – she spanked that hypocrite


      Greta Van Susteren – she’s been around for awhile. She did manage to mop up the floor with this clown.

  • Nicholas Fitzgerald

    Democrat/Progressive asininity like this should be exposed then summarily dismissed. I would like to expect to never hear anything from or about this idiot ever again.

  • UCSPanther

    When schmucks like Dickinson threaten the NRA, it reminds me of this video:

  • Green Lama

    He sounds like a complete idiot…he’s the perfect Democrat.

  • Taiwan Tom

    Screw you Dickinson. However looking at you,I doubt that any human would no want to.By you appearance running hard might help you by the year 2020, but keep it at slow jog. Otherwise, you will not make it to Labor Day. There is NO WAY Son of Dickie that you could catch a FOX

  • herb benty

    Leftist twit.

  • Patricia Ruedisueli Therrian

    Greta got that right! You are a piece of work! Total dimwit! Call out other people then lie about yourself on your webpage! LOL

  • Conservatives are idiots

    lol idiot conservatives… While you’re busy patting yourself on the back over this, the rest of america is disgusted with what your priorities are…. It’s so funny because the moments when you idiots feel the most bold, are the same moments that lose you ground.

  • truebearing

    Greta whittled him down to his warped little self like she was carving soft soap. The idiot wasn’t even capable of changing the subject, filibustering, of blaming George Bush. He’s a fatter, slimier, and much dumber Peter Lorre character.

    Greta called him a “piece of work.” That was kind. I’ll bet she was thinking of something other than work.