Democratic Official Caught with Drugs and 5 Food Stamp Cards


Either Luvina Smith really had the munchies after all that pot and needed 5 food stamp cards to cover her appetite… or she was taking the food stamp cards in trade for drugs.

A local government official was busted for drug procession last week and police say she had five EBT cards with her. Those cards were sent to the Department of Agriculture as a part of a federal investigation into possible food stamp fraud.

Possible? Is there any way that having five EBT cards isn’t fraud?

The Deputy Clerk for Alorton, Luvina Smith, was arrested a week ago in Brooklyn, charged with marijuana possession, after police say they found a quarter pound of pot in the car she was driving. Police also took five government EBT cards from her.

Brooklyn Chief Tony Tomlinson, and other sources, tell News 4 that EBT cards are sometimes traded for as little as half their value as a down payment on illegal drugs.

“In a lot of cases that we’ve seen the person who receives the benefits will relinquish their card and that pin number, and that gives the dealer the opportunity to call and make sure there’s money on it and they’ll just hang on to the card until the benefit comes through and then receive whatever the dealer may be dealing,” said Chief Tomlinson.

The Brooklyn we’re talking about here is in Missouri.

Chief Tomlinson said the illegal trade seems to involve a very small percentage of cardholders. The crimes often run in small circles of acquaintances, even relatives that may go back generations.

Multigenerational welfare, always a good thing.

Chief Tomlinson has his photo on all his credit cards. If the government put cardholder’s photos on EBT cards, he’s convinced it would reduce fraud in a program that costs taxpayers $80 billion a year.

Yes, but then how would the food stamp program continue ballooning year after year?

When it comes to crime, Smith, a convicted felon, learned from one of Alorton’s legendary criminals; her own mother, longtime mayor Callie Mobley, who was prosecuted for stealing from the village. She eventually served two years in prison for income tax evasion.

From generation to generation…

  • ping

    Just the kind of entrepreneurial spirit America needs from the private sector to get out of this Obammunist mess. I fail to see the problem here.

    • alericKong

      Borrowing money from communists to pay for violent crack and heroin addicts, whose market multiplier exists only as highly expensive urine and ER visits, yeah what’s wrong with that?

      That zero tolerance policy and hot spot policing which turned Times Square into the center of the modern world and led to the destruction of the Italian Mafia, who needs that?

      • john spielman

        I wonder what these demirats will do when the commies in China refuse to lend US any more money to feed these freeloading crack heads?

        • No RNC

          Did U miss the LA Riots? The Obummer clientele will be within those DWL’s gated neighborhoods in a Nu Yack minute.

          • Herb Fridge

            A large number of poor whites also depend on some kinds of gov assistance. Cutting off all the aid when many would work if jobs were available would result in chaos and anarchy that would start with the preying on neighbors but would certainly not stop there.

          • cheechakos

            The EBT and food stamp corruption are almost as common in poor white communities as in black.
            I can name bars in 3 small,all white towns that trade 50 cents on the dollar for EBT & SNAP ,within 50 miles of E.St.Louis,IL.

            Democrats have created a complete cycle of corruption in IL.

          • 1bob

            making it harder to come by, like maybe a ‘work for your money’ program might work, except then the unions get involved because this ‘work’ should be getting done by union labor.

        • Vincent Ardolino

          The politicians will start taking money right out of peoples retirement accounts to continue to feed their constituent base.

        • Herb Fridge

          The Chinese have only bought around 5% of the debt outstanding. Super rich Americans still hold some debt purchased at very high interest rates at the end of Reagan’s term.

  • tagfu222

    Hobama’s sister?

  • veeper

    She’s using the obama defense…..

    I was unaware that I had drugs in the car and had 5 EBT cards until I saw it on the news……

  • UCSPanther

    Food stamps and their successors, EBT cards have always been used as an informal currency in ghettos around the US. Illegal, but hood rats are not known for being law-abiding…

  • rollervic

    This woman is a fine example of the blood suckers who are Obama supporters. This is the kind of person that our Democrat controlled government embraces. Hard working, taxpaying, honest citizens are disregarded by this President. AND are you kidding me — put their photos on these cards would be found to be racist by Eric Holder’s Justice Dept. Just like he claims requiring photo ID for voting is racist.

    • jaynice

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Judy Barger Orr

    Somebody pleeeeese slap that “who da hellllll do you people think you’re dealin wit” look off of her face!

    • Mark

      She looks like a common street thuggette to me.

  • Rafael Quinones

    Just another typical lib. I wonder how many abuse the system even worse.

  • TBI

    This is part of an ongoing underground economy that the Government allows, with a wink and a nod, for the minority communities. This abuse costs taxpayers Billions each year. The biggest problem of all, is these individuals feel it is justified for “revenge”, “social justice”, and “slave reparations”.

  • MarilynA

    What are the loan sharks who accept food stamps as payment on debts going to do once the government cleans up this mess? I once knew a loan shark who took food stamps as payments on loans he had made. He gave 50 cents on the dollar credit when the debt was paid of in food stamps. He washed the food stamps through the account of a small grocery store that did not have any customers that he owned. He was reported many times but the authorities never busted him or even investigated. him. You see, the local state Senator was his lawyer. I live in an area where the local small claims court judge was running an extortion racket through his court (in conjunction with a young attractive femal e lawyer who represented a collection agency) I sent proof of what was going on to the Justice Dept. and received a letter saying, “Although t this is clearly criminal activity, it is a local and state concern and out of our jurisdiction.”

    • Herb Fridge

      Do you think or know that you would get a different answer if the GOP was heading the justice Department? I would try again with the evidence if you have it. I am a Democrat that opposes the racketeers that take advantage of persons that need the stamps.

      • Ranger555

        As a former fraud investigator, this example is rampant in our culture. White, black, Hispanic and all people will cheat for free food besides not really needing the food. Most poor people need the help but sometimes do trade their EBT cards for Money or Drugs. It is another currency for the poor to make ends meets or they get High!

  • wileyvet

    And just imagine when 11 million illegal aliens get their “entitlements” from Big Mother.

    • Drakken

      Yeah! What could possibly go wrong?

  • hoppyman52

    Looks like one more Obama voter.

  • Pam Dunn

    She looks like she could be Obama’s daughter OR an untouched photo of Michelle Obama.

  • cheechakos

    Brooklyn is a satellite village of E.ST.Louis,IL. As is Alorton,Lovejoy and Madison.
    The cities that have been swallowed up to become part of the E.St.Louis,IL are Centerville,National,Washington Park,State Park and Cahokia..
    In the process of being swallowed are Fairview Heights,Caseyville,French Village,Dutch Hollow and Bellleville ,IL.

    It’s a bit confusing and the E.St.Louis ghetto constantly grows like a cancer from government funding. My 87 year old grandmother was murdered a few years ago in Washington Park by her neighbor and her neighbors 11 year old son.They cut her throat for a TV and a checkbook.

    Follow up:
    BROOKLYN, Ill. (KSDK) – It’s time to dissolve four Metro East police departments. That’s one of the suggestions from a new U.S. Justice Department study.

    One of the three suggestions to improve crime rates dissolve four departments: Alorton, Brooklyn, Washington Park and East St. Louis and create one larger, more efficient department.

    Among the reasons for dissolving the four departments into one, the study found, was a widespread culture of corruption among police department staff.

    The corruption in the police departments is so rampant the States Attorney – Brendan Kelly (on Facebook) refused to allow E.St.Louis police to testify at criminal trials.

    The majority of the police officers are convicted criminals. Some have stolen from crime scenes,schools and other officers. One is a convicted rapist

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It’s a nightmare.

  • chesterlab

    The great society, indeed.

  • 1bob

    yeah, but she deserves it….200 years ago a distant relative was involved in slave trading, so give her a chance!

  • democratsarefools

    Now she is qualified to run for higher office. How about U S Senate ? What she has done is a resume enhancement. “I did not know it was a crime”

  • Bob Rice

    heck,you don’t have to be a brain surgeon,to tell that shes a pot head and a crook,put her in prison with her mother…….

  • Harvey Easton

    Welfare used to suck. People got off of it as quickly as possible. They didnt even receive food stamps. They got vouchers for Goverment Cheese, Spam and powdered milk. And it was something to be ashamed of.No one wanted to keep living that way.

  • TokyoTengu

    Look at the expression on her face. Anyone detect any shame? Any remorse? Any hint of wrongdoing? I don’t. All I see is contempt. She knows this will all go away somehow. The charges will be dropped, it will fall through the cracks. This is a meaningless as a parking ticket.