Democrats Stole $75,000 in TV’s from DNC Convention


The Party of Crooks and Thieves just can’t seem to stop stealing. When the Democratic National Convention comes to town, the town can count itself lucky if it’s left with the streetlights and the mailboxes afterward.

The Democratic National Convention has been over for 18 months, but it’s still fresh in the mind of one company who filed a police report saying it can’t find $75,000 worth of equipment. LG Electronics spoke with WBTV and explained why it decided to tell police now.

The DNC ended in September 2012. LG electronics based in New Jersey had hundreds and hundreds of displays for delegates and convention participants.

After the DNC people packed up and left the Time Warner Cable Arena, but LG says somehow 72 of their tvs walked away. Taylor said during a convention it’s not unusual to lose an item or two, but this was a lot.

Yeah just like somehow ObamaCare walked away with our health insurance and Warren Buffett and George Soros somehow walked away with billions. And don’t get me started on Tesla, Solyndra and Duke Energy.

Stealing a bunch of televisions is small time stuff.

“But there were some goods missing, a substantial amount around $75,000 worth and we were unable through our internal investigations and our ongoing dialogs with the DNC to resolve this,” said Taylor, “So, we’re working with our insurance company and the Charlotte police.”

How did that dialogue go?

LG: Give back our TV’s.

DNC: Why are you people so racist?

LG: What? Who said anything about race?

DNC: Homophobes! We are the 99 percent. Your televisions have been occupied by the poor. They were unsustainable. Hope and change.

WBTV reached out to the Democratic National Convention Committee for a comment about the missing items. An employee said she is working on tracking down someone who was in Charlotte for the convention.

Paging Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

  • Ban Liberals

    That pales compared to what the CLINTON’S and their pals stole from the White House when they fled.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      As I said once already today, the left is rotten from the bottom to the top.

    • pen44

      And, what the 0’s will abscond with when they leave the whitehouse.

      The Demmunists think that they are above the law. And, why shouldn’t they, the media–news, Hollyweird, banks & corporations–all suck up to them. They got a half black nobody elected twice using fraud, payoffs, name calling & threats. Except for the half black nobody, it sounds like Lenin’s & Stalin’s Bolshviks, or later, Hitler’s Brown Shirts & SS.

      We have to fight them….and never stop!!

  • JackSpratt

    This is not at all surprising, the democrap party intrinsically thinks they are entitled to other people’s stuff.

    • pen44

      JackSpratt, they’re not democraps, or Democrats, anymore. They’ve morphed into Marxists who’ve regressed back to antebellum times. They’ve been stealthily stealing our children with secular humanism, SocioCommunism and unionized teachers for decades. Being exceptional, a winner, an individual is not just frowned on, it’s forbidden.

      We must win this year, or 2016 will be lost as well. We’ve almost reached a tipping point…47% are takers, living off of the workers/tax payers, when it reached 51% we will be circling the drain as a free society.

  • wileyvet

    Very funny Mr. Greenfield. I nearly sprayed my coffee on my computer screen.

  • johnlac

    So LG is is puzzled by the fact that members of a party, Democrats, whose main theme is stealing/taking from producers and giving to leeches i.e. the Dem constituency, stole their t.v. sets and other electronic equipment. Yeah, that sure is puzzling.

    • The March Hare

      Either their American headquarters is staffed with all Koreans, which own the company, or they don’t want to seem to be taking sides. Probably the latter.

  • Lanna

    Everyone should realize that if the corrupt Democrats have no morals or scruples in private, they certainly will not serve the country honestly in any thing they do.

  • Gee

    Can’t page Debbie Wasserman Schultz – they stole the loudspeakers too

  • Habbgun

    Free stuff is why Democrats are Democrats in the first place! Is LG against democracy? Shouldn’t they be investigated by the IRS?

  • BugInAz

    Oh my, you have to watch those DemRats; anything that is NOT nailed down, branded or otherwise marked, can and does disappear. Thieves….but what do they care..BUT, remember, the American Voters put these “Yahoos” in office. Why would any NORMAL person expect anything else from cheaters and liars!

  • Hard Little Machine


  • randy harrison

    I lived in Charlotte, when this convention was over, the Mecklenburg county sheriffs department released a statement: During the week of the democratic convention there was more liquor sold in stores, more drinks sold in bars, more traffic tickets issued, more DUI’s, and more arrest for crimes in general than any other week since we been keeping records. This includes the week of the Superbowl.