Detroit City Council President Leaving Strip Club Caught w/Drugs in Car after Fleeing Cops, Blames Racism


This is Detroit, a city that can’t even successfully declare bankruptcy so of course he…

1. Was let off with a warning

2. Is claiming police abuse

The odyssey of that great member of the Democratic Party, Detroit City Council President Pro-Term George Cushingberry Jr began when he was returning from the Penthouse Lounge which is described as “Michigan’s only premier Gentlemen’s Club.”

Or as Cushingberry said, “I was coming out of the Penthouse Lounge, which is one of the places I’ve campaigned in all year.”

“A police source familiar with the investigation said the councilman was leaving Starvin Marvin’s and almost hit police officers. Two sources confirmed that marijuana and an open intoxicant were found in Cushingberry’s car.”

Starvin Marvin’s is also a Detroit “gentleman’s club.” However Cushingberry denied that he was at Starvin Marvin’s and claimed that he was campaigning over at the Penthouse Lounge.

When you’re caught with drugs in your car after leaving a strip club, you want people to think you have class.

So George Cushingberry Jr was driving with another gentleman in the car when the fuzz showed up. So Cushingberry did what any self-respecting Detroit City Council President would do, he tried to run them over.

Then he flashed his government ID to get out of the mess, which is also what any self-respecting Detroit City Council President would do.

 According to sources, the officers gave chase after almost being hit, but the councilman did not stop. Another squad car was called in to help with the chase.

The source said officers finally stopped Cushingberry’s car and spotted the open alcohol container and smelled marijuana.

“When they finally stopped him, he took off again,” the source said. “Then, he was stopped a second time and (Cushingberry) flashed his City Council ID card. There was another guy in the car who had a medical marijuana card, but it doesn’t matter; you’re not allowed to smoke in the car.

Police Chief James Craig would not confirm whether the officers who stopped Cushingberry had suspected he was intoxicated. He said that once the officers discovered his identity, they notified a supervisor, who made the decision that the Cushingberry would be cited and released.

So Cushingberry is, obviously, claiming police misconduct and racism. In an almost entirely black city.

 He admitted the person that was with him smelled like marijuana, but, he said, it was because his friend had a medical marijuana card. As far as the alcohol, Cushingberry Jr. said there was an old, empty bottle of rum in his car from a few weeks ago. He did admit to having one drink that night, but insisted he was no where near being over the legal limit.

Sure, it was an old bottle from the last time he was drinking in his car. Because Detroit.

“It was obvious that I wasn’t drunk because he didn’t give me any field sobriety,” he told the Free Press.

The smell of marijuana carried by his passenger — a long time friend who worked for his campaign — was strong, Cushingberry acknowledged.

Cushingberry, who is black, said he believes he was racially profiled by the two white officers who pulled him over, in part because he drives an older car. On the citation he was issued, Cushingberry‘s violation is listed as “fail to signal.” He said the officers were too far behind him to see whether he was using his signal.

“So that is a bogus charge,” said Cushingberry, who is also a lawyer. “I intend to fight it.”

Of course it’s a bogus charge. A face-saving decision was made to let the Detroit City Council president go with a bogus charge to avoid arresting him for all the real stuff.

“I can’t comment further because there may be criminal charges” filed against Cushingberry, police spokesman Sgt. Michael Woody said.

“This is under internal investigation (by the department). We have to determine what went wrong with the way this was handled,” Woody added. Asked whether Cushingberry should have been arrested, he said: “It appears that way.”

But Cushingberry blames his crusading ways for the encounter.

“I think it’s because I’ve been shaking up so many things,” he told the station. “I think it’s a part of what I call driving while black syndrome amongst these white cops in Detroit who are picking on people with old cars.”

So is Cushingberry saying that he was arrested because of his shaking things up or because he was racially profiled or because he’s too high and drunk to be able to make a logical argument?

Forget bailing out Detroit. Can’t we just put it on the curb outside America and wait until another country picks it up?


  • kasandra

    Detroit is it’s own worst enemy. With all of the possible offenses by the councilman involved in this incident, here is what the Detroit P.D. is investigating: “We have to determine what went wrong with the way this was handled,”

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a council id

      • kasandra

        I’m a Detroit native. It’s just so sad. It was a great place to grow up in and I still love the area, but the city itself is just an unending, self-inflicted, tragedy.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          I’m afraid my own NYC will go the same way.

          • nomoretraitors

            With Comrade DeBlasio in charge, it will

          • Cryogenica

            Not immediately. Detroit didn’t become Detroit overnight. That said, NYC will decline under De Blasio.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            I know. I’ve seen it before.

        • Kay Wilson

          Ditto for me kasandra!

    • Bear Baker

      “We have to determine what went wrong with the way this was handled,”

      The way that it was handled wrong was that his car did not receive the PIT maneuver, and when stopped forced to lay prone in the street at gunpoint like any other person would be treated by cops in Detroit.

      As a Metro Detroiter I know that Detroit is a No Go Zone. I am all for them destroying their city and otherwise acting like the animals they are. I just do not want them coming to the Suburbs like they are doing.

  • Race_Dissident

    “Forget bailing out Detroit. Can’t we just put it on the curb outside America and wait until another country picks it up?”
    Extrapolated significantly, this is an idea whose time has come.

    • nomoretraitors

      No other country would be stupid enough to want it

      • No RNC

        The Republic of China or Qatar would snap up Detroit, the ex Paris of America! Might not be a bad idea?

        • y3524m

          the islamists are already aggressively moving in lock step.

          • Cryogenica

            Let them have it

          • y3524m

            true enough. either way, nothing blowing it up couldn’t resolve

      • Cryogenica

        Japan could buy it and resettle their people who were displaced by Fukushima there.

  • Steve

    When A cop let’s you off with a warning here is what you do.

    Thank the officer and make damn sure, when you are in his or her territory in the future that you obey the traffic laws. You would not want the LEO to regret his decision to let you off with a warning ticket.

    I blew a stop sign 6 or more car length in front of a cop after midnight coming home from work after a 12 hour shift. I was grateful for the cop giving me a warning.

    George Cushingberry Jr is just plain stupid.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      George is an entitled politician. Different rules for him.

  • UCSPanther

    Detroit: Where the inmates run the asylum…

    • nomoretraitors

      Detroit: Where the inmates are considered sane

  • nomoretraitors

    What a loser. No wonder Detroit is a h*ll-hole.
    Nuke it and start over

  • JJ

    Do you think Eric Holder and the Justice Department will be investigating this “clear case” of racial profiling and blatant racism?

  • truebearing

    There appears to be no solution to this type of problem, but if there is one, it will be segregation of one kind or another. The Left creates these necrotic pockets of humanity, then makes all of us pay for them, all the while demonizing us as the racists.
    The solution may be for states like Michigan to stop helping cities like Detroit and let them die, thereby forcing the inhabitants to move to another necropolis — Chicago, for instance — where the same municipal death is already well underway. If enough states “evicted” their ghettos, eventually they would all be concentrated in a relatively small number of states. Then we secede, leaving the Left to pay for their War on Poverty with the taxes they extract from the non-working, the gangs, the drug addicts, and the hookers.

  • jakespoon

    Lawsuit. He won’t miss this opportunity to cash-in on Detroit’s death spiral.

  • jim

    In detroit the progressive liberal democrats treat elected office like a affirmative action workfare project. Its a way to give a black person a job. upon securing that job they feel its their ticket to the good life and it is. The saddest part is the people are truly to stupid to care. So long as the checks in the mail its all good. Detroit is a cesspool of depravety no amount of money will stop its decline until liberals are booted from the feeding trough of entitlement.

  • dickl_at_yahoo

    Just another racist POS low life spewing his hatred because he is a total loser and would be nothing more than a janitor if whitey didn’t pay 100% of his edumacatin’

  • dickl_at_yahoo

    the main REAL problem, is whitey is subsidizing darkie to NOT to get married and live together and causing total breakdown of urban society

  • buttFLOOD

    hopefully this ni GG er gets murdered

  • Pee Pee

    He probably got his pee pee sucked in the strip club! YAY!