Did Google’s $1 Billion Force Mozilla to Dump Eich?


This is highly speculative, but considering that some people are moving from Firefox to Chrome, it may be worth thinking about.

Over the years, Mozilla’s reliance on Google has continued to grow. Indeed, in its report on Brendan Eich’s promotion to CEO of Mozilla, the WSJ noted that “Google accounted for nearly 90% of Mozilla’s $311 million in revenue.”

So, with its Sugar Daddy having also gone on record as being virulently opposed to Proposition 8, to think that that Google’s support didn’t enter into discussions of whether Prop 8 backer Eich should stay or go seems, well, pretty much unthinkable.

“It is the chilling and discriminatory effect of the proposition on many of our employees that brings Google to publicly oppose Proposition 8,” explained Google co-founder Sergey Brin in 2008…

So, was keeping Eich aboard viewed by Mozilla — perhaps even by Eich himself — as a possible threat to the reported $1 billion minimum revenue guarantee the organization enjoys for delivering search queries for Google?”

Google is not a charity and considering its aggressive promotion of Chrome, it had reasons for wanting Firefox gone.

So that $1 billion wasn’t a gift. Google was aggressively locking in its search monopoly. But that’s not to say that some people at Mozilla might not have been nervous, particularly considering Firefox’s market share decline.

And Google has been known to play hardball and P8 opponents have been known to behave aggressively and irrationally.

  • Habbgun

    You just have to see Yahoo’s home page and Google’s past record on conservative and Israeli issues to know that they lean heavily left and they recruit employees who lean heavily left. Eich was done in too quickly for it simply to be an issue firing. Somewhere money was involved and Eich knew it. The norm is to treat that type of thing as a shakedown. Eich stays and some sort of sensitivity payout is made. The question is what kind of businesses is Mozilla involved with? What kind of market forces do they have to fear? Did the IRS target Eich because Mozilla could be used to support Democrats the way Yahoo does?

    • A Z

      Yeah, they lean heavily to the Left and yet their employee buses are attacked by other leftists.

      The Left seems like good stand ins for the sons of Muspell.

      The buses are just about the ultimate in car pooling.

      Plus, the riders are freed from driving and as such are able to work longer hours. Sure they might chat, but oft times that is work related and when it is not it can build rapport which also helps the work environment. The #1 thing they probably due while commuting is reading and answering emails. These Leftists are busting their butts only to be
      attacked by other Leftists who don’t want to figure out how to code.