Did Someone Put Obama in Charge of Policing a Small City in Missouri?


Obama took time out from his busy schedule of golfing and chatting up donors to update the country on stuff they can see on the news.

According to Obama, everything is fine in Iraq now and the Yazidis are doing great. Reports from the ground say otherwise, but with a track record like the VA and the economy, there’s no reason to doubt positive self-assessments from Obama Inc.

Then Obama felt the need to berate the police in Ferguson. I realize the concept of separation of powers and “You’re not the mayor there” are utterly alien to Obama, but if he wants to run Missouri or Ferguson so badly, maybe he should run for the job.

Right now he’s completely failing at his basic responsibilities to the economy and national defense. And that’s not an opinion anymore. It’s in every poll.

Obama might want to start doing his job for a change, instead of sticking his head into another controversy.

Looters in Ferguson set fire to a QuikTrip. (Photo: KMOX/Michael Calhoun)

Looters in Ferguson set fire to a QuikTrip. (Photo: KMOX/Michael Calhoun)

Do we really need to listen to sanctimonious lectures from a guy with a history of palling around with vicious racists like Jeremiah Wright and Al Sharpton? Sharpton, a pal of Obama and Holder, is down in Ferguson making things worse.

As usual.

“The Department of Justice is also consulting with local authorities about ways that they can maintain public safety without restricting the right of peaceful protest and while avoiding unnecessary escalation,” Obama said.

By “consulting” he means ordering. This is the same consulting that got us the disastrous Zimmerman trial which did nothing but poison the atmosphere further.

But we wouldn’t want to restrict the right to peacefully burn convenience stores, peacefully loot convenience stores and peacefully throw Molotov cocktails at the police.

“There is never an excuse for violence against police or for those who would use this tragedy as a cover for vandalism or looting. There’s also no excuse for police to use excessive force against peaceful protests or to throw protesters in jail for lawfully exercising their First Amendment rights. And here in the United States of America, police should not be bullying or arresting journalists who are just trying to do their jobs and report to the American people on what they see on the ground,” Obama added.

Obama has once again prejudiced the police. He describes the reporter-activists, like the Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery who sounds exactly like the shrill activists that he is, as doing their jobs. Rather than the police.

Police Shooting Missouri

What’s going on in Ferguson isn’t peaceful. It’s violent and ugly. And Obama is pandering to the ugly violence.

He also paved the way for Governor Nixon to burst in and “relieve” St. Louis County police of their authority. Looters win. Both those in Ferguson and Washington.

“Put simply, we all need to hold ourselves to a high standard, particularly those of us in positions of authority,” Obama said.

Has Obama ever been held to a high standard? Or any standard?


  • guest

    The reporter knows there’s proper decorum for dealing with police, like keeping your hands in plain view and not holding a dark object. That’s at a traffic stop. They were in a riot, and the police originally let them go, told them to move on.

    I’m betting he just wanted to get his name in the news and purposefully tried to get arrested.

  • Pete

    Obama is putting himself in charge of everything

    Obama Government Memo Orders Local Schools to Take in Illegal Aliens


  • Libslayer

    “There is never an excuse for violence against police or for those who would use this tragedy as a cover for vandalism or looting. (the first line is a throwaway, so ignore it. Obama’s true feelings emerge in the second sentence) “There’s also no excuse for police to use excessive force against peaceful protests or to throw protesters in jail for lawfully exercising their First Amendment rights. And here in the United States of America, police should not be bullying or arresting journalists who are just trying to do their jobs and report to the American people on what they see on the ground,” Obama added.
    In other words: feral blacks should be free to be feral blacks.
    Because slavery. Or something.

    • Bill #2

      Obama is a lawyer where words matter, so saying there is ‘never an excuse for violence against police’ has an implicit “… but against QuikTrips and shoe stores there may appropriate circumstances where violence is OK.” I’m not sure that looting a store and then burning it down qualifies as ‘peaceful protest’, nor would the throwing of bottles at police – but hey, what would I know in a post-racial USA?

      Or is this ‘peaceful protest’ use the same definition of ‘peace’ as does the Religion of Peace™?

  • truebearing

    Why are police so heavily armed and prone to shoot blacks? Because blacks are violent and the police know it. Everyone else knows it too, but the media and the Left pretend it is all the fault of the police. For the sake of brevity, I propose we refer to “the Left” or “the media” as the Leftedia or the MedLeft since they are ideologically the same.

    The Left encourages blacks to hate the police by encouraging them to think blacks are unfairly targeted. This makes blacks hate police. The hate results in violence against the police, so the police arm themselves with more powerful weapons. Each time a black gets killed by a white cop ( or citizen) the Left ratchets up the demonization of white police, so the police get more defensive weapons and body armor. The Left then decries the militarization of the police. This is the same basic dialectical dynamic the Left uses in the Middle East with Israel and the Palestinians. The blacks are out of control with drug fueled violence, but it is the fault of the police, and ultimately white people. Hamas is an evil death cult, but it is Israel’s fault because they won’t let Hamas kill every Jew.

    This dialectical engine of demonization is how the Left plans to take away our guns…after they have created a culture of enraged, racist, homicidal blacks who hate whites. Needless to say, whites would be the ones withoutthe guns and would become the latest Yazidis.

    The left isn’t opposed to police states. They create one every time they get control of a nation. What the Left wants is control of the police, hence Obama and Holder butting into situations they have no business meddling with.

    The Left needs police to enforce their endless regulations, and one of the reasons they want so many regulations is that at any time, even in self-defense, you can be arrested for violating something. The more rules, the more grounds for incarceration. The greater the fear of incarceration, the more control they can exert.

    Why don’t blacks have their guns taken away? They are an essential tool in the dialectical demonization of all who oppose the Left. They are also a convenient way to intimidate white people. if the Left gets total control, they will employ the very people who hated the police as police, and use them as “brownshirts” to punish those who committed the crimes of being white, Jewish, Christian, conservative, rich, or an enemy of the environment.

    • HugoStiglitz

      Very well said!

    • JR Kipling

      Once again the evasion. If the Left makes use of blacks to create chaos
      why is that blacks need so little instruction? There is no leftist ideological apparatus making Haiti to be Haiti. No white man has lived in Haiti for 210 years. No there is something much deeper at work. Leftist ideology is
      just the natural garnishments of a much deeper dysfunction. Or do you disagree and think we need to find another black charismatic leader and give it a chance for another 8 years?

      • Pete

        “There is no leftist ideological apparatus making Haiti to be Haiti. No white man has lived in Haiti for 210 years. No there is something much deeper at work”

        I have linked an article for you. Reading just one article is not going to do you any good. In your case given your general bent, one article will lead you to err (A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing they say).

        “How Tiny Genetic Changes Have Massive Behavioral Effects”

        In a nutshell my thesis is this. What happened in West Africa is what happened in Europe. It just began a 1,000 years later because it was not in communication with the rest of the world to a ‘sufficient ‘ extent. The Sahara was in the way. If the Sahara had been the grassland that the Eurasian Steppe was, West Africa would not be one step behind Europe, Asia or the Middle East in development.

        I would like you to consider something else. One of the cradles for the agricultural revolution as the foothills near the Indus Valley and not the valley flood plains themselves according to more recent archeology (It kind of fits the type of environments the first farmers in England exploited.). This is important because you might not know what you think you know. Instead of thinking of the Fertile Crescent, the Indus Valley and the Yellow River as the cradles of agriculture you are going to have to broaden that ideal to include Ethiopia. The only reason that we don’t know much about the developments in agriculture there is because it is hard to dig there currently. So we have an incomplete picture. Point is you might want to rethink what you think of Africa and Africans outside of North Africa.

        To me you are the flip side of the coin of the black racists that post at FPM.

        Really reconsider what the Eurasian steppe meant to trade and the flow if ideals. That was not possible with the Sahara with the same frequency or volume. Read upon the Chinese trade mission to the Persian and Roman Empires.

        Reconsider what the Mediterranean Sea, The Red Sea, Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean meant to trade. First consider what a hard time the Portuguese had in getting around the west coast of Africa until the developed new sailing techniques in the time of Henry the Navigator. They did not have those techniques before Henry’s time and that would have restricted trade to West Africa by sea. Second consider what Indian ocean trade meant to Arabia, the Persians and the Romans. The Romans were living on the island of Socotra and the west coast of India. How cool is that. They had a naval base at Aden Yemen. They sent missionaries to Ethiopia (See recent issue of Ancient Warfare). Third consider The Sudd. That place was unhealthy. It was consider a major barrier up until the 19th century. That would restrict trade. So I have shown 3 barrier to trade and the flow of Ideas to sub-Saharan Africa.

        Last consider once we know the functioning of all 18,000 to 28,000 genes and variants (alleles) where will the last refuge of racism going to be. Africans have a higher percentage or the warrior gene low mid 30% compared to mid 20% for Europeans. I would submit this is due to European kings breaking heads in the Dark Ages and early medieval Europe. Case in point during the time of the unification of Norway there was a beserker and his 12 sons. They were all berserkers like their father. Hard to prove now, but it sound like they might have had that warrior gene. He would not submit to the king (you also probably had the warrior gene). So they burnt his cabin down around him. Point is battles and skirmishes with the law probably changed the prevalence of the warrior gene in Europe as it does everywhere. Me, I believe it is a valuable thing to have the warrior gene. But those kids have to be handled with care (which leads to discussions on education and teachers and sedate people with low metabolism). In the modern state someone with the warrior gene needs a surfeit of intelligence otherwise they get crushed.

        The problem today is not genes. It is history. History would be an explanation not an excuse. But the Left uses it as an excuse to look the other way. the other side has to get their licks in because of whatever happened a 150 years ago of they won;t get out of their system. So these people do it because they can.

        What they needed in Ferguson was cops wearing cams si that the historiography could be changed. Jesse Jackson and others use that historiography to stir crap up. That is what you are really fighting. Historiography and how the Left uses it. With cameras recording everything they can’t go there.

        Without the historiography the interaction between the cop and the Mr Brown would not have happened the way it did. Even if there had been a bad interaction the cop would have been indicted, Mr Brown would have or they both would have. there would have been little room for race hustlers to come on down and profit.

        • hiernonymous

          That was an interesting and thoughtful post.

          • Pete

            I deal with a lot of white and black racists.

            This essay of mine is a keeper and a millstone. It is not ready for prime time. It needs more substantiation and the flow of the essay needs work. It meanders.

            So I will rework, because there will be another poster like JR Kipling come along.

            I wanted to upvote JR Kipling post below. But after 2 or 3 sentences in, I did want to put my vote behind it. I feel his pain and he is pointing out injustice, but by mid-paragraph he has gone clear off the reservation and if he is not KKK or Aryan nation (or something like it), he is a good 3rd of the way there.

            I really meant the fact that a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. I really fear that JR could have latched onto the warrior gene statistics and believe that blacks are inferior and prone to violence. I believe the violence is part socio economic and part historiography.

            I saw Ziggy. He is doing fine. He’s remarried or something and has custody (or visitation). He has a a lot of attitude, hyperbole and the usual mores. But if you look, a person can see what lever and fulcrum to use. He’s a good person.

          • Americana

            Your points about what Africa might have been are interesting. Have you ever looked at the Ife people and those other three major subsequent Nigerian cultures in that area (the Yoruba, etc. — it’s hard to tell what peoples you’ve looked at there)? The Ife culture began somewhere around 700 B.C. if I’m remembering it correctly and were an agrarian and trading powerhouse. They built extremely complex cities very much like the Aztecs and the Mayans. At any rate, here’s some links for you if these aren’t the civilizations that you’re focusing on in your piece. Very interesting piece…




          • Pete

            The Geography behind History W.Gordon East

            I’ve read to page 38 plus ADHD-like dipped (Louis L’Amour – speak) into the book here and there.

            People should read a book like that. When you watch a documentary about the ALCAN they say things like the road followed existing animal tracks. Of course animals take the path of least resistance, but the point is as much as we shape our surroundings, it also shapes us.

            Anyone, who believes or is interested in geostrategy advocated by the like of Sir Halford John Mackinder and others, would probably enjoy the book.

            The Penguin Atlas of African History by Colin McEvedy.

            I must have read it 2 or 3 times cover to cover plus the occasional dip. it might not be the best overall historical sketch, but it is decent and it got me on the map as far as knowledge of African history.

            I might look at your links especially the 1st one, but right now I am stilled pizzed as all get out over your trolling. Bring up the northern border when the topic is the southern border is trollish in the extreme. If it was the first time, that statement could not be made ( inductive reasoning and all). but you have done this time after time after time. Since you were so busy deflecting I was hesitant and ultimately decided not to bring u the fact that 40% of all illegals (have to check but I believe I remember correctly) are people you come in legally through ports of entry and simply overstay on purpose. That would be 2nd on my list of things to get done. It could be done concurrently, but the main effort would be the southern border. I though to myself, if I bring that up the troll (that’s you) will be off to the races with it. While considering your antics and thinking that you might be declaring yourself a centrists but actually being a lefty or whatever, it occurred to me that what you really are is sick.



          • Americana

            Pete, please don’t consider that trolling on my part that I’m equally concerned about **ALL** our water borders and our northern border. If we close the southern border, and WE SHOULD, that does nothing but shift the points of entry for these jihadis. You consider it strange for me to bring that northern border and our ocean borders up but I’ve been watching the variety of types of smuggling that have been done in states like Florida and I feel I have reason to be concerned. My concerns over what the access points for jihadis are to enter this country are based on what smuggling has been successful around this country. Our ocean ports are another high risk zone.

          • Americana

            Oh, those links are not necessarily the best ones, they’re just ones that popped up at first try. I’d hoped to find better ones for you but, if you’re interested, you’ll keep delving into investigating those cultures, I’m sure. So these cultures were not the ones you were writing about? Which cultures were you specifically writing about then?

        • Drakken

          I would beg to differ Pete in a couple different ways that are as blatant as the nose on your face, Africa has not nor will it progress to 1st world status, look at South Africa and Rhodesia, formerly run white countries now in black hands, they are regressing to the bloody stone age with modern western weapons, the rest of Africa is in the stone age no matter how much aid and trade we do, that is what black held areas in the West are now regressing too with the full weight of the leftist communist behind them, Balkanization is our future and the idiot left gleefully ride to their doom with the rest of us along for the ride. Not all cultures, religions and people are all equal, period.
          While trade over a 1,000 years ago by the Romans was significant, it makes zero difference today for if the Europeans Kings didn’t step foot in Africa, they would still be living in mud huts slaughtering the nearest tribe with spears. Oh that is right, not much has changed has it? The race card has been used to beat the common sense out of people out of fear of offense and the results will be coming to a neighborhood near you in the near future.

          • Pete

            We’ll have to agree to disagree..

            The Romans sent missionaries to Ethiopia to have a friendly nation on the southern border of the Red Sea. It helped with their commerce to India.

            Ancient Warfare vol VII Issue 4.
            – Adventures of Nabu-na’id p20

            Ancient Warfare – VII.5
            ‘Roman forts in Arabia Felix – Legionaries in the sea of Hercules’. p40

            Would the Romans have sent missionaries anyway? don’t know. I don’t know what border or trade they had with Ethiopia outside of the Red Sea routes. This is an aside for this topic. But they did and it is one of the reason that Ethiopia was on the Arabian peninsula in the 502 AD

            I would argue that the Ethiopians are Cushitic and not black. Where I mean that they although their skin is as dark as almost any African, they are more closely related to the Semites and Hamites than West Africans or Nilo-Saharans. I could be wrong on the Nilo-Saharans, but not on the former.

            Anyway the Ethiopians were quite advanced. That they subsequently stagnated was because of Islam. That cut their trade, pushed them away form the coast.

            The Nilo-Saharans were also advancing. We see a lot of kingdom formation and some empires in the Sahel corridor. it takes several iterations of kingdoms rising and falling in an area to go forward sometimes. There are threads of continuity in Europe yet there is a lot of kingdoms growing and dying. There is a lot of detritus, which later kingdoms used. It was not linearly upward and onward. It is the same with the Sahel region.

            Another thing to consider is the disease factor. If a person is going to consider the geography of history they should also consider disease. There are survival experts like Bear Gryllis and others and at least one of them said if they were stranded on a desert island they rather it be on a island like those off the coast of British Columbia than in the tropics. Either way they can make a living, but int the tropics they were more afraid of disease.

            I don;t consider the Germans in contact with the Romans to be much different than the Africans in West Africa during the West African Iron Age. Both were fractious and warlike. The Germans were really fractious as were the Celts. One of the reason the the names of German tribes change is because the banded together in face of the Romans. From 1st contact until the migration period the names change there are no Chatti or Chauci in AD 400. Those have joined together because of roman pressure (much like how some people say Armenia became a country/kingdom due to Assyrian raids).The German tribes might have joined together at a different rate without Roman presence. Certainly the Ostrogoths formed a large Kingdom, but it is not certain what the rest of them might have done or when. They could have spent a few more centuries beating ob each other with swords but mostly spears. That is no different than the Africans.

            I know a little bit about the Roman client state of the Garamantes in Libya. What I don’t know is their trade relations with the people to the south. It may have been more raiding than trade and that is not conducive to trade and the spread of ideals. They appear to have slaves so relations with southern neighbor might have been good. Further west we have the chariot road starting in Tunisia. The chariot road may not have carried much trade before the coming of camels. Since Romans had sometimes poor relations with Berbers to the south of Tunisia, that would have put a damper on Roman trade to subSaharan Africa.We know this form histories and archealogical remains such as wall to prevent theft of cattle and sheep.

            Disease and History (Sutton History Classics)
            August 25, 2004 by Frederick F. Cartwright


            The Geography behind History W.Gordon East



          • Drakken

            Ethiopia was once very western and Roman orientated, as was all of North Africa, but since the armies of Mohamed, not so much huh? What was there a 2,000 years ago has long been reduced to dust. When the Egyptian had their lands they were the bread basket of the Roman and Greek worlds, when mohameds inbred decedents took over, it rendered that land a dust bowl and they starved for it and threw the European continent into the Dark ages. I still stand by my analysis. If sub Sahara Africa wasn’t touched by European man, they would still be in the bloody stone age, period.

      • truebearing

        If you would stop obsessing over making your one point, you might not miss the point of what others are saying.

        The Left targeted blacks because they had a historical grievance, and in the estimation of the Left, were vulnerable to divisive propaganda and hate mongering. Most blacks fell for it, but not until the Left destroyed the black family structure by creating dependence on welfare.

        Anyone who has read very many of my comments knows I am an outspoken critic of black culture, and the tendency to violence and mob mentality. I am decidely not interested in living in a country run by racist blacks. We already are. That doesn’t mean all blacks are racist or violent, however. It is more useful to divide people by belief and behavior in this country, where DNA tests can provide some surprising results. There are plenty of whites in this country that I want nothing to do with, so obviously race isn’t sufficient in defining who is good or bad. On the other hand, there is a pattern of behavior by significant portions of the black populace world wide that indicates they are prone to violence.

  • Habbgun

    If you are a law abiding black woman like Shaneen Allen and brought your licensed gun to NJ ignorance of the law is no excuse.

    If you are a career thug the law excuses you.

    In Soviet America government riots against you.

  • Crassus

    Since he took President Emeritus status, Obama has now has time to do other things such as appoint himself dictator of a suburban St. Louis town. He’s going to try Obamaism on a smaller scale.

  • JR Kipling

    Why does Ferguson Missouri become the center of Obama’s world? Why does he register every detail about the place? Or from another angle why does he miss the details of every other place? Or from yet another angle why did Obama get absolutely nothing out of his education at Harvard, yet remembers every word of pedophile pornographer Communist Frank Marshall Davis lecturing him about oppression? Why does he never refer to a single book on history or philosophy? Why doesnt he measure anything that happens to him against anything outside of him? Why does he work incessantly to destroy the European demographics of America that built everything and replace it with the black and third word cultures that built nothing? And he does it in a planned systematic way. The answers must be retrieved from the forbidden zone of race. To paraphrase Voltaire. If Fergusson didnt exist blacks would have to invent Fergusson. As proof they have invented thousands of Fergussons. In fact Obama is turning America into a giant Fergusson. A formerly white ordered civilization reduced to squalor and chaos. And he is doing so not out of economic necessity, not because he is oppressed. The destruction is systematic and deliberate. He is fighting every obstacle to make it a place he understands, and understands him. Just as blacks fought to get control of Detroit or Zimbabwe or 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  • Saxon Warrior

    Obama – narcissist, fruitloop, idiot!

  • bob smith

    “Has Obama ever been held to a high standard? Or any standard?”

    Yes, the classic ‘double standard’.

    Courtesy of Merriam Webster;

    double standard noun
    : a situation in which two people, groups, etc., are treated very differently from each other in a way that is unfair to one of them

  • mtmla


  • mtmla

    The Obama administration was trying to shut up and threatened one of Fox News commentators who criticyzed him…Do as I say but don’t do as I do. How about the IRS threatening the conservatives , under whose orders?

  • glpage

    Now that we have learned that the young man killed may have been involved in a strong arm robbery right before he was shot, the race baiters are backpedaling about the “innocent” kid and are saying no one should be killed over a stolen box of cigars. Maybe, if he hadn’t behaved with the cops like he did with the store owner, he might just be sitting in jail rather than the morgue.

  • Dean Weingarten

    Obama has been held to the “dress” standard, you know, the crease of his trowsers…. There was that famous line

    Judging people by their dress… so much like … journalists…

  • Lanna

    The Community organizer and his Black Panthers make it their duty to come down on the police for doing their jobs. After all, those blacks deserve a right to riot, destroy property, steal, and demonize innocent citizens and the police They are so warped in their minds!