Disabled Family’s Health Care Costs Triple Under ObamaCare


We had to pass the ObamaCare bill to see how badly it would hurt innocent people.

 “We have such a unique family and we’ve overcome many obstacles,” said Ken Davert, who has cerebral palsy. “Now it’s a shame that one of the obstacles we have to overcome is our own government.”

Ken’s wife, Melissa, and the couple’s twin children have brittle bone disease and a high susceptibility to lung infections.

“Up until now, our out-of-pocket maximum has been $2,500 combined for both children, which is a lot of money but certainly doable,” Melissa said. “Now we’re looking at a bill of $10,200 because we can’t find a plan with less than a $5,100 deductible for each of our two children.”

Their health insurance bill has gone up 300 percent and the family is looking at taking out loans and returning to work while on disability to pay the increased costs.

“Our policy has been slaughtered by this law to where we have nothing,” Melissa said.

That’s life under Obama.

  • joe lorimo

    This family has learned what I have said for a few years now. The federal government, mostly under the left’s control, has become the enemy of the people.
    Welfare programs dating back to the ’60’s have destroyed the American family and made generations dependent upon, and virtual indentured servants of, the government.
    The same government has shown nothing but contempt for the Constitution and its primary purpose: limiting the scope of the federal government.
    The left and their unions have destroyed the country’s educational system and now its primary function is no longer to teach but to indoctrinate.
    The energy department which was created to safely develop the nations energy resources has become the largest obstacle to rational energy development and the main reason energy prices have skyrocketed.
    The EPA no longer cares about protecting the environment and has become the administration’s thuggish enforcer destroying jobs, industries and forcing a Marxist future on us all.
    The scope of the disaster that is obamacare is still unfolding.
    At least the Germans only had to worry about the SS. We have the EPA, NSA, FBI, CIA, ACLU and Democrats all subjugating us. WE DON’T HAVE A CHANCE.

    • tim

      “The EPA no longer cares about protecting the environment and has become the administration’s thuggish enforcer destroying … ”

      Yes, exactly.

  • edwinna

    These children are clearly eligible for disability and Medicaid. They should not be trying to get private insurance. This article is B.S.