Dog-Killing Afghan Refugee to Swedes: “Throw Me Out and I’ll Kill 10 of You”


Sweden has a major Muslim settler problem and this video capturing the antics of an Afghan refugee threatening Swedish passengers has gone viral.

A 23-year-old man from Afghanistan on a tram in Gothenburg launched a furious attack against Swedish passengers. The man said that the Swedes were “disgusting” and that he could kill ten Swedes “in seconds.”

The man states that he has a Swedish girlfriend. His girlfriend used to have a dog, but he has killed iy, says the man.

“My girl is Swedish, she has a dog. I have removed her dog,” he says, and snaps his fingers.

He complains also of the Swedish bureaucracy that forces him to “write lots of papers” just to get 7000 crowns.

“Just wait. You have all your soldiers out there. All is out now. In 2014 the Taliban come back, the mujahideen are back. Allahu akbar!”

The 23-year-old explains that he has come to Sweden to stay. “If you throw me out, I will take ten lives here.”

The angry Afghan’s existence is rendered unbearable even by Swedish drug policy. “You just drink your alcohol, but I can not smoke my ganja.”

The man explains that he would go home to Afghanistan and join the war if it were not for his little sisters who would be able to be raped by the Swedes, whom he calls “disgusting”. According to the man, he is much stronger than the Swedes, whom he can easily kill.

“I am much stronger than your two meters tall (over six feet) people, I can kill them in seconds, he tells the 73-year old Swedish retiree.

“Excuse me, but you do not need to spit in my face all the time? says a woman on the tram just before the end of the clip.”

There is a sizable and violent Muslim population in Gothenburg which has its own no-go zones.

The US Embassy later sent a report to Washington about its conclusions regarding its visit to Gothenburg.

“The discontent immigrant community leaders expressed at the discrimination faced by Muslim job seekers was matched by the frustration of city officials who, in the words of one official, feel that 30 years of programmes aimed at integrating Muslim immigrants ‘have not worked,'” the leaked cable stated.

Sweden now has a Muslim population of 200,000 to 400,000; the higher tally would place it among the most heavily Muslim countries in Western Europe.

In October, Mirsad Bektasevic, a 19-year-old Swede from near Gothenburg, was arrested in Sarajevo in an apartment that contained suicide-bomb vests, explosives and a newly made video presumably intended for broadcast. Bektasevic, who was born to Muslim parents in prewar Yugoslavia and found refuge in Sweden as a 6-year-old, reportedly ran a Web site supporting Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Sweden has already taken in 50,000 Syrian refugees. The worst is yet to come until the Muslim settlement of Sweden ends.

  • A Z
    • A_Nonny_Mouse

      At some point, if/ when the MSM accidentally “commits journalism” on the subject of Muslim immigration to the West, the “But you *KNEW* I was a scorpion!” light bulb will suddenly click on in thousands of Brain-Dead-Liberals’ heads.

      Of course, that realization may come MUCH too late to do Western Civilization any good…

    • tickletik

      What a wretched dog.

    • Niels Henriksen

      Somalies baffled by an escalator ;-)

      ( You would think they would be able to see how others
      are doing, right? But nooo ..

      So now you know why …

      And yet most Swedish politicians, who are completely out of touch with

      reality and who worship political correctsness as a religion, still think
      it’s a great idea to import several hundreds of thousands of such people – many of whom are btw. islamists – into a nation of only 9-10 mio people in the span of just a few decades – people who are offended about just about everything in Swedish culture, e.g. freedom of speech (even in the weak Swedish version ), womens’ rights, gays’ rights, Jews in general, pigs (even on TV and in childrens’ cartoons ) and pork

      ( wanting EVERYTHING to be halal in shops and institutions ) and not being allowed to have more than one wife, force marriages or

      performing socalled “honour” killings – nor leaving islam without

      being exposed to death threats etc.

      • A Z

        As much as I dislike Somalis (And I really dislike them for good reason starting with Black Hawk Down and going forward), I don’t think they are baffled. It think it is one of foot-eye coordination and trepidation of what happens if the time it wrong.

        The burkas or female isolation units probably don’t help.

        • Niels Henriksen

          Ah, I see – your are right of course ;-)

          • A Z

            I knew a guy whose brother in law fell down on an escalator as kid. His hair got caught and his scalp and looks didn’t fair so well (especially after kids started in on him at school). Point is while escalators are fairly safe, bad things do happen.

  • SoCalMike

    The Left in Europe and the US is so totally self loathing they explain this by blaming the “crimes committed by the host culture.”
    Self flagellation is easier than resisting or fighting back.

  • antioli

    Is he spouting hate speech? And is it the Swedes fault he spouts hate speech”

    • laura r

      not sarcasm its true.

  • Gee

    Islam is not compatible with Western culture. The only way to deal with Islamofascism is to return them to the area where they came from and not allow them in

    • Drakken

      Too late, now they will have to be dealt with the old fashioned way, the Serb Option.

      • truebearing

        It looks like that is the trajectory…if we, or Europe, even have a functioning military left. By the end of Obama’s term, if it ends, I expect our military to be in worse shape than after Carter.

        • hiernonymous

          It was actually Carter that began the military buildup of the ’80s, not Reagan. When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, Carter called for a massive increase in the military that included a 5-year-plan (insert your de rigueur allusion to the Communists here) to expand the Navy to 550 ships. He beefed up the Air Force, funded Copperhead, Patriot, and increased the plan buys for the then XM-1 for the Army.

          • truebearing

            Yeah, he was great. I remember how much respect he got from Iran.
            Are you contending that the military was in good shape during Carter’s administration? The economy sure wasn’t, and I seem to recall you pointing out that a strong economy is essential for the maintenance of a strong military.

          • blert

            A stopped clock gets to be right twice a day.
            In this case, he’s correct: Carter had an epiphany… had to totally eat crow… He even had Brown leak the existence of the B-2 bomber (insane to do so) so as to build up his tough guy cred. (!)
            Absolutely no-one bought it.
            Of course, his paper proposals didn’t really have any impact until Ronnie took his oath of office. Reagan actually had to tone down Carter’s panic budget. Jimmah had approved EVERY single Pentagon wish — all the stuff he’d been slow-rolling for three straight years.
            Carter, as we remember, was until it was too late, busy cutting the Pentagon’s budget — ruinously.
            Like no B-1… Even the F-18 was at risk. Geraldo did a BIG expose showing how the F18 was a total loser. Remember?

          • truebearing

            Yes, Carter did finally initiate military build up, but as you said, only after “slow-rolling for three straight years.” Since he did it for political reasons, he could have just as easily slowed it back down if it had served the intended purpose of getting him reelected. I just can’t bring myself to give Carter much credit for such a blatant attempt to use “the new, war-mongerin’ Jimmy Carter” image to win reelection.

          • hiernonymous

            Are you contending that the military was in good shape during Carter’s administration?

            Why, no. I thought that what I contended was extraordinarily clear – to wit, that Carter began the military buildup of the ’80s. It was some years before that buildup succeeded in getting the military to ‘good shape.’

            The economy sure wasn’t

            It sure wasn’t. I’m not sure how that’s relevant, but, boy-howdy, the economy was in bad shape. In the wake of the oil embargo, Vietnam, Watergate, you name it, we were reeling. I remember Ford’s “Whip Inflation Now” buttons quite clearly. Carter did a decent job of handling the recovery for the first half of his presidency, but got hammered by the 1979 energy crisis; in the end, it was something of a wash. Unemployment was 7.5% the month Carter took office; it was 7.5% the month he left. Arguably, one of his better moves was hiring Volcker and shifting to a tight money supply policy; Reagan re-appointed Volcker and maintained that policy, and it seemed to work pretty well.

            What did any of this have to do with my post, though?

          • Gee

            No – Carter did not. Was in the US Army under Carter and he did CUT the military. Ended the B-1A, he came into office 1,000 ships and left with 550, that is not an expansion. In fact NO SHIPS were added during his 4 years.
            Nice try – now try some facts

          • hiernonymous

            Nice try – now try some facts

            Excellent idea.
            U.S. Navy ship strength by year:
            1968: 932
            1969: 885
            1970: 743
            1971: 752
            1972: 654
            1973: 641
            1974: 587
            1975: 559
            1976: 536
            1977: 523
            1978: 531
            1979: 533
            1980: 530
            1981: 521
            1982: 555

            Source: U.S. Navy Naval History and Heritage Command

            …he came into office 1,000 ships

            Did you say this because you believe that Carter came into office in 1968, or because you cannot distinguish “1,000” from “523?”

            In fact NO SHIPS were added during his 4 years.

            There’s generally a lag of a few years between the decision to acquire ships and their commissioning. As a veteran, you presumably understand that there is no Ferman’s Pre-Owned Frigate Lot at which one makes national security impulse purchases. However, Carter’s acquisitions begin showing up about 1982 and represent the beginning of the significant naval buildup of the 1980s, a fact that even President Reagan acknowledged in 1986.

            In reference to the Army in particular, if you’d like something more than a sound-bite level understanding of the challenges facing Carter and what he did to meet them, the Army has published an excellent paper here.

          • Gee

            So using your data – the US Navy was 536 ships in 1976 and in 1980 it was 530. How many ships did Carter add? Please tell us. Oh and if you add the nearly 500 US ARMY and reserve ships yes it was over 1,000.
            Try again with a fact.
            When I went to flight school in 1980 – it was because the US Army was short 12,000 helicopter pilots – and they ALL left between 1976 and 1980.

          • hiernonymous

            So using your data – the US Navy was 536 ships in 1976 and in 1980 it was 530. How many ships did Carter add?

            Good question – apart from confusing your years, as Carter took office in 1977 and left it in 1981. If you need me to explain why you’re using the wrong timeframe, just ask.

            Carter called for a 5-year program to take the Navy to 550 ships. He added 17 ships and two conversions in FY1981 (Again, if you need me to explain to you why that’s Carter, just ask.)

            Another way of looking at it is that he added about 30 ships, as the 1982 end strength had to be based on acquisitions initiated in the Carter presidency. Not sure what you’re finding so hard to follow about this.

            Oh and if you add the nearly 500 US ARMY and reserve ships yes it was over 1,000.

            But you weren’t adding the Army ships. You claimed that Carter left office with 550 ships; given that the actual fleet strength when he left office was 521, if you had intended to add in the Army vessels, then either your figure should have been closer to 1050 at Carter’s departure, or you are contending that Carter reduced the Army fleet from roughly 500 to 29.

            Of course, neither was the case, and you were simply repeating an old bit of Reagan campaign rhetoric without understanding it. Reagan often complained that the Navy under Carter had shrunk from its glory days of 1000 ships; what your misty memories seems to have filtered out is that the glory days Reagan referenced were long before the Carter presidency. The Navy had been steadily shrinking for a decade, under the Johnson, Nixon, Ford, and early Carter administrations.

            It was Carter who reversed this course. One might criticize him for doing so late in his presidency; it took the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the failure of the hostage rescue to convince him that the military needed serious beefing up. But convince him it did, and the budgets and acquisitions are there for us to examine.

            When I went to flight school in 1980 – it was because the US Army was
            short 12,000 helicopter pilots – and they ALL left between 1976 and

            And when I joined in 1982, we were well into a significant expansion. If you’d read the links I gave you, you’d realize that a lot of people were unhappy with VOLAR – and if the mass departure of pilots began in 1976, before Carter took office and the bulk of them before Carter was even elected, that suggests that their problem was with the ‘hollow army’ created by the retention of force structure without the conscript system in place to keep it manned. As you should well know, the Army in the mid-’70s needed many men, and in the post-Vietnam malaise, not a lot of men were volunteering – so the Army came up short across the board, and the quality of the people it got was pretty low. Yourself excepted, no doubt, but none of that disputes Carter’s buildup.

          • Gee

            No – I do remember- the number of Naval aircraft declined by about 15% during the Carter administration from 5,000 to 4,400, about 20% for the Air Force. The Army lost half it’s pilots due to RIFs during the Carter regime and only at the end did that being to change.
            Carter was a lousy president but he was better than Odumba

          • hiernonymous

            And, again, you’ve yet to rebut the fact that Carter initiated the 1980s military buildup.

            You’ve also failed to cite sources for your figures, but as they don’t rebut the point under discussion, we can give that a pass this time.

            You didn’t mention the ships. Were you trying a bit of sleight of hand, or were you just confused?

          • A Z

            I don’t think that dog hunts. It seems more to me that it was peace dividend time in the 1st half of the Carter Administration until reality hit. The YOY increases are not that impressive for 1978 & 1979. The Russian invasion was not until December 1979.

        • Drakken

          It won’t be the militaries of Europe that start it off but the ordinary citizen, the military will then have a choice, their own citizens or side with the 3rd worlders in their midst, they will go with their own.

      • tickletik

        The Serbs never engaged in mass killings.

        • Drakken

          No they didn’t, but what is going to happen all over Europe soon will make a Serb blush. The muslims think that the European is weak and helpless, they are about to be proved wrong, dead wrong.

        • 1stworlder

          That was Clinton of the indigenous serbs.

      • 1stworlder

        What have Pres. Clinton launch attacks the indigenous Swedes? Not even stopping the bombing for Easter

    • Raymond_in_DC

      That would require a degree of national pride and determination that’s been culturally bred out of the people. More likely, they’ll just … flee. First to the suburbs, then to another city, then to America… where they’ll discover we’ve been welcoming the same people – Somalis, Afghanis and Pakistanis, Syrians and Iraqis – they’re fleeing from.

      • Drakken

        They can no longer flee to any other so called utopia, the will have to soon fight, or perish.

    • BS77

      Sweden, how’s that immigration insanity working out for you?

      • Octahedron

        I’m happy I left in the early 90’s

      • Closen

        You can’t even begin to understand, it’s like living in North Corea.

        • Niels Henriksen

          Well, as the saying goes in Denmark ( just across the narrow Sound ) : “Asia begins in Malmoe” ;-)

  • Moriah Steiner

    They’re so proud or their political correctness. The Swede’s invited these vipers into their bed. They welcomed and embraced “multiculturalism’ without any consideration of who these people really are. Such arrogance. Did they think they would suddenly change from murdering mad dogs to sweet little puppy dogs if only they could see how nice the Swede’s are? Mind blowing,,,,

    • Paardestaart

      I don’t know where you are, but if it is the US, your country is doing exactly the same thing..

      • Drakken

        Why yes we are, in spades, but as all leftist utopias must sooner or later come to an end. The left will regret with terror the error of their ways.

    • Octahedron

      Would have been a different story if we had a 2nd Amendment

    • Frozztie

      Unfortunately, yes, thats what our goverment Thinks.
      We’ve been undergooing medial brainwashing since the 70’s about there not beeing anything special or good about sweds and now since the new millenia weve had constant medial whitewashing.
      our own goverment even tell’s us we’d be barbarian cavemen without theese people…
      and we who are opposed to this insanity, we, we’re labled as rasists, nazie’s and worse.

    • Closen

      First, no one has asked us swedes if we wanted this multicultural shit. Our so called politicians just rammed this shit down our throaths.
      The sweden friendly movments are on the rise, and the political correct side know this and it seems that they are determent to destroy as much as they can of Sweden before the elections this fall.

  • truebearing

    What is so heroic about the ability to kill 10 Swedes? The way they lay down and submit, a Cub Scout could double that number with only his mess kit.


      swedes are the Eloi to the islamofascist Morlocks.

    • Niels Henriksen

      The old man at the backend of the bus has a really great sense
      of irony: ( which of course isn’t exactly one of the strong points of the
      mentally backward muslims ;-) ).

      – Om ni kastar ut mig, jag kommer ta tio liv härifrån.
      – Är det viktigt det där att ta livet av andra?

      – If you throw me out, (the) I am going to take 10 lives (from) here.
      – Is that (very) important (to you) that ting about taking the lives of
      others? :-)

      He really should have asked him some more questions in that pedagogue style:

      “So how do YOU think things are going for you now?” :-) or
      “If you were an animal, what sort of animal would you be then?”

  • Kat Francis

    good bye Sweden.


      Stockholm Syndrome in Stockholm.

    • Drakken

      Jeeeezus ! Europe isn’t dead yet folks, as a matter of fact they haven’t even begun to get started. The one thing of human nature that I can always count on is, our European tendency to conquer and kill is still there, it just needs a little push to make it happen and mark my words, it will.

  • blert

    Wait… Isn’t this the same polity that expects Israel to absorb these barbarians?

  • Greg Loftus

    Give him life in solitary for killing the dog feed him pork

    • Drakken

      A rope and a pigs foot shoved in its mouth is a lot cheaper, besides, we have spent way too much hard earned money on these low life savages.

  • herb benty

    Notice it’s old folks he is railing at. This moron is in desperate need of a hay-maker and smackdown.

    • Drakken

      A lead injection is the only known cure for these sub human savages in our midst.

      • herb benty

        Why are the Arab(etc) Muslims being allowed to immigrate to our civilized societies! Why not the persecuted Christians, the ones who wish us no harm! Drakken, how can free people, in our free countries fight this scourge. Are we waiting to elect a Reagan or a John Wayne? I own a Magnum rifle, however, I can’t just start shooting Muslims. What the heck do we do about this?

        • Paardestaart

          Why? Because the destruction they are causing is not an accident – it was the objective..

          • herb benty

            Look, P, A lot of us are Christians, we do not go out and kill anyone. However, we do expect our leaders and military to answer these savages. If they do not, and there is more carnage, individuals will swell to large numbers, and the people will do something.


            Let the socialist Scandinavians SUFFER.

          • Drakken

            It is well to remember my friend, if they fall, where to we put the red line as to answer?

          • herb benty

            100% in agreement! Breivik, the mass murderer, we now find out was a Nazi, whose main goal was to deviously undermine right thinking, counter-jihadists- like Spencer and Gellar etc. He was “in bed” with the socialists. They NEED to suffer, before there is any hope for them.

        • tickletik

          Because low skilled savages can do the same work you can for about a third of the cost and an acceptably lower level of craftsmanship. Also, it’s easier to get them to vote for who they are told.

          Man, get with the program already.

          • herb benty

            So, millions of Hispanics running into America from the South, together with millions of unemployed Americans aren’t enough for the undermanned,”big business”. So they need millions of Islamists to augment the workplace?? Ha! ha!.

          • 1stworlder

            LOL you think they will work. If they wanted to work they wouldn’t have passed up 40 muslim nations where they would have to work to ear. Stockholm was burning last summer because they reduced the welfare/dole benefit.

        • Drakken

          Why you ask? Because in our stupidity we thought that we could civilize sub human savages and 3rd worlders, the leftist have been proved wrong and when the great backlash against this begins, we will be tribal real quick. Our feckless politicians no longer fear their constitutes, it is about time they do.

          • herb benty

            The Founders thought this situation would come.

          • Drakken

            They knew it was going to come and here we are.

          • herb benty

            And how do we fight this?

          • Drakken

            I am afraid that economic ruination will come first and then the backlash will begin. Folks are going to have to get off their couches and start attending their political meetings and tell their particular politician that they are sick and tired of their fecklessness and that they aren’t going to take it anymore, put the fear of God into them and they will get it.

          • herb benty

            Sounds good to me, let’s get at it!

      • tickletik

        Overkill. Baseball bat therapy and a hearty invitation to leave would work far better.

  • Sharps Rifle

    Why we didn’t just nuke most of the muslim world on 9/12/01 remains a mystery to me…no, wait. I remember. Bush…”religion of peace”…the usual idiocy of the American government. Maybe someday we’ll have someone who has the gonads to do the right thing and eliminate these muslim parasites utterly.

    • Drakken

      Push will come to shove and when it does we will make a Serb blush.

      • tickletik

        I’m telling you man, the Serbs never did anything like that. We in the West were fed a tremendous amount of propaganda and nonsense.

        If anything, they were pretty decent and fair.

        • Drakken

          Yes I do bloody well know that, but I am using it as an example of what will happen in Europe as the muslim keeps pushing the native European to the wall.

        • 1stworlder

          In fact Clinton committed the non muslim atrocities against the indigenous Serbs


      Sharps Rifle AKBARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

    • Colin

      What people seem to forget (maybe conveniently) is that the Saudis are the greatest financiers of mosque building all over Europe and the USA and you know what goes on inside these places none other than the teaching of jihad against their host country and the West in general. After 9/11 who helped the Saudi families to quietly fly out the US? – don’t send answers on the back of a postcard I’ll tell you – GWB!

  • UCSPanther

    If this idiot had entered an ancient Viking Mead Hall and run his mouth like that, he would either have been run through with a long sword or have his skull split with a bearded war axe.

    Unfortunately, Sweden has long forgotten its heritage as one of the birthplaces of the fearsome Vikings…

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “If this idiot had entered an ancient Viking Mead Hall and run his mouth like that…”

      He would not do that. He knows where he is. “Please don’t spit on me, unless of course you can’t help yourself.”

    • tickletik

      Why is he an idiot? It sounds like he has the situation figured out a lot better than the locals.

      • UCSPanther

        It’s hard to tell who are the bigger idiots here: This nutcase for running his mouth like that, or the Swedes for letting losers like these in to begin with…

        • mb

          As has every other country in the world , including the US , seems theres still some Americans that take every opportunity to dis the rest of the world , thanks guys , glad the friends I have over there would never treat me the way you are here on this post . Guess no-one has realised that the guy on the train is the God damn idiot , if they throw him out , how the hell can he kill any of them . I hope you can all start pulling together on this , this is a global problem , and should be treat as such .

        • Colin

          I think it is the Swedes, they’ve become so blind to reality and think that these people are like themselves with good, generous hearts! They are fools – the swedes that is!

  • Smoking Hamster

    Obviously this guy is an islamophobe. Only people who hate the Religion of Peace (TM) act like Muslims are so violent…

  • AZ

    the Swedes just need to adapt to this new form of society and then everything will work out just fine, you’ll see !

  • garyfouse

    This is the result of decades of political correctness. It seems no Swedish man dares to stand up to this punk lest he be charged with some “hate crime”. The Swedes are getting what they deserve.

  • bsum1

    The only answer now that the flood of muzzys is overwhelming all of is is a mass conversion of all of them to 87 octane

  • bsum1

    We also need to send their enablers back with them….

  • kevinstroup

    White Europeans are an endangered species. Somewhere along the way they lost the will to reproduce or ,evidently, even defend themselves from violent invaders. It is hard to feel sorry for so decadent a people. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

    • Drakken

      It isn’t over by a long shot, the European is just beginning to stir from their self induced slumber, once they finally awake, their vengeance will be sung around a thousand campfires for a thousand years. The muslim and their leftist allies are about to get a really nasty dose of nationalism.

      • kevinstroup

        I usually agree with much of what you write. But I have to disagree on this. I am of the opinion that Westerners have finally grown fatally decadent. There will be no coming back.

        • Drakken

          Ok, look at it this way, the EU is running scared to death because rightist partys are going to win big in elections around Europe and all of them have had enough of open borders, their economic health is as sick as ours is, and once it fails further, people will have no choice but to have to awake to the problems in their midst, trust me, it is going to happen one way or another.

          • kevinstroup

            The “Correction” (economic, social, etc.) will occur as you say. But it may result in Western Civilization being replaced by something else. We Westerners have truly become a decadent lot. Bread and circuses. We know how that story ended. Hope you prove me wrong.

          • Drakken

            Make no mistake, I agree with you, we have become decadent and weak and afraid to stand up for ourselves, but that is changing. What we end up with as what form of govt, truly is a crap shoot at this point, but one thing is for certain, it won’t be the one we currently have.

  • onecornpone

    When will the Progressives of the workd learn that you can’t take these heathens out of their third-world shytholes and expect them to behave according to the norms of civil society?

    Stuck on STOOPID!?!

    • Drakken

      The progys only learn when they are lined up against walls or ditches.

  • mackykam

    A good, solid bloodletting by muslims against Swedes will be nothing short of a heavenly payback for Sweden’s continuous attacks against Israel, Jews and Judaism. And that goes for the rest of Europe, too.

    • tickletik

      I have a better idea. Let the Swedes wise up and ally themselves with us properly instead of preaching insane unworkable nonsense. They admit their mistake and throw out all their unwanted immigrants, we annex Gaza and the West Bank while throwing out anyone that would prefer to live in “Palestine”.


      • mackykam

        And what benefits would we get from people who build economic failures like Saabs and Volvos, who haven’t fought any wars since the 18th century, and were happy to supply Hitler with ball bearings and heavy water?

        • tickletik

          There is always room for improvement. We have as much anger towards the betrayals and failures of our own as we do to outsiders. While we are not pushovers, what we want most is to work with others in peace. If the swedes would sincerely want to be our friends, would you really refuse them? I don’t know about you, but if the only thing the swedes could offer us was sincere friendship and loyalty that would mean a great deal to me.

          • mackykam

            Their offering us friendship will have a quid pro quo of protecting them against attack. I don’t forget their behavior against America during the Vietnam war.

          • tickletik

            No, that’s not how such things work. Good will is one thing, a defensive alliance is another. I’d be happy with just good will.

  • LoneRangler

    Show me a large group of Muslims living next to any other culture, anywhere else in the world, and I’ll show you bloodshed and terrorism. Yet, there are still people stupid enough to think Muslims can assimilate with civilized people.

  • bobbah

    We are all wooses ! We complain about a child at school who bullies our child and take time and trouble to get the problem sorted out. The bully is stopped. We bow down to these pond slime bullies who have invaded our countries, and do all we can to side step, and ignore what they are doing?? People of the World -please explain? These people are not suited to civilised living put them back in their tents and let them ride camels for another few hundred years and possibly, just possibly they may have become more human like and less like raging aggressive animals.

    • tickletik

      Leftist thought is basically about getting something for nothing. In order to do that you need morons to exploit. In a democratic leftist society you also need stupid people who don’t care about the country to vote for leftist politicians. This is why they import those savages.

      When the people of Sweden decide they have had enough then they will solve this problem quickly. But first they must collectively pull their heads out of their asses.

  • Guest

    Good. Let them drink the same sanctimonious preachy “medicine” they have been forcing down our throats in Israel. Let them drink and drink until even they can no longer take it.


    The regressive progressive swedes should believe him and take precautions.

    The sweedes should liquidate him and then throw him out.

  • Veracious_one

    civilized nations should be wary of new immigrants especially Muslims who arrive, their inculcated hostility undeclared at customs, packed carefully in their mental package, and to be unpacked as soon as they are safely in the country.

  • trapper

    I believe Sweden was the place recently where Liberal Swedish women burhkas or other Muslim garb to show solidarity with Moslem women who refused to show their faces to the police.

  • Sintram

    Yes, this is the multicultural madhouse that we swedes have to put up with.

    And anyone who dares to question it is branded a racist faster than he can say “Allahu Akhbar”.

    • ruralcounsel

      Quit putting up with it.

  • vnamvet1969

    Islam is a plague, and always has been. There will never be peace in the world until they are virtually exterminated. They become a cancer to the societies that grant them refuge. Is this clear enough?

  • Closen

    I live in Sweden and this is much worse than you can imagine. The goverment has opened our borders completely to this muslim invasion. Our society is so infested with pc-politicians so a normal political discussion is now impossible.

    • Drakken

      Well fight goddamnit! Stand up and be counted or perish, your choice.

  • cargosquid

    Too bad there weren’t any men on that vehicle to stand up to him.

  • Niels Henriksen

    He actually says that he has killed her dog :-(

  • Hard Little Machine

    Public sentiment is of course to simply blame this on the Jews and call for their expulsion from Sweden. 5,000 people is 20 plane loads. After that, have a nice day with your insane caliphate.

  • Ghyor

    Nordic states, specially Sweden must read carefully. All muslims come in different shapes and forms They can’t fit in one category. If you encounter such a violent person, you should handcuff and send him back to where they belong, but don’t tell me all muslims are bad