DOJ to Hold Exhibition for Left-Wing Photog Charged with Violating Enemy Trading Act


In a glowing profile, the New York Times wrote that, “Lyon viewed his camera — and later his audio recorder, typewriter and movie camera — as a weapon. Objectivity was not his goal; truth was.”

“I entered the Texas prisons determined to destroy them,” Lyon wrote recently. “I was not interested in improving prisons, I wanted to destroy them.”

A career leftist, Lyon wrote sneeringly of the response to his Cuban visit.

“Basically, we violated three federal statutes. They took my passport. This is the United States of America. I’d just finished photographing a serious communist dictatorship, which it is, but I go anywhere I want, nobody bugs me… But I get back to the United States and I’m harassed, I’m humiliated, they go through all this shit. I’d violated three statutes, including the Trading with the Enemy Act.”

He did come back with some great photos, including one of a wall mural honoring Che Guevara. He sarcastically wonders if the U.S. Postal Service might ever want to use that one in its “Masters of Photography” stamp series.

In the era of Obama and Holder, when treason is cool, that just might happen. For now, Lyon has to settle for a DOJ exhibit.

A DOJ email obtained by PJ Media states:

Please join the Civil Rights Division on April 7 from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the first of several events to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act.  The Division will host acclaimed civil rights photojournalist Danny Lyon.  Mr. Lyon served as the first staff photographer of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Mr. Lyon will showcase his photographs from the civil rights movement and discuss his experiences as a SNCC staff photographer.  .   .  . Employees will be granted administrative leave to attend.

The email does not reveal how much the Department of Justice is paying to bring Mr. Lyons into Washington to exhibit his works.

Or whether Holder will ask for an autograph.

  • truebearing

    Why did they let him out of the Texas prison?

    I don’t suppose his pursuit of truth included photos of the grinding poverty of Cuba.

    • A Z

      Leftists have the ability to be willfully blind.

      • truebearing

        And deaf and dumb.

        • A Z

          As psychiatrist would document they have no physical brain defects (axis 3 causes) causing their actions. Instead they have uploaded malware.

          • Doobee

            aka, stinking thinking?

  • Judahlevi

    New York Times – “Objectivity was not his goal: truth was.” Please.

    How trite is that – like the NYT actually knows what “truth” is. They haven’t printed the truth for years.

    And what kind of person wants to “destroy prisons?” The DOJ thinks to honor someone who desires to destroy prisons? What about justice?

    Under Holder, they might as well shut down any prosecutions (unless of course they are the right skin color) and free all prisoners. We know they were only put there because of racism.

    • clavdivs

      Yeah that sentence, the idea of there being “subjective truth” literally made my head hurt.

  • glpage

    Let’s see, objectivity is the action of being objective. Being objective is basing your actions on fact, not opinion. A fact is something that is real or has actual existence. So, it seems that “Objectivity was not his goal; truth was.” is an oxymoron. The latter part of that word probably describes the person who wrote the idiotic remark.