DOJ Won’t Prosecute Carter Judge w/$100K in Questionable Expenses


Open question, if we were talking about a judge appointed by Reagan with a strong conservative track record of fighting for the death penalty and against affirmative action, do you think that he wouldn’t be getting prosecuted?

Last July, the Honorable Boyce Martin stepped down from his seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.  Nominated to the bench by President Jimmy Carter in 1979, Martin was one of the longest serving judges on the federal bench.  He was also among the more colorful.  He fought against the imposition of the death penalty (often unsuccessfully) and was accused of misconduct in his handling of the Michigan affirmative action case.

When Judge Martin retired, he cited flagging health, among other concerns.  News reports, however, suggested Martin resigned in order to resolve a complaint that he had submitted over $100,000 in questionable travel expenses for reimbursement.  Although he was no longer a judge, and had offered to repay the challenged expenses, Martin was not entirely in the clear.  With its jurisdiction at an end, the federal judicial panel on judicial conduct referred the matter to the Justice Department.  Over the weekend, however, it was reported that the Justice Department will not pursue charges. The case against Judge Martin is now apparently at an end.

It’s good to be one of the gang.

  • DrLarry

    Just another example of the legal system being utilized as a political tool.

  • MarilynA

    Democrats don’t get prosecuted by other Dems. remember when Dick Durbin released tapes of Newt Gringrich’s illegally taped phone call? It was illegal for Durbin even to have them in his possession yet he was never indicted. Then there was Barny Frank’s live in boyfriend’s running a male prostitution business out of frank’s home. And That former Dem. Attorney General, Clark Clifford, who was the facilitator who enabled those Middle Eastern money men to loot our banks resulting in a trillion dollar taxpayer bail out of the FDIC bank ins. program, during Reagan’s term in office. Clark Clifford was under indictment when Bill Clinton took office but Janet Reno dropped the charges. As she did for Rep. Harold Ford, from Memphis TN, who was under indictment for mail fraud. The list is endless. Why was ted Kennedy never indicted for reckless homicide for abandoning Mary Joe Kopecne to die? Why was Ted Kennedy never indicted for treason for conspiring with the KGB to undermine Reagan’s presidency? The list goes on and on. Dems can get away with murder, treason, and everything else while Republicans and Conservatives are prosecuted for even the hint of impropriety?

  • William_Bradford

    What is the statute of limitation on fraud. Perhaps he can be gotten after the 2016 elections, in 2017.

    The law is for everyone not just for peons – judges, and Presidents, and Attorneys General also.