During Benghazi Attack, Instead of Saving Americans, Hillary’s People Told YouTube to Take Down Video


While Americans were fighting for their lives in Benghazi, Hillary’s State Department sprang into action to warn YouTube that Muslims were offended by a video. Their priority was not the lives of the Americans that their neglect had abandoned in a war zone, but protecting the hurt feelings of Muslims.

And censoring free speech. That’s what a Hillary 3 AM phone call looks like.

A still-classified State Department e-mail says that one of the first responses from the White House to the Benghazi attack was to contact YouTube to warn of the “ramifications” of allowing the posting of an anti-Islamic video.

The memo suggests that even as the attack was still underway — and before the CIA began the process of compiling talking points on its analysis of what happened — the White House believed it was in retaliation for a controversial video.

The subject line of the e-mail, which was sent at 9:11 p.m. Eastern Time on the night of the attack, is “Update on Response to actions – Libya.” The e-mail was written hours before the attack was over.

“White House is reaching out to U-Tube [sic] to advice ramification of the posting of the Pastor Jon video,” the e-mail reads, according to Issa.

Why is an email to YouTube still classified? Because it’s embarrassing, and not just because whoever wrote it couldn’t spell YouTube, but because the State Department was acting like their favorite Turkish despot and prioritizing Muslim feelings over American lives.

And this is typical of how the State Department does things.

  • Johnny Palestine

    State Department is a subisidiary of the Pilgrim Society, as are the CFR and Council of the Americas, etc.. Americans have a right to know the list of their members since 1902 and the true reason behind this organization.

  • truebearing

    How would the State Department even know about the anti-Muslim video? It seems a little odd that they already knew about an anti-Muslim video, but chose not to warn “U-Tube” about it until an attack on the Benghazi consulate was underway. And if they didn’t know about the video until the attack began, why would they dedicate staff time to look and see if they could find an anti-Muslim video, instead of getting “all hands on deck” to deal with the attack? It is arguably even more chilling that our government spent invaluable time, that could have been spent coming up with ways to save our fellow Americans, on coming up with a theory to explain the sudden violence, then launching a hard-target-search to find “evidence” to support this Muslim exonerating theory, all while Americans are dying. This U-Tube call makes absolutely no sense, unless…

    Maybe the research on anti-Muslim videos preceded the attack as part of a carefully orchestrated plan to cover all of the details in a clandestine scheme. Hillary is good at those, and the attention to detail here smacks of well practiced paranoia. It’s looking more and more like the Whitehouse, and State Department were active in orchestrating the Benghazi attack. To what end is hard to say. Some believe it was a scheme to trade the “kidnapped” ambassador for the Blind Sheik. Some believe Stevens knew too much and needed to be silenced. Some think it was a gun running deal gone sour. I can’t say for certain what the subterfuge was intended to hide, but I’d bet any amount of money that the State Depaertment had their anti-Muslim video chosen well before the details of the attack plan were finalized.

    • alericKong

      Obama’s shower buddies at CAIR and the Moslem Brotherhood fed him those lines.

      • truebearing

        It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to find out that the Muslim Brotherhood told them about the video. They monitor every anti-Muslim website, book, or film out there. Hillary’s people wouldn’t have known about an obscure video. They are too busy finding young girls in foreign countries who want to get drunk and dance with Hillary.

        • Habbgun

          I don’t believe the MB told State Department anything. Nakoula was a very, very convenient scapegoat. Not only was there a video but he was a parolee that would be hard to support. I truly believe the government is combining its databases (including their monitoring of social media) to find convenient villains. Why wouldn’t they? Internet campaigning was supposed to be an Obama campaign specialty. Why wouldn’t the continuous campaign adopt it for ease in governing. When the Knockout game got lots of press the government quickly found a white player of the knockout game against minorities. Let’s face it. They are playing political Moneyball.

        • laura r

          100s of anti muslim vids on youtube. good ones too. they are still there. 1000s of anti muslim comments some vile. no riots…..why is that.

  • Veracious_one

    Hillary and the Whitehouse covered up for the jihadis by diverting blame to the video scapegoat…it’s treason.

    • BS77

      I worry the MOST about the shallowness and stupidity of the dumbed down American voter, OBLIVIOUS about this horrible event, and about nearly everything else that goes on in DC. All they know is four legs good, two legs bad (Animal Farm by George Orwell)….i.e., . Democrat good, anything else bad. CHeck out Youtube videos of interviews with idiot AMericans who vote. Discouraging to say the least.

  • Douglas J. Bender

    And so what if Muslims were offended by a video (suppose for a moment) and therefore spontaneously combusted? How in the world can the State Department justify threatening “ramifications” for basic, if annoying or insulting (and barely watched), FREE SPEECH?

  • SoCalMike

    The sellout of not only Americans on the ground under attack and the United States but also ultimately Western Civ.
    By scapegoating the film maker Hillary and Obama and the State Department ATTACKED the First Amendment and the right of freedom of speech which they despise for anyone but themselves and their political allies.

  • Cincy

    “White House is reaching out to U-Tube [sic] to advice ramification….”

    They didn’t know how to spell “advise” either.

    • glpage

      Yep, these are the supposed best and brightest who believe they are smarter than the rest of us.

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    Here is a much more serious story, the POTUS committed a felony by allowing and then flaunting a computer generated forged birth certificate on April 27th, 2011 and you didn’t say a damn thing. If you had committed such a crime you would be in prison by now. How come you, a CONSERVATIVE, refuse to write about this? What the hell are you hiding? What are you afraid of? Would it be the FCC or the FBI or the IRS?

  • Jake Green

    Still think we’ll find that the “offensive” video was a CIA or DNC production posted by the Government. It was made specifically as a ready made “scapegoat” for the next terrorist attack. After all Obama had to give the illusion (which the brain dead buy into) that he had decimated Al-Qaeda, while all the while arming them.

  • Pat

    Benghazi was a botched staged kidnapping attempt to snatch Ambassador Stevens and hold him for a prisoner exchange for the Blind Sheik. It went awry because of the unexpected heroics of the two former Naval commandos and the ineptitude of Bary’s Muslim Brotherhood buddies who inadvertently killed Stevens attempting to capture him. It was designed to boost Bary’s approval and popularity immediately before the election as well as allowing the Blind Sheik to go free.

  • Mortimer Snerd

    it’s kinda like on 9/11, when Ari Fleischer came in that classroom and told Bushy that the towers had been attacked, and he sat there for like, almost 10 more minutes reading “The Pet Goat.”