Egyptian TV Accuses Hamas Leaders of Living in Luxury While Their People Die

Considering Hamas’ terrorist attacks on Egyptian soldiers and their involvement in the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt, they’re not exactly that country’s favorite terrorist organization.

And you can see that in these TV clips in which Egyptian hosts accuse Hamas leaders of living in luxury, dining out, sitting at swimming pools with their four wives, while the fighting goes on.

They also point out that their rocket squads operate from civilian areas and are bringing a new “Nakba” on their people.

An image of Khaled Mash’al exercising at a gym: You can see how Khaled is waging Jihad in Qatar.

Image of Mash’al eating a lavish meal: This is brother Khaled Mash’al’s version of Jihad. Khaled, the Jihad is in Gaza…

Image of Mash’al watching TV: Or, of course, he is watching their TV channel. This is the Jihad of Khaled Mash’al and his comrades, the honorable and great mujahideen. As they wage this sort of Jihad, they abandon the people to get killed. If you were a real man, you would be back in Gaza first thing tomorrow morning.

Image of Haniya sitting next to a blond young woman: This is his Jihad, Allah be praised… This is the greatest Jihad performed by Isamil Haniya and his brothers in Hamas.

Of course Khaled isn’t going to Gaza.

Why do you, in the Al-Qassam Brigades, [hide] among civilians? Why do you use people’s homes? You should keep your hideouts away from people’s homes. You know full well that when you launch a missile form a home, a missile will land on that home within one minute. You are bringing another nakba upon your people.

Another show was even more explicit about the luxurious Hamas lifestyle.

Talk show host Mazher Shahin: We are not prepared to sacrifice even a single hair from the eyebrow of an Egyptian soldier or civilian, for the sake of Hamas and all the people who wage Jihad, while indulging themselves in all kinds of dishes at the swimming pool…

They goad people into fighting, terrorism, and violence, under the pretext of “Jihad,” while they themselves sit at a hotel, a swimming pool, or a nudist beach, eating a variety of dishes, marrying four wives, and driving the latest model luxury cars. What is this?! What kind of men are you?

You know where the border between Israel and Palestine is. If there is a real man among you, I am willing to drive him in my own car and at my own expense to the Gaza border. I will drop him there and say: “Go. May God be with you. Gaza is there. Jihad awaits you. Go in and show us you’re a real man.”

The more “moderate” suggestions out of Saudi Arabia meanwhile propose that Hamas disaffiliate itself with the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • jakespoon

    As Moe Howard said “I will fight to the last drop…of YOUR blood.” Same as it ever was.

  • Jason P

    Egypt’s subtle way of opposing the Brotherhood branch in Gaza while not supporting Israel.

    Saudi Arabia, however, is in a bind. It wants to support the Sunni jihadi enemy of Israel while not supporting the Brotherhood.

  • Gee

    They are such cowards. They want somebody else to fight and then whine how the world is not creating a state for them.

    Lazy and cowards – humm maybe the US government can use them

  • Ivan Ewan

    Khaled, Dalekh

    Feel free to reuse this image.

    • Daniel Greenfield
      • Ivan Ewan

        I remember this sketch! Brilliant. It was cut short though, when I saw it. Before the Pakistani thing came to the fore. Censorship, eh?

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Got to protect the people from waking up

  • wileyvet

    Not a whole lot different from the original Muslim terrorist Muhammad. While he did lead raids himself, he more often than not stayed in the background in a palm frond hut, with two layers of protective clothing on, so that he was essentially immobile. On the raids he didn’t lead he hung back with his wives and sex slaves in his mosque, slash HQ slash boudoir. Muhammad exempted himself from many of the requirements or prohibitions of Islam. He had more than four wives, could have sex with captives right away, didn’t fast during Ramadan, took 20% of booty whether he was on the raid or not, and was a cheap SOB when doling out the spoils. Of course Muhammad is the best of Muslims, and the best example.

  • D Brown

    I’m getting the sense that Hamas was cornered. Perhaps, and I’m speculating, Obama is attempting to coerce Hamas leaders into giving up the terrorism gig via the unity government, while he’s coaching the MB that unless they revamp their strategy and image, they’ll suffer diminished White House support. Obama has been having back channel discussions with Hamas. And I read in The Israel Times that the U.S. blocked a large transfer of funds by Qatar to Hamas. With Hamas being severely cash strapped, they are quickly running out of options and Fatah seems ambivalent, perhaps waiting for Hamas’ downfall so they can step in with a Gaza leadership takeover. Also, a large arms deal was completed for Qatar by the U.S. I suspect that Obama did a lot of the steering for the P.A. Unity Government hoping to reshape Islamic doctrinal interpretation. It just sounds like something Obama would try attempt given his boast of understanding Islamic culture. I’d like to see Israel take Gaza back and make the area a commonwealth with no federal voting privileges. But unfortuantely that would cost too many Israeli lives. It seems the terrorists have dug themselves a very large pit – with Iran’s shovel.

  • Aussie

    Such braves fighters – willing to sacrifice their children in order to hold onto power.