Gov Hard Drive Crashes That Erase Corruption Emails Spread to EPA


Every time Congress issues a subpoena, hard drives begin crashing in the bureaucratic deep state of the liberal regulators.

The Internal Revenue Service isn’t the only government agency dealing with missing emails or faulty hard drives.

Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy on Wednesday cited a similar cyber snafu during a House Oversight Committee hearing.

Lawmakers at the hearing wanted McCarthy to address lost emails from a hard-drive crash at the agency that wiped out some emails from former employee Philip North to his bosses at the EPA over the controversial Alaska mine project.

Complicating matters, North has gone off the proverbial grid, making it difficult for lawmakers to issue a subpoena for him to testify.

When he was still reachable, North was asked multiple times to come in and talk to lawmakers about the project. He offered up a list of complications that prevented him from meeting with the government, including a pre-planned, one-year boat ride around the world with his school-aged children.

Rep. Kerry Bentivolio, R-Mich., asked McCarthy if she knew where North was.

“No sir, I don’t know that,” she responded.

Bentivolio pressed McCarthy about claims North’s hard drive crashed, making some of his emails unavailable.

McCarthy said the EPA has submitted all the documents it has been able to find and will “continue the search.”

Isn’t it funny how this happens. North just “vanishes” and his hard drive crashes. That means if Republicans subpoena enough of the Federal government, it will just vanish in a mass of hard drive crashes.


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  • CowboyUp

    The administration is openly giving the finger to the nation in general, and the hapless and incompetent Keystone congressional republicans in particular, while they are holding hands and singing songs with nancy and harry. Marx wasn’t right about much, but he was certainly right about the farce.

    The dp runs the same crooked plays over and over, but the GOP never never sees it coming, and never learns.

    • tickletik

      Close, but incorrect. It is the complicit mainstream media whores and prostitutes who are giving the finger. If these stories were posted 24/7 you can bet your last dollar that those clowns wouldn’t pull this.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        It’s all of them together. Trust me.

    • pupsncats

      I disagree that the Republicans are hapless and incompetent. 99% of them are on the same page as their Progressive/Commie brethren. The only difference is the fight for the majority.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Don’t you understand, Daniel? Government hard drives have an allergy problem with truth. They thrive only in a “truth-free” political environment.

  • Hard Little Machine

    This is quite nearly our own Burning Reichstag moment. All Obama is waiting for is someone in the opposition to blame it on.

  • Gee

    Not even an original lie. The government is becoming desperate to hide these emails

    • tickletik

      The opposite. they are not even remotely desperate, they understand that most people are voluntarily neutered and lobotomized. What they are actually doing is giving the population an excuse to continue sleeping.

  • pupsncats

    When are the American people going to understand that the federal government is a criminal enterprise? It is run by the corrupt who perform illegal acts which they are never held accountable for and their corruption digs in deeper every year. It is a wealth redistribution scheme where the worker pays two masters-the corporation and the local/state/federal governments-who take more and more of the fruits of the worker’s labor for themselves while making it much more difficult to both find a job and keep a few crumbs for oneself.

  • Christopher Riddle

    Who’d A Thunk It?????????????????????

  • glpage

    The House should immediately remove all funding for the IRS and EPA, period. If those two agencies are as incompetent or, worse, corrupt as they appear, they should be stopped form any further action. Everyone at every office should be escorted out, log in credentials to systems changed so there is no outside access, and the doors locked and guarded by armed officers. This situation should exist until such time that the House can hire an independent firm to find the requested emails and other info (I have very serious doubts that the info has been “lost”, maybe it’s lost to whoever is searching for it, either they aren’t trying or they don’t want to find it) is submitted to the House for review. At that time I would hope the House has enough info to start having people arrested.

    Of course, none of this will happen.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    So, the emails are on a pre-planned boat ride around the world’s oceans and we have no idea when they’ll return. Perhaps some time after the new Communist Constitution of the USA is put in place they can build a revolutionary’s museum and put up some kind of memorial explaining how C2 security data systems really work.