EPA Chief: Global Warming Holding Back Millions of African-Americans


Meet the new EPA chief. Even crazier than the old EPA chief. And the old EPA chief set up a separate identity for herself and gave it awards. And then left with an official very expensive portrait of her urinating into a brook.

But Gina McCarthy is showing promising signs of craziness.

Administrator Gina McCarthy attended an event Thursday at Clark Atlanta University hosted by the Hip Hop Caucus.

Rev. Lennox Yearwood, president and CEO of the Hip Hop Caucus, “argues often that climate change is the ‘lunch counter moment’ for the younger generation.”

It’s more like his 5-star restaurant moment.

The EPA chief  encouraged black students, who are “most vulnerable to climate change,” to become “champion climate justice advocates” by supporting some of the FDA rules currently being pushed by environmental activists. McCarthy mentioned “greenhouse gas emission standards for new power plants that the agency released last fall, and the rules for existing plants” that are set to be released on June 1.

“Pollution is holding back millions of African Americans fighting for middle class security.” She continues, “Environmental justice is social justice.” McCarthy also says, “We have a moral obligation to act now.”

Sure. Black people are being held back by affordable food and gasoline. If only a carbon tax were to make these and many other things much more expensive, it would really move black people forward.

We have a moral obligation to make Al Gore richer and millions of Americans poorer. Anything else is racism.

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    Is ANYONE in D.C. sane?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      some of the homeless people

      • tagalog

        As far as the homeless people are concerned, if it weren’t for “pollution,” their Dumpster-diving wouldn’t be nearly as productive as it currently is.

    • truebearing

      Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Trey Gowdy. The list is real short.

  • Hard Little Machine

    did she even suggest how any of that might be true?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Truth is racist

  • Gee

    What middle class? Didn’t the Odumba regime declare war on the middle class?

    • truebearing

      Exactly. marxists don’t want a middle class. The want egalitarian destitution…except for the elites who deserve country villas, slaves, fine liquor, expensive cars, etc. Her assumption was that blacks are too stupid to notice.

  • matthew brandley

    shes a damn nut job! her butt needs to be hauled of to a psych unit !

  • vespo08

    This is nuts, the new EPA chief is NUTS, however the EPA Chief follows the orders of her boss Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama, which means playing the race card is the Obama Administration narrative! How retarded is this new revelation? You know what ALL Americans are hurting at the gas pumps and grocery store due to impotent feckless governing by Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama and the democratically obstructionists in Congress!

  • DennisMets

    The sad thing is global warming is holding millions of blacks back and it will get worse, whey u breed like rats and live like rats like many black thugs do and you overpopulate then you gonna cause problems with the environment and the economy so when they start to adress the population we can have a discussion

    • liz

      There are already more black babies being aborted than being born, and that’s not good enough for you?

  • Habbgun

    I ran this through Google’s Democrat to English translator. Turns out lunch counter moment means “suck up to us and you can get your snout into the backroom action”. Pollution means any untaxed income anyone other than a political insider might have. Environmental/social justice…..taxes.

    Middle Class Security equals government jobs for unpromising students and lifelong lousy advocacy jobs or starvation paying adjunct professorships for A students (take that nerd!!)

    Moral obligation to act now means “go out and collect signatures for your unpaid internship loser”.

    Finally most vulnerable to climate change translates to support us or we’ll consider you Uncle Tom’s.

  • Veracious_one

    well she was speaking at Clark Atlanta University where she probably had a submissive and supportive audience…

    • tagalog

      …and the choice of words was less important than the intensity with which she spoke them.

  • GSR

    Where do I begin? This is really a testament to the idiots that Ol’ Jug Ears nominates for his administration. Truly stunning.

  • FreedomLuvr

    The EPA chief has poop for brains.

  • edlancey

    An Obama appointee that isn’t black – shocking.

    Ah hold on, a butch lezzer. Thank God for that, I thought for one awful moment it was a cracker

    • Ray Williams

      That’s a man baby!

  • cxt

    And of course the mainstream media is not only not reporting on this insanity…….they are not taking her to task for such drivel.

  • wileyvet

    She used to be a man, right?

    • The March Hare

      Looks like she still is.

      • truebearing

        I can’t tell from here.

    • truebearing

      They say Obama used to be, too. Of course they lied.

    • carpe diem 36

      and she became a non human.

  • truebearing

    Yeah, what poor blacks need to really get them going is electricity rates and heating costs that will “necessarily skyrocket.” Nothing makes you motivated like freezing to death in the dark in your own home.

  • liz

    Yes, pollution IS holding them back – the pollution of their brains by leftist propaganda like this.

  • Shadowwind

    Here’s the painting of the crazy lady: http://www.frontpagemag.com/2013/dgreenfield/heres-your-40000-epa-chief-waterfall-portrait/

    Also, notice how whi-I mean, European-American she looks in that portrait? Maybe her Richard Windsor persona was her way of living the life of a white transman that she always wanted to have. Which would be terrific, because our science agencies really need to focus on promoting interracial and intersex dialogue with the LGBTBBQetc community. Along with making Muslims feel good about their “historic contributions”, of course.

    • Lightbringer

      WE PAID $40,000 FOR THAT??? What a truly awful painting! It makes Elvis on velvet look like one of the Dutch Masters painted it.

  • Robert Johnson

    What?!?! Federal Regulations are costing American businesses and citizens over 1 TRILLION dollars a year. Watch “Agenda, grinding America down”, it describes how decades ago marxists planned to use “environmental regulations” to shut down businesses in the U.S., since capitalism is evil and must be destroyed from within.

  • Robert Johnson

    She has no real world understanding or experience. Her entire qualifications consist of empty degrees from far left universities that brainwashed her with piles of dangerous nonsense.

    • carpe diem 36

      that makes her the perfect person for that job. LOL!!!

  • tagalog

    How is pollution holding back millions of African-Americans fighting for middle-class security? What exactly is it holding them back from? Middle-class security? In what way?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      From having no money, no food and no heat.

      • tagalog

        Oh yeah, thank god I had someone around to make those connections for me, because I’d never have made them on my own. Pollution causing lack of money, food and heat. Got it. Well, it’s better than blaming such things on one’s own shortcomings, isn’t it?

  • Steve Bryant

    These people are truly deranged. (assuming that they ever were “ranged”, of course). lol

    • carpe diem 36

      i could not stop laughing for half an hour!! this is so so funny. thanks.

  • Lightbringer

    What’s that on her head? Did she slay a possum and wear it? Did she have all of the necessary approvals for said possum-slaying? Did she pay all of the appropriate bribes… er, fees, for all of those approvals? This could get real ugly real fast…

  • CaoMoo

    Social justice is just injustice in wrapping paper. You don’t realize what you actually have until you unwrap it. Unfortunately social justice has a non return policy.